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Volume 13 Chapter 58 Habu Chiyoko, This Is Japan’s Prime Minister In The World

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 The summit has finally reached its last day.

 Up until now, as the representative of the host country of the summit, I have been summarizing discussions on many topics, but today doesn’t seem like it will end smoothly.

 ”Prime Minister, it’s time.”

 ”Yeah, I got it.”

 Called by one of my secretaries, Rihito-kun, I stand up from the sofa and pick up the photo frame that was nearby.

 ”I’ll be going.”

 After informing my beloved family, I bow to the national flag hanging in the office and leave the room.

 This is my routine as the Prime Minister of this country, taking responsibility.

 Upon entering the venue, I greet the representatives of other participating countries and take my seat at the prepared table.

 At the round table in the center, there were four people already seated: President Henrietta F. Rosenberg from the States, Empress Su Shenliu from the Far East Federation, Your Majesty Queen Shams from the Arabian Peninsula Federation, and Representative Audrey Bradley from the Republic of Great Stars.

 Each of them was allowed to have one assistant behind them. Your Majesty Queen Shams had Sheila Lynx as the National Council Representative, Empress Su had Olenya Angel as the representative, and Bradley had Victoria-san as her assistant. President Henrietta from the States had the Minister of Defense by her side, not the male diplomat who was her escort. Everything was going as expected.

 ”Prime Minister Habu, isn’t that going a bit too far?”

 In the Far East Federation, the representative of Olenya Angel squints at me from behind.

 ”No, I’m dead serious. I have to be sincere to the citizens in front of this person.”

 For a moment, I glance back at Kukuri-sama standing diagonally behind me.

 ”So, think of her more as a watchdog to ensure I don’t make wrong choices for my country rather than just an assistant.”

 ”Hahaha, you do have a mischievous side indeed. I hope you make the right choice for the world today.”

 I return a smile to President Rosenberg’s restraint, trying not to cause any trouble.

 At that moment, representatives from the Southern States Community, African Community, Union of Oceania Nations, and Southeast Asia Community take their seats, signaling the start of the summit.

 ”Now, for the final agenda, let’s discuss the treatment of men as outlined in the World Treaty.”

 ”Would anyone like to say something on that matter?”

 The first to raise her hand was the representative from the Far East Federation, Olenya Angel.

 As expected. She’s the type to dive right in from the get-go, unlike the cautious President Rosenberg of Staits.

 ”As you know, various countries around the world have been maintaining the number of males in their own ways, and up until now, they have been making efforts to increase them.”

 Everyone nods silently at Angel’s words.

 The world has signed non-interference treaties regarding the treatment of males in each country, and each country has tried various ways to increase the number of males.

 Among them, the most terrifying policy would be the breeding program using males as stallions, which the Arabian Peninsula Federation and the Far East Federation tried, and which the Kokucho family also referred to. Males were tied to beds 24/7, except for minimal exercise and non-urination excretion times, and were made to engage in s*xual activities with the chosen women in the breeding program while they were awake.

 According to our country’s intelligence agency, the men chosen as studs are forced to live a life where they are constantly in close contact with several women in a space filled with overwhelming female pheromones and body odor. These men are taken care of by the women, who handle their urination through oral, and they can only obtain fluids and food through mouth-to-mouth feeding by the women.

 Even I, as a woman, shudder at the mere thought of it, but for some reason, our friend Aqua-kun and Emily-chan seem like they would be ecstatic living such a life. I want to believe it’s just my imagination.

 ”However, despite these efforts, the male population continues to decline in every country, barely maintaining a ratio of 1 male to 99 females in recent decades.”

 With 99 women for every 1 man, it seems like the world has somehow managed to maintain this ratio as if it were the will of a god.

 Some scholars argue that the birth rate won’t drop any further, but there is no evidence that the male birth rate won’t decrease. Above all, as leaders of our country, we cannot afford to say ‘maybe.’

 Otherwise, leaders must remember that it is the citizens who will bear the burden later on.

 ”So, here it is. I heard a very interesting story from a certain source.”

 I made eye contact with representative Angel.

 ”Prime Minister Habu, is it true that the child of Shirogane Aqua, a citizen of your country, is a boy?”

 ”From the perspective of protecting personal information and respecting individuals under the constitution, as a representative of the nation, I would like to refrain from answering.”

 The tension rises slightly as I respond immediately.

 ”…This is a matter concerning global emergencies, and I would like to hear your response.”

 ”I would like to refrain from answering regarding personal matters.”

 ”Prime Minister Habu, this is a summit. Please consider your response carefully…”

 ”After careful consideration and multiple discussions, we have decided to withhold our response as the representative of the nation.”

 Kukuri-sama behind me is giving me a serious look, but she’s dead serious.

 Look at this tense expression. Has Habu Chiyoko ever looked this serious before?

 It’s as serious as when I got caught by my wife for having a hostess club’s business card in my pocket and had to bow down in apology.

 ”Prime Minister Habu, there is a section in the world treaty about sharing data related to men worldwide. What are your thoughts on that?”

 Your Majesty the Queen Shams skillfully changes the subject.

 I thought she would do that.

 ”I have received the data from the responsible sp*rm collector. Rihito-kun, please distribute the information to the representatives of each country.”


 Rihito-kun hands out papers containing Aqua-kun’s data, which Yui-san and Miyamochi-sensei measured with utmost determination, to the participants from various countries.

 The people in the room looking at the data widen their eyes.

 ”Eja***ion distance of 6.26m (20.54ft)!? This could reach the depths of the uterus in one shot!”

 ”Eja***ion speed of 69 km/h (42.87mph)!? I can feel the determination to imp***ate for sure…”

 ”A single output volume of 250ml 8.45fl oz)!? That’s like a can of juice!”

 ”Continuous activity time of approximately 72.1 hours… This is beyond human dimensions. It’s like a s*x machine, no, a seed planting machine!”

 ”Fastest Eja***ion time of 0.4545 seconds!? Like a quick-draw gunman from an old States movie!”

 ”And the data, he is eja***ed before even being touched. It’s like just from the air vibes.”

 ”D-Different dimensions indeed.”

 ”Is it true that just by making eye contact, you can smell the scent of s*men and imagine getting pregnant?”

 ”We should extract his genes for research! This will change the world!”

 ”If we could mass-produce him in our country…”

 ”Wait! We should maintain at least a basic level of ethics regarding cloning research.”

 ”Can you really say that?”

 ”Hey, everyone looks closely at this section.”

 One participant points to a part of the document.

 ”Because the sp*rm is too strong, women need equally strong eggs to be fertilized, otherwise they can’t conceive, right…?”

 ”Is that really a thing!?”

 ”I see. So basically, it means you need an exceptionally s*xy woman for it to work.”

 ”Is Kanon-sama s*xy?”

 ”So the rumors about her being secretly naughty were true…”

 ”With that innocent face, being lewd, women really can’t be trusted after all.”

 Well, um… I’m not actually writing about that, but the confused participants from various countries have misunderstood it nicely, so I’ll leave it be.

 Without changing my expression, I apologize to Kanon-san who has been mistakenly thought of as secretly naughty by participants from various countries in my mind.

 ”Wow, this is amazing…”

 ”Ah, ah, ah…”

 Good grief? The innocent Queen Shams and the Empress both blush and pucker their lips shyly.

 Phew… Sorry, but can the important people from each country leave already?

 Because, it seems more fun to legally harass and play around with beautiful girls than attending a summit.

 ”A-Aqua-sama… amazwing.”

 Oh!? Kukuri-sama over here is showing a cute reaction that she rarely shows.

 Rihito-kun… can you send everyone home now? I’m going to hold a meeting with three beautiful girls using this data from here on, so let’s end the summit.

 Under Aqua-kun’s cooperation, Yui-san, who directed, wrote, and starred in the AV [Close-up Health Check with a Plump Busty Big-Butted Female Doctor Tamamo] filmed by Tamamo-sensei, will be watched together by me, Kukuri-sama, Your Majesty the Queen Shams, and Empress Su. If you understand, important people from each country, please read the room and go back to your own countries quickly!

 In this situation, along with Kanon-san and others, we will detain all the royal figures from various countries and hold them hostage in this country!! Hahaha, this is the Habu Magic. World, tremble as you fall into my cunning trap!! Just kidding.

 If other countries say something, just respond with ‘It’s regrettable!’ That should do. Oh, the Regret Cannon, such a useful phrase. In this era, it’s all about the Regret Cannon rather than cannons. Huh? Is your country still using outdated cannons? Cannons can kill people, but they can’t give you the upper hand, you know? Hahaha!

 Enough of the jokes in my mind, I switch to my usual serious mode. Hey, Rihito-kun. Stop looking at me like, “Did the Prime Minister ever have a serious mode?” You’ve become a bit meaner since hanging out with Aqua-kun!

 ”If this data is true, shouldn’t there be even more reason to share information among countries?”

 ”I mentioned earlier that our country respects individuals, and this is also stipulated in the constitution. We cannot force Shirogane Aqua to do anything as a country, and due to national security concerns, we cannot send him to other countries’ government or research institutions.”

 I firmly look around at the representatives of various countries.

 As someone who is always in a difficult situation with the public, the gazes of just a dozen or so people don’t bother me at all.

 ”As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, we request Japan to comply with international law.”

 Well, that’s probably how it will go. The discussion will likely start with a request for cooperation from representatives of various countries.

 I would make the same request from the other side, that’s where I should start.

 However, I didn’t anticipate this counterpunch.

 ”Understood. If that’s the case, our country, if the request is accepted, will consider withdrawing from the United Nations after exercising the veto power of a permanent member of the Security Council.”


 My statement caused a stir among dignitaries from various countries.

 In addition to the permanent members who are the main focus of discussion, this summit has invited representatives from all countries, including smaller nations this time.

 If Japan withdraws, it means one of the fixed slots of the permanent members will be vacant after many years.

 Especially for the Union of Oceania Nations and the Southeast Asia Community, who are aiming to become permanent members, they can’t help but make a fuss.

 When representative Angel made the request, a vote on whether Japan will comply with international law must be held one hour later.

 This one hour is crucial.

 A set time. Just one hour. Creating an unusual situation, putting everyone in unexpected circumstances, dangling the carrot of being a permanent member, and human uncontrollable desires come to the surface.

 Some countries will benefit from Japan’s withdrawal, while others will face the opposite.

 When it comes to the Republic of Great Stars, after Stars Collapse, our country is the only one providing support. Without us, the worst-case scenario would be the country tipping over, and the Arabian Peninsula Federation would lose its buffer with the not-so-friendly States. The same goes for the Far East Federation and the States.

 With a smirk in my heart, I drop another bomb.

 ”If our country were to withdraw from the World International Union, we would immediately establish the World Peace Union, aiming for a peaceful world where all participating countries maintain fair and equal relationships, helping each other in times of need. Of course, since we advocate for peace, we do not intend to confront the World International Union, and we welcome participation from member countries.”

 Nicha. I wear a creepy smile in my heart.

 Oops… I shouldn’t have done that. I was about to be told by Sana-chan that I looked creepy again.

 ”At the World Peace Union, on July 21st, representatives from various countries who have been invited through exchange programs will be welcomed and accommodated in the inner palace of the Shirogane Kingdom, which is set to be completed. During their stay, there will be a super tea party led by Shirogane Kanon-shi, and rest assured, there will be opportunities to interact directly with Shirogane Aqua-shi.”

 The world, huh? They seem to be obsessed with developing nuclear missiles, but what good are those things?

 This is Japan’s very own H2 Rocket, a super rocket cannon developed by Habu Shirogane’s double combo!

 ”Prime Minister Habu… are you saying that with a sound mind?”

 ”This organization has been in existence since before I was born, and since then, the permanent members have never changed. Is it really normal for an organization where a single permanent member can veto anything they want? And for small countries, is there any meaning in groveling to large countries that only think of themselves and forget the dignity of being strong? I hope you think about that carefully.”

 I turn my smile towards President Rosenberg while glaring at her inside.

 ”Are you willing to endanger the country for just one citizen?”

 ”What’s the point of a nation if it can’t protect even one citizen?”

 President Rosenberg is the type who you don’t know what she’ll do when cornered.

 So, I stick to responding with questions only.

 I look around the venue again and slowly open my mouth in a calm tone.

 ”Well then, following the request from representative Angel of the Far East Federation, I would like to temporarily adjourn the meeting as the chairman until the vote on the cooperation request to Japan for one hour.”

 Now, now, ponder and worry. But there’s only an hour left.

 What’s the gain and what’s the loss? Everyone, please think hard about what would benefit your country the most.

 Oh, it’s so fun just watching.

 I was skipping happily when I was caught by Kukuri-sama standing guard in front of the restroom and had to bow down in apology.

 ”No matter how much I do it to protect Aqua-sama, I don’t really like using Aqua-sama, you know?”

 ”I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I did get permission from the person himself…”

 Using the skillful high-speed massage technique that Emily-chan taught me, I cozy up to Kukuri-sama.

 ”Actually, I can talk to foreign Big Sister (Onee-sama). When I asked for a busty lady to be sent over to him, she got all excited and cooperative.”

 Kukuri-sama looks down at her own chest, puffs out her cheeks, and gives me a sulky look.

 At this moment, I take a step forward.

 ”Of course, since just Kanon-sama alone isn’t enough to manage the harem, I’ve used my connections (Emily-chan) to properly insert Kukuri-sama, so rest assured!!”

 ”Um… if it’s something related to Emily-oneechan… I really don’t know what she might do, and of course I’ll accept it if Kanon-san is in trouble, but I hope there won’t be many situations like this in the future.”

 ”Y-yes, I understand completely, this Habu Chiyoko!”

 Phew, it went well, it went well.

 Dealing with negotiations with foreign countries is less scary than negotiating with Kukuri-sama or being pursued by Agewa-san.

 Especially when Aqua-sama is involved and Mary-sensei is there, oh my. Just thinking about it gives me shivers.

 Feeling like I might wet myself, I rush to the bathroom.

 ”Now, I would like to proceed with the vote on the request for cooperation with Japan.”

 I return from the bathroom and shortly after, the voting begins.

 ”Republic of Great Stars refuses to cooperate with the request. It seems that each country should adhere to international law and the constitution set forth for each country, and it should be considered which one should take precedence.”

 Representative Bradley responded firmly.

 It was the right decision for the Republic of Great Stars to focus on the advantage of prioritizing the constitution over the world treaty, regardless of the outcome, while pointing out the contradictions in the current regulations set by the alliance.

 Although Victoria-san underestimates herself, she excels in securing some benefits without making major mistakes even in challenging situations. I hope she will be included in the establishment of the World Peace Union as a representative of the Stars.

 ”As the Arabian Peninsula Federation, we acknowledge the request for cooperation, but we support Japan’s decision to invoke its veto power. If Japan establishes the International Peace Union, we would actively consider participating in it.”

 Queen Shams, despite establishing the United Nations, also shows support for Japan.

 The Arabian Peninsula Federation, a fossil fuel resource country, may have joined both unions in hopes of gaining control and possibly taking the lead.

 The following Southern States Community and Africa Community also share the same idea.

 So far, this is within expectations. However, the remaining two countries pose a problem.

 Just as representative Angel was about to speak, Empress Su raised her hand to interrupt.

 Her actions, previously seen as puppetry, surprised leaders from various countries, including President Rosenberg, and I couldn’t help but smile inwardly.

 ”As the Empress who rules the people of the Far East Federation, I propose invoking the veto power granted to permanent members of the United Nations and considering the abandonment of this agenda.”

 Hahaha! I burst into laughter in my mind.

 The Republic of Great Stars expressed its refusal to the request of the United Nations, but no one, except me, would have imagined using the veto power to suspend the agenda itself.

 In fact, no country other than the one mentioned in the agenda has ever invoked the veto power. However, just because there has been no precedent in the past, it is still allowed by the rules.

 I never expected that Empress Su would be the wisest of all, but with the cancellation of the agenda, the discussion will return to the initial stage, eliminating the talk of Japan’s withdrawal and ensuring the continuation of the Union.

 In this scenario, the pattern would be…

 ”However, this proposal goes against the will of Olenya Angel, the representative who effectively controls the Far East Federation. At this point, I urgently request protection and asylum in Japan to safeguard my own life, body, heart, and soul.”


 Rihito-kun, who is quick to understand, immediately interrupts between representative Angel and the Empress of Su.

 The other SPs who reacted late quickly pull Empress Swu away from representative Angel and into another room.

 It was dangerous. If my response had been even a moment late, I don’t know what would have happened.

 ”…I inform Prime Minister Habu Chiyoko of Japan. Does your country intend to oppose the Far East Federation?”

 ”Our country has only accepted a request for protection from Empress Swu in accordance with the United Nations treaty. We consider this a matter of high urgency, and I propose canceling all remaining agenda items to discuss whether the United Nations will approve Empress Su’s asylum.”

 At this point, President Rosenberg, who had been observing the situation, speaks up.

 ”Let’s suggest voting on the agenda after a lunch break. To bring up the agenda, we need to deeply understand the reasons for exile, and it’s believed that we need to hear from Empress Su, but what do you think?

 As expected of the States’ President.

 Including the previous matter, they probably wanted to give each country some time to make a calm judgment.

 It’s their usual way to lay the groundwork during this time.

 However, I also think we should take a break for now, so our interests align.

 ”Understood. I would like to resume the meeting after a break.”

 It’s been about 3 hours, so after discussing for an hour and then voting, it seems like it might be a bit of a long session. Just as I was thinking that, people from various countries started pouring into the meeting room.

 ”Prime Minister Habu!”

 ”What’s wrong?”

 I tell one of my flustered secretaries to calm down.

 ”Just now, an unidentified stealth fighter jet from an unknown country has violated our country’s airspace from the Japan Sea side and is heading towards us!”

 ”What about the fleet deployed on the Japan Sea side?”

 ”It seems the enemy aircraft is like a drone, flying at low altitude right above the sea surface to avoid radar detection. By the time we visually confirmed it, it was already…!”

 While talking with my secretary, I observe the situation of key figures from various countries.

 It seems like other countries have received similar information.

 The States immediately suggest to all country representatives to temporarily evacuate to the aircraft carrier they have docked in Kure.

 ”What about interception?”

 ”The Minister of Defense has issued the sortie order but…”

 It seems there is no time to hesitate in responding.

 The crisis is looming close by.

 ”Understood. In that case, I’ll leave the command to the Minister of Defense.”

 ”Prime Minister!?”

 I step outside the building, straddle the rented bike, and head towards the nearby movie exhibition venue.

 ”Prime Minister!?”

 ”Why is the Prime Minister here!?”

 I rode my bike to venue and made my way through the crowd to the area where the purposeful items were displayed.

 There, I spotted a familiar face.

 ”Hondou? Is that you, Lieutenant Hondou!?”

 ”Prime Minister!? Long time no see!”

 I joyfully reunited with a former colleague from my time in the Self-Defense Forces.

 Lieutenant Hondou used to be in charge of maintaining the fighter jet I piloted back when I was a fighter pilot.

 ”Lieutenant Hondou, what are you doing here?”

 ”Well, that’s my line. I’ve stepped back from the front lines now and just came to help out at the expo.”

 I briefly explained the situation to Lieutenant Hondo.

 ”So, can I borrow this thing?”

 ”Prime Minister… Are you serious? The opponent is a state-of-the-art stealth drone fighter jet. Facing it with the VFX-14 Hellcat manufactured nearly 50 years ago is impossible…”

 ”Don’t worry. I’ll just keep it occupied until the main unit arrives. So, can I do it?”

 Lieutenant Hondou responded to my question with a smile.

 ”Of course. If we load live ammunition on the display, we can do it right away.”


 As I was talking to Lieutenant Hondou, the car carrying Representative Satou and his group rushed over.

 ”Prime Minister, were you here after all…”

 ”Representative Satou… don’t try to stop me as fellow mountain people, okay?”

 ”No, we don’t intend to stop you. We came here with the same feelings from the start. Rather, as comrades who have become part of the same flesh wall, please let us accompany you! Hey, you guys, there’s a BT-34!!”

 ”Hyahha! Isn’t that an antique made over 80 years ago! Can it still work?”

 ”If it moves straight and can shoot, then there shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

 ”Exactly! Alright, everyone, let’s get ready immediately!”

 While everyone was preparing, I changed my clothes.

 After all, I can’t ride in a suit.

 After getting ready and returning, there stood a woman in a pilot suit.

 ”You’re late, aren’t you?”

 ”Mary-sama… Why are you here, no, should I guess the reason?”

 I received a helmet from Mary-sama and boarded the VFX-14.

 ”Please stay safe. It was an honor to be able to maintain the fighter you ride.”

 ”Likewise, Lieutenant Hondou, I can fly because you are here. Thank you.”

 Exchanging what might be our last words, I closed the hatch.

 It’s been a while, but I have confidence in my skills as I sometimes participate in air races as a hobby.

 ”Sana-chan, I’m off.”

 I kissed my daughter’s photo and reached for the familiar throttle.

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