Male Idol V13c50

Volume 13 Chapter 50 Ayana Tsukimachi, Don’t Expect Too Much From Me

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 After the show ended, we enjoyed an after-talk with the audience.

 Even though it wasn’t necessary for the guest Aqua and Yukari-senpai who barged in halfway to stay, they ended up staying until the end for almost an hour, and all the audience members who came to see us left feeling very satisfied.

 ”””Thank you very much!”””

 After thanking the staff members who remained, we headed towards the waiting room.

 I was worried about what would happen when Aqua arrived, but thankfully we were able to finish the live broadcast safely.

 ”Huh? Ayana-senpai, Maron-senpai, are you both just going to leave normally like this?”

 ”Yeah, maybe. Fran, do you have somewhere you want to go?”

 ”Well, if Fran wants to go somewhere, I’ll go with you.”

 When Fran saw my and Maron-senpai’s reactions, she spread her arms, shook her head from side to side, and showed a disapproving expression.

 What’s up? Did I or Maron-senpai say something weird?

 ”Sigh… That’s just how you two are! Even though Ayana-senpai and Maron-senpai are cute, because of that attitude, there’s not even one exciting story that makes girls’ hearts flutter! It’s fine if it’s someone like Kato Iria, who’s cute but treated like a landmine, but if it’s an idol, shouldn’t there be at least one or two stories that make female fans go ‘kyun kyun’?”

 Fran leaned forward and puffed her cheeks towards me.

 Even if you suddenly say something like that…

 ”Especially Ayana-senpai, even though you’re so close to Aqua-sama, why aren’t you two dating yet?”

 ”E-Even if you say that…”

 I became flustered under Fran’s piercing gaze.

 It’s too early for me to be with Aqua, and if we start dating now, I’ll definitely become spoiled. If that happens, it’s a big no-no!

 ”If Ayana-senpai keeps dawdling, Maron-senpai won’t be able to graduate with Aqua-sama!”


 Maron-senpai, who suddenly got nervous, showed her palms and started sweating.

 ”Don’t worry, after you two graduate, I, Kurushima Fran, will lead as the captain and ace of eau de Cologne, so both of you can graduate with peace of mind!”

 ”That was your plan from the beginning, Fran!”

 Upon Maron-senpai’s remark, Fran stuck out her tongue and winked, showing a face that said she got caught.

 Geez! She never lets her guard down.

 ”Well, leaving as idols like this is out of the question! Absolutely not!”

 ”But what should I do then…”

 Fran, who had a serious expression on her face, said, “Are you seriously saying that, Ayana-senpai?” with a look like she wanted to say something, then let out a big sigh.

 Geez, what’s up with you since earlier!

 ”Sigh… Oh well. For the sake of my two hopeless senpais, I’ll lend a hand here. You two klutzes just wait quietly over there.”

 Ah… Fran walked away from us and headed towards Aqua, who was talking to Yukari-senpai.

 ”Aqua-sama! …and Kohina Yukari-san. Would you like to join the staff for a party after this?”

 Upon Fran’s words, the staff members who had been working diligently until now stopped in their tracks, and their gazes all turned towards the three of them at once.

 Some of the staff even had bloodshot eyes… Wait, is that the producer!?

 Everyone, I understand how you feel, but hold back for now!

 ”Oh, sounds good. I think I’ll go too.”

 The staff members, feeling joy, hide themselves from Aqua and strike a victory pose.

 ”What will Kohina-senpai do?”

 ”Hmm… I want to go, but I have to pass because I have an early morning job tomorrow.”

 Yukari-senpai takes out a credit card from her wallet and hands it to Aqua.

 ”Use this to buy whatever you like with everyone. Just return it to me when you come over next time.”

 ”Got it. Thank you for the treat!”

 ”Good, you’re so honest!”

 Aqua receives the credit card with both hands and bows politely.

 I think Yukari-senpai is cool because it allows us to spend money smartly when we need something.

 ”I appreciate it.”

 ”You’re honest too. And inviting me to the launch party, that’s quite interesting. Normally, I would ignore it…”

 Being ignored…

 The staff around Fran became sad when they heard Yukari-senpai’s words.

 ”I’ll tell Ako and Kotono-san to pick you up on the way back, but remember, both you and Ayana-chan, and Fran-chan are still kids, so don’t stay out too late.”


 After firmly addressing Aqua, Yukari-senpai approached me and Maron-senpai.

 ”Maron, take care of these two for me.”

 ”Sure, got it. And this time, you treat us. Thanks.”

 ”It’s fine, it’s fine. Maron treated me last time we went out for drinks.”

 By the way, aren’t these two the same age?

 In society, Kaede-san, Iria-san, Inko-san, and the five of them are called the “nightmare generation,” but they are all just nice people…

 ”Ayana-chan, if that guy tries anything inappropriate, you have my permission to knock him out!”

 ”Ah, yes…”

 I forced a smile and thanked Yukari-senpai, saying, “Thank you for the treat.”

 ”Alright, everyone, once you’ve changed, meet at the taxi stand at the back entrance! Leave the restaurant reservation to me!! Today, we’re going all out thanks to Kohina-senpai’s treat!!”


 As Yukari-senpai left the studio ahead of us, the staff also thanked her, saying, “Thank you for the treat.”

 Because Aqua mentioned that it was Yukari-senpai’s treat, it made it easier for the staff to talk to Yukari-senpai.

 I like how Aqua connects people together.

 ”Hey, senpais, what are you spacing out for? Hurry up and go to the dressing room to change!!”

 Fran pushes the two of us forward.

 Passing staff members give Fran the highest salute.

 ”Hmm, do my casual clothes look weird?”

 Maron-senpai checks her outfit in the dressing room.

 ”Ugh! If I knew this would happen, I would have worn cuter clothes!! Wait, did I just realize I’m wearing completely different socks on each foot!? No way…”

 Maron-senpai is reliable, but sometimes she has her moments of being absent-minded.

 That’s what makes her cute.

 ”Pukukuku, Maron-senpai, remember when you once brought the air conditioner remote instead of your phone? Normally you’re so scatterbrained, like you said ‘Are you ready for school?’ to me or do I have to keep reminding you to check?”

 ”But, Kaede-chan made the same mistake with the TV remote before!!”

 By the way, the other day, when Inko-san participated in an online tournament, she mistakenly brought earphones instead of earplugs and said, “I can’t hear any footsteps! What’s going on!?” That hilarious clip was viewed over 3 million times, and thanks to Aqua, Yukari-senpai, and Morikawa-san sharing it in the comments section, it gained even more popularity, surpassing 100 million views.

 I think the name “Nightmare Generation” is a bit much, but maybe they all have some similarities? I wonder if Iria-san and Yukari-senpai have also made such mistakes before. I’m curious~

 ”Hey, why are you dressed so cute today, Fran? Did you know Aqua-kun was coming!?”

 ”That’s ridiculous. It’s just natural to look cute as a ‘girl.’ You might meet fans, so of course you want to show your cute side outside, right?”

 True… there is some truth to that.

 But, it’s normal for idols to try not to be found in public.

 In that regard, Fran is similar to Yukari-senpai, she doesn’t disguise herself much even outside, and she gives off the vibe of a cute idol confidently. If someone talks to her normally, she’ll respond with fan service as long as it doesn’t bother those around her.

 ”Ayana-senpai, are you okay wearing such revealing underwear?”

 ”Wh-what’s wrong with my underwear! Geez!”

 Ugh… if it’s like this, I shouldn’t have worn Carvan Kleiny’s underwear.

 When we shared the dressing room, I saw Emily-san and Kotono-san wearing them and thought they looked nice, so I bought them. But those are big, so they look good on them, but they don’t make me look s*xy at all!!

 ”See, that’s why I’ve called stylists for the two of you.”

 ”Nice to meet you~!”

 ””Oh, nice to meet you too.””

 Before we knew it… Maron-senpai and I, who lack in girl power, were completely overwhelmed by Fran’s skillful hands.

 The stylist lady kept a casual look while making slight changes to the outfits we wore.

 ”Thank you so much~!”

 ””No, thank you for everything.””

 Ugh, of course, I bought the outfits.

 As high school students, I try to live like high schoolers, so I keep my money with my mom and use it as pocket money.

 It’s a bit painful to spend it. I was planning to buy Aqua’s new goods coming out next week, but I’ll hold back. Maybe if I skip lunch for the rest of this month and have dinner at home every day, there’s a chance… Besides, I think I can make it until next month with shampoo and conditioner, and I got body soap from Yukari-senpai who said she didn’t need it, managed with unused cosmetics, so yeah, I might just make it work!!

 ”Alright, both of you are good to go with this! Now, Maron-senpai and Ayana-senpai, let’s stop looking so down and get pumped up as we head to the battlefield! Ei-ei-oh!”


 We left the dressing room and headed towards the meeting spot with Aqua.

 Oh, looks like most of them are already here! We better hurry.

 ”Sorry for making you wait.”

 ”It’s okay, everyone’s having a good time chatting with Aqua-kun. Besides, the producer needs to do a final check, so they’ll be a bit late. Some others still have work to finish, so they’ll join us a bit later.”

 I silently cheer on those who will be joining us later.

 ”Looks like everyone’s mostly here. Well then, since the producer asked us to go ahead, let’s head to the restaurant first. It would be a bother to the security guards if we keep chatting here!”


 After we all gathered, we left the TV station and each got into a taxi to head to the restaurant Aqua had reserved.

 Oh, taking this route means… I see, that’s right!

 Aqua chose the yakiniku restaurant that Yukari-senpai often uses for private gatherings.

 I get it, it’s Yukari-senpai’s treat. Thinking about it that way, it makes sense why Aqua picked this place.

 I tend to get flustered when choosing a restaurant, but Aqua is really sharp.

 ”Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you.”

 ”Thank you, owner lady. We’re here to enjoy with Yukari-senpai’s money.”

 ”Haha, in that case, we must provide excellent service. All on Yukari-chan’s tab.”


 Haha, of course, it’s just a joke.

 With the two leading the way, we also head to the back room.

 ”Oh, Ayana-chan, it’s been a while. Take your time and enjoy.”


 I’ve been brought here a few times before.

 So I’m familiar with the owner lady.

 Once everyone is seated, Aqua speaks up to the group.

 ”Oh, us minors will stick to soft drinks, but feel free to order alcohol, everyone. Of course, don’t drink too much. It’s a promise with me. Oh, by the way, I’ll have a black oolong. Yakiniku and black oolong are a perfect match!”

 ”Sure, sure. The usual, right? We understand.”

 With Aqua’s words, the adults also confidently order alcohol.

 Hmm… what should I do?

 There are many adults here, so I think I’ll go for a slightly more mature juice.

 ”I’ll have the Sauvignon from Arena Mirea, please.”

 It’s a juice from Arena Mirea, who usually makes wine, so it doesn’t seem too childish.

 They’ll serve it in a glass, making it look like white wine and fitting the atmosphere.

 ”I think I’ll go for the grapefruit juice.”

 ”Alright, then I… umm, no, no. I shouldn’t drink alcohol! Um, I’ll have jasmine tea, please!”

 It seems Maron-senpai, who becomes a kissing demon when drunk, ordered a safe jasmine tea instead of alcohol.

 Since not everyone has arrived yet, they also ordered other food items.

 ”What’s Ayana-senpai’s recommendation?”

 ”Well, I think I’ll go with the pot stew. It’s sweet, the meat is tender, and the vegetables are really delicious.”

 ”Okay, then I’ll have that too! What about Maron-senpai?”

 I wonder if Maron-senpai has been here with Yukari-senpai before?

 They were chatting briefly with the owner lady earlier.

 ”I think I’ll go with that too. And, the fresh sea urchin fran!”

 ”Fran!? Is there such a fantastic menu item!? Then, I’ll have that too!!”

 What was the fresh sea urchin fran again?

 Oh, it’s like a French-style chawanmushi.

 Oh, I didn’t know there was something like this. I should try it too.

 ”Oh, excuse me for going ahead!”

 When the person who arrived later, enters the room, she stands up and greets everyone for their hard work.

 I wonder if everyone is here now? It seems like the staff who arrived later were communicating with the staff who arrived earlier through an app, and they all ordered drinks from the shop at the same time.

 When the staff who arrived later take their seats, the shop staff bring drinks for everyone.

 ”Um, even though this is the eau de Cologne show, is it really okay for me to lead the toast? Normally, it would be the producer or Maron-san…”

 Everyone nods in agreement to the puzzled Aqua.

 With Aqua around, well, that’s how it goes.

 And everything that worked out today is all thanks to Aqua.

 Thank you, Aqua.

 ”Ahem! So, once again, on behalf of everyone, I, Shirogane Aqua, would like to take on the important role of leading the toast!!”


 Applause erupted from everyone at Aqua’s words.

 ”To the success of ‘eau de Cologne’ and honest talk, to the efforts of everyone who has worked hard for this show until today, and to celebrate the great success of our first live broadcast, cheers!!”


 After toasting with everyone, I also took a sip of white grape juice.

 Ah, it’s refreshing and delicious.

 ”Also, cheers to Kohina Yukari-san for treating us, and let’s hope for the return of Prime Minister Habu who collapsed from a fever!”


 Aqua made an additional toast with a smirk, making everyone laugh.

 I felt relieved seeing that Prime Minister Habu seemed fine based on his social media updates.

 Wait, a message? I wonder who it’s from.

 Shirogane Kanon

 Please take care of Aqua for me.

 Kirika Kotono

 It seems Ako-san will come to pick him up. Ayana-san, please take care.

 Atori Ako

 As soon as I finish work, I’ll head over there right away!! It’s absolutely impossible to stop Aqua-kun from causing trouble again… If he does something, please support the kids who were affected!

 Kohina Yukari

 If that useless Aqua does something stupid, you can just hit him normally.

 Habu Chiyoko

 When I tried to join just for the yakiniku, I was hit with a log and told to quietly go to bed because I’m supposed to have a fever according to Congressman Satou’s setting. Ouch… Also, I’ve been getting cold looks from Sana-chan on social media because I’ve been goofing around too much lately. What should I do?

 And I’m sorry I can’t make it today due to an urgent matter as the Prime Minister.

 Also, if I get the chance, I’ll definitely show up next time!

 See you all!!

 Just so you know, there’s no way I can stop Aqua.

 And it’s understandable that the Prime Minister is getting cold looks from the former chairman Natsuki.

 Once those two stop hiding their parent-child relationship, Prime Minister Habu has been shamelessly showing off her parental love, and I think even Natsuki, the former chairman, feels embarrassed.

 Just think of it as a delayed adolescence and give up. It’s okay to feel embarrassed, but it’s better to stop before you become disliked.

 ”Kyaa, Aqua-sama, you’re so cool!”

 ”That’s right, that’s right. Alright, I’ll grill lots of meat for you today. Eat up and grow big!”


 Aqua, who was teased by Fran, cooked meat using a special apron designed by Nene-cho-san, which was left at the store, featuring the Great Kaiju Yukari-gon, and tongs engraved with the name [BERYLShirogane Aqua].

 Fran whispered, “Aqua-sama is so cute.”

 Hmm, what a strange feeling. Could it be that among the women around Aqua, Fran is the best at pampering him…?

 I tilt a wine glass filled with white grape juice with an indescribable expression.

 I never imagined that such a fun drinking party would turn into that.

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