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Volume 13 Chapter 6 Chihiro Claire, Education Content

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 After about 10 minutes of being Nak*d, banging my butt and screaming that I was dripping wet, my neighbor reported me.

 It all started from the Republic of Great Udon and then the attack on Friday, and Makishima-sensei’s triple combo made me act weird. Now, looking back, I can’t believe I did such silly things.

 But I have to say one thing: it’s not my fault, it’s Aqua-sama who made me act weird!

 Why did this happen? It’s all so confusing for someone like me.

 After being suspended from school, I was ordered by Otomezaki… or rather, Mary-sama, to participate in a certain extracurricular activity as a form of reflection.

 As I enter the abandoned classroom, I carefully observe the surroundings.

 ”What exactly is going on?”

 ”I don’t know…”

 ”Do you know anything?”

 ”N-no, I was just told by my dear mother, who was excited, to attend today’s class, that’s all…”

 Hmm, it seems like nobody knows what this extracurricular class is about. Even I haven’t been told anything about what’s happening here today. What’s the point of going if we’ll only find out when we get there?

 And from observing the uniforms and manners of the girls gathered here, it seems like they’re all from wealthy families from all over the country. I recognize some faces from documents I’ve seen here and there.

 If Prime Minister Habu and Mary-sama are involved, could it be something related to politics? Thinking like that, I can understand why these girls were gathered. Perhaps it’s to do something with the children of the upper class as a foundation for the future… Maybe Kokucho Agewa-san, who will represent our Saint’s Party in the next election, will give some sort of lecture.

 Yeah, that must be it. The strict security around us is probably for that reason too.

 As I become more convinced, I hear footsteps coming from outside heading towards our classroom.

 Along with that, everyone in the classroom turns their attention towards the door.

 ”Yes, good morning~”


 Aqua-sama, wearing a suit and glasses, with his hair parted to the side, walks in.

 Everyone freezes at the sight, unable to understand the situation.

 ”What’s wrong, everyone? Why so quiet? Okay, once more, good morning!”

 ””””””””””G-Good morning!!””””””””””

 Finally, it seems like everyone’s thoughts start to turn.

 The normally dignified young ladies now smile and laugh like regular high school girls.

 Some even start to cry upon seeing Aqua-sama in person.

 She’s impressive. She has the potential to become a follower. I’ll have to recruit her later using my subordinates.

 And the girl next to her, bowing down, also seems to have potential.

 ”Alright, I’m Shirogane Aqua, in charge of today’s class. Nice to meet you all~”

 In response to Aqua-sama’s words, we all say “Nice to meet you too.”

 His way of speaking, and just his demeanor today, seems a bit theatrical.

 ”Everyone, do you know why sensei is here?”

 The female students look at each other and then shake their heads.

 ”To get straight to the point, even the teacher doesn’t know!! I ain’t done nothin’ wrong!!”

 The young ladies didn’t know how to react to Aqua-sama’s sudden Kansai dialect and banging on the teacher’s desk, so they all looked puzzled.

 I fully approve of Aqua-sama’s actions, but I felt he should apologize for the flag and national anthem. It’s just too pitiful, especially if it’s for a world competition. Even I deeply sympathize with Stars.

 ”Oh, that was an impersonation of Sayamu Inko-san. Everyone, it’s time to laugh now.”

 It wasn’t 1st Year Class A. If it were everyone from 2nd Year Class A, trained like seasoned warriors, they would surely laugh. But here, it’s only well-bred young ladies.

 Aqua-sama must have noticed that too, as he adjusts his glasses like Mayuzumi-kun to hide it.

 ”Alright, so I’m going to distribute the booklet we’ll be using for class now. Please receive one from the person in front of you and pass it to the back. Also, make sure to have your writing tools and notebooks ready on your desk. The teacher erases the blackboard as fast as Kenzaki, you know.”

 I followed the instructions and placed my writing tools and notebook on the desk, then opened the cover of the distributed booklet.

 As I looked at the words written there, I froze.

 ”Alright, now please open to the first page. Um, today I thought we would study Shirogane Aqua’s H Theorem.”

 ”””””H Theorem!?”””””

 Several girls were surprised and their heads wobbled.

 No, no, no! How can we have a class like this after seeing Makishima-sensei?

 Aqua-sama might not just be suspended, but expelled too!

 ”Um, everyone. When you want to have s*x, what actions do you take first?”

 Blushing young ladies looked at each other. Some felt embarrassed and looked down.

 On the other hand, there were young ladies who were breathing heavily as if in heat, and others who gazed at Aqua-sama with intense eyes and dreamy expressions.

 The atmosphere in the classroom suddenly became precarious.

 ”Okay, then, attendance number 019, Sengoku Shirayuki-san from St. Claris! When you want to have s*x with a boy, what actions do you take first?”

 Aqua-sama stared at Sengoku-san with a determined face.

 Hmm, hmm, the calm young lady suddenly going for an embarrassing play, as expected of the wicked one. It’s like a switch inside me is about to be flipped.

 ”Umm, umm… so, like, r*ping a boy?”

 Wow, a sheltered noble lady like Sengoku-san suddenly committing assault out of nowhere.

 But I get it, you know. Kanon-san is an exception, those frail types are the most s*xually driven.

 Probably the type to keep going once they start, riding on top with the insertion until morning.

 ”Wow, I’m jealous… that’s something to discuss with sensei… oh wait, no. Um, r*pe is not okay. It’s a crime, you know. If you feel like to do it, talk to sensei right away.”

 Oops, his real feelings are leaking out. He seems to like those pitiful-looking, protectable types who pretend to be innocent but have really strong desires.

 I’ll make a note in my notebook: Aqua-sama likes being attacked by a noble lady.

 Oh, the person next to me wrote the same thing in their notebook.

 When we make eye contact, we exchange a little smile.

 ”Alright, so you want to know how to go about doing ‘H,’ huh? Well, it all starts with finding someone you can do ‘H’ with. Yep, that means finding a lover. You get to know someone of the opposite s*x, chat, become friends, and then go on a date together. After that, you confess your feelings and take the step to become a couple. Got it? To do ‘H’ legally, you’ll have to take some complicated but irreversible steps. Sensei named this the ‘Shirogane Aqua’s ‘H’ Theorem.’”


 The audience erupts into applause.

 Oh, I’ve got to jot this down before the board gets erased.

 Everyone frantically starts taking notes.

 ”Of course, during these steps, you’ll face various temptations. When your desire for intimacy grows, you start feeling all restless and agitated, right? Sensei calls these chaotic feelings ‘H-tropy.’ Oh, this will be on the test. By the way, this year’s health education textbook has been supervised entirely by sensei with the cooperation of Mayuzumi Shintaro-sensei, who is also our comrade in this fight!”

 Mayuzumi-kun, I can hear a voice in my heart saying “Good job!”.

 ”This thing called H-tropy is really tricky. It’s fine as long as we can control it with our rationality, but once we go beyond that limit, it goes wild. Some people even come to the conclusion of r*ping the opposite s*x, just like Sengoku-san said. So, how do we prevent that from happening… Does anyone know?”


 Amongst the confusion of most of the girls, there was one person who energetically raised her hand.

 ”Um… Student number 072, Shirayuki Miri-san from Mary Highschool?”

 Hmm? The voice is different and she’s trying to hide her appearance with makeup and hair, but I immediately recognized her.

 It’s definitely Emily-san!! Or rather, her name is too easy to guess!!

 The only people who will honestly be fooled by this are the pure Aqua-sama, the message board users who have stopped thinking, Pom-Pon Kanopon-san, and Morikawa-san who was poisoned by Hoge!!

 ”To release H-tropy, we do mast***ion!”

 ”Correct!! Got it? Sensei combined the word ‘hurrah,’ which expresses joy, with the word ‘mingle,’ which represents joy, and named it The Right Hand Rule of Framingle.”

 Wow! Such a proud expression.

 But seeing Aqua-sama having fun, we all became really happy too.

 Emily-san immediately raised her hand and stood up.

 ”Sensei, I’m left-handed!!”

 ”No problem. There’s also The Left Hand Rule of Framingle for left-handed people! Got it? Everyone, please use the Right Hand Rule and Left Hand Rule of Framingle to release H-tropy and prevent yourself from crossing the line of reason. This is the most efficient way to prevent s*xual crimes beforehand.”

 Aqua-sama, with a gentle and kind expression, once again turned his gaze towards Sengoku-san.



 ”Sengoku-san, starting from tomorrow, your homework is to use the Rule of Framingle to dissipate H-tropy. And of course, no slacking off! Sensei will check your homework, so record the video and send it to Sensei’s social media through a direct message. Oh, and make sure to capture your face and chest in the video too. It’s important.”

 ”Yes, I will!”

 As the girls raised their hands one after another, Shirogane-sensei, I also asked him to check my homework.

 The kind Aqua-sama had tears in his eyes as he thanked the diligent students over and over again.

 I quickly wrote in my notebook that Aqua-sama loves watching naughty videos of girls.


 Huh? Why does Emily-san have such a frustrated expression on her face?

 Oh! It’s because she’s using a fake name and pretending to be someone else in class, so she can’t send the video. How unfortunate… But I couldn’t help but think, “Wow, what a silly mistake.”

 ”Okay, first let’s talk about how to meet people of the opposite s*x. Yes, please turn to the next page.”

 I turn the page as Aqua-sama instructed.

 - Become neighbors with a man.

 - Attend the same school or workplace with a man.

 - Meet at a matchmaking party organized by the government or public institutions.

 ※ Please do not participate in matchmaking parties organized by illegal groups or scams.

 - Meet men through a new matching app developed by the government.

 ※ Please be cautious of illegal matching apps not associated with the government.

 - Get introduced through a marriage consultation agency in local governments.

 - Meet at a planned encounter cafe set up by local governments.

 ※ If you find illegal encounter cafes or marriage consultation agencies in busy areas, please report them.

 The last four are where the government, led by Prime Minister Habu, is putting the most effort into right now.


 Aqua-sama, who had opened the textbook wide, opened his mouth and made a face as if he had messed up.

 Is something wrong?

 ”Sorry. Sensei just noticed for the first time when I looked at the textbook, but it seems there’s a printing mistake and one is missing.”

 Huh? Is there something else still?

 Aqua-sama deliberately cleared his throat.

 ”When it comes to meeting boys and girls, there is another method called ‘picking up.’ I will show you an example, so number 092, Ayakoji Shizune-san from Kuroyuri Girls’ Academy, please come forward.”


 Ayakoji-san stepped forward with a nervous expression.

 I had a bad feeling and naturally placed my hand on my stomach.

 ”Ayakoji-san, what do you usually do when you’re alone after school?”

 ”Um, I-I go to the bookstore…”

 ”Oh, what kind of book genre do you like, for example?”

 ”Um, like romance novels, and that author Hakuryuu-sensei’s.”

 ”OK! Then, let’s pretend this blackboard is a bookshelf and behave as you always do.”


 Ayakoji-san, who was facing the blackboard, had the mischievous Aqua-sama approaching her.

 Just as Ayakoji-san reached out to grab a book, Aqua-sama’s reflexes were as quick as Kenzaki’s, and he reached out in the same direction.

 Ayakoji-san noticed this and quickly pulled her hand back.

 ”Oh, sorry about that.”

 Seeing this, Aqua-sama immediately leaned in and apologized, peering into Ayakoji-san’s face.

 ”N-No, it’s okay… I’m sorry too…”

 Aqua-sama smiled and handed the book to Ayakoji-san.

 ”Here you go. By any chance, do you like Hakuryuu-sensei’s works?”


 So close, so close! Their faces were clearly too close!

 Not only Ayakoji-san, but even those of us watching were getting excited.

 ”Oh, really? I like them too. Like this one.”

 ”Oh, I like that one too.”

 Aqua-sama showed a gesture of opening the book.

 ”When the main character first becomes aware of him, it’s such a great scene, right?”

 ”Ahhh! I love that part too!”

 Aqua-sama closed the book and naturally cornered Ayakoji-san against the bookshelf, as if performing a “wall slam (kabe-don).”

 At that moment, a yellow scream from the female students echoed through the classroom.

 ”My name is Shirogane Aqua. May I ask your name?”

 ”Umm, Ayakoji Shizune ish fine with me.”

 Go for it! Go for it! The female students sent their power to Ayakoji-san as if praying.

 Please hold on here and show us the splendid conclusion of this play!

 ”Shizune, would you like to have tea together after this?”

 ”Y-yes…! Definitely, just the two of us…”

 When Aqua-sama turned around, he suddenly became serious.

 ”Um, this is the basic flow of picking up. By the way, if you think it’s going well, it’s also okay to invite them to a private room all at once. For example, there’s a quiet place where the two of you can take a break. How about that? But, there’s also a possibility that the other person may not be willing to go that far, so start by inviting them for tea.”

 ”I’d be fine going straight to a hotel from the beginning…”

 Ayakoji-san, I understand.

 Most women in the world would be okay with staying at a hotel from the beginning if Aqua-sama was their partner.

 I think Furia-sama is the only one who would refuse.

 Personally, I feel like Furia-sama’d be totally smitten after just one encounter with him.

 ”By the way, in some parts of Kansai, it’s like, ‘Hey, let’s go have tea at that tea shop with that pretty lady over there.’ It’s a different version from the Kanto one.”

 Oh, really?

 Speaking of which, I think Sayamu-san often talks about going to have tea during her live streams.

 Is that like going to drink tea?

 ”By the way, this is called the ‘Shirogane Aqua’s 3x Attack Rule.’ When you’re trying to pick someone up, don’t hold back! Once you find an opening, bet everything you’ve got and go all out! It’s also important to know when to back off if the response isn’t great. This is also the origin of the name of the team that Hakuryuu-sensei and Euris participated in the CreamRAW Cup.”

 Wow, really? I just learned that now.

 We desperately write in our notebooks.

 ”To deepen the relationship between men and women, like sensei did earlier, we need to have conversations that are interesting to the other person. We must never have one-sided conversations. We explore each other’s interests through conversation. Sensei called this the Conversation Picking Theorem. Understand? It will definitely be on the test.”

 Aqua-sensei taps the blackboard with a pointer.

 Stop it, when that happens, it feels like Aqua-sama is tapping deep inside my womb.

 ”Ugh, I want sensei to knead my n**ples with that pointer…!”

 Emily-san, your preferences are coming out. Please control your overflowing H-tropy with reason.

 ”And as we go on more dates and deepen our relationship, the confession awaits us. Are you all scared of confessing?”

 Everyone nods at Aqua-sensei’s serious words.

 ”Sensei is also scared. No one wants to be rejected after confessing, right? It’s okay. Sensei is just like everyone else. Then Sensei thought about something. Okay? From now on, please write down what Sensei writes on the blackboard in your notebook.”

 Aqua-sama holds the chalk and writes on the blackboard.

 - How often and how many times the two of you meet alone.

 - Whether or not you can sense favoritism from the other person’s words as a member of the opposite s*x.

 - Sense of physical distance from each other.

 - On a date, don’t hide your feelings from the other person.

 Why is Aqua-sama’s writing so neat, but the drawings are like that?

 ”Okay, let’s call these the four rules of confession. For example, confessing when you’ve only met once versus confessing after going on dates alone 4 or 5 times will greatly affect your chances of success.”

 I see. Let’s write down Aqua-sama’s words in our notebooks.

 ”Alright, so the confession was a success, and we became a couple. Cool, right? But just because we’re a couple doesn’t mean we’re going to have s*x right away. We need to build up that H-tropy and make sure we’re both on the same page. Forcing it when one person isn’t ready won’t lead to the best experience. Oh, by the way, Sensei really likes something called ‘maguro play (tuna play),’ but that’s a complicated topic for another time, so let’s skip it for now.”

 Maguro? What’s that?

 Maybe it’s a documentary about tuna fishermen that Tenga-senpai was talking about during New Year’s.

 I still remember how everyone got all excited with that catchphrase ‘Akira, 3 nights in a row!’”

 ”So, how do we increase that H-tropy? Well, we need to spend time together and figure out what excites him. It’s like checking his preferences. For example, attendance number 045 is Saotome Karuna-san from Seishin Girls’ School. Can I ask you about your preferences? Oh, this isn’t harassment or anything like that. It’s something that relates to the future of our country. I’d really like to know from an academic perspective.”

 Aqua-sama has a sharp and cool look on her face.

 ”…I, I like being licked.”

 ”Licked!? W-where exactly do you like being licked? For the sake of learning, for the future of Japan, no, for the sake of Shirogane Aqua, please tell me!”

 Saotome-san, feeling a little embarrassed, turns her face away from Aqua-sama.

 Aqua-sama really like to aggressively pursue this serious, student council president type, doesn’t he?

 ”Um… like the ears… and the chest… or the armpits… and, um, the soles of the feet… th-those too…”

 ”And? It’s okay, sensei is on Saotome-san’s side. Now, expose everything to sensei.”

 Aqua-sama lifts Saotome-san’s chin.

 It’s totally unfair to show such a cool face at this distance.


 ”Thank you, Saotome-san. It’s okay, sensei also likes to lick.”

 ”I love licking too!”

 ”Shirayuki-san, that’s great! Let’s all continue to openly share our preferences!”

 In class, Aqua-sama was moved to tears by the sight of the girls blushing and shyly shouting out their own fetishes one after another. In this situation, maybe I’ll be allowed to shout out my own fetish too.

 I gather my courage and raise my voice.

 ”I also want to be forcefully r*ped by a man I like. It would be even better if it’s a s*x that destroys my dignity!!”

 Hey, why is everyone silent only when it’s my turn?

 Huh, even Emily-san is looking at me with a disappointed face?

 Oh, wait. Could it be that I’m weird or something…?

 ”Well, I’ll say it again, but basically r*pe is not okay. However, there is such a thing as consensual r*pe. Like, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if sensei gets attacked by a woman he likes! I’m just thinking, maybe Kanon in heat could pounce on sensei or something! So, Claire-san, it’s okay. You’re not alone.”

 Oh, wow! Aqua-sama, the evil god, is truly amazing!!

 I feel so embarrassed for being swayed by Makishima Keigo and others.

 It’s true that only Aqua-sama accepts me, huh…!

 Huh? I noticed a message on my phone and opened the app.

 Yukishiro Emily

 For you, I’ll tell you about some recommended fan comics later.

 Also, let’s keep your preferences a secret in front of everyone because they’re quite deep.

 Hey, Emily!

 So, you’re also a saint after all.

 I’ve made up my mind too. Only the Holy Aqua Religion can accept someone like me!!

 I’ll do my best as one of the twelve bishops for the sake of the evil god, Aqua-sama!!

 ”Well, now it’s finally showtime. As we get closer to the main event, our H-tropy reaches its peak, so suddenly our vocabulary disappears. The desire for intimacy takes over, and we become less talkative. This is known as the Shirogane Vocabulary Law.”

 Everyone is desperately taking notes.

 Even the modest young ladies are leaning forward.

 ”And now, here comes this. Everyone, turn to the next page and take the sheet of paper that is inserted inside.”

 We follow the instructions and flip through the textbook.

 [Consent Form for S*xual Intercourse]

 Oh, right. I remember now. Before having s*x, you have to fill this out.

 ”Oh, by the way, sensei has never used this even once!”

 Huh? Isn’t this form supposed to be filled out by both parties to avoid disputes when engaging in s*xual intercourse?

 Even the government officials responsible for security at the venue are flustered by this shocking fact.

 ”What exactly is a consent form for s*xual intercourse? Do we really need this? It’s not like it will increase the pleasure when we’re in a high state of s*xual arousal! If we write something like this, we’ll just cool off! There’s no way it would feel good to have s*x in that state!”

 Everyone unconsciously nodded in agreement.

 ”Okay, then let’s call Chihiro Claire-san from Otomezaki. Please come forward.”

 ”Eeek, alright!”

 I was called by Aqua-sama and stepped forward alone.

 ”Claire-san, can I touch your body a little?”

 ”Of course.”

 It’s okay if Aqua-sama touches important parts of a girl’s body or those that involve one’s dignity.

 In fact, please touch them. I’ll do anything!!


 Aqua-sama embraced me and looked at me with intense eyes.

 Oh, it’s so thrilling! I can’t handle that Makishima-like intense gaze, but this forceful one is just too much!

 ”Is that okay?”

 Ah, ah, ah, Aqua-sama’s breath violated my ears. They’re definitely pregnant with his breath.

 Take responsibility for the baby that’s been conceived in my ears, please.

 ”Uh, uh…”

 Aqua-sama took out a consent form from his pocket.

 ”Here, write your name on this.”

 ”Oh, okay.”

 Once we stepped away, we used the sensei’s desk to sign the consent form.

 ”Claire-san, how do you feel? Please be honest about your feelings.”

 ”I feel really discouraged…”

 Huh? Isn’t the person who came up with this system a fool?

 I mean, even if we get to the point where we can do naughty things, what if the boy doesn’t get excited properly?

 ”Yes, exactly!! That’s the point!! That’s why we don’t need this at all!”

 Aqua-sama crumpled the consent form while shouting.

 It’s a lot of energy. His intense determination that we don’t need this is really coming through.

 ”Yes, everyone, let’s do this together! Let’s tear up this thing!! It’s a waste of paper anyway! It’s not good for the environment!!”

 The lesson from Aqua-sama was to break the consent form like a crumpled paper and toss it in the trash.

 ”So, what comes next is the real deal. Do you guys know what’s needed for a pleasant s*x?”

 The female students exchanged glances with each other.

 I see… I can tell just by looking at everyone’s expressions.

 It seems like there are only virgin ladies in this classroom.

 ”To have a pleasant s*x, it’s important to consider each other. That’s the most important thing for s*x, you know. It’s not okay for only one person to feel good! Both need to reach a point where they feel good together. This is called the S*xual Gratification Theorem.”

 Aqua-sama seemed to be getting excited too, as he explained various techniques for having a pleasant s*x in diagrams. It’s regrettable that his diagrams were too artistic to understand what he was drawing.

 Still, everyone earnestly stared at the blackboard.

 Lastly, for some reason, everyone dressed up in maid costumes, nurse uniforms, and bunny outfits for Aqua-sama. I wonder if there’s a meaning behind this?

 ”Alright, then finally let’s do a survey about today’s class and we’re done.”

 Of course, everyone gets the highest rating.

 By the way, do we really need to write about our preferences and the color and design of our underwear in the survey?

 Oh, I forgot to write down my v*gina ID. Alright, that should do it.

 ”Okay, everyone, thank you so much for today!!”

 ””””””””””Thank you so much!””””””””””

 And with that, Shirogane Aqua-sensei’s extracurricular class has come to an end.

 It’s good that everyone who was carefully selected by the government gathered here, and there weren’t any particularly unruly people.

 The only one who messed up was Emily-san, who submitted her actual underwear and got caught by Aqua-sama because of the smell.

 Well, I guess that’s not a big deal.

 Aqua-sama was too absorbed in the class, so he seems to have forgotten that Emily-san mentioned mast***ion.

 ”It was more authentic than Makishima after all.”

 ”Yeah, Aqua-sensei…it was awesome.”

 Yes, yes, I nod over and over again as I hear the young lady’s conversation in the shoe closet on the way home.

 Thanks to the real Aqua-sensei, I was able to safely graduate from Makishima-sensei and quickly left the venue.

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