Male Idol V13c49

Volume 13 Chapter 49 Bulletin Board, Lust Monster!

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

[Celebration Program!] eau de Cologne and Honest Live Talk! [First Guest is Prime Minister Habu!!]
4 Anonymous
Bad news, Prime Minister appears everywhere
7 Anonymous
She might have actually come to appear on her own!
10 Anonymous
The Prime Minister is already trying to leave a legend to compete with comedians, which is already kind of weird
13 Anonymous
She’s invincible because she’s creating a situation where she can make mistakes and be forgiven by bowing down herself
15 Anonymous
17 Anonymous
Prime Minister LMAO
She was posting her body temperature on social media, 38.7°C (101.66°F) LOL
20 Anonymous
Just rest quietly
22 Anonymous
She seemed really busy recently
25 Anonymous
There’s also a summit in Hiroshima, so the Prime Minister should rest quietly
27 Anonymous
States are getting pretty serious about Aqua-sama due to the crisis caused by the disappearance of Stars
It might cause some trouble at the summit since it’s also a topic in their parliament
30 Anonymous
Japan, Republic of Great Stars, States, Far East Federation, Arabian Peninsula Federation, Southern States Community, and African Community are participating, right? Oh, and since it’s hosted in Japan, representatives from the Oceania Union and Southeast Asia Community, regions that don’t usually participate, are also invited to attend
However, only 7 regions have voting rights, so Stars might be willing to join as allies, but the others are uncertain. The Arabian Peninsula Federation has a good relationship with the royal family, but as a nation, it’s hard to say
33 Anonymous
Well, every country, especially States, probably wants to at least bring back some of Aqua-sama’s sperm
In addition, it seems like each of them will be pressured to marry him from each respective regions. Kanon-sama is already married, and Mary-sama and Haa-chan are also in Japan, and there’s also Fi-chan, so I think it’s certain that they will come after Stars side, accusing them of being unfair
37 Anonymous
I went to States for work until recently, and over there, it’s rumored on TV that Aqua-kun and Kanon-sama’s child might be a boy. They’re not as quiet as the Japanese media
Although Stars customs hide the gender of children, if there’s a high possibility of that, we need to investigate Shirogane Aqua on our side as well. If there’s a high chance that Shirogane Aqua’s sperm produces males, then States must pursue Japan for the sake of global peace and order
I was so mad that I spat at the States airport on my way back home. I got a one-year travel ban for that, but I’m satisfied
40 Anonymous
Good job!
41 Anonymous
Let’s go grief the mountain people in Last Survivor and make them cry
Recently, Kohina Yukari came up with a terrifying move called “Human Elevator,” where she turns Morikawa and Hagetoru into a staircase of flesh and climbs walls
44 Anonymous
There are diverse opinions in States, so while it’s true that there are some valid points, there are people on-site who are rightfully upset because it touches on human rights issues
However, increasing the number of male members is a common issue worldwide, so while forcing it is not good, there are quite a lot of opinions that we should seek cooperation by gaining consent. Some people also argue that we should make agreements between countries without involving the individuals, as refusal would not be possible, and that such agreements should be established for the future
48 Anonymous
Wow. I’m so clueless because I’m dumb, but is everything okay?
51 Anonymous
If it’s Prime Minister Habu, she should be able to handle it somehow
52 Anonymous
Our Prime Minister is like Aqua-kun
You can expect good things for her only when dealing with diplomacy (work) and domestic affairs (idols)
Other than that, she’s a bit of a klutz
55 Anonymous
That’s what’s good about it!
57 Anonymous
I only see her apologizing though!
59 Anonymous
States are feeling more threatened because the Holy Aqua Religion is encroaching
Moreover, they keep changing their names like the Perfect Emily Foundation and the Flower Society to avoid being regulated by the parliament, relocating before being targeted
Lately, they’ve been engaging in underground activities, with hidden believers among politicians, civil servants, and the military. If left unchecked, they might gradually corrupt States on their own
63 Anonymous
They’re still up to no good as usual
67 Anonymous
By the way, aren’t Aqua-kun and the others going to perform live in Hiroshima during the summit?
71 Anonymous
That’s right. It seems overseas media have caught wind that he plans to perform at the summit
Emily-sama, who looks just like the young Mikuni-sama popular in the States, is also invited
I think they’ll be performing the duet song they mentioned before
75 Anonymous
Unlike Japan, they have a style where they openly share all information, so you can’t really hide anything
79 Anonymous
Hey, the show is started!
82 Anonymous
88 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is here!!
91 Anonymous
Everyone in eau de Cologne looks cute in casual clothes!!
94 Anonymous
I like Ayana-chan’s casual clothes!
97 Anonymous
Are Ayana-chan’s fashion choices trending among teenagers now?
100 Anonymous
That’s right. Ayana-chan looks good not only in cute clothes but also in men’s style outfits occasionally
She always goes for cute clothes when co-starring with Aqua-kun though!!
104 Anonymous
That’s cool
107 Anonymous
I’m watching eau de Cologne’s live broadcast and I’m so moved that I’m crying
I couldn’t go to the show, which is a shame, but I’m really happy!!
110 Anonymous
Me too! I’ve been a fan since they performed at a small theater, so I’m really happy!!
116 Anonymous
I’ve been supporting Maron-san since the days of eau de Cologne, when she was working hard on her own, so I’ve been crying since the show was decided
121 Anonymous
Maron-san, considering her age, it wouldn’t be strange for her to graduate from being an idol
She did declare that she would be an idol for life before, but that doesn’t mean she won’t graduate. It’s more like, in order to remain an idol for life, she might disappear from the public eye upon graduation..
126 Anonymous
Maron-san seems like she’ll become a great mom. I can already imagine her post-graduation appearance quite vividly
130 Anonymous
As a fan of Maron-san, I want Maron-san to be happy no matter what happens
Even if she disappears from the spotlight, as long as Maron-san is happy, it’s all good!!
134 Anonymous
136 Verification Team *010meTA473
Aqua-sama is here!!
By the way, I didn’t know he was going to appear
140 Anonymous
You’re amazing for being here
142 Anonymous
I like that you always come to watch your friend’s show without fail
146 Verification Team *07218KADO6
What is this show?
Are the four of them having a party together?
151 Anonymous
You really need to be scolded once!
155 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I’m sorry. It was a sudden appearance, so I couldn’t announce it
158 Anonymous
Can’t help it
161 Anonymous
There are times like that too
166 Anonymous
When Aqua-sama appeared, the thread progressed quickly lol
169 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, so casual lol
172 Anonymous
Thank you for Aqua-sama’s casual clothes, thank you so much
As a fan, I want to protect him, but as a female, I want to see more private aspects!!
177 Anonymous
Replacing the Prime Minister?
179 Anonymous
Nice play, Prime Minister!!
182 Anonymous
Prime Minister, NICE~
185 Anonymous
Prime Minister Habu, quickly getting carried away on social media
Isn’t it a fine play when she has a fever?
190 Anonymous
Tomorrow, maybe she’ll apologize
192 Anonymous
Hey guys..
198 Anonymous
It’s become a specialty
203 Anonymous
Did you see Ayana-chan’s reaction when Aqua-sama showed up?
206 Anonymous
I saw it!!
She would have looked even cuter if she had worn more adorable clothes, right??
211 Anonymous
Ayana-chan, it’s unfair to only act girly in front of Aqu-tan. You don’t show that face to other guys
214 Anonymous
There are many girls around Aqua-sama who are like that too
So, to win over Aqua-sama, you shouldn’t flirt with other guys
218 Anonymous
Inko mentioned that in an otome game strategy guide
If you want to win over Aqua-kun, you have to focus only on Aqua-kun
223 Anonymous
Thinking about it, maybe choosing that hard mode was the right decision
Morikawa aside, when trying to get closer to Aqua-sama, that wild something-senpai, is definitely a hindrance!!
227 Anonymous
Honestly, Kohina Yukari is here!!
231 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Is it really okay with that question?
If it’s Kohina-senpai, there’s a chance she’s monitoring the program!!
235 Anonymous
Wow, scary
239 Anonymous
LOL at Aqua-sama
242 Anonymous
Aqua-sama’s reaction is hilarious
246 Anonymous
Maron-san is really stepping in, LOL
248 Anonymous
Even though Maron-san and Kohina Yukari are the same age, their genres are different, but Kohina Yukari respects her
In fact, they both share the common point of being hard workers
253 Anonymous
Kohina Yukari and Jou Maron are now top stars in the actress and idol world, but they’ve both faced the most struggles to get here. Their backgrounds of climbing up from the bottom are actually quite similar
In comparison, Inko, Morikawa, and Iria quickly rose to fame with their talent, standing out even among the nightmare generation
259 Anonymous
MaroYuka is so cool!
I want to believe that their success came from their unwavering effort rather than just talent
263 Anonymous
Dishware LMAO
265 Anonymous
Aqu-tan LOL
270 Anonymous
Come on, Kohina Yukari, at least soak the dishes in water
Your mom would definitely get mad at you for that!
274 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is blushing!?
278 Anonymous
Aqua-sama went from rebellious to lovey-dovey!?
282 Anonymous
Both sides lol
286 Anonymous
Hmm, Aqua-kun is causing a bit of trouble..
But maybe it’s even because Kohina Yukari seems to be causing trouble in private areas we don’t see lol
291 Anonymous
293 Anonymous
The person who asked the first question was good, but having Ayana-chan talk to the two of them is the best!!
297 Verification Team *07218KADO6
There’s something you can only get from the embarrassed Ayana-chan and Kanon-sama!!
302 Anonymous
I get it, but you should get scolded first
305 Anonymous
Exactly! But I think you should be the one getting scolded
308 Anonymous
310 Anonymous
Bad news, as a fan of Ayana-chan, I’m feeling jealous of Aqua-sama for the first time!
313 Anonymous
Aqu-tan, that’s so unfair!!
Because, that smile of Ayana-chan, only Aqu-tan gets to see it!!
316 Anonymous
Ugh! This is just like claiming her as my girl
320 Anonymous
Oh, Ayana-chan blushing is so nice!
327 Anonymous
Having Aqua-sama around means we can enjoy lots of cute Ayana-chan, which is really great
Ayana-chan like this was really rare before Aqua-sama showed up!!
332 Anonymous
335 Anonymous
Fran-chan, I agree with that!!
338 Anonymous
Fran-chan really understands!!
341 Anonymous
I really like Ayana-chan, but Fran-chan who joins eau de Cologne is different!!
344 Anonymous
Thank you, Aqua-kun!!
347 Anonymous
Aqua-kun is showing off to the viewers that Ayana is his!!
Great job. Keep it up!!
350 Anonymous
Casually promoting on social media lol
353 Anonymous
What’s the point of promoting social media when all Japanese citizens are already registered on it? lol
358 Anonymous
This is seriously hilarious lol
361 Anonymous
Since Aqua-sama appeared, the elderly’s social media usage rate has reached 100% lol
366 Anonymous
If Aqua-sama promotes it, then it’s already 100% for anything
369 Anonymous
Ayana-chan’s summer uniform!?
Looking forward to it!!
372 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Kanon-sama’s see-through summer outfit is so cute!! Guhehe!
377 Anonymous
380 Verification Team *010meTA473
Can I be seriously mad for a moment?
383 Anonymous
Oh, come on!
385 Anonymous
Go for it!
388 Anonymous
It’s okay to get mad once in a while
390 Verification Team*07218KADO6
My brain and fingers just write on their own with desires!
394 Anonymous
That’s so funny!
396 Anonymous
We’re all the same. We’re all friends
400 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is so cute when she’s embarrassed!
403 Anonymous
Maro, you’re so cute!!
405 Anonymous
I want to be pampered by Mommy Maron too!!
408 Anonymous
Am I the only one who feels like Aqua-sama is looking frustrated?
411 Anonymous
Don’t worry, I see it that way too
415 Anonymous
419 Anonymous
423 Anonymous
424 Anonymous
425 Verification Team *07218KADO6
429 Anonymous
432 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
Finally, the lust monster of the nightmare generation, Jou Maron, has shown her face!!
437 Anonymous
Hey lol
440 Anonymous
Summary of the nightmare generation
– Physical Monster Morikawa Kaede
– Non-Delirium Monster Kohina Yukari
– Lust Monster Jou Maron
– Comedy Monster Sayamu Inko
– Over-the-Top Monster Kato Iria
444 Anonymous
LOL, this is so over-the-top
447 Anonymous
No matter how many times I watch it, the Lust Monster is the most vivid, lol
449 Anonymous
Marriage means having kids!?
451 Anonymous
Hey! The captain is making the most dangerous remarks, lol
453 Anonymous
This is already a legendary episode that will be shelved after the first viewing, lol
456 Anonymous
Glad I could watch it in real-time, lol
460 Anonymous
Great job!
462 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is boldly stepping in, lol
464 Anonymous
I bet that was on purpose, LMAO
468 Anonymous
A soccer team!?
471 Anonymous
This is super lewd, desu~wa!!
473 Anonymous
Could we maybe even battle it out!?
477 Anonymous
Isn’t it fair to call this guy a lust monster?
480 Anonymous
483 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Did we find such an incredible talent here?..
Alright. Even I must admit defeat!!
486 Anonymous
From what position are you saying
489 Anonymous
It’s hilarious that Hagetoru is losing in terms of lust LOL
492 Anonymous
When Aqua-sama said “46 people,” he looked super happy LOL
497 Anonymous
Go, Aqu-tan, go!
502 Anonymous
Great job. Maron-san has been through a lot, but once she graduates, they’ll have so many babies that Aqua-kun won’t have time to dry her hair!
508 Anonymous
They’re just being lovey-dovey like normal!!
511 Anonymous
As expected, the captain of eau de Cologne and a lust monster from the nightmare generation, naturally being lovey-dovey!!
514 Anonymous
Nighttime activities LOL
517 Anonymous
520 Anonymous
522 Anonymous
523 Anonymous
525 Anonymous
Commercial LOL
528 Anonymous
Shumi the Maiden and nighttime activities seem similar
531 Anonymous
Verification Team*4RUno1t073
That username is actually pretty clever
It doesn’t happen often, but Aqua-sama is very knowledgeable about adult topics and only comes to the like Shumi probably don’t know
535 Anonymous
I just found out for the first time..
537 Anonymous
Already there, lol
541 Anonymous
Laughing my ass off at Yukari’s teddy bear LMAO
543 Anonymous
Oh no, the big sister messed up, but I understand the feeling, so I sympathize
Please reflect on it
546 Anonymous
Maron-chan apparently said something about working seven days a week behind the scenes, lol
550 Anonymous
You’re kidding, right? lol
552 Anonymous
Today’s Maron Captain is too broken, lol
555 Anonymous
Oh, we’re back to proper questions, lol
558 Anonymous
I was also curious about the big sports festival!!
561 Anonymous
The nightmare generation is participating!!
563 Anonymous
Hey, Morikawa Kaede is totally cheating, right!!
565 Anonymous
Why is everyone talking about that Morikawa Kaede, who casually won the celebrity marathon held in Akasaka against an invited gold medalist from abroad and is now working as an announcer?
570 Anonymous
Remember when the track association asked her to participate in the world championship after that race?
What happened with that in the end?
574 Anonymous
I think she refused because she had a past incident where she accidentally destroyed the starter’s gun at the start of a sprint race and got disqualified
Seems like they couldn’t handle Morikawa’s power with just a starter gun
577 Anonymous
No way… but she should still be able to handle a marathon, right!!
581 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
In the marathon, two people holding the finish line tape dragged by me and lightly injured each other, in shot put and javelin throw, my thrown ball and javelin fell into the audience, in my long jump, the sand was dug up upon landing making it impossible for the next person to continue, in pole vault, it seems my pole couldn’t withstand the power. Also, in hurdles, all the hurdles were smashed, which was dangerous, so it seemed like they were out
585 Anonymous
587 Anonymous
588 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Starting tomorrow, please let me call you Morikawa-san
I won’t underestimate you again
591 Anonymous
I feel like my life is in danger lol
594 Anonymous
BERYL is joining the battle!
597 Anonymous
BERYL is really joining!?
599 Verification Team *010meTA473
Yay! Looking forward to it!
602 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Currently, the other members are still adjusting their schedules, but only Aqua-san’s participation is confirmed, so look forward to it
607 Anonymous
Could Maruo-kun and Kujaku-kun also show up!?
Wow, that’s exciting!!
610 Anonymous
What about Charlie-kun and Tsuwabuki-san!?
613 Anonymous
Go for it, Grandma Ranko!!
616 Anonymous
Is Morikawa losing her power!?
618 Anonymous
I have a bad feeling about this..
621 Anonymous
Recently, the Hogewave Institute mentioned to be cautious as there has been abnormal Hoge-lar Wave occurrences
624 Anonymous
Here comes the small fry!!
627 Anonymous
Loser! Loser!
632 Anonymous
The big sister knows what’s up lol
636 Anonymous
Fran-chan is so kind and straightforward!!
639 Anonymous
You know, Fran-chan is really on point
Since it’s a live broadcast, responding promptly like this feels like a measure to prevent backlash
642 Anonymous
647 Anonymous
I get what Fran-chan is doing!
If Aqua-sama is like a big brother, I’d do the same thing!
653 Anonymous
That’s nice
658 Anonymous
I want to go shopping with Aqu-tan too!!
662 Anonymous
How about we all hang out together next time!?
669 Anonymous
Fran-chan is skilled!!
672 Anonymous
You see, Aqua-sama was setting up a defense line for everyone, but Fran-chan was aiming for this from the start
If Ayana-chan or Maron-san seem promising, Fran-chan might give them a push
Obviously the best strategist here, desu~wa
676 Anonymous
681 Anonymous
Actually, there’s a theory that Fran-chan is the most reliable among the eau de Cologne!
684 Anonymous
But Fran-chan still slyly rubs her body to get attention!
688 Anonymous
Including that, she’s really a strategist
695 Anonymous
Oh, that’s another good question
699 Anonymous
I’ve been waiting for something like this!!
702 Anonymous
They are both comrades and rivals!
706 Anonymous
Aqua-kun really respects Ayana-chan as an idol, doesn’t he?
709 Anonymous
Ayana-chan’s serious BERYL review!!
713 Anonymous
Certainly, compared to eau de Cologne, BERYL is just getting started
The high level of completion of the live show is thanks to the perfect support of the staff. I don’t really want to say this, but the live staff of BERYL consists of some of the best people in Japan. That’s why the stage itself has a high level of completion. Of course, it’s also thanks to the efforts of the four members and Aqua-sama’s specifications
718 Anonymous
BERYL is just getting started, and everyone has a drive to improve, so in that sense, it’s enjoyable
724 Anonymous
727 Anonymous
Ayana-chan the classmate!?
732 Anonymous
Seeing these two as classmates, I can’t help but think how amazing they are again lol
735 Anonymous
Oh, shy Ayana-chan is so cute!
739 Anonymous
Yeah, right!
743 Anonymous
Here comes the final question corner!!
748 Anonymous
I desperately sent my message during the last commercial break
751 Anonymous
I hope mine gets read!
756 Anonymous
Lovey-dovey, lovey-dovey!
760 Anonymous
Today, there were many scenes of Aqu-tan and everyone from eau de Cologne being lovey-dovey, making me feel happy!
764 Anonymous
Just get married already!!
769 Anonymous
T-this, they’re already a married couple!!
772 Anonymous
Maron-san, who just said they look good together, is too cute, making me as a fan swoon
I like it when Aqua-sama interacts with girls because they all show their cute side!
777 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Oh, that’s me! Hello, hello!
780 Anonymous
It’s you, huh? lol
783 Anonymous
785 Anonymous
788 Anonymous
Hey hey hey hey!
791 Anonymous
794 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Where exactly are we talking about being big?
798 Anonymous
Height, right
800 Anonymous
Talking about height, huh. Hmm
802 Anonymous
Oh, this looks like a female’s face
804 Anonymous
Maron-san, this is the face of lewdness
807 Anonymous
A hard place!?
809 Anonymous
You’re kidding, right!?
813 Verification Team *07218KADO6
This is a total defeat
From today, she’s the lewd queen!!
815 Anonymous
Getting called that by Hagetoru, lol
817 Anonymous
I thought Maron-san was the most decent among the nightmare generation
But she was actually the most dangerous person… That’s awesome!!”
820 Anonymous
Strong chest and abs. Yep, yep
823 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, being kind by letting them win!!
826 Anonymous
When losing, I like Aqua-sama who lets them win!!
830 Anonymous
Will Maron-san become the woman who defeated Aqua-sama and Hagetoru? That’s crazy lol
833 Anonymous
Maron-san looks cute being happy!!
837 Anonymous
Next is Fran-chan!!
840 Anonymous
Fran-chan is also in clingy mode!!
844 Anonymous
Nee-san question!?
846 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
Oh… hello
849 Anonymous
As expected of Nee-san!!
852 Anonymous
Staff, they’re aiming for this!!
855 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is great!!
858 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, I understand!!
861 Anonymous
The eau de Cologne live show is really awesome
There’s something you can only experience there!
863 Anonymous
Fran-chan looks extremely happy!
867 Anonymous
Fran-chan must be happy to receive compliments about eau de Cologne
870 Anonymous
I get you, Fran-chan!
873 Anonymous
Yeah, like beryl&beryl and variety shows!!
876 Anonymous
They’re including proper advertising!
879 Anonymous
Fran-chan’s attention to detail is truly professional!
881 Verification Team *010meTA473
Thank you, Fran-chan!!
884 Anonymous
Fran-chan’s rating even raised by the main wife!
887 Anonymous
If this was all part of the plan, that’s amazing..
890 Anonymous
So, Fran-chan was the mastermind behind eau de Cologne
893 Anonymous
OMG, no way!
896 Anonymous
That last part was awesome, LOL
900 Anonymous
Ayana-chan is too cute today, it’s a problem!!
903 Anonymous
I’m excited!!
905 Verification Team *010meTA473
908 Anonymous
Ayana-chan LMAO
913 Anonymous
Ayana-chan’s reactions are great
920 Anonymous
Aqua-sama said it so casually!!
924 Anonymous
Great job
Aqua-sama, keep pushing forward!!
927 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, you can just take Ayana-chan from the place home with you
How about taking Fran-chan and Maron-san as a set too?
931 Anonymous
935 Anonymous
She’s charming even from my perspective. Note taken!
939 Anonymous
Sh hates it LOL
942 Anonymous
Nice! More cuddling!!
946 Anonymous
Great Kaiju Yukari-gon!?
948 Anonymous
951 Anonymous
Seriously? LOL
954 Anonymous
Unexpected appearance of Kohina Yukari LOL
957 Anonymous
She’s just in casual clothes lol
962 Anonymous
Huh? Broadcasting accident?
966 Anonymous
Just bowing normally is hilarious lol
969 Anonymous
It feels like she just arrived, but Kohina Yukari is amazing for being able to do this so quickly lol
973 Anonymous
975 Anonymous
LMAO deducting from Aqua-kun’s pay
978 Anonymous
I can hear everything lol
980 Anonymous
It’s over lol
983 Anonymous
Let’s just blame it on the Prime Minister who suddenly got a fever!!
986 Anonymous
That’s it!!
989 Anonymous
Nice idea!!
992 Anonymous
Aqua-kun and the others don’t need to apologize, the Prime Minister can apologize. It’s a win-win situation! Wait, huh?
995 Anonymous
Apologizing and winning, that’s hilarious lol
997 Anonymous
The Prime Minister was already excited to hold a press conference on social media tomorrow to apologize
999 Anonymous
That’s so lol
1000 Anonymous
If it’s 1000, the Prime Minister’s fever will go down, and hopefully, the apology press conference can be held tomorrow without any issues! Or rather, may everyone from eau de Cologne be captivated by Aqua-sama! Especially Ayana-chan!!
1001 3510 *ULTi-Hi-P3
I sent a question too, but it wasn’t read!
Grr! I’ll make sure it gets read in the next live broadcast!!

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