Male Idol V13c56

Volume 13 Chapter 56 Shirogane Aqua, Hiroshima Concert

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 This world is similar to the world I knew, but not exactly the same.

 For example, the place where the dome for this concert is located was a Peace Park in the world I knew.

 However, in this world’s Japan, the atomic bomb was not dropped, so there are no museums or memorials here.

 When I heard about it in textbooks, it felt vague, but coming to Hiroshima and seeing the faces of the people living here makes me think about many things.

 Just seeing everyone living in peace, and realizing that there are no people suffering from the atomic bomb, makes my heart feel a little calmer. I hope that such atomic bombs will never be used again.

 ”Everyone! Thank you for coming to the concert today!!”

 With sweat dripping down, Toa waves to the audience.

 It seems like he was struggling recently, but he seems to have overcome it now.

 ”Come on, more and more! Until your voices go hoarse!!”

 As Toa circled around the stage that had become a pathway set up among the audience seats, he hyped up everyone.

 At first, when Ako-san suggested a live tour with four people, there were some worries, but as expected, Shintaro and Tenga-senpai have been improving with each live performance.

 At this rate, after completing the nationwide tour, both as an individual and as BERYL, significant growth should be possible.

 I can’t afford to lose either.

 ”Sigh… today’s live was so much fun, but it’s already over.”

 Toa let out a sigh with a sad expression.

 ”Don’t let it end!”

 ”We can keep going forever!”

 ”Toa-chan, don’t be sad!”

 ”Encore! Encore!”

 It’s a bit early for an encore.

 At least wait until we finish the last song.

 ”Tomorrow is already the last day. What should we do, everyone?”

 Toa, who had returned to the center of the stage, pointed the microphone towards us.

 ”I feel like having Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki again.”

 ”That, you were eating it just now, right?”

 Laughter from fans could be heard in the audience seats.

 ”Well, because it’s really delicious.”

 ”I thought the same when I went to Osaka, Aqua really likes flour-based foods, right?”


 By the way, the other day, I was talking with my family about opening an okonomiyaki or takoyaki shop with Emily if an idol got fired due to a scandal.

 I can’t remember how that conversation started, but Kohina-senpai warned me, Emily, and Kaede that we should be careful about scandals.

 ”Oh, speaking of going to eat okonomiyaki, Tenga-senpai and Shintaro were there… Pupupu”

 ”Oh, that’s right. Shintaro’s glasses were too foggy, and when he tried to eat, he almost burned his lips because of misjudging the distance, and when Tenga-senpai sprinkled seaweed, the lid came off and it turned into a big mess.”

 From the audience seats, voices expressing concern for Shintaro’s burn could be heard.

 Luckily, it was just a minor burn, and the lip burn healed quickly, so he was fine.

 We even shared the nori that fell down with the manager and staff who were with the group, and we all ate Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki together, which turned out to be a good memory.

 ”Oh, by the way, did Tenga-senpai end up going to Onomichi for ramen after the first day’s live performance?”

 ”No, unfortunately, we ran out of time and had to give up on that. Instead, we had ramen in the city, and it was delicious!!”

 I see. Ramen isn’t bad either.

 Live performances burn a lot of calories, so a rich-flavored ramen sounds delicious.

 ”To be honest, isn’t a three-day live performance too short?”

 Voices from the audience could also be heard saying, “It’s short!” “Stay longer!”

 ”In that case, when we graduate from high school, will we have longer spans for performances? Three days isn’t enough to go to all the places we want to visit.”

 ”Yeah, I think it’s okay, but that means the staff members have to stay for a long time… So, after the live show ends, it’s cool to disband on-site and each go play privately before heading home.”

 There might be security issues, but well, we’ll figure that out. This time, except for Ai, all my wives are here, and even my families are together, but unfortunately, there was hardly any free time. If I had more free time, I wish I could have brought Ai and gone sightseeing together.

 Whether it’s in Hokkaido, Fukushima, or Mie, I feel a bit disappointed about that.

 After all, since we came all this way, I want to do a bit more sightseeing before heading back.

 ”However, we have school, so it can’t be helped.”

 ”Someone is on suspension and hasn’t met the attendance requirements, right?”

 At that retort, even the fans in the audience let out laughter.

 It can’t be helped. That’s just how life goes.

 ”If you were to stay in Hiroshima after this, for example, if we had about a week off after the live, what would everyone do?”

 Oh! It’s rare for Shintaro to ask everyone a question.

 Shintaro rarely brings up topics when talking at BERYL’s live events. Is this the first time? I’m touched by Shintaro’s growth.

 ”I want to go there. Shimanami Kaido.”

 ”Oh, isn’t that a good idea? Isn’t that the place where bicycles can pass through?”

 ”How about we all ride bikes and go to Ehime Prefecture? Isn’t a four-seater bike a good idea?”

 ”…Am I the only one with a bad feeling about this?”

 Shintaro shows a worried expression about his glasses.

 Indeed, with the way things have been going, those glasses might get carried away and end up flying off into the sea as debris.

 ”Oh, in that case, can’t we also go to Onomichi? It’s close to Shimanami Kaido, right?”

 I throw a question to the fans.

 And everyone responds with “That’s close!”

 ”So, after the live show, how about the four of us sneak off to Onomichi, eat ramen, then ride our bikes all the way to Ehime?”

 ”Then we could eat some mandarins in Ehime, take a ferry from Uwajima and land in Kyushu?”

 ”Yeah, not a bad idea. Let’s make a round trip to Fukuoka from there, eat fugu in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and head back.”

 ”Am I the only one feeling like we might not be able to come back for not just a week, but maybe a month?”

 Shintaro is right.

 We might even make some detours on the way back, so we might end up welcoming the new year on the road.

 ”What about money, accommodation, transportation, and food expenses?”

 ”How about doing some street performances for tips? Actually, I was thinking of secretly doing street performances without telling Beryl.”

 At that moment, Toa shows a face that says, “Here we go again with Aqua saying something outrageous.”

 ”Hey Ako-san! Hey Kotono-oneechan! There’s someone here trying to cause trouble again!”

 ”No, just kidding. Well, not really kidding, but don’t worry, I’ve already told two of them about it.”

 I’ve been keeping it a secret from everyone that street performances are just my personal live activities, not as BERYL.

 Personally, I’ve always wanted to try a street performance at least once.

 I hate to brag, but I’m pretty confident in my ability to handle both talking and singing on my own.

 Even famous singers sometimes do street performances, and the unique connection with fans in that setting is something special. I discussed seriously with Ako-san and Kotono about wanting to do it.

 ”Hmm, so that’s how Aqua is going to abandon us. Was everything with us just a game?”

 ”Wait a minute, that phrasing doesn’t sound good!”

 I can hear the fans almost screaming in response.

 ”Aqua-kun, don’t abandon everyone!”

 ”Aqua-sama, if you want to play, choose me!!”

 I show a gesture as if holding back with both hands to all the fans. Everyone, please calm down.

 Thinking it’s necessary to follow up on this, I take the microphone and address the fans in a gentle tone.

 ”I’m not saying we’re quitting BERYL, so please relax. But, not just in today’s live performance, Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai are working really hard, and as a member of BERYL, I just want to improve my skills and work harder. That’s all. So, please rest assured.”

 The fans applaud in response to my words.

 Sensing the right timing, I signal Toa, Shintaro, and Tenga-senpai with my eyes.

 ”Or do you all not believe what I’m saying?”

 Voices from the fans respond, “No, not at all,” “We’ve always believed in you.”

 During that time, the three of them head to where each of their instruments is placed. The final song is in a band format.

 ”Thank you, everyone. As a thank you for believing in my words, I will perform the new song scheduled to be released tomorrow!”

 Cheers from all the fans return to me in response to my words.

 Waiting for a moment of quiet in the cheers, I start singing along with the intro.

 ’Even if my heart breaks, I will stand up. Overcoming all pain and sadness.’

 Tomorrow marks the debut of Mask de Driver’s new song, ‘Heaven’s Sword.’

 The lyrics of this song were not only written by the four of us but also with the collaboration of Director Hongou, who knows the work inside out.

 ’I learned to love people. Filling the loneliness. The most important thing lies deep in the heart. Determination fills my blurred vision.’

 We connect our voices in a relay-like manner as the four of us continue singing.

 Tachibana is sad after losing Tsukiko. Kamishiro is feeling lonely again to not cause trouble for the Minami family he’s staying with. Night Shadow Misa is now acting alone after leaving SYUKUJYO. Kagami steps up as the new commander of SYUKUJYO in place of Commander Tajima, trying to keep everyone together. Kenzaki fights against Chijou while being consumed by the power of darkness in place of Tachibana-san.

 These lyrics express the true feelings of everyone.

 ’Even if tomorrow is filled with despair, as long as you are in my heart. We vow to the world. We will carve out the future.’

 Shintaro and Tenga-senpai will sing the first half, and the rest will be sung by me and the others.

 After that, it’s our turn to sing together as a group of four.

 ’Be strong in your heart and lift your head up. Acknowledge your weaknesses and immaturity. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, but I feel like I can go anywhere with you in the end. Aim for the single ray of light to seize the future.’

 Beyond the despair of the 2nd ROUND, there is a hint of the future.

 The latter half of the Heaven’s Sword 2nd ROUND was filled with anxious people, unlike the first half.

 ’As long as we are here, the sun will rise again, even if the world is covered in darkness. There is always a way out in any situation, as you taught me.’

 Tenga-senpai’s guitar performance is soothing.

 Haruka-san, are you watching? Your husband is so cool.

 I get the fans excited, encourage them, and ask for applause.

 ’We can do it together. I always feel your support on my back. Thank you until the end. Leave the rest to me.’

 It’s my solo part again in the end.

 I gather strength from everyone in BERYL and the fans.

 ’My heart, gently moving towards you. Overcoming difficulties, despair, everything. I want to reach out to you, who is alone and sinking in loneliness.’

 The determination of Kenzaki hidden in the last lyrics.

 I knew the script of the final episode, so these lyrics really resonated with me.

 Kenzaki is truly a hero to everyone.

 I felt like I need to work hard not to lose to Kenzaki.

 [Mask de Driver Heaven’s Sword FINAL ROUND begins!]

 The fans cheered as the large text appeared on the monitor at the end.

 ”Tomorrow morning, this song will be released in a few hours from now. Please check it out if you’d like.”

 The fans responded with even louder cheers to my words.

 ”Everyone, thank you so much today! Huh? Ending the closing remarks early? Actually, we’re running quite close on time because we rented the venue.”

 It’s the truth, so behind the scenes, the staff members are moving around in a hurry.

 However, we can’t let the fans go home just yet.

 ”So, everyone. Let’s keep the excitement going with an encore!”

 The fans, who had thought it was all over, suddenly erupted into cheers that sounded almost like screams.

 ”For the finale, we’ll have the Heaven’s Sword medley! But make sure to come see us tomorrow for sure!!”

 Of course, the Heaven’s Sword medley was a huge hit.

 We somehow managed to finish just in time, thanks to the staff who pushed it to the limit.

 And so, the second day of the Hiroshima concert ended successfully.

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