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Volume 13 Chapter 52 Kokucho Agewa, Saint’s Party

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 ”Hmm, what should I have for dinner tonight?”

 Today is the day Aqua-sama is coming over to check on me and everyone else at home.

 Being a growing high school boy, he definitely prefer eating meat and hearty dishes.

 ”Ma’am, we have some good pork tenderloin today.”

 Pork tenderloin, huh… Aqua-sama seems like he would enjoy tonkatsu.

 Emily-chan and the kids also like tonkatsu, so it might not be a bad idea!

 ”Alright, I’ll take that.”


 I buy more tenderloin than the number of people.

 We have a lot of growing kids, and with Aqua-sama and Emily-chan, we might end up eating about two pieces just out of excitement.

 As I continue shopping at the greengrocer’s, I am recommended to buy some spring cabbage by the lady there.

 Oh, I also need to get some lemons.


 After finishing my dinner shopping, I head back home.

 Hehe, I’m looking forward to it.

 ”Excuse me. Right now, this street is closed for traffic.”

 Oh, what’s going on?

 The street I usually take on my way back home is closed.

 ”Oh, ma’am. Water was gushing out from the fire hydrant earlier, so now it’s closed for repairs.”

 Well, that can’t be helped.

 I told the workers, “I know it’s tough work, but do your best,” and took a different route home.

 Maybe I should have noticed something strange at that point.

 ”Are you Kokucho Agewa?”

 A few women with their faces hidden stand in front of me, blocking the way.

 ”…Who are you?”

 I feel a strange atmosphere and take a step back.

 …It’s weird, I don’t sense anyone around.

 Could it be that I was lured to this place? Since when!?

 I thought I checked my surroundings carefully. And yet…!

 ”Let me make it clear, we don’t intend to harm you if you don’t resist.”

 …What should I do?

 In the Kokucho family, I am well acquainted with their methods.

 I pretend to make a fist in front of my chest, then firmly press the second button of my blouse.

 By doing this, the emergency communication device installed inside is activated when pressed against my chest.

 It’s for emergencies, in case the day comes when what the Prime Minister gave me will be useful.

 ”Oh, sending an emergency encrypted message to Habu Chiyoko is pointless. We’ve jammed the radio waves in this area with our No.9 ECM.”

 ECM? Who are these people?

 It’s hard to believe that ordinary terrorists or criminal organizations would have such sophisticated weapons.

 Thinking logically, it’s natural to assume involvement from other countries.

 ”You have no choice. Shall we accompany you?”

 I sigh lightly.

 Kujaku-kun, Emily-chan, Kukuri-chan… and Aqua-sama, I’m sorry.

 Even though everyone tried to help me, it has come to this.

 I’m really sorry for always causing trouble for Aqua-sama, but please take care of Kujaku-kun.

 Also, Prime Minister Habu… please protect this country and Aqua-sama.

 When I made up my mind, I took out the fruit knife hidden in my sleeve and tried to stab it into my throat in one go.

 ”Really, no room for carelessness.”

 Who? Someone reached out their hand in an instant and prevented my suicide.

 I thought it would be better to be everyone’s hindrance, but it seems that won’t be possible.

 Having lost my move, I give up on suicide.

 ”I thought you would do that, but you’re too willing to throw away your life. How about considering what Aqua-sama, Emily-chan, Kokuchō Kujaku-kun, and Kukuri-chan would feel when they are sad?”

 …I’ve heard this voice somewhere before.

 No, but, could it be… why is this person here?

 ”Mary… sensei?”

 Why is Mary-sensei here?

 Could it be… she’s thinking of retaliating because Stars collapsed?

 But now that the Kokucho family has disbanded, I shouldn’t have any value anymore…

 ”Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about retaliating for the collapse of Stars. For me, Stars transitioning to a new system is actually desirable in the flow of the times.”

 Mary-sama shows her usual smile to me.

 But I couldn’t let my guard down at this abnormal sight.

 ”Is sensei… no, an ally of mine in this country?”

 ”As long as that person’s heart is with this country.”

 That person…?

 Sensei takes out a cross pendant from her chest.

 Isn’t that from the Holy Aqua Religion!?

 Suddenly appearing in this country, taking root, slowly corroding this country… no, the world, the heretical Holy Aqua Religion.

 The top figure, the Saint, rarely appears in public, and even the true nature of the Twelve Bishops, who are the executives, remains elusive.

 The only thing we’ve managed to grasp is that Agnese Taylor Czessic, who appears as the face of the organization, is one of the executives. I’ve only been able to uncover this much by utilizing the Kokucho family’s information network.

 Despite the Holy Aqua Religion having gotten as close as neighbors to us, its true nature remains shrouded in mystery.

 ”Holy Aqua Religion…”

 ”Yes. I am one of the Twelve Bishops, No.2, serving as the library for the Holy Aqua Religion. These children are my direct subordinates, brought over from the Stars, so you can rest assured.”

 Sensei is one of the executives…

 If I recall correctly, No.2, the library shrouded in the most mystery, is considered one of the top three executives alongside Worker-Holic, also known as No.1, the overseer.

 I never would have imagined sensei was the one behind it all…!

 Leaving aside Aqua-sama, I wonder if Kanon-san, Haa-chan, and Emily-chan know about this?

 ”Sensei, why did you from the Holy Aqua Religion reveal your true identity and approach me?”

 ”…Right now, there is an imminent crisis in this country. It would be a waste to let you play around at a time like this.”

 A crisis in this country?

 Prime Minister Habu… must know about it, right?

 And I realized that she knows about it and is keeping it from me.

 ”As a woman who has struggled, I want you to continue living peacefully like this. Chiyoko-chan probably feels the same way. You might even become Aqua-sama’s concubine, no, maybe even a mistress if things go well.”

 W-What, me as Aqua-sama’s mistress!?

 Sensei! Please stop joking in such a serious scene!!”

 Me being Aqua-sama’s mistress! That’s impossible!

 ”But, if something happened to someone important and you didn’t know anything, you would definitely regret it. I understand. I feel the same way.”

 What sensei said is true.

 If something happened to this country, its people, or Aqua-sama, and there was a future where I could have done something, I would definitely regret it.

 Sensei knew that and reached out to me.

 ”Hey. You must feel the same way, right? Holy Aqua Religion, one of the Twelve Bishops, the Dark Saint Kythera.”

 Kythera…!? A member of the Stars Orthodox Church!?

 A woman blocking my path takes off her hood to reveal her face.

 ”Mary-sama, could you please stop revealing my true identity without permission?”

 Stars Orthodox Church is actually the Holy Aqua Religion… no, wait. Judging by the actions of the Stars Orthodox Church during the turmoil in the homeland of Stars, Bishop Kythera betrayed the Stars Orthodox Church at an early stage, even before Aqua-sama went to abduct Kanon-san? I have a hypothesis. If that’s the case, everything makes sense.

 The Stars Orthodox Church is spreading its teachings worldwide. Therefore, Kythera-san, one of the executives of the Holy Aqua Religion, used her position as bishop of the Stars Orthodox Church as a cover to infiltrate the world.

 ”What do you think? Are you listening a bit…?”

 Sensei? Sensei felt a presence behind and turned her gaze towards her back.

 ”That’s all for now.”

 Is that voice really Emily-chan’s close friend, Rin-chan!?

 On the way to Emily-chan’s house, did she misunderstand that I was being harassed and come to help me?

 But, this is dangerous. Get back!

 Before I could say that, sensei spoke up.

 ”The Holy Aqua Religion, one of the Twelve Bishops, kunoichi of No.11. My kids can’t react at all… Isn’t that a bit too much of an advantage for you?”

 Is Rin-chan one of the Twelve Bishops!?

 Why is that quiet and gentle harmless girl who always enjoys the pancakes I make involved in such a crazy religion!?

 And I’m pretty sure she was supposed to be working as a maid for Aqua-sama….

 ”Library, that’s not what the Saint wants.”

 ”Hehe, you’re a follower of the Saint, aren’t you. So, are you here too? Holy Aqua Religion, No.1, Overseer Chihiro Claire.”

 A woman appears from the path I came from.

 Chihiro Claire… I remember she was also a friend of Emily-chan’s and a classmate of Aqua-sama and Kanon-san.

 Argh! The Holy Aqua Religion is getting so close to Aqua-sama!!

 ”Mary-sama, did you properly get permission from the saint for this?”

 ”Well, the saint is busy, so we’re here to not bother her.”

 The saint is busy…?

 Argh, even though the saint is so active, it’s impossible to grasp the true nature of the saint.

 I doubt the saint is as busy with part-time work like our Emily-chan, she must be in the midst of executing some incredibly grand plan against the world!!

 ”However, Mary-sama, you have been a bit too independent lately. You should show some restraint…”

 ”Haha, I understand. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t resist meddling like an old person.”

 Could it be that the Holy Aqua Religion isn’t completely united after all?

 It’s been less than a year since it started, but it spread around the world at an abnormal speed. Thinking about it, it wouldn’t be strange if there were factions among the executives. Just now, Mary called Claire and Rin the Saint Faction.

 When I gather the information, the saint might actually be a decent person.

 ”But to come so quickly… Oh, I see, it’s Mikoto. Mikoto is close with Rin and likes the saint, so she probably reported to you when I used the ECM. Koyomi, your AI creation is really outstanding.”

 ”I actually designed her to be that way. The fact that Mikoto reported to Claire on her own before I, her master, did, seems like Mikoto is growing well as a person.”

 Beryl, Sabato Koyomi!? Were you also an executive of the Holy Aqua Religion!?

 And then there’s Mikoto-chan, that maid girl, right?

 No, I’m starting to lose track of what’s going on in my head.

 ”It seems like this is the tipping point. I might seriously anger her if I push any further. Hey.”

 Mary-sama looks towards Kythera-san.

 Then, a familiar girl in a school uniform appears from behind her.


 It’s dangerous, so I tried to shout for her to run away.

 ”What on earth is going on?”

 Figures start appearing around Kukuri-chan in response.

 While everyone thought the Sumeragi family’s Garden Guard, TOKYO SWEEPER, was just a joke, the Garden Guard actually exists and has been operating in this country secretly for a long time. Well, they’re not wearing leotards though.

 Although Kukuri-chan quit being a noble and disbanded the Sumeragi faction, she still holds onto her family’s business (Zaibatsu) and keeps the organization like the Garden Guard under her control.

 Among them, I spotted some familiar faces.

 Agnese Taylor Czessic…

 The girl with jagged teeth as her distinctive feature is a member of the Holy Aqua Religion, one of the Twelve Bishops.

 And those two next to her, judging by their characteristics, are probably the Twelve Bishops’ perfumer and holy farmer. Why are they working together with the Garden Guard?

 ”It’s because they are neutral.”


 Since I just referred to Rin-chan and the others as the Saint faction, does that mean they belong to a different faction?

 No, more importantly, the fact that they are acting together with the Garden Guard means…

 ”…I didn’t want Agewa-oneechan to know, but yes. I am Sumeragi Kukuri, one of the Twelve Bishops of the Holy Aqua Religion.”

 Haha… The top two in Stars and Japan are part of the Holy Aqua Religion…

 I wanted to look away from reality due to the shock.

 At the same time, I feel fear towards the charisma of the saint who gathers and leads them, no, towards her ability to execute plans.

 It’s a big difference from Emily-chan, whose plans made just an hour ago somehow fall apart.

 ”I can guess without asking, but why involve Agewa-oneechan?”

 ”Of course, it’s to have her run in the election for our party. Before the summit, we need to have a backup plan in case something happens to Chiyoko-chan. There are a few candidates, but besides Agewa-chan, there’s no one else we can trust to take over from Chiyoko-chan immediately.”

 After Prime Minister Habu?

 Could it be that Prime Minister Habu is suffering from a serious illness… No, if any pathogen were to try to corrode her body, the pathogen itself would likely give up and leave on its own. So, that can’t be the reason.

 Before the Hiroshima Summit, the words sensei mentioned about an impending crisis. Could it be that other countries are interfering with Japan?

 ”And if I don’t take action, were you planning to keep her like Chiyoko-chan in a birdcage forever? Just like what the Kokucho family did to Agewa-chan.”

 ”That is…”

 I subtly raise my eyebrows.

 ”Sensei… isn’t that a bit unfair?”

 ”I’m sorry. But I’m the type who wants to do 100% of what I can to be prepared. Even if it means using your feelings.”

 Sensei instructs her subordinates to step back, then walks away from me towards Kukuri-chan.

 ”I’m sorry. What I just said was really over the top. I apologize.”

 Sensei sincerely bows to Kukuri-chan.

 In this day and age, it’s unthinkable for the Queen of Stars to bow to the Sumeragi family in Japan.

 ”But… the other party won’t wait for that. In the upcoming summit, Japan will definitely be in a difficult situation because of Aqua-sama. The current Stars have less influence worldwide, and depending on the situation, they may not prioritize Japan as an ally. Got it? In the end, we can only protect our own country ourselves.”

 These words from sensei, who has taken command at the forefront for the sake of her own country, carried weight.

 Sensei must have gathered information about the current situation of the Stars. Based on that, she must has concluded that the current Stars wouldn’t be much help on the international stage.

 For example, even if Japan were to be attacked, unfortunately, the peace treaty wouldn’t protect this country.

 Everyone knows that. What’s important is the balance of the world.

 But, that balance is being disrupted by the appearance of Aqua-sama. No, in reality, Stars have already fallen once, and the power structure of the world has definitely changed. Even if Aqua-sama doesn’t trigger the collapse of Stars, personally, I think it was only a matter of time.

 If it turns out that Aqua-sama’s children are more likely to be boys, then without a doubt, the world will fiercely compete to claim Aqua-sama.

 ”…I understand. I know. This is my ego.”

 ”That’s right. I also wanted Agewa-chan to be happy. But, rather than not knowing anything, I want Agewa-chan to choose for herself after knowing. Just like I did… right?”

 Sensei embraces Kukuri-chan and gently strokes her head.

 Good. I heard that the two of them are close friends who play games together even in private, so I was worried about what would happen if they became distant because of me, but it seems okay from what I see.

 ”So, I’ll quietly head home for today. Sorry for intruding. Agewa-chan, if you’re even a little interested, you can talk to me, or talk to someone else here. Oh, but it’s probably quickest to talk to the radical me, or the neutral Kukuri-chan, or the saint’s faction Claire-san. Well, there’s also the only moderate saint here, but she seemed busy with something about rabbits, so it’s probably best not to rely on her.”

 Huh? The saint is a moderate, not from the saint faction?

 And there’s only the saint in the moderate faction of the Holy Aqua Religion… that’s a lie, right?

 What’s up with all this talk about rabbits? I’m sure it’s some kind of important secret code. Maybe it’s about Sabato Koyomi-san, the creator of the high-performance server called ‘Rabbit’? Are they planning a large-scale server attack using high-performance servers? We need to be careful about this.

 ”Oh? What’s everyone doing?”

 Oh, it’s Aqua-sama! And Emily-chan too!

 ”Could it be that everyone is welcoming me because I’ve been working hard at my part-time job? Hehe… Oh! Is that bag from the butcher’s shop!? Could it be meat today!?”

 ”Wow! Meat, meat! I can’t wait for Agewa-san’s homemade dishes! Come on, everyone, stop lazing around here and let’s go! Haa-chan and Fee-chan must be hungry and waiting.”

 ”Yeah yeah! Meat, meat!”

 Emily and Aqua were smiling at each other.

 I wanted to protect their innocent smiles.

 That’s why I knew I didn’t belong here.



 Standing next to Kukuri, I made up my mind as I watched Emily-chan and Aqua-sama’s smiles ahead of us.

 ”Tell me about what happened earlier.”

 ”…Is it okay?”

 I nodded silently in response to Kukuri’s words.

 ”Alright. Agewa-oneechan can be stubborn in situations like this.”

 ”Hehe. I’m sorry even though you were trying to protect me.”

 I pulled Kukuri-chan close and gently patted her head.

 ”Hey, hurry up, you two!”

 ”Emily-oneechan, wait!”

 Kukuri-chan moved away from me and followed Emily-chan with a smile.

 Aqua-sama stood in front of me and reached out her hand to me, just like she did back then.

 ”Come on, Agewa-san too. Let’s go.”


 I took Aqua-sama’s hand.

 And I felt the desire to protect this person.

 ”Come on, Rin-chan and Claire-san too.”



 It was truly a peaceful time.

 I wanted to stay here forever.

 But we can’t leave the rapidly growing and dangerous Holy Aqua Religion unchecked.

 And it’s not good to leave the balance in the hands of just one neutral party like Kukuri-chan.

 Above all, as a politician, I want to protect this country and its people… children like Aqua-sama and Emily-chan from the threats of the world.

 And so, I have officially decided to run as a representative from the Saint’s Party.

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