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Volume 13 Chapter 57 Yukishiro Mikuni, Heaven’s Sword As I See It

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Ah, last night was so much fun…

 I remember the gathering of the Shirogane family from last night.

 It was great to catch up with Aqua-kun after a long time and spending time with everyone was really enjoyable.

 I wish I could have talked more with Aqua-kun.

 It’s a bit daunting to leave Japan for work and go abroad.

 But Aqua-kun said I looked cool acting, and I respect him, so I have to work hard for Aqua-kun! I don’t have any other strengths, so the only thing I can be proud of in front of Aqua-kun is that.

 ”Oh, everyone~. Heaven’s Sword is about to start soon!!”

 Oh, today is Sunday, right?

 Everyone gathers in front of the TV with Marin-chan’s lively voice.

 [Mask de Driver Heaven’s Sword 2nd ROUND Recap!]

 Today is a recap episode…

 Originally, it was supposed to be a day off before transitioning to the FINAL ROUND, but due to fans requesting a rerun of Heaven’s Sword, a recap of the 2nd ROUND was suddenly broadcast.

 ’Tsukiko… you’

 The first scene shows Tachibana Zanki played by Mayuzumi-kun and Tachibana Tsukiko, also known as Tora-uma, played by Awashima-san, in the pouring rain.

 Tsukiko, who has remembered all her memories, including when she was human before becoming Tora-uma, struggles with the fact that she is Tora-uma and that she, a high-ranking member of Chijou, is by Tachibana’s side.

 In the midst of this, Chijou attacks the parent and child who run the Minami Coffee Shop, where Kamishiro is being taken care of.

 Tsukiko, noticing Chijou’s actions, transforms into Tora-uma to save the Minami family.

 However, at that moment, when Tachibana came to help, Tsukiko was seen as Tora-uma.

 So, what did Tsukiko do?

 ’If I’ve been found out, there’s no helping it. I am Tora-uma. Tachibana Zanki…no, Lightning Hopper!’

 Tachibana clutched his chest, showing a pained expression.

 From his acting, I could clearly sense the sorrow, and I thought he had grown a lot from being a bad actor at first.

 ’Have you been lying all this time!?’

 ’Yes. To exploit the darkness in your heart, to use your trauma against you!’

 It was all a sad lie.

 To atone for her own sins, and to be hated by Tachibana, Tsukiko even sealed away the feelings that had sprouted within her and attacked Tachibana.

 ’Hen… shin!’

 As Lightning Hopper, Tachibana struggled but managed to defeat Tora-uma alone.

 The Tora-uma, who kept running away and running away, finally faced her own sins without running away at the very end and accepted her punishment.

 [You’ve become stronger…]

 Tsukiko’s emotions leaked out at the very end, even though she didn’t mean to voice them out loud.

 Due to the nature of Lightning Hopper, who transformed into Hyper Form after a fierce battle, Tachibana was able to sense Tsukiko’s thoughts.

 ’Tsukiko… Tsukiko!!’

 Having understood everything, Tachibana held Tsukiko’s lifeless body in his arms and called out her name repeatedly.

 In the main story, there is an ED after this. It was quite chaotic, showing something from Sunday, I remember.

 In the end, the official account quickly posted behind-the-scenes photos of Awashima-san and Mayuzumi-kun, there were reactions from the two, and for some reason, the Prime Minister held a press conference to apologize and things settled down. The next day, the Prime Minister also made a mysterious apology for something unrelated, saying sorry for something she wasn’t involved in.

 I remember when Kohina Yukari’s phrase “When in trouble, just ask the Prime Minister to apologize and everything will be fine” was trending.

 ’Onii-chan, are you really leaving?’

 ’Yeah… I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.’

 When the boarding house, Minami Coffee Shop, was attacked by Chijo, the owner Haruka injured her hand and couldn’t open the shop anymore.

 Feeling responsible for this, Kamishiro Hajime, played by Tenga Akira-kun, disappears from the two.

 ’It’s because of me again…!’

 The downfall of the Kamishiro family was caused by Kamishiro being targeted by Chijo when he was young.

 Haunted by this trauma, Kamishiro associates the injured Haruka and his family with his own, becoming afraid to be around not only the two from the Minami family but also everyone, including Kenzaki.

 In the past, Kamishiro was often portrayed in a funny way during his part-time job scenes, but in the 2nd ROUND, his character’s darker side is highlighted.

 Even after parting ways with Kenzaki and the others, Kamishiro continues to care about everyone, supporting them from the shadows without showing his face. Many women were moved to tears on social media by his devoted actions.

 It was said that he awakened to his Hyper Form to protect everyone, a reason that seemed typical of Tenga-senpai and made many women cry.

 ’Night Shadow Misa, right?’


 Night Shadow Misa, played by Kobayakawa Yuki, is on guard as she is surrounded by women in suits.

 ’We are members of OJYO, a new government organization.’


 ’As you know, SYUKUJYO suffered significant damage in the previous attack and is currently being reorganized. Instead of restructuring SYUKUJYO, the government decided to establish a new organization, OJYO, above SYUKUJYO to centralize everything. You have been appointed as the commander there, Night Shadow Misa. This is a summons from the government. You have no right to refuse.’

 Originally, SYUKUJYO was a private organization.

 That’s why the government probably wanted to weaken SYUKUJYO and create a new organization called OJYO.

 ’Fine… understood. But don’t lay a hand on Kagami. That’s the condition.’

 ’Agreed. In any case, we can’t touch him.’

 Night Shadow, wary of the government-led new organization, decided it was safer to move from SYUKUJYO to OJYO rather than leave things unchecked.

 I never thought that Night Shadow, who had just awakened to fighting alongside friends, to be forced to leave SYUKUJYO in such an ironic way. Especially considering Night Shadow’s feelings, it must have been really tough to leave behind her mom at SYUKUJYO. Nevertheless, she left SYUKUJYO for OJYO for everyone’s sake.

 While keeping her distance from Kagami and Kenzaki, she would share information that only she knew when no one was around. It was around this time that the word “Spy Night Shadow” started trending in the rankings.

 I was personally very surprised to see Kobayakawa Yuki-san, who usually plays the role of a muscle-brained character, taking on this position.

 ’As you can see, I won’t be able to return to the scene for a while. So, I’m entrusting you with the representative rights of SYUKUJYO. This is to protect you from being poached by the new government organization OJYO… no, to protect the organization SYUKUJYO as well. Please lend me your strength.’

 ’Commander Tajima… Understood!’

 Kagami Natsuki, played by Nekoyama Toa-kun who took over SYUKUJYO, faced a series of hardships.

 Trying to connect everyone with their own intentions, being stripped of all authority by OJYO, and being stuck in a role that only supports OJYO without any benefit to SYUKUJYO, Kagami, though inexperienced, managed to bring them together.

 Initially unreliable, Kagami eventually became a reliable figure as he led the organization.

 ”Oh, it’s Aqua-chan’s turn!”

 ”Here we go!!”

 ”Renata, don’t stand up. You’re too tall, so everyone can’t see. Look, Lazuli-chan behind you can’t see anything.”

 Seriously, this person always has a childish side.

 While it’s cute that Marin-chan acts childish, since you have kids, try to calm down a bit as a mother.

 Oh! It’s Aqua-kun’s action scene! It’s powerful! Cool!!

 ”Aqua-kun, amazing!”

 ”Hey Mikuni, you’re big too, so don’t get too excited and shake your body, bothering those around you. Lapis next to you is getting squished.”

 Hmm… I apologize to Lapis-chan and then return my gaze to the TV.


 Sister Mi Lane, played by Rividoa Roi’tseveria, approaches Tachibana, who is devastated by Tsukiko’s death.

 At first, Tachibana was sane, but she gradually lost her mind and whispered persistently in his ear in the darkness.

 Who is at fault, what is evil, and what is justice.

 ’My haert is already in taters!’

 When watching this scene live on TV, everyone thought Tachibana had finally gone crazy, but it was later revealed that it just sounded that way because he got too emotional. The actual line was “My heart is already in tatters,” as officially announced.

 ’Now, it’s time to be consumed by the power of darkness and fall into the role of the evil Driver. Tachibana Zanki… no, Dark Rising Hopper!’

 As the Lightning Hopper’s armor slowly turned black, just when everyone was convinced Tachibana had fallen into darkness, our hero rushed in.

 ’I won’t let that happen. Mi Lane!’

 As Kenzaki made a gallant entrance, everyone in the Shirogane family stood up from the sofa.



 ”Here I come, I’ve been waiting for this!!”

 Lazuli-chan, who was caught between me and Renata, gets pushed back by the force.

 Sorry, are you okay?

 ’Ken… zaki…?’

 Kenzaki forcibly strips away the dark power of Mi Lane that was poured into Tachibana.

 ’Tachibana-san. Remember. The fun memories with her…!’

 ’Those fun memories make me suffer!! That’s why…’

 Heaven’s Sword punches Lightning Hopper, forcibly canceling the transformation.

 ’Even so, do you think it’s okay to forget the fun memories with her, even if you are taken away by Chijou!?’

 The scene from here on will go down in history as one of the greatest scenes in Japanese drama… no, in world drama history.

 Kenzaki, now in his human form, grabs Tachibana by the collar.

 ’Then what should I do…!’

 Tachibana hits Kenzaki back.

 In the shocking fight scene between two male actors, Aqua-kun’s outstanding acting skills and the improved acting skills of Mayuzumi-kun, along with their realistic relationship, left a strong impact on many people.

 It was so shocking that the hospital was overflowing with people who fainted.

 ’Isn’t living about thinking about that! Does Tsukiko-san think she’s happy seeing you like this now, Tachibana-san!? Don’t you feel embarrassed showing Tsukiko-san your current pathetic state!? Wake up. Tachibana Zanki!!’

 Kenzaki slaps Tachibana’s cheek to psych himself up.

 Although he didn’t actually hit him, the scene looks so real that it’s really suspenseful and thrilling.

 While these two are fighting, Sister Mi Lane, who tried to attack Kenzaki, is being held back by Kamishiro.

 ’I… I…!’

 Somehow, temporarily, Kenzaki managed to stop Tachibana from falling into darkness.

 However, the lost dark power started heading towards ordinary people.

 ’Where do you think you’re going? I’m the one who will face you!’

 Kenzaki, seizing the dark power, absorbed it all into himself.

 Sister Mi Lane smirked as she watched.


 Here, Kenzaki’s past is finally revealed.

 Kohina Yukari, one of Kenzaki’s two mothers, was a Chijo, and the other was me, the one who gave birth to him.

 ”Hehe, over here, Miku-chan is the mother. It might be amusing to see now.”

 ”Indeed… but if it’s a child like Aqua-kun, I wouldn’t mind going through the pain of childbirth.”

 ”Oh? Then, shall you try giving birth to my child?”

 Marin-chan’s words made me feel a flutter in my heart.

 ”What!? That’s not okay. So, bear my child, Yukishiro Mikuni!”

 ”Renata… Why do I have to have your child? Obviously, I don’t want to.”

 ”I don’t want to either!”

 Then why did you say it…

 I can’t understand what this person is thinking the most.

 ”But, I don’t want you to have Marin-chan’s child! Grrrr!!”

 Honestly… there’s no need to worry. Right now, there are things I want to do more than giving birth to a child.

 First, I have to defeat Kohina Yukari-san. Of course, I have to defeat Reira-chan too.

 After that, I want to co-star with Aqua-kun and make Mommy Mikuni shine! That’s my dream right now!!

 That’s why I’ve distanced myself from Marin-chan and gone to States and Stars.

 ’I beg you, Souji…!’

 As a mother figure, I find and care for the wounded Chijo played by Kohina Yukari while pregnant.

 Kenzaki’s mother was kind to everyone, but that kindness ended up getting her killed by Chijo in the end.

 The one who raised the newborn Kenzaki left behind was Chijo, whom Kenzaki’s mother had helped before, yes, it’s Kohina Yukari-san.

 Kohina Yukari raised Kenzaki to be a fine man, keeping the promise she made with me, and then bid farewell.

 People and Chijo couldn’t live in the same world. Kohina Yukari knew that.

 However, being abandoned by his mother was a trauma for Kenzaki.

 ’Why did mom leave me back then?’

 ’Mom abandoned me.’

 ’Is she really my true mother?’

 ’Am I really on the side of people?’

 ’Am I doing the right thing?’

 ’You’re using the Driver and everyone just because you want to see your mom!’

 As Kenzaki, who absorbed the power of darkness, is attacked by the whispers of demons.

 ’Change form, Dark Mode!’

 The armor of the Heaven’s Sword slowly and ominously transforms.

 However, with a strong heart, Kenzaki accepts all of it and forcefully transforms into Hyper Mode.

 ’Kenzaki Souji, I’ve driven a stake into your heart! Don’t think you can escape from that wedge!!’

 This was the last episode of the 2nd ROUND.

 It contrasts with the exciting last episode of the 1st ROUND where everyone was active and lively.

 ”Aww, now I have to wait another week, ugh!”

 Renata and I gently comfort Marin-chan as she sobs.

 ”Come on, Aqua-kun and Emily-chan’s duet song is coming up, and I’m looking forward to today’s concert.”


 ”Well, I’m hungry, let’s go eat together. Marin-chan, you must be hungry too.”


 Good. Seeing Marin-chan feeling better, Renata and I exchanged smiles.

 Hehe, Marin-chan is always like this, isn’t she?

 Well then, I have to head to Stars soon too. Before leaving Japan, I should make sure to remember Aqua-kun well.

 ”Come on, Miku-chan, hurry up!”

 ”Yes, yes.”

 I slowly got up from the sofa and left the room with Miku-chan pulling my hand.

 A few hours later, I never imagined something like that would happen at that time.

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