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Volume 13 Chapter 55 Shirogane Aqua, Dinner Party

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 ”How, how’s that? Isn’t it strange?”

 Kanon, wearing a simple maternity dress, glances at me.

 Beautiful. I apologize for my lack of vocabulary, but that word immediately came to mind.

 ”It’s okay, you’re always beautiful, Kanon.”


 Hey, Emily!? That’s normally my line!!

 Ignoring me, both Emily and Kanon flirt in front of me, their husband and lover.

 The two close friends are even wearing matching dresses. To be precise, the dresses are like mirrored asymmetrical designs, making them look like real sisters when standing together.

 As a guy caught in the middle of yuri relationships, I can’t just stand by.

 Naturally, I swiftly intervene between the two like a ninja.

 ”Emily, that dress suits you well too. Kanon, you look really beautiful. Well, you both always look beautiful anyway!!”



 The two of them leaned their heads on my shoulders with dreamy expressions.

 Holding flowers in both hands must be a sign of something special.

 The only downside is that today, only Kanon will be escorting me.

 ”Emily-chan, please take care of the escort today.”

 ”Grandma Mary, leave it to me! Just think of it as being on a mud boat.”

 ”Hehe, Emily-chan, you’re really funny. A luxurious cruise ship might sink, but a mud boat made by Japan might be safer.”

 Both Kanon and I are left scratching our heads at the typical Stars-like black humor.

 Just like the UK in my past life, why do people over there like black humor so much?

 ”Daddy! Please look at our dressed-up appearance.”

 ”…Does it suit us?”

 Haa-chan and Fi-chan are wearing matching dresses, nice!

 Moreover, Haa-chan’s black dress exudes sexiness and a bewitching charm, while Fi-chan’s white dress gives off a pure and dazzling aura.

 ”You both look really good in them.”

 ”Yay, ~nano!”

 ”…Thank you.”

 I gently put my arms around their waists instead of patting their heads, so as not to mess up their hair sets.

 In the process, I discreetly check if they have grown bigger as their dad.

 Both of them have big sisters, so even though they are flat now, there’s potential for growth in the future.

 ”Oh, Aqua-kun, how does my dress look?”

 ”Come on, take a look at this big sister’s dress too.”

 Mommy Mikuni standing next to Emily could easily pass as sisters.

 Sometimes I wonder if Mommy Mikuni is really the same species as me. If Kanon is an elf, I think this person might be a high elf, as she looks young and beautiful.

 Reira-san is like a Hollywood actress. She has long legs and a great figure that really stand out. I like how she combines beauty with coolness.

 ”Both of you are really nice. If I stood next to you, I’d just be a sidekick.”

 ”To call Aqua-kun a sidekick, that’s…”

 ”Haha, that’s great. Being able to turn Aqua-kun into an accessory is a woman’s privilege.”

 After chatting a bit with the two, I head over to Kukuri-chan.

 ”Kukuri-chan, you look great in that kimono.”

 ”Thank you, Aqua-senpai. This kimono belongs to my mom.”

 Kukuri-chan blushes and smiles shyly. It seems like my words made her really happy.

 ”I never thought Agewa-san would be Kukuri-chan’s escort.”

 ”Haha, me neither.”

 Seeing Agewa-san in a suit also relaxes my expression.

 When I heard that Agewa-san was returning to the political scene, I was surprised, but seeing her face, I thought maybe it was for the best.

 The current Agewa-san seems more refreshed without the worries she had when she was a politician before.

 ”Everyone, it’s time to enter.”


 Kanon and I follow behind Grandmother Mary and Emily, Haa-chan and Fi-chan, Mommy Mikuni and Reira-san, and then Kukuri-chan and Agewa-san.

 Although there are many other people from Japan attending the banquet venue, our five groups were chosen to represent Japan.

 ’Next, the five groups representing Japan will enter the venue.’

 We enter the banquet venue in the order our names are called.

 ”Let’s go.”


 I escort Kanon into the venue, bowing once we enter, and then head towards the designated spot.

 After this, it’s time for the representatives of each country to enter.

 ’From the Republic of Great Stars, we have the representative Audrey Bradley and her escort, Victoria Stars Goshenite, entering specially.’

 In the election of the Great Republic of Stars, Audrey Bradley-san won splendidly.

 The reason she was chosen among almost 100% voter turnout was that many citizens of Stars desired change.

 And I heard that Victoria-sama took on the role of an unauthorized assistant to support the newly appointed Audrey, considering the people and the country. Victoria-sama’s choice also reassured the citizens who were somewhat afraid of change.

 Kanon, who was standing next to me, showed a warm smile upon seeing Victoria-sama’s face.

 That’s good. I thought the udon was a bit too much, but if Kanon is happy in the end, then it’s all good.

 ’From the Arabian Peninsula Federation, Her Majesty Queen Shams and Special Advisor Manaat, along with Sheila Lynx, the representative of the National Council, will be entering.’

 Shams-san enters without an escort, accompanied by Manaat-san, who is also a board member of Beryl, and Sheila Lynx-san, the representative of the National Council.

 Although the Arabian Peninsula Federation is a monarchy, there is also the National Council beneath it. Since there are various tribes in the Arabian Peninsula Federation, representing them must be quite challenging… I thought to myself.

 Seeing the cool figure of Shams-san, Fi-chan also stands proudly.

 Fi-chan seems to meet Manaat-san quite frequently when she visits Japan, but it’s been almost half a year since she last met Shams-san.

 So, I directly asked Prime Minister Habu if it would be possible to create some family time, even if just for a short while. It seems like Rihito-san, who adjusted the schedule because of my request, had a tough time. I’m really sorry…

 ’From the Far East Federation, Representative Olenya Angel, Her Imperial Empress Su Shenliu entering.’

 The venue is buzzing with excitement.

 What’s going on, what’s going on!?

 As I’m feeling bewildered, Kanon next to me speaks softly.

 ”Empress Su Shenliu wasn’t supposed to come to the summit, so everyone is surprised that the empress is here and participating. That empress rarely shows up in public, so it’s a big deal.”


 Maybe that person with the blonde hair in a suit is Olenya Angel.

 In that case, the person behind her with a hidden face must be the empress. Because Olenya-san is quite large, the empress appear much smaller.

 ”Empress Su Shenliu was probably still around middle school age. I haven’t met her, but Kukuri-chan might have. Another surprising thing was that the order of name pronunciation was behind Representative Olenya, not the Empress Su Shenliu. It’s hard to believe Prime Minister Habu would do such a thing, so it must have been requested from the other side. Most of all, look at the person behind.”

 I turn my gaze to the young woman who closely follows behind the Empress.

 Huh? While the Empress’s attire seems fitting, she seems to be wearing more luxurious jewelry over there.

 In fact, the Empress Su Shenliu didn’t seem to wear much jewelry and wasn’t dressed up compared to that.

 ”Supposedly, the head maid of the Empress was the eldest daughter of the Liu family, Liu Honghua. With the way she is treated and how she stands out more than the Empress, it seems like the rumors about the Far East Federation trying to manipulate the Empress are true. The Empress’ mother is said to be from Uyghur, and during the political upheaval in her childhood, the Empress spent time in Taiwan to avoid conflicts, which is why the Empress is considered to have little support in her position.”

 Kanon… you really are talented after all.

 I tend to forget because you’re usually so carefree. Thanks for reminding me regularly of your excellence.

 ’Next, we have the joint representatives from the Southern States Community, Gabriela Oliveira and Martina Rodriguez entering.’

 The Southern States have two representatives, which is a bit different from other regions.

 Some areas have economic disparities, and the northern regions bordering the States reportedly have poor security.

 This region has deep ties with Japan because many Japanese people live here.

 ’Next, we have Janet Sott representing the African Union, Kirika Sanon representing the Southeast Asian Community, and Maia Campbell representing the Union of Oceanic Nations entering.’


 Following the three, Renata-san, who serves as an advisor for the African Union and the Southeast Asian Community, enters.

 I heard that Renata-san, who owns trading and shipping companies, is treated as an honorary citizen for her significant contributions in these two regions.

 Today, with Renata-san coming, Mother, Lapis, Shitori-oneechan, and Lazuli are waiting at the hotel arranged by Beryl. Mommy Mikuni is also there, so I hope we can somehow make time for a meal with the entire Shirogane family.

 ’At last, from the United Stars of States, here comes the entrance of President Henrietta F. Rosenberg of the U.S.S. and Jay H. Barnes, a special envoy diplomat serving as the escort.’

 Barnes, the special envoy diplomat serving as the escort for President Rosenberg of the States, turned out to be a man.

 Truly befitting of the renowned States. He looked cool, like a Hollywood actor I saw in my previous world.

 His strawberry blonde hair and black suit suited him well.

 Moreover, not only the President but also the other members had male escorts accompanying him.

 So this is the States. I can see the difference in national power just from their entrance.

 ”Um, today…”

 The dinner party began shortly after Prime Minister Habu’s brief introduction.

 I went around greeting various people with Kanon.

 ”Victoria-sama, long time no see.”

 ”It’s been a while. You haven’t made my little sister cry, have you?”

 I was taken aback by Victoria-sama’s preemptive strike.

 ”I’ll try not to make her cry…”

 ”Mm, that’s fine. Kanon, if you cry because of this guy, tell me right away.”

 ”Hehe, thank you, big sister.”

 It seems there’s no longer any tension between the two. They must have really bonded in Japan.

 I knew it was a good decision to send Victoria-sama to Japan back then. It’s best for them to talk directly without any barriers.

 ”Aqua-sama, thank you for your help back then.”

 ”No, no, it was my pleasure…”

 I bow deeply to Audrey-san.

 After changing the national flag and anthem into udon, I feel incredibly sorry towards this person.

 ”Um… it’s okay to change the national flag and anthem separately. You can change them back to the original, Audrey-san”

 ”Oh? But the children who will carry on from now really like that national flag and anthem. I think it’s great.”

 Haha… I force a smile.

 Could it be that this is also just a joke from Stars, and not some kind of harassment to talk about what I did for generations to come?

 ”Audrey-san, I can’t really say this… but please take care of Stars.”

 ”Yes. The Stars royal family has always protected this country, and I will definitely lead it in a positive direction.”

 Kanon firmly shakes hands with Audrey-san.

 Since it’s not good to keep a pregnant woman standing for too long, I leave Kanon with someone to rest and heads to Renata-san alone.


 ”Hey, Aqua-kun, is my daughter causing any trouble? By the way, I got a call saying she had fun at her first girls’ night out. Kohi… no, Koguma… no, it was Kotori, Kogitsune? Hmm, Japanese is difficult. Please thank the organizer, Kohinata, for me.”

 ”Got it. I’m sure my Kohinata-senpai will be happy to hear that.”

 Hmm, close but not quite. However, since Kohina and Kohinata look quite similar, let’s just leave it at that for now.

 While Renata-san and I were chatting, Mommy Mikuni showed up.

 ”Renata, long time no see.”

 ”Oh, you too, I hope you’ve been well.”

 Come to think of it, aren’t these two and Mother (Marin) all classmates?

 I heard they were a close trio back in school.

 ”By the way, when are you divorcing Marin?”

 ”I have no plans for that.”

 Oh! There seems to be some tension between the two.

 Huh, that’s different from what I heard from Mother.

 ”I refrained from taking advantage of your weakness out of pity, but if you had come back a little later, I would have taken Marin for myself.”

 ”…I appreciate that. Thank you, Renata, for watching over Marin-chan from the shadows even when I was away.”

 The two exchange expressions, then lightly toast with the glasses they were holding.

 Phew… I thought for a moment things might go south, but thankfully it’s all good.

 ”But, I still think Marin suits me better.”

 ”Oh, really? Let’s talk more about that.”

 Yikes! Feeling a sense of danger, I quietly move away to avoid getting involved.

 If I had stayed there, I might have been asked which mom I prefer.


 I see Emily and Kaede enjoying their meal.

 Kaede… I realize she’s turning this into a food review instead of the interview I need to do! I’ll get an earful from Onidzuka-san later!!

 Ignoring the two, I approach a woman.

 ”Long time no see, Your Majesty Shams.”

 ”Shirogane-dono, it’s been a while. My Finus has been in your care. How’s she doing? Has she caused any trouble over there?”

 I smile at Your Majesty Shams.

 ”Oh no, not at all. Princess Finus is much more responsible than I am.”

 ”Ah! I see! That’s good. Hey, feeling a bit tipsy. How about we go to the garden over there and enjoy the night breeze?”


 I went out to the quiet garden with Your Majesty Shams.

 I quickly understood that Your Majesty Shams. brought me here because she wanted to have a more casual conversation.

 ”Phew. It should be fine to relax our speech a bit here. Is Fi really okay?”

 ”Yes, having Haa-chan close in age was good, and now, living with Kukuri-chan, Emily-san, and Agewa-san as guardians, I think she’ll be fine.”

 Shams-san’s expression changed from that of a queen to just a sister.

 ”Also, thank you for making time for us three sisters this time. I can’t bow my head here, but I deeply appreciate it.”

 ”No, I just did what was natural. It’s important to cherish family time. Sorry for saying this myself.”


 Me and Shams-san are looking at the direction where each of our families are.

 ”At this summit, maybe… no, you will definitely be brought up as a topic.”


 As I tried to turn my face towards Shams-san, I was told, “Keep your face as it is.”

 Shams-san smiled and waved to Fi-chan, who made eye contact through the glass window.

 ”You haven’t publicly disclosed the gender of your own child, but if it’s the leader of a major country, they would subtly notice.”

 Shams-san’ words made my heart skip a beat.

 It’s still not publicly announced that Kanon is pregnant with a boy and a girl.

 Of course, few people know, and it doesn’t seem likely that those who know the truth would spill the beans, but it’s probably because the information is so tightly guarded that such assumptions are being made.

 ”As an individual, I’m on your side, but as a queen, I can’t betray the expectations of the National Council. Stars may emotionally support you, but States is trying to weaken its influence by treating the Republic of Great Stars as an emerging country. The Far East Federation seems suspicious, and even though your family serves as their advisors, the African Community and the Southeast Asian Community prioritize their interests. If there are benefits in siding with States or the Far East Federation, they will likely support them.”

 I see, it seems like I can’t stay out of this summit this time.

 However, it seems difficult for me as an individual to do anything about the country’s policies, so I want to rely on Prime Minister Habu’s efforts.

 While it may be relying on others, there are things that I alone can’t do anything about.

 ”Well, that’s the situation. It may not be a problem that you can personally solve, but it’s better to know something rather than nothing. Even if I’m not worried, Mrs. Habu will surely handle it somehow.”

 ”I also hope for that.”

 At the end of our conversation, Shams-san and I exchanged smiles.

 Just then, Fi-chan approached us. I excused myself to give them some time alone.

 Afterwards, I made an effort to connect with various people to maintain friendly relationships, all to protect myself and my family.

 Despite being on guard after hearing about Shams-sama, there were no signs of contact from representatives of the States or the Far East Union. Hopefully, it’s just needless worry.


 For a brief moment, I locked eyes with a man from the States. Wasn’t he Special Envoy Barnes?

 His face seemed familiar from somewhere, but I couldn’t quite place it.

 He chuckled at my nod and casually averted his gaze as if nothing had happened.

 Well, maybe it’s just my imagination; let’s leave it at that.

 ”Sigh… I’m tired.”

 The banquet is almost over, so hang in there.

 I gathered my resolve in the restroom and headed back to the venue where the banquet was being held.

 While on the way, I met a woman.

 I think she was…

 ”Your Imperial Empress Su Shenliu?”


 Oops, I accidentally said her name out loud. Was that rude of me?

 Anyway, since I already called out to her, I gave a polite nod with a smile.

 ”What are you doing here?”

 ”…I’m waiting for the return of the head maid, Honghua.”

 Ah, the person with those luxurious jewels.

 I remember she is chatting casually at a dinner party.

 She even talked to me and Kanon as if she were the Empress herself.

 ”I saw her at the venue.”

 ”…Is that so? Thank you.”

 Your Imperial Empress Su Shenliu lightly bowed her head to me. Is it okay for the Empress to bow so casually?

 ”Well then…”

 Her Imperial Empress Su Shenliu stood up from her chair and headed back to the dinner party venue alone.

 No, no, it’s not good for Empress to return to the venue alone without an escort or a maid!

 Ah! Well, let it be! It’s useless for me to think about it anyway, so I’ll leave it to someone else!!

 I stop worrying about the details and speak to Her Imperial Empress again.

 ”If you don’t mind, could you let me be your escort?”

 ”Uh… but…”

 Her Imperial Empress seems hesitant about whether to take my hand or not.

 Perhaps she is hesitating to take my hand after considering her and my positions.

 In other words, she is not just a figurehead who knows nothing.

 However, such convenience is irrelevant to me.

 I am Shirogane Aqua, a man who would pick a fight with the world rather than make one girl sad.

 ”It doesn’t seem appropriate for you to return to the venue alone given your position. If you like, please make use of me.”

 ”Thank you for everything. I’m grateful to you, a kind-hearted person, and to Japan.”

 Even though her face was hidden, I could tell she was a kind girl from her voice and words.

 When I took the hand of Her Imperial Empress and returned to the venue, the atmosphere in the room stirred slightly.

 I reassured Her Imperial Empress next to me, saying, “Don’t worry about it.”

 I then led her to Kukuri-chan, thinking that since Kanon mentioned they might know each other, it shouldn’t be a problem if I pretend Kukuri-chan asked me to do so.

 Of course, perceptive Kukuri-chan quickly understood what I wanted to do and responded accordingly.

 With the immediate support of Prime Minister Habu and Grandmother Mary who rushed over, my actions didn’t cause much trouble.

 ”It’s over.”

 In the waiting room, I let out a sigh of relief for a moment.

 We were able to successfully conclude the dinner party, but I started to worry a bit about this summit when I remembered the possibility of my topic being brought up.

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