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Volume 13 Chapter 9 Pegonia, A Reward For The Maids

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 ”Now, please read this document carefully and fill in your names.”


 I scrutinize Mikoto, Rin, Ruuna, and Rinon with a strict gaze as they look through the papers.

 Huh? There’s one extra person. Oh, upon closer inspection, there’s an outsider who sneaked in.


 I give an exasperated expression and disdainfully stare at the person while letting out a frustrated sigh.

 ”Emily-sama, what are you doing?”

 ”Huh? Um, I just thought you all seemed to be having fun…”

 Well, let’s kick her out, shall we?

 You’re a maid from Mary-sama’s place, not one of ours, right?

 For the sake of young lady, please be conquered by Master (Danna-sama) as an equal individual, not as a maid.

 I’ve already given up halfway, but someone will surely do something about it. I’m busy taking care of young lady, so I’ll leave that to that person.


 Mikoto, are you okay?

 I heard you collapsed at Stars, and if you’re still not feeling well, we can reschedule.

 While I wait, I’ll check the documents I handed out to everyone and make sure there are no mistakes in the ones I wrote.

 Consent Form

 As a maid of the Shirogane household, I agree to the following with a checkmark:

 - If Master requests sexual intercourse or sexual activities, I will always comply.

 However, I have the right to refuse if I am pregnant, on my period, or feeling unwell.

 - I wish to be forcefully raped by Master, regardless of my own will.

 I have no right to refuse even if I am pregnant, on my period, or feeling unwell.

 - I will comply with any play or activities that Master desires.

 - I give Master ownership of my heart, body, and personal belongings, including my underwear.

 Signature: Pegonia


 - The cost of costumes, equipment, and consumables used in the play will be billed separately. Shirogane family will provide the full amount.

 - An additional fee is required for underwear.

 - If there is a possibility of being pregnant, please consult Pegonia, the head maid, promptly.

 - If actually pregnant, temporary congratulations and permanent child support will be provided.

 - If you gain favor from Master, you may be promoted from maid to beloved mistress or concubine.

 Oh my, it seems everyone is getting a big stamp.

 Doesn’t this seem more like a consent to rape rather than a consent to sex document?

 ”Guhehe, all stamped nice and round.”

 Oh! Even though I just kicked you out, another foreign object has sneaked in.

 Honestly. You never learn, do you? You can’t just bluff your way with a smirk.

 I kick Emily-sama out of the room once again.

 ”Rinon, Rin, when Emily-sama comes in next, you can take care of her.”


 Oh? Why do both of you look so uncomfortable?

 I gather the documents everyone wrote. Oh, please shred the documents written by Emily-sama.

 I leave the room and head to Master’s room.

 ”Oh, he’s not here. Where could he have gone?”

 I check the trash can.

 Sniff sniff sniff sniff, this smell is….

 ”Oh, what is this smell!? It’s making my stomach tingling.”



 I glare at Emily-sama with a stern look and throw her outside.


 Setting aside Emily-sama for now, this smell is definitely semen.

 Oh, and there are even three used tissues!?

 What a waste! Instead of throwing away something more valuable than a whole Roppongi tower, why not use it or save it? If Yui sees this, she will truly cry….

 If you find sex bothersome, you could call a maid or do something else, and only insert and ejaculate during sex… Ah, and this, isn’t this my used panties?

 I spread the panties and gaze at the dirty crotch stained with semen.

 With this warmth, it’s definitely just been used.


 What should I do? Earlier, I found out that I was being made material, and it made me feel really hot.

 As a punishment, I will have him return it to me personally for my enjoyment.

 I put the used underwear that was used in a plastic bag and stuffed it into the pocket of my maid outfit.

 After leaving Master’s room, I headed to the changing room.

 Oh, he’s here after all.

 ”Today, Kanon is wearing children’s underwear, so that’s a high point. Ruuna-senpai is wearing unusually mature and sexy underwear. The contrast is great! And Rinon-san is wearing a simple and functional sports type… Oh, the smell of sweat is nice! And Rin-chan is wearing a loincloth!? Ah, this might be good too… Mikoto-chan is wearing striped panties. This is irresistible. And Pegonia-san… a thong!? Well… let me smell the area around the string that touches her buttocks!”

 ”That’s embarrassing, so please stop.”


 Master turned around with a surprised look on his face.

 I stared back at him with a disgusted expression, hoping that he would feel a little remorse.

 ”Thank you, thank you!”

 I really don’t understand what he’s thanking me for. What was there to be grateful for just now?

 Maybe I should talk to Mayuzumi-sama about it when he comes to visit next time.

 Also, please stop because it’s really embarrassing.

 I can tolerate most things, but having my butt hole sniffed is a matter of my dignity, so please stop. Save that for the panties of young lady that smells nice, okay?

 I snatched the Thong that Master was holding against his nose and took a deep breath.

 ”…I guess there’s no helping it.”

 Master had a face that looked like he was about to cry, so I took off the panties I was wearing and handed them over.

 Then Master cheered up and raised both hands in the air. Oh, please don’t raise both hands while holding the panties. It’s embarrassing for me, not you.

 Sigh… as someone who’s weak for these childish reactions, that kind of sincere joy really gets to me, or more like, it directly hits my uterus, so please stop. It’s like I want to take care of you, but in a sexual way, of course.

 ”Master, instead of wasting your shots, how about giving a special bonus to the maids who worked hard during Stars expedition?”

 ”A special bonus!?”

 Sure, with that stick-shaped eggplant in your pants. Hehehe…

 I take my silly-faced Master and head to the room where the maids are waiting.

 ”Oh, wait a moment, please.”

 Leaving Master behind, I enter the room and pull Emily-sama out, pretending nothing happened.

 ”Pegonia-san, I want a special bonus too!”

 ”Nope. Emily-san, you should conquer yourself or get conquered in a normal way. Maids are beneath concubines like me. Go about it properly and become like Kotono-sama or Kaede-sama. Otherwise, I’ll be scolded by all three of them.”

 Sigh… I guess I can’t help it.

 I handed Emily-sama a packet containing fresh used tissues that I collected earlier for her to enjoy later.

 ”This, this is…!?”

 ”Emily-sama might not know, but that smell just now is the smell of semen. It’s soaked into those tissues from Master, so go ahead and savor it.”

 ”Thank you, thank you so much.”

 Oh, no, that’s not good. If you hold it up so high, Master watching from afar might notice.

 Honestly, don’t react like Master, just go back to your room and enjoy it.

 After dismissing Emily-sama, I turned back to Master with a smile.

 ”Well then, please come here.”

 ”Uh, yeah. But, what about earlier…?”

 It’s just your imagination, Master.

 Come on, bury your head in Pegonia’s chest. There, you’ve completely forgotten about earlier, right? Good boy, good boy. I stroke Master’s head like I’m soothing a child.

 There, everything’s fine now. I open the door and enter with Master.

 ”Oh my!”

 Oh, Rinon, you’re wearing a maid outfit too.

 It suits you quite well, don’t you think?

 Huh? You feel embarrassed to wear high-heeled boots because you’re over 190cm (6ft) tall?

 You don’t have to worry about that, Master will surely love tall girls too.

 ”Ugh, instead of a mini skirt, this classic maid outfit with a long skirt like Pegonia-san is the best! Has the time finally come for my desire to be fulfilled, to be inside the skirt of a girl taller than me, even if it’s just once!?”

 What kind of desire is that? Oh, I remember now.

 By the way, I found a pitch-black notebook with DEAD NOTE written on it in Master’s room while I was cleaning it. At first, I thought it was just something typical of adolescence, like the young lady’s dreamy notebook.

 It’s something that happens to everyone during that time, you know. But the contents were completely different from the fluffy dreams that young lady used to draw.

 When I flipped through the pages to check the contents, there it was written: “108 Ecchi Desires Shirogane Aqua Want to Fulfill Before He Dies.” I’m pretty sure one of them was the same desire as earlier.

 At that moment, I realized that if Master is creating sinful women, then Master is just as sinful of an existence.

 ”Master, As a special bonus, would you be willing to receive the services of our four Shirogane family maids from now on?”

 ”I… Is that okay?”

 ”Yes, of course. Not only will they provide services, but they will also engage in physical contact and harassment.”

 By “sexual services,” I mean.

 ”Is that okay!? Touching and harassing the maids!?”

 Huh? Are you saying that you will touch and harass the maids?

 I meant the opposite… But both Master and the maids seem happy, so it’s fine.

 ”Yes. Everyone has already filled out consent forms.”

 ”Yay! Consent forms are awesome!”

 Huh? I heard on the news recently that consent forms are not necessary and can be discarded. Was that fake news?

 ”Alright then, please take care of me.”

 ””””Y-Yeah, please take care of me too!””””

 Master sits comfortably on the chair placed in the center of the room.

 Oh my, if you show me that excited face and those sparkling innocent eyes, I can’t help but get excited too.

 ”Everyone, gather around Master. Come closer until our bodies are touching.”

 ”Ahh, being surrounded by the sweet scents of different types of girls is the best!”

 Oh my, Master, you’re so adorable when you’re delighted by the scent of a fertile female.


 Master reaches out and places Mikoto on his lap.

 And from behind, he starts squeezing Mikoto’s breasts over the maid outfit.

 ”Hehehe, it’s a breast check by your master.”

 Hehe, Master looks really happy.

 Master enjoys Mikoto’s innocent reactions and puts his hand inside the maid outfit, directly squeezing the breasts.

 ”Mikoto-chan, if you don’t like it, please let me know.”

 ”I-I’m fine.”

 Oh, I see. He’s definitely pinching and tweaking the tips of Mikoto’s breasts.

 ”Mmm, I need to make sure he doesn’t touch A or V…”

 ”Mikoto-chan, did you say something?”

 ”N-No, nothing.”

 A? V? A is probably referring to the anus, and V… a mistake in hearing, could it be vagina?

 Certainly, it feels good when you’re being touched there while your breasts are being touched.

 Honestly, even I touch myself if I didn’t have the role and duties of a maid.

 ”Rin-chan and Ruuna-senpai, come over here.”



 Oh my, Master has put Rin and Ruuna on his knees and is vigorously squeezing their breasts.

 Isn’t that nice? Since both of them are petite, it looks good overall.

 ”Both of you are very sensitive. Your nipples are already getting hard.”

 Well done, Master. You’re fast. When you uncover and undress the upper half of both of them, you remove their bras and start teasing their nipples directly.

 By the way, I’ve heard that smaller breasts are more sensitive. Is that true? If it is, I’m really envious.

 When my breasts are as big as mine, it’s not quite satisfying to only have my nipples played with. I need my breasts to be properly massaged too, or else I’ll feel restless with my heated body. So, when it comes to touching my nipples, I ask Master to massage them so hard that his fingers sink in, or even press them enough to change the shape of my breasts.


 Master, squeezed between the two of us, shows a delighted expression.

 ”Aqua-kun… Is this really pleasurable?”

 ”Doesn’t it hurt at all, de gozaru?”

 Master shows a determined face to the two of them.

 I have a really bad feeling about this.

 Even Kohina-sama said that when Master makes a cool face, it usually means he’s saying something unimportant when you listen calmly.

 ”Ruuna-senpai, Rin-chan, you know, I like it when multiple older girls press their breasts against my whole face, but I also really like it when girls like you try their best to push their breasts against me! Keep going! Keep going!”



 Oh, how wonderful it is. Aqua-sama is not just on the side of girls with big or small breasts, she’s on the side of all of us girls! It would make the people on some bulletin board cry.

 However, if you listen closely, Master is just talking about his own fetishes.

 But, yes, however! Ruuna and Rin both have very happy faces when they hear Master’s words.

 So that’s okay. Even if the world ridicules us, Shirogane Aqua, no, Japan is fine like this.

 I have never felt peace as much as I do now, coming to this country where I’ve lived a life devoid of peace.


 Master said it was a taste test and began licking and sucking on both of their nipples.

 Wow, it feels so good. Their swollen nipples were being rolled around by Master’s tongue.

 Both of them seemed to be feeling really good. After sucking on their nipples until their hips were weak, Master released them.

 As young lady said, Master is better than someone like Makishima.

 I think Makishima’s dirty talk might sound sticky, but I think his sexual acts are bland.

 Compared to that, Master devotes all his passion to sucking their breasts earlier, expressing both love and desire to have sex. As a woman, it feels exciting.

 ”Ri, Ri, is it okay for Rinon-san too!?”

 ”Ah… Yes. Please wait a moment.”

 Rinon took off her top and unhooked her bra, then spread her arms out in a position to receive Master.

 ”I’m ready. Please, go ahead.”

 ”Thank you so much!”

 Oh, Master’s enthusiasm got a bit too much, and he accidentally bit his tongue.

 He’s really adorable. When experiencing pleasure for the first time, there’s a cute childlike charm on him, and I can’t able to resist the urge from the tingling in the penis down there and thrusting my hips forward.

 ”Ah! Just once, I wanted to dive into the chest of a taller girl than myself! Thank you. Thank you so much!”

 Thanks to the high-heeled boots, Master’s face comes right around Rinon’s chest area.

 Master rubs his head against Rinon’s chest, swaying his head from side to side.

 Oh my, Master, did you become unable to resist? You’re rubbing your lower body against Rinon’s thighs.

 Watching Master in such an enjoyable state, I, as the director, can’t help but lose control.

 My own love juices make my skin tingle as they flow down my thighs. Since I gave Master my panties earlier, I’m not wearing any, and it’s become quite a mess down there. Oh my!

 Master starts sucking on Rinon’s breasts.

 Boys who love breasts are really something. Even my nipples are getting erect.

 ”Hey Rinon-san, is it okay if I put my body inside your skirt!?”

 ”Um, yes. Go ahead.”

 Master apologizes and enters Rinon’s skirt, moving his body in a strange way.

 Wow, this seems really naughty from a third-person perspective. What exactly is happening inside there?

 Rinon’s face turns bright red as she looks around nervously.

 I can hear a sound, like a little bit of moisture.

 It’s definitely being licked.

 I never thought I would see the day when I could see the expression of someone feeling good up close.

 I’ll say it again, peace is definitely better. It’s much better to have a penis pressed against you than a gun. It’s much better to have your boobs touched instead of worrying about strategies. It’s definitely better to have your ass touched than getting spanked by your superiors. Spending money to launch missiles or shooting a semen is really foolish compared to those things.

 I became convinced after the incident in the Great Udon Republic that if Master were to come down right in the middle of a battlefield and shout, “Look at my nakedness,” it would instantly make wars disappear from this world.

 ”Aqua-sama, is it…okay now?”

 ”Ahh, yes.”

 Master emerged from under her skirt, wearing a big smile on his face.

 Seeing that, I couldn’t help but break into smile too.

 It’s because Master is so openly happy like this that I like him so much.

 ”Um… Aqua-sama, you got a little dirty, so would it be alright if we all help wash your body?”

 ”Of course.”

 ”Thank you very much. Then, we’ll move Aqua-sama’s body, okay?”


 Oh! Rinon, that’s a new move.

 Rinon easily carried Master in a princess hold.

 Hehehe, seeing Master feeling embarrassed made me relax my lips.

 Is that alright, Master? That’s how young lady always feels when she’s carried like a princess by you.

 ”Alright, let’s undress you, shall we?”


 Oh my, oh my, oh my!

 All the maids gathered to undress Master.

 I can’t help but find this incredibly exciting.

 It’s such a lovely act that fulfills all my desires to serve and protect, and it reminds me of how dependent they are on him.

 I’m more drawn to the naughty side, so I’m incredibly weak when it comes to Master and the girls in this kind of situation.

 ”Well then, if you’ll excuse me.”

 Rinon started licking Master’s nipple from the front.

 Seeing that, Mikoto, Rin, and Ruuna also began to lick Master’s body.

 Oh, it feels so good. I’m getting worked up too. Maybe I should join in, just a little bit.

 I undressed as well and approached Master, taking his fingers into my mouth and sucking on them.


 ”Master, please don’t move.”

 I firmly held Master’s arm between my breasts.

 He couldn’t help but focus his attention on them. How adorable.

 ”Master, please lie down on this mat. We will take care of you and make you feel good.”

 From here on, everyone will take turns licking Master.

 Look, Rinon, show him your tight, big butt and plump thighs.

 That’s right. Oh, when you’re performing oral, make sure to go in order. It doesn’t matter whose mouth receives the release, there will be no hard feelings. However, the semen must be shared through mouth-to-mouth. Understand?

 Hehe, it seems that people are drawn to Master and young lady because of their personalities. Everyone here is so obedient and willing to do as they’re told. If there were a greedy woman, she would eagerly swallow it all to have Master all to herself.


 Oh, my! It seems like Rin got lucky.

 Ah, no, Rin, make sure you take it all the way down your throat. That’s right, it’s precious semen, so make sure you don’t spill any.


 Mikoto receives the semen from Rin’s mouth and shares it with Ruuna and Rinon.

 Ah, don’t worry about me. Today is a reward for the four of you.

 In return, let me take care of this.

 I’ll deepthroat Master’s penis all at once.

 As the head maid, I can’t leave it dirty, so I’ll make sure to clean it properly.

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.”

 Ah, it seems like it’s been a while. I’m starting to crave a penis so much.

 ”Thank you very much, Master.”

 I raise both corners of my mouth to form a heart-shaped shape and stick out my tongue slightly to lick the residue around my lips.

 Oh my, my, Master, did you get aroused again because of that?

 ”Alright, let’s wash Master with everyone’s bodies and cover him in foam.”

 I wash everyone’s bodies and make them all covered in foam.

 ”Excuse me…”

 ”Aqua-kun, I’m sorry from earlier.”

 Rin and Ruuna embrace Master and use their young limbs in a way that is not appropriate for their age, rubbing Master’s body up and down. It feels good.

 Master’s face shows a very pleasant expression as his private area twitches in response.


 Master must have felt good ,so he started rubbing their stomachs and ejaculate.

 That’s great for both of them. It’s like marking your baby room as mine when you get sprayed on the belly button.

 Instead of apologizing while still being aroused, Master, it would be better for you to go ahead and impregnate them.

 ”Thank you both for your hard work. How was it? You want to have a baby, right?”

 Rin and Ruuna nodded with flushed faces.

 ”Yeah, I thought so. But, sorry about that. I’m the one who’s gonna get pregnant now. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure you both get a chance too by rotating things around.”

 It’s important to avoid a situation where all the maids get pregnant at the same time.

 That’s why we need to handle the rotation carefully, you know?

 Huh? Ruuna wants to get pregnant with Natsuki-sama? Got it. Let’s aim for that time and give it our best shot. I’ll help too. Rin wants to get pregnant at the same time as Emily-sama or Chihiro-sama, right? Understood.

 I really love this precious culture where friends in this country hold hands and graduate their virginity together, or want to get pregnant at the same time as their friends. So, I’ll make sure to guide and adjust things with this Pegonia to fulfill everyone’s wishes.

 No worries, no worries. The only one that even I, with all my abilities, can’t calculate is that klutz Emily-sama.

 ”Excuse me from behind.”

 ”Eh? Me in front? Awawawa!”

 Oh, I see. Now it’s a style where Rinon becomes Master’s futon and Mikoto lies on top.

 Isn’t that just great? Hehehe, even in DEAD NOTE, he wrote about the desire to be a body pillow for a woman bigger than himself. And on top of that, Mikoto, a beautiful girl, is rubbing her body against Master. I’m sure Master must be delighted.

 ”Does it feel good?”

 ”Please tell me if it hurts.”

 Master keeps making those pleasurable sounds over and over again.

 Hehehe, Master sure likes that kind of play, doesn’t he? He always asks me and Yui-sama to have a big breasts sandwich.

 ”Rinon, make sure to massage Master’s testicles with your hand. Oh, playing with his nipples is also good.”

 ”Y-Yes, I got it.”

 ”Mikoto, use your thighs to squeeze his shaft. Yes, wash it thoroughly with your inner thighs. Ahh. If you show your love, Master will be even happier.”


 Well, you did a great job! Rub, rub, rub, rub.

 That’s right, make sure to massage it well and encourage a pleasurable experience.


 I applaud quietly, proud of what they both accomplished.

 Now, come on, you two should also pat Master’s head and praise him for doing a good ejaculation.

 ”Both of you, how was it? Serving someone is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?”

 I ask Rinon and Mikoto if they also want to bear Master’s child.

 ”For me… well, it might be a little difficult to get pregnant…”


 I embrace Mikoto tightly, feeling sorry for asking such a difficult question.

 ”Don’t worry about it. It’s fine.”

 Mikoto smiles brightly at me, just like always.

 Thank you.

 You’re all really good kids. Our maids are the best, after all.

 By the way, Mikoto, your skin and figure are soft, but your bones and core are quite firm.

 I shift my gaze towards Rinon.

 ”I-I was an orphan, so I don’t have the confidence to be a mother… but…”


 I gently took Rinon’s hesitant hand.

 ”It’s okay. If it’s about raising a child, I can give you some advice as someone who got pregnant first. I was also an orphan like you, and it’s not good to neglect your own happiness because of such worries.”

 ”Ah, thank you, Pegonia.”

 Seriously, it’s so awkward. We used to be buddies, right?

 I mean, I was in front and you were behind. We’ve leaned on each other’s backs so many times.

 So don’t start hesitating now. Okay?

 ”Well then, Master, please come this way.”

 As we all helped Master change, I dried Master’s hair just like I always do for young lady.

 Hehe, you’ve been sneakily glancing at me since earlier. Are you curious about my breasts that touch the back of your head?

 Let me tell you, I’m doing it on purpose. On. Pur. Pose. So please focus on the back of your head properly.

 ”Master, thank you for your hard work today.”

 ”Oh, uh…”

 In the end, I lay Master down on the custom-sized bed in the maid area.

 Of course, I left Mikoto, Rinon, Rin, and Ruuna around him, all wearing sexy underwear and cute babydolls. Oh, and just so you know, they’re all okay with whatever Master wants to do, so if you feel like it, please use their pussy to your heart’s content.

 ”Well then, good night.”

 With a smile, I left Master’s bedroom, leaving behind the beloved maids.

 ”Guhehe, even if it’s just a little sound…”

 And here I was, thinking that the day was going to end on a good note, but what are you doing?

 Sigh… This is the second big sigh I’ve let out today.

 Please, for the sake of young lady, Emily-sama, please take Master seriously and conquer him.

 With Emily-sama’s body, just letting him touch your breasts will make him come after you.

 I gave a cold look to Emily-sama, then headed to my own bedroom after dragging her to Mary-sama’s floor.

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