Male Idol V13c76

Volume 13 Chapter 76 Kokucho Agewa, My Position Is The Minister Of Declining Birthrate!?

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 Today is the day Aqua-sama is coming to my house.

 Aqua-sama loves meat, so I think I’ll make hamburgers today.

 I bought some ground meat from the butcher and hurried back home.

 ”What… This is so embarrassing!”

 I returned home and picked up a magazine that was left on my desk, my hands shaking with anxiety.

 What, what, what, why is this thing here…?

 I wouldn’t buy such an embarrassing magazine, and I can only think that someone brought it in.

 Who could have brought this…? A woman’s face floated into my mind as I thought about it.

 ”Ah… that’s right, Emily-chan came over to play last night.”

 She said she had to work hard because of a big gaming tournament, but I advised her to stop cutting back on food expenses because of her financial struggles.

 I think Beryl, the greatest in the land, would have a high salary and a good job, but what is Emily-chan using her money for? She doesn’t seem to be wasting it, but her lifestyle is quite frugal.

 Thanks to Aqua-sama and Emily-chan, we were able to avoid a big war that could have engulfed the world, but why is Emily-chan still living like she’s in a war zone or post-war era?


 Emily-chan is at that age, so I understand she’s interested in that kind of thing.

 I-I-I, too, was interested in that kind of thing during my puberty.

 However, for my adopted son Kujaku-kun’s sake, I’ve been forcing myself to suppress those feelings.

 ”…I need to point out what’s wrong with being an adult here. Let’s reform ourselves for that.”

 I took another good look at the magazine’s cover.

 [Captivating Mature Women – Special Edition. Uncovering the Charm of Married Women, Widows, and Career Women]

 Ah, ah, is this a magazine made for men?!

 A men’s erotic magazine created for the purpose of relieving stress towards women, but which men don’t need.

 I heard that when the “mama boom” was happening among men, erotic magazines featuring mature women or “mama” types sold a little, but the ones buying them were adult women… and most of them were women who liked women.

 Maybe, Emily-chan… no, no, I heard Emily-chan got together with Aqua-sama, and that kind of thing might happen…

 But Emily-chan is always teasing Kanon-san in a naughty way, so maybe she’s the type who can go both ways? I’ll take another close look at the magazine cover.

 ”The woman on this cover…”

 Even without looking closely, doesn’t she look just like me?!

 Ah, ah, maybe I’m the one Emily-chan is targeting…?

 ”Th-This needs to be thoroughly investigated…”

 Just as I was about to slowly flip through the cover, the entrance door bursts open with a loud noise.

 ”Ah? Agewa-san, are you back?”


 I freeze, still holding the magazine in my hand.

 Wh-What do I do?

 I could quickly make an excuse that it’s not mine, but then it would become a question of whose magazine it is. If that happens, it would be troublesome for Emily-chan.

 Emily-chan worked hard to get together with Aqua-sama, but if it’s discovered that she likes girls, it would be a shame if her relationship with Aqua-sama gets rocky.

 So I think it’s better if I just take the blame.

 I quickly think it through and decide to take Emily-chan’s place.

 ”Sorry, i-it’s mine.”


 ”No, I actually got it a while ago, and…”

 Aqua-sama looks embarrassed.

 Uh… so, this erotic book wasn’t bought by Emily-chan, but by Aqua-sama, and he just left it lying around? Phew, I worried for nothing… no, wait Did Aqua-sama buy this magazine with someone who looks like me on it and read it?!

 My mind is going into panic mode.

 ”I’m sorry I left this out…”

 I see Aqua-sama bowing his head in apology, and my heart skips a beat.

 It’s not bad for a boy to read an erotic book, but it’s pitiful.

 I feel a sense of mission to teach him properly.

 ”Don’t apologize. It’s not bad for a boy to buy an erotic book or watch s*xual content. In fact, the country recommends it from high school age. Moreover, it’s amazing that Aqua-sama would buy a book like this, which no one needs, especially one with an older woman.”

 I grasp Aqua-sama’s hand tightly with both hands and give him a gentle, reassuring smile.

 ”There’s no need for it?! This amazing erotic magazine with no mosaic, no seaweed, and no mysterious light?! Are you kidding me… I needed it, but…”

 I feel my whole body heat up rapidly.

 Wh-Which page of this magazine did he need?

 Could it be the cover with the woman who looks like me? That’s just too good to be true.

 ”So, where did you go, Aqua-sama?”

 Aqua-sama had come to my house once, but why was he outside? Did he have some business to attend to?

 ”S-sorry… this…”

 Aqua-sama hands me a paper bag.

 Could this be a present for me? I take out what’s inside with a racing heart.


 And it’s even from a brand for young girls that college girls wear, this is too young for me.

 It’s really cute, and the design is one I like, but…

 ”Why did you get underwear for me…?”


 Aqua-sama looks up at me with a face like a scolded child.

 Hehe, I remember Emily-chan from when she was a kid and got scolded for playing pranks.

 ”Aqua-sama, I won�t get angry, so tell me the truth.”

 ”Really!? Is that so?”

 Once Aqua-sama knew I wouldn’t scold him, he took out a familiar-looking underwear from the changing room.

 ”This is… the one I wore yesterday…”

 What’s going on? I can smell something weird, like a sweet and sticky scent coming from the crotch area.

 When I spread out the underwear, I was shocked to see a sticky white liquid stuck to the crotch.

 ”Th, this is…”

 ”It’s mine. I’m sorry.”

 Aqua-sama’s s*men!?

 ”Why is Aqua-sama’s s*men on my panties…?”

 ”I’m sorry. I used it while looking at a magazine, together with your bra…”

 He used it while looking at a magazine, together with my bra!?

 I, I don’t get it. What kind of thing is this…?!

 ”How did you use it?”

 I asked Aqua-sama with a gentle smile, trying not to scare him.

 ”Well… you see. It’s like the person on the cover of this magazine just like you, Agewa-san. I sniffed the scent of Agewa-san’s sweat on the inside of the bra while looking at the nude page, and then I put the panties on and did that, and it got so intense that it broke, mumble mumble…”

 Aqua-sama use me as material!? And it was so intense that the underwear broke!

 What should I do, what should I do? I’m so happy I might end up with a silly grin on my face.

 Calm down, Agewa. This isn’t the time for that!

 Besides, there are so many beautiful people and cute kids around Aqua-sama, so why did he choose me…?

 ”Aqua-sama… I think you know this from Yui-san, but male s*men is a very precious thing. Instead of wasting it on something like my dirty underwear, wouldn’t it be better to release it into a living woman?”

 ”Does that mean I can do it directly with Agewa-san?”

 Why did it get interpreted like that!?

 Ah… maybe my words weren’t enough.

 ”No, it’s not me, but someone even younger! It’s better to do it with someone younger than me…”

 ”Agewa-san, age doesn’t matter when it comes to getting pregnant, right?”

 Aqua-sama grasped my hands gently with a cool, handsome face.

 ”Agewa-san, let’s stop this country’s declining birthrate together!”


 Ah… as expected, Aqua-sama is a hero not just for me, but for this country too.

 Even as a high school student, he’s thinking about the politics, no, about the future of this country!

 I wish the Prime Minister, who is a proper person but who jokes around, and those politicians who only care about their own interests, also Emily-chan, who is easily lured by short-term matters, could learn from him.

 ”For that, Agewa-san will take the lead and get pregnant with my child.”

 ”I… “

 I subtly placed my hand on my lower abdomen.

 After seeing Aqua-sama’s s*men stuck to my underwear earlier, my uterus has been aching.

 I can say whatever I want, but deep down, I’ve realized I’m just a female animal.

 ”I understand. Although I have no experience with men, I, Kokucho Agewa, will do my best.”

 ”Thank you, thank you so much.”

 Seeing Aqua-sama’s delighted face, I couldn’t help but smile naturally.

 ”Um… it’s okay to do it now, but doing it here is a bit embarrassing…”

 ”I understand. In that case, let’s go to the hotel the government created for s*xual activities.”

 As expected, it’s Aqua-sama.

 He’s even considering my work and making me feel really happy.

 ”This… this is a special hotel created by the government for men and women to have children and engage in s*xual activities, right?”

 My heart skips a beat, like I’m in a fairy tale castle from a children’s book I read when I was a kid.

 I guess I still have a bit of that girly heart left in me.

 ”Since there’s no one else who’ll use it, I got it reserved just for us.”

 ”I’m happy…”

 Aqua-sama gently hugged me in the corridor and softly caressed my buttocks.

 Is he preparing my lower body for what’s to come? Or is he just checking my reaction by touching my body? I have no experience with men, so I have no idea what this behavior means.


 The elevator doors closed, and Aqua-sama passionately stole my lips.

 Wait, please. Isn’t the first kiss supposed to be a gentle peck, not this intense, sloppy kiss?

 I’ve never heard of exchanging saliva like this. It’s so indecent.


 While kissing, Aqua-sama fondled my ample breasts with his large hands.

 The rumors about him loving big breasts were true.


 The thread of saliva between our lips fell, and I was finally released from the intense kiss.

 But that relief was short-lived.

 Aqua-sama started stripping me, one piece of clothing at a time, and throwing them away on the corridor floor.

 ”Wait, please. It’s so embarrassing to walk around in my underwear in the corridor…”

 ”Don’t worry, no one’s watching.”

 It’s true that we have the corridor to ourselves, but it’s still super embarrassing to walk around in just my underwear.

 ”A, ah… how is it? Compared to the women in the erotic books Aqua-sama bought, my body is so… lacking, right?”

 ”There’s nothing lacking about you. You’re a perfect beauty, just like the women in those erotic books. Come see for yourself.”

 Aqua-sama took off all his clothes, revealing his er*ct penis, and pointed it at me.

 Wow, it’s so big…

 I guess the anatomy book I saw in school wasn’t accurate, but Aqua-sama’s homemade book was.

 ”Look, you can touch it too, Agewa-san.”

 Touch it? That’s something I could never do on my own. It’s too embarrassing.

 Aqua-sama hugged me close and slipped his hand into my bra, directly fondling my breasts.

 Nh, no way. If he stimulates my nipples like that, my body will go numb, and my head will spin.

 While I was distracted, Aqua-sama’s other hand slipped into my pants.


 His fingers touched the most important part of a girl’s body.

 What should we do? I can’t believe I’ve wet my panties like this without even realizing it. Aqua-sama would definitely be disgusted, right?

 ”Agewa-san, that’s amazing. Your panties are completely soaked.”

 ”Um, please don’t say that. It’s embarrassing.”

 When I showed signs of embarrassment, Aqua-sama intentionally played with the area near the entrance with their fingertips, creating lewd sounds with my vagina.

 ”You too, Agewa-san.”

 Following Aqua-sama’s lead, I grasped that throbbing penis.

 It’s so hot… I might get burned. I wonder if something this big will fit inside me properly?

 Even as an adult, I have my doubts, so a small girl’s immature female parts might break easily.

 ”Agewa-san, I can’t hold it in anymore. Can we do it here?”


 In such a wide corridor, doing it here… It’s so embarrassing.

 ”Please, Agewa-san. I can’t hold back anymore.”

 Aqua-sama flaunted his throbbing penis in front of me.

 No, if I see Aqua-sama’s penis, I won’t be able to think of anything else.

 I’ll want to do anything he asks and spoil that penis.

 Seeing Aqua-sama’s penis in its raw state made me understand why Aqua-sama is so defenseless.

 No matter what threat comes their way, any woman would bow down in their presence if shown that penis.

 ”Y-Yes, please.”

 I made up my mind and discarded the underwear I was wearing.

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