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Volume 13 Chapter 51 Shirogane Aqua, Ayana Is Waiting For A Kiss!?

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 ”Hey, I’ll give the best meat that big brother cooked to the honest Fran-chan!”

 ”Yay. Thank you.”

 I grill meat for everyone and serve it.

 Of course, I also eat the meat myself to satisfy my hunger.

 Delicious! While silently thanking Kohina-senpai in my heart, I munch on rice. With the owner lady from Sendai and the chef from Yamagata running the place, they pay attention not only to the meat but also to the rice, which is a point I like.

 ”Aqua-sama, you always look so delicious when you eat rice.”


 I deliberately undergo hard training to eat rice and burn calories at work.

 It’s not an exaggeration to say that I consume calories to eat when hungry and white rice when tired because they have a strong effect on the brain.

 ”Fran, I think it’s great when men eat rice so deliciously.”

 Fran-chan… you’re such a nice girl!

 If you were a big sister with big breasts, I might have fallen for you just with that gentle smile.

 I think it’s really good that you’re in elementary school.

 ”Aqua-sama is good at cooking, but I think he prefers girls who are good at home cooking… Right?”

 ”Well, I don’t really have a preference.”

 Sure, girls who are good at cooking may be charming, but everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and there are plenty of attractive girls who can’t cook.

 ”But, just having someone cook for me is nice and makes me feel grateful. And if even someone who can’t cook tries their best for me, as a man, it’s quite appealing. Moreover, if they were to wear a nak*d apron… sorry, never mind.”


 I was about to say something unnecessary to Fran-chan.

 It would definitely be bad to talk about an apron with an elementary schooler.

 ”Hmm, nak*d apron?”

 Oh, huh? I thought I stopped in the middle, but did she hear everything?

 Fran-chan looks at Maron-san eating meat with such relish.

 I see, so that fatty part is providing nutrition for Maron-san’s bulges.

 ”Maron-senpai would look good in that.”

 ”Eh!? M-me!?”

 Maron-san, who didn’t expect to be brought into the conversation, shows a flustered reaction.

 Maron-san in just an apron? I wonder how much I’d have to pay to see that nice butt and the sidebreast almost spilling out from the apron? Payment is not a problem. I have this KCB… Kohina Credit Bureau Card, after all!!


 While I was thinking about such things, Ayana seemed to have seen through everything and stared at me with a serious glare.

 I-It’s okay. I wouldn’t use Kohina-senpai’s card for something like that!

 I will uses a special AHEX (short for HESOKURI EXCHANGE) card for trustworthy transactions like for Maron-san, not AQUA HENTAI.

 ”Yes, yes, Aqua-sama, my Maron-senpai at our place is really good at homey stuff.”


 By the way, the chocolates I got on Valentine’s Day were delicious.

 ”Fran is from the west, so now I’m staying at Maron-senpai’s place. The handmade hamburgers, nikujaga, and rolled omelets are all really tasty. Oh, and the ohagi! The dango and ohagi made by Maron-senpai are incredibly delicious.”

 A girl who can make ohagi… sounds nice.

 And if Maron-san personally makes the ohagi, is it time to use the AHEX card right away?

 Recently, some people say they can’t handle homemade Onigiri or Ohagi, but I’m different.

 I’m the type of guy who can enjoy them even if they’re soaked with a girl’s hand sweat, shedding tears while eating.

 I’m a huge fan of girls, so don’t underestimate Shirogane Aqua’s perverted nature.

 By the way, the other day, I ate Onigiri made by my wife and Pegonia-san, trying to guess who made each one, and Kohina-senpai was shocked when I guessed correctly in one shot.

 ”Oh, then, how about you join us next time?”


 Maron-san was surprised and almost choked on the meat.

 Are you okay? Ayana, sitting next to her, patted Maron-san’s back.

 ”Oh, that sounds good. Ayana-senpai will also be there, so please come and visit! Fran doesn’t really cook much, but instead, Ayana-senpai will do her best to welcome you, Aqua-sama!”

 Fran-chan is easy to talk to and has a slightly gal-like vibe, but she gives off a kind and good-natured feeling.

 Alright, this big brother will grill lots of expensive meat to spoil Fran-chan!

 ”By the way, have you heard about the collaboration facility between Beryl in Wonderland, which opens in summer, and eau de Cologne and BERYL?”

 ”Yeah, I’m involved in supervising everything.”

 In Beryl in Wonderland, there is also a collaboration attraction between BERYL and Heaven’s Sword, as well as collaboration facilities and attractions with my past works.

 The collaboration facility with eau de Cologne is one of them, where we, BERYL, dive into the world of eau de Cologne’s singing songs in the first round.

 We have collaboration stages and promotional videos for that purpose, we’ve also created costumes specifically for the songs, not to mention the goods we sell within the facility. The locations used in the collaboration PV are completely reconstructed within the facility, so people can take commemorative photos in the stage setting we actually filmed in. People can borrow costumes with the same design as the ones we wore, and we switch each other’s group songs every season. To immerse people in that world, we have eau de Cologne and BERYL goods available, so we keep it fresh and exciting.

 ”Aqua-sama, that’s amazing. Even though you’re busy, you’re doing things like that.”

 With eyes sparkling like a child, Fran-chan looks at me with a gaze of admiration and claps enthusiastically.

 Ah… I wonder what it is. When talking to Fran-chan, I feel more and more confident.

 It makes me feel motivated for tomorrow, and although I can’t quite put it into words, something inside me feels deeply fulfilled.

 ”Hey guys, thanks to the collaboration, I got a pre-pass from Beryl-san, but I have no idea where to look~ It would be great if someone like Aqua-sama, who seems to know everything, could guide me, right? But Aqua-sama is really busy, so it would be bothersome to ask for that… right? I’m sorry!!”

 ”It’s not a big deal, Fran-chan.”

 Even if I’m busy, even if I’ve worked for 72 hours straight, I’m Shirogane Aqua, a guy whose body moves instantly when invited by a girl. Moreover, knowing that Fran-chan will definitely become a great woman in the future, there’s no way I could refuse her invitation, right?

 ”Actually, would you let me guide you instead?”

 ”Yay, awesome! As expected, Aqua-sama is really kind to everyone. Fran is so happy!!”

 Seeing Fran-chan innocently happy, I can’t help but smile too.

 To be honest, I don’t really care if it’s like elementary school stuff anymore, but I felt like Fran-chan could be the one.

 Honestly, I’m still keeping calm on the outside, trying not to think too deeply, but the frilly sleeveless top Fran-chan is wearing has loose cuffs, and I can’t help but be bothered by the n**ples that seem like they might show but don’t.

 Calm down, Aqua. It’s really not good if it’s an elementary schooler. But when I talk to Fran-chan, she seems way more mature than my little sister Lapis, or even my wife Kanon… no, she looks way more adult than even the older Kohina-senpai.

 No, Aqua, think carefully. Are you okay with narrowing down your own possibilities like that?

 The other day, Sugita-Sensei said to us students that we have infinite potential. So, don’t think things like “this is impossible for me” or “that is impossible for you” on your own during class!

 By the way, there was this person with a name similar to a Warrior of Light I admire, who said it’s okay for you to start early and shape girls to your liking. Maybe when I get back, I’ll try asking Fran-chan out…

 By the way, I remember there was a page in the eau de Cologne photobook I bought before with Fran-chan wearing a swimsuit. I usually look at Maron-san and Ayana’s pages, but today, I’ve made up my mind to try taking care of Fran-chan’s swimsuit page.

 ”Oh…! Aqua-sama, Aqua-sama!”

 ”Hmm? Fran-chan, what’s up?”

 Fran-chan leans close to my ear.

 Stop it, right now, being whispered to at this distance is making me feel s*xually conscious.

 ”I think you haven’t forgotten about this, Aqua-sama, but at the end of this month, it’s Ayana-senpai’s birthday.”

 Um, I haven’t forgotten… I let my gaze drift a little towards the day after tomorrow.

 When Fran-chan stares at my face intently, she whispers in a small voice so no one else can hear.

 ”To be honest, Fran is having trouble deciding on a present for Ayana-senpai, who still takes care of me.”

 ”Oh, what a coincidence. I haven’t bought one yet either… Haha.”

 ”Aqua-sama is busy with work, so it’s not like you forgot, it can’t be helped, right?”

 I nod in agreement with Fran-chan’s perfect follow-up.

 Hmm, if Fran-chan wasn’t in elementary school, I would have asked her to marry me with the help of Kanon.

 ”Aqua-sama, would you like to help me choose a birthday present for Ayana-senpai together with Fran? I know it might be a lot to ask of you since you’re busy, Aqua-sama, but Fran wants Ayana-senpai, who always takes care of us, to be happy. However, if Fran chooses, it might end up being similar to before. If a reliable, knowledgeable, decisive, and cool adult like you, Aqua-sama, helps choose, Ayana-senpai will surely be happy, and it would be a great help for Fran too.”

 Fran-chan… is such a good girl!!

 It’s touching how she wants to do something for someone she’s grateful to, and it makes you want to support her.

 Also, unlike that Kohisomething-senpai, Fran-chan really understands me!

 ”Aqua-sama, could you please help the hopeless Fran?”

 ”Of course! Fran-chan, leave it to me, okay!”

 Yes, entrust everything to me, a cool, reliable, knowledgeable, and decisive adult big brother!


 Feeling great, I happily munch on the meat I grilled myself.

 ”Fran-chan, what a terrifying girl…!”

 ”She smoothly arranged a shopping date with Aqua-sama.”

 ”What a skilled provocateur, for a moment, I thought I had mistakenly come to a club in Ginza.”

 ”Am I the only one that Fran-chan is like a doting mom even though she’s two years younger than me?”

 ”I want to rely on Fran-mama too. When I come home from work, I want to be pampered with all her might.”

 ”It’s true that once you entertain someone, you’re said to be a bewitching elementary school student who will definitely captivate them.”

 ”Phew, let’s smoothly conquer high-difficulty missions that we couldn’t possibly do!”

 ”On top of that, knowing Aqua-sama’s unique sense, she cover up by accompanying her to ensure Ayana-chan’s gift doesn’t turn out weird… She’s just too perfect.”

 ”Us mob characters like us don’t even make a peep.”

 ”Is she still carrying a school bag? That’s a lie, right?”

 ”Gradually, the juice Fran-chan is drinking started to look like alcohol.”

 ”Those gestures that could easily be misunderstood by the other party, she totally match my favorite lounge hostess…”

 ”This here, in a few years, she’ll be a wife.”

 ”Let’s write on the bulletin board, ‘Shumi was NTR’ed by elementary schooler.’”

 ”In a few years, she’ll dig this up and say, ‘The prophet has arrived!’”

 ”I understand why they call Fran-chan the ‘back alley boss’ of eau de Cologne. Even if the other two retire, as long as Fran-chan is there, the future of eau de Cologne is secure.”

 It seems like everyone is having a good time.

 I stand up to go to the bathroom for a moment.


 When coming out of the bathroom and about to head back, Ayana approaches me.

 ”Aqua, thanks a lot for today.”

 ”No problem. I had fun too.”

 Ayana and I step out into the courtyard for a bit to feel the night breeze.

 It’s a night with a clear view of the moon.

 ”We should thank Yukari-senpai later too.”

 ”Sure, I’ll do it for my part.”

 ”Come on, you have to say it yourself properly.”

 ”Haha, I know, I know.”

 Ayana and I share a laugh with our usual banter.

 Even though we’re in the same grade, talking with Ayana feels a bit different from chatting with other classmates or Kanon.

 ”Actually, I was nervous today because of the live broadcast.”

 ”Me too.”

 ”What!? Aqua, you’re the type who never gets nervous, right?”

 ”Well, even Kohina-senpai can be unexpectedly nervous, so it’s natural, isn’t it?”

 ”What!? That’s hard to believe.”

 I return a smile to Ayana.

 You might not believe it, but even I and Kohina-senpai get nervous sometimes. It’s not like we never feel nervous.

 In fact, it’s because of that nervousness that both I and Kohina-senpai can turn it into power and stand in front of everyone.

 ”So, what does Aqua do when nervous?”

 ”I think about what it would be like to succeed. By doing that, I feel like I can get closer to what I aspire to be.”

 ”What I aspire to be…”

 As I gaze up at the sky, Ayana is also drawn to look up at the sky.

 Catching a glimpse of her profile, I couldn’t help but remember that night a little, feeling my heart race.

 ”Well, aren’t we lucky?”


 Ayana is surprised by my words.

 ”In this sky, there are countless stars, and just as many people on the ground. Among them, there are fans who find and support us. Don’t you think that’s amazing?”


 ”So, I think we absolutely have to meet the expectations of the fans. That’s the best idol I aspire to, the best Shirogane Aqua.”

 I close my eyes for a moment and turn my body to face Ayana, looking at each other.

 A gentle breeze blows, and the rustling grass makes a pleasant sound.

 ”I wonder if I can become like that too?”

 ”You can.”

 I reach out to Ayana and lightly adjust her disheveled bangs with my index finger.

 ”For me, Ayana always shines like the moon.”

 It’s embarrassing to say it myself, but it’s mutual.

 Ayana blushes and wiggles her lips.

 ”Jeez! Jeez! If you say that, then for me, Aqua is the sun!! It shines brightly without hesitation during the day, and I have to apply sunscreen to protect myself from the UV rays!!”

 ”Wait a minute, when I thought I was being praised at first, isn’t that actually just an insult!?”

 ”That’s right! It’s an insult!”

 ”No, no, isn’t the sun important? Isn’t there something else to praise about!?”

 ”There is, but there are also drawbacks. That’s why it’s the sun!”

 To distract herself from embarrassment, Ayana scolds me.

 Haha, I wonder what would have happened if Ayana was as honest as Fran-chan.

 On that night, sometimes I think maybe I would have been together with Ayana, and it would have been a different future from now.

 Of course, I wouldn’t say such things to Kanon or Ayana, and I’m really satisfied with the current situation and this future.

 ”Ugh, I can’t take it anymore. I’m going to the restroom.”

 Saying that, Ayana moves away from me and heads to the restroom alone.

 I watch Ayana’s figure as she leaves and then return to where everyone else is.

 ”Oh, welcome back.”

 Oh, when I came back, Fran-chan went to talk to the staff, and Maron-san was sitting next to me.

 I’m sad that Fran-chan, who always supports me, is not here, but having Maron-san next to me is really refreshing.

 ”Aqua-kun, sorry for everything with my Fran…”

 Huh? What’s wrong?

 Maron-san looks apologetic towards me.

 Could it be that Maron-san thought I was taking care of Fran-chan like a big brother?

 ”It’s okay, I had fun talking with Fran-chan too.”

 ”Hehe, thank you.”

 Maron-san briefly freezes when looking at me.

 Oh no, did Maron-san notice that I was only looking at her chest!?

 Upon closer inspection, Maron-san was actually looking around my forehead area.

 ”Aqua-kun, you have a leaf in your hair.”

 Oh, it seems like the leaf I took from Ayana’s hair and tried to return to nature ended up dancing in the wind and coming back towards me.

 ”Want me to take it?”

 ”Yes, please!”

 Wow, being able to enjoy Maron-san’s chest from such a close distance legally is amazing!

 I’m truly grateful for taking on this job.

 Now, I think I can sincerely thank Kohina-senpai as well.

 ”There, got it.”

 Ah, I feel like burying my head in Maron-san’s chest just like this.

 ”Hehe, Aqua-kun, you were looking at my chest earlier, weren’t you?”


 I feel my heart race at Maron-san’s words.

 Oh no, I thought I was being discreet, but was I actually caught!?

 ”Girls don’t usually get looked at like that, and big girls like me are sensitive to such gazes, so those who notice, notice.”

 Come to think of it, I’ve been told something like that before…

 But, I can’t help but look at the big ones.

 It’s like a guy thing, you know.

 ”Hehe, want to touch?”

 Is it okay!?

 I find myself leaning forward naturally.”

 ”Just kidding. We can’t do that kind of thing with everyone around.”

 Right, right.

 ”Oh, but if we’re alone, you can touch as much as you want.”

 I really want to be alone with Maron-san right now.

 I desperately try to convey that to Maron-san with my aura.

 ”Hehe, Aqua-kun is really cute, isn’t he? I wish I had a little brother like Aqua-kun.”

 What a coincidence. I also want an big sister like Maron-san.

 In fact, I’m always looking for big sisters. It’s okay to have as many as I want.

 ”Hey… isn’t it getting a little hot?”


 Maron-san hooked her finger around her collar and fanned herself with her other hand, teasingly showing off her cleavage to me.

 ”Ahaha, I’m starting to feel really good.”

 Huh? Wait, isn’t Maron-san acting strange?

 I made eye contact with Fran-chan who was behind me.

 Oh no, why does she look so pale?

 ”Hey, Maron-senpai, did you get drunk just from the smell of alcohol!?”

 Huh? Is that even possible?

 ”Hehe, Aqua-kun, how about trying to kiss me… this big sister?”


 ”This big sister has kissed girls before, but I’ve never kissed a boy. So… I want you to be my first kiss buddy.”


 Aqua in my heart jumped for joy.

 Wait, hold on, you can’t just push my reason out of the way like that!!

 ”So, is it okay?”

 Maron-san’s face is getting closer.

 I can’t resist! No, rather, once you’ve come this far, you must brace ourselves, Aqua.

 This is like an accident. Yes, it can’t be helped! It can’t be helped!

 ”Well then, let’s dig in!”

 Maron-san, with closed eyes, leans in closer.

 Getting eaten up…

 ”No way!”


 In the next moment, my lips were stolen.

 But the one who did it wasn’t Maron-san.

 I lock eyes with Ayana, realizing what she has done.


 Ayana, now bright red, falls backwards.

 ”A-Are you okay, Ayana!!”

 Come to think of it, where’s Maron-san!?

 I shake my head and look around, only to see a tipsy Maron-san being led by Fran-chan.

 She really is my ideal mom! Fran-chan, graduate elementary school quickly and become my mom!!


 ”A kiss is cominggg!!”

 ”Thank you, thank you!”

 ”This is Ayana waiting for a kiss!”

 ”No, no, not waiting for a kiss, but still ended up making the move herself!”

 ”I wanted to see that reaction!”

 ”Make sure to invite me to the wedding.”

 ”Everyone… let’s keep today’s events a secret, okay?”

 ”Of course!”

 ”I’ll go drive away the media if they’re outside.”

 ”I’ll go too. I’ll give it my all to protect Ayana-chan and Aqua-kun from now on.”

 I sat Ayana on my lap on the breezy veranda, fanning her blushing face with a fan borrowed from the owner lady.

 Hey, this isn’t the first time we’ve kissed. Come on, snap out of it quickly.

 Haha, but Ayana’s cute side is also one of her good points.

 ”Sorry, Aqua…”

 ”It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

 As I gazed at the beautiful moon shining in the night sky, I decided in my heart that when I got home today, I would try out the eau de Cologne together.

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