Male Idol V13c77

Volume 13 Chapter 77 Kokucho Agewa, From Saint’s Party To Sex-Crazed Party

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Ah… I never thought I’d be losing my virginity in a corner of a hotel corridor like this.

 ”A-Aqua-sama, that… condom…? Are you really going to make me pregnant?”

 ”There’s no man who wouldn’t want to get this body pregnant!!”

 I’m happy. My body is needed, and I can make a man happy as a woman.

 Aqua-sama pushes his large, thick, and long thing into my most important place.

 My uterus, which I never thought I’d use, reacts and naturally descends.

 So… my uterus also wanted a baby. Sorry. I couldn’t use it for so long.


 No way, no way, no way! Just the tip of his penis entering a little hurts so much! Wait, did Emily-chan and Kanon-san also endure this pain and have s*x?!

 ”Does it hurt?”

 ”Ah… sorry. I think I’m just surprised because I’ve never used it since I was born.”

 Ah, what’s going on? Aqua-sama’s penis is getting even bigger than before!

 Wait, what’s going on in this conversation that’s making it bigger?!

 ”Ugh! This world is messed up!! A beautiful woman like Agewa-san with big breasts and a big butt, and a beautiful face, is still unused?! What are the men in this world doing?! If I were Agewa-san’s classmate, I’d push her down in the school gym storage room or an empty classroom after school!!”


 A-Aqua-sama is praising me, saying I’m beautiful and my body is really erotic.

 And he’s saying he’d push me down… my body, which was feared by men, is attractive to Aqua-sama, and I’m filled with joy and happiness.


 Ah, Aqua-sama’s big thing is entering me, splitting my vaginal walls.

 At the same time, I hear the sound of something important breaking inside my ears.

 My body is no longer a pure and innocent girl who doesn’t know men.

 I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting for such a long time. I’m finally able to serve, and it feels amazing!

 ”Ah… ah … inside, so…Deep…”

 Aqua-sama’s penis has reached the deepest part of my vagina.

 At first, my vagina was hurting, but it’s now entwining itself around Aqua-sama’s penis.

 Ah… my pussy, it got wet right after Aqua-sama inserted it.

 ”Aqua-sama…how’s my service and your mood? If you’re not feeling good, please tell me…nn, okay. I’ll do my best…”

 ”The best, Agewa-san. I almost came the moment I inserted it.”

 I’m so happy, so happy, so happy!

 The moment he said he almost came, it’s like I’ve become a girl who says the top 10 happiest words.

 Wait, wait, wait, I’m also a girl, you know. I’m not just studying for the government’s policy to increase the birth rate by reading those magazines…I’m a girl, after all. There’s no girl who doesn’t want to see AnnAnn’s sex special or isn’t interested in it. It’s only natural for girls to be curious. That’s why, even though I always told the Prime Minister “Don’t buy those magazines!” with a straight face, I was secretly buying them myself!! But, the Prime Minister who’s always reading dirty magazines in the office and making weird noises just as bad as Emily-chan is totally out of line, so I’ll be careful from now on.

 ”Agewa-san, I’ll move a bit.”


 Aqua-sama is still connected to me, slowly rocking my body.

 Ah, this is amazing. This is what sex feels like.

 This feeling of my body being rocked one-sidedly, the feeling of my entire body becoming Aqua-sama’s, is incredibly thrilling.

 ”Aqua-sama…if you want to cum, don’t hold back and release it inside my vagina, okay? nn, a woman’s body is meant to receive a man’s sperm, after all…ahh”

 Aqua-sama’s movements become more intense.

 Uh-uh, according to Aqua-sama’s textbook, when a man’s movements become faster, it means he’s excited, right?

 I just said something obvious, but Aqua-sama seems to be excited about something in my words…

 Oh, this is my first time engaging in sexual activity with a man, so I don’t understand anything.

 ”Oh, inside… deep…”

 Every time Aqua-sama treats my vagina roughly, my mind becomes filled with thoughts about the depths and sensations.

 Wait… sex might be dangerous. It feels so good, and pleasure makes my rationality fly away, easily turning my mind into a mess.

 ”Like this, if it’s done so forcefully…”

 Aqua-sama strongly squeezes my breasts.

 It feels so good when a man, someone you like, touches your breasts like this.

 My breasts react to being squeezed vigorously, and my nipples naturally become erect.


 Aqua-sama forcefully takes my lips.

 It’s as if I’m being told not to speak anymore.


 Aqua-sama uses his index finger to tease my hardened nipples.

 No, that feels good. My breasts are so sensitive that it’s driving me crazy!

 I had a faint idea, but it seems that my body actually enjoys being treated roughly and forcefully.

 Throb~♡ Throb~♡ Throb~♡

 Every time Aqua-sama vigorously shakes my body, including my breasts, all the flesh in my body shakes.

 As a woman, it’s such a blissful thing to have someone use my body, especially someone I love.

 I want him to use my body even more. I want to feel even more pleasure.

 I wrap my arms around Aqua-sama’s back and signal him to be even more intense.

 Slap~♡ Slap~♡ Slap~♡

 Oh, the movements have become faster. This feels so good.

 Wait, no, it’s too much. If it’s done so forcefully, I might misunderstand something.

 I wonder if Aqua-sama understands?

 Thrusting so aggressively against a woman’s body is just like a proposal.

 Slide~♡ Slide~♡ Slide~♡

 Oh, ah, wait. That spot, oh, no, please. It’s a place that drives me crazy!

 Aqua-sama’s penis stimulates the exact pleasurable spot inside me, as if digging into it.

 It’s really my, hmm, a great feeling, being searched for. Ah, I’m the older one, but I’m being completely spoiled by this younger boy, hmm.

 Every time his big penis scratches my vaginal walls and rubs my vaginal flesh, I’m consumed by pleasure and my head starts to spin.

 Mush~♡ Mush~♡ Mush~♡

 Ah~~~, no way.

 Aqua-sama is hitting my favorite deep spot.

 Stoppp! But I, I guess I prefer rough sex like this over being treated like a princess, after all.

 Thump~♡ Thump~♡ Thump~♡

 Ah, no. That’s not allowed. That’s the baby’s room, and it’s not where you put it in.

 Even though my uterus is telling me not to, Aqua-sama is forcing it in there.

 ”Here, there, ah, way over there!”

 No way, I love being rubbed by it at the entrance of my uterus.

 I want it inside, I want it inside, I want it inside.

 My head is filled with Aqua-sama’s sperm, and it’s overflowing.

 Ah, my eggs are craving Aqua-sama’s sperm.

 I can hear myself saying I want to get pregnant with this person’s sperm.

 ”Agewa-san, I’ll put it inside!”


 Aqua-sama’s hip movements get even faster.

 What do I do? At a time like this, what’s a girl supposed to do?

 Uh, uh, uh… Ah, my eggs are going crazy! I’ll get pregnant with Aqua-sama’s sperm, of course.

 Thud~♡ Thud~♡ Thud~♡

 Kuhh! I tighten my grip on Aqua-sama’s back, holding him even tighter.

 Spurt~♡ Spurt~♡ Spurt~♡ Gush~♡ Spurt~~~~♡ Spurt~♡ Gush~♡ Spurt~♡

 Ah, ah, ah, I’m being filled up from the deepest part of my body by Aqua-sama.

 Being loved is really amazing. I’m so happy my body is trembling slightly.

 From the bottom of my heart, I’m glad I was born as Kokucho Agewa, a human… no, a girl.

 So, sex is a man’s complete affirmation of a woman, after all.

 Getting kissed is like being praised for having a cute face, saying it’s beautiful and lovely. Touching my breasts or butt is like saying my body is sexy and charming.

 Thud~♡ Thud~♡

 Amazing. It’s still coming out.

 Wait, wait, do boys really come out that much? Is it because you’re Aqua-sama? Or is it because of me…?! Kyaa~~~~! What should I do, what should I do?

 My body is trembling with pleasure.

 Twitch~♡ Twitch~♡

 Aqua-sama, like a wonderful prince, is so obsessed with this old lady’s body. Ah, but I did do some naughty things with my used underwear, so… yeah, that’s it. Hehe.

 If he had told me that earlier, I would’ve served him plenty every time I came.

 ”It was great, Agewa-san.”

 ”Me too…”

 Mwah, Aqua-sama and I shared a light, lover-like kiss.

 Hehe, it’s like I’ve gone back to being a high school student.

 Aqua-sama slowly pulls away from my body.

 Whoa, the sperm that didn’t make it inside is spilling out Embarrassing

 ”Agewa-san, are you okay?”


 Aqua-sama carries me in his arms like a princess and takes me into a nearby room.

 Wow, amazing When we enter the room with a glass wall, the circular bed in the middle starts rotating slowly. The horses around it are moving like a merry-go-round, just like in a picture book.

 Aqua-sama gets on the bed and gently lays my body down.

 Maybe, maybe this is the end? Aqua-sama is kind, and he wouldn’t push me too hard, especially since it’s my first time. But… I don’t want it to end.


 I realized I was unconsciously holding Aqua-sama’s hand.

 ”Aqua-sama… can I serve you this time?”

 ”Is, is that okay?”

 Hehe, Aqua-sama looks really happy.

 I sit up and lay Aqua-sama’s body down on the bed, facing upwards.

 ”Aqua-sama, what kind of service would you like?”

 ”Umm, I want a paizuri!”

 Paizuri is definitely when you sandwich a penis between breasts and move up and down, right?

 I firmly lift my heavy breasts with both hands and gently drop them onto Aqua-sama’s groin.

 Um, first, I gather saliva in my mouth, and then I guess I should drop my saliva onto the pis to make it slide well.


 My saliva wraps around Aqua-sama’s glans and drips down smoothly.

 Amazing. Just by having saliva put on it, it’s already become so hard.

 Wait. As I watch Aqua-sama being pleased by the saliva, it feels like a new part of myself is awakening.

 ”Rub, rub, rub.”

 I firmly move my hands up and down Aqua-sama’s penis, so that the saliva gets well incorporated.

 This way, it won’t hurt even if it rubs.

 After preparing, I tightly sandwich Aqua-sama’s penis with my breasts.

 Hehe, even though I just sandwiched it, he’s floating his hips cutely. And Aqua-sama’s face looks so happy.

 Squelch~♡ Squelch~♡ Squish~♡ Squish~♡

 Amazing. Aqua-sama’s penis can’t be fully hidden even by my breasts.

 The glans that protrudes from the breasts looks at me with loneliness.

 I’m sorry. It must be lonely to only protrude from the breasts. It must be cold, isn’t it?

 In exchange, I’ll warm you up with my mouth, so forgive me.


 I take Aqua-sama’s penis into my mouth and lick the glans with the tip of my tongue.

 See, you can depend on my mouth even more, you know?

 Slurp~♡ Suck~♡ Slurp~♡ Suck~♡

 I serve Aqua-sama’s penis using both my breasts and my mouth.

 Even though I was just made happy inside, is it all right for my breasts and mouth to also be made happy?

 Squelch~♡ Squelch~♡

 The lewd, moist sounds excite both me and Aqua-sama even more.

 ”Ah, Agewa-san, I, I’m already…!”

 ”At your convenience, you may release.”

 Hehe, Aqua-sama, who was under my control until now, becomes like this when I take the lead.

 I’m so happy that I’m accelerating the pressure of my service.

 And then, something forcefully overflowed into my mouth.

 Gusshhhh~♡ Gushhh~♡ Spurrttt~♡ Spurtt~♡ Spurrttt~♡

 Wow. I didn’t expect this much to come out. My mouth and chest felt so good.

 I will take in all of Aqua-sama’s sperm in my mouth.

 Um, according to the textbook Aqua-sama wrote, I think I’m supposed to open my mouth wide and show the extracted semen, right? It’s a bit embarrassing to have someone see inside my mouth.

 While feeling embarrassed, I show Aqua-sama the accumulated s*men in my mouth.

 Ah, amazing. Aqua-sama’s penis got big again.


 I gulp down the semen I’ve collected in my mouth in one go.

 Fuuaaaa, Aqua-sama’s sp*rm has entered my stomach.

 This is already pregnancy. Because my belly is warm from Aqua-sama’s sperm.



 His penis is even harder than before.

 It’s cute. I got excited from serving him.

 I really like the veins popping out on the erect thing, it gives off a masculine vibe.

 ”Aqua-sama, if you don’t mind… um, is it okay if I get on top and serve you?”

 ”Agewa-san on top of me!?”

 ”Ah… well, is that… indecent?”

 ”There’s nothing indecent about it. This Shirogane Aqua is living to be ridden by women, so to speak.”

 Well, I see.

 Aqua-sama happily lies back on the bed.

 ”If it hurts, please let me know immediately.”

 I shamelessly straddle Aqua-sama’s body and slowly guide his penis into me.

 Yay! It’s my first time, but I was able to welcome Aqua-sama properly.

 ”I’ll move slowly.”

 Wow, this is what it feels like to be on top of a boy.”

 I might… like this view…

 Squish~♡ Squish~♡

 Oh, my vagina was being trained to resemble Aqua-sama’s shape.

 The moment it was inserted, my vaginal flesh started to submit, no, to become subservient to Aqua-sama’s penis.

 At first, I was scared, but as I got used to it, I gradually increased the speed of the piston.

 Because, it feels better when it’s intense.

 Thump~♡ Thump~♡

 Naturally, the speed of my hips starts to increase.

 ”Penis, penis, penis,” my mind fills with the thought of penis.

 Squelch~♡ Squelch~♡

 My love juices intertwine with Aqua-sama’s, making a loud sound.

 I’m sorry. I, I, was actually a very naughty girl!

 Even though I’m Kokucho, a politician, and I have Kujaku-kun, I’ve always restrained myself, but deep down, I’ve been very curious about naughty things. And now, what I had kept hidden inside me has been unleashed through the sexual act with Aqua-sama.


 I cover Aqua-sama and forcefully steal those cute lips.

 Hehe, Aqua-sama has many partners, but for now, I must make it clear that he belongs to me.

 ”Huff, huff, huff, huff…”

 Oh, just by pressing my big breasts against him, Aqua-sama’s penis trembles.

 How cute~~~~! Huh? Haven’t you already enjoyed my breasts enough? And yet, you react like this. What should I do? My heart flutters uncontrollably despite my age.

 I increase the speed of my hips even more.

 ”Oh, I’m going, this feels good.”

 I lift my hips high and repeatedly thrust, pushing all the way to the base.

 I continue to move my hips like a beast, seeking nothing but pleasure.

 ”I’m going, going, going…!”

 As I reach climax, I press my female genitals strongly against Aqua-sama’s lower body.

 Splat! Splat! Spurtt! Gushhh! Spurttt~~~! Spurtttt~~~!”

 Oh, it’s coming out. It’s coming out inside me.

 I love being impregnated by boys, even during sex.

 ”Haa haa, haa haa…Thank you, Aqua-sama. I’ve finally come to terms with it.”

 Kokucho Agewa was reborn as a politician.

 From now on, I won’t be the leader of the Saint’s Party, but the leader of the Sex-crazed Party, working hard to promote healthy sexual relationships between men and women. And someday, I’ll even host the Tokyo Erotic Olympics in this Japan!

 ”Agewa-san, I still can’t get over it, though…”

 ”Ah, wonderful Aqua-sama, my body is also burning with desire. Since we’re at it, let’s have lots of sex in the lobby or the pool too!”

 ”I-Is that okay?”

 Hehe, Aqua-sama looked really happy.

 Seeing that, I also felt incredibly happy.

 ”Yes, of course. Ah, I want to try cosplay too, is that okay?”

 ”Of course. Whether it’s a school uniform or a magical girl, I don’t care as long as it’s sexy.”

 ”Ah, wonderful I’ll do my best, even if I’m an old lady.”

 Saying that, I held hands with Aqua-sama in Naked and headed towards the next room.

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