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Volume 1 Chapter 11 Shirogane Aqua, Self-Introduction

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 ”Sorry, Shirogane.”

 A clear voice, straight to the point, resonates in the corridor where no one else but us is present. Sugita Mari-sensei, the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A, bows her head to me in front of the classroom. Watching her poised figure confidently walking in high heels, my own posture naturally straightens up. From her wrinkle-free shirt and her straightforward way of speaking, it seems like she has quite a neat personality. She appears to be in her late twenties, with passionate eyes that suit her short haircut. For some reason, she is apologizing and bowing her head to me. Surprised, I am at a loss on how to respond.

 ”You worked so hard to come to the entrance ceremony, but Shirogane is the only boy who came to school today.”

 According to the teacher, it seems that it’s normal for male students in this world to not attend the entrance ceremony. As it is, there are already few boys attending school, and it turns out that both of my prospective classmates have skipped the entrance ceremony. Well, one of them has a reason for their absence, apparently. And as a side note, the few male students are grouped together in one class per grade, aside from my Class A, which consists solely of female students.

 ”It’s alright, sensei. It’s a bit disappointing not being able to meet the other boys, but it’s not something you should worry about. If anything, I apologize for causing you trouble.”

 ”I see… It’s a relief to hear you say that. Shirogane, you’re kind-hearted.”

 Sugita-sensei’s pale lips loosen up. I’ve heard that being a school teacher is quite a demanding job. It becomes even more so when dealing with new students. Sugita-sensei must be tired from her busy work. She’s trying to cover it up with makeup, but I can faintly see dark circles under her eyes.

 ”You don’t have to say that, sensei. Please take care of yourself and don’t push yourself too hard.”

 I said and approached Sugita-sensei and picked up a piece of lint on the shoulder of her jacket. At that moment, she shows a startled expression.

 ”O-Oh, um… I know. Yes.”

 Sugita-sensei turns around and mutters something quietly, pressing her fist against her mouth.

 ”But this action of yours? Is it a kind of unawareness due to amnesia? The girls in our class are lucky. Or perhaps, unlucky in a sense… I need to make sure Shirogane doesn’t get attacked by the female students.”

 Ah… I act as a normal way, but this could be considered s*xual harassment….

 I reflect on my own thoughtless behavior.

 ”Ah, I’m sorry. Well then, I’ll go into the classroom first and call your name once the explanation is over. Please come in.”

 Leaving me in the corridor, Sugita-sensei enters Class 1-A alone. After a while, my name is called, so I open the classroom door and take a step inside. At that moment, there is a burst of excited cheers from the girls.

 ”Yayyyyy! A handsome guy!”

 ”Oh no, no, no, no, he’s seriously good-looking.”

 ”N-no girls can resist this!”

 ”What!? Is this a dream or did I get hit by a truck and end up in another world?”

 ”*Sniff sniff* “I’m glad I worked hard on my entrance exams.”

 ”Thank you. Thank you so much.”

 Ah, I see. So this is how the girls feel when they transfer to a class full of boys. It’s more embarrassing than I thought, and I didn’t know how to react, so I pretended not to hear.

 ”Quiet down! Do you all want to be suspended as soon as you enter school?”

 With Sugita-sensei’s stern words, the class instantly falls silent. Confirming the silence around her, Sugita-sensei prompts me to introduce myself.

 ”I’m Shirogane Aqua. I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, and I also like singing. Since Otomezaki is active in club activities and extracurricular activities, I hope to try various things. Oh… and I don’t have many friends, so I would be happy if you talk to me. Please take care of me for the next three years.”

 All my classmates welcome me with a standing ovation after I finish speaking. I thought it was a bit exaggerated, but for some reason, Sugita-sensei also applauds with tears in her eyes. I just greeted everyone normally, so why does it turn out like this…

 ”Hmm, so you’re called Aqua-kun. Your name and voice are beautiful, not just your face.”

 ”Oh my god… this guy could conceive me with just his voice. If he whispers in my ear, there might be a chance for a baby.”

 ”Shirogane-sama… such a beautiful sound it makes. You are my destined one…”

 ”Haah… Just breathing the same air makes me happy. I wish I could take this air home in a Tupperware container.”

 ”Father, mother, thank you. I will be forever grateful that you gave birth to me in the same year as Aqua-sama.”

 ”Various things… I also want to challenge various things with Shirogane-kun.”

 It’s too noisy, and I can’t really understand what they’re saying, but it seems like they’re receiving it positively. It’s a relief that there isn’t an awkward atmosphere like “you’re the only guy here, so be considerate” since I’m the only male student attending.

 ”Cough! I understand the excitement, but I’ll say it again, please be quiet.”

 Thanks to Sugita-sensei’s warning, the class regains its silence. However, the girls continue to whisper to each other while looking towards me.

 ”Shirogane, your seat is over there.”


 I head towards the back seat by the window, as pointed out by the teacher. As I slip through the spaces between the girls’ seats and walk toward the back of the room, my hand accidentally brushes against a girl’s body.

 ”Oh, sorry. Are you okay?”

 The girl whose body my hand touched looks up at me and gripped her twin-tail hair with both hands.

 ”Oh, yes, I’m fine.”

 The girl my hand touched is at a level of attractiveness that wouldn’t be out of place as the center of a major idol group in the world I came from. She’s staring at me with an overly sweet and seductive gaze. I don’t feel uncomfortable, but when someone comes on too strong, it actually makes me more chillde.


 I hear a clicking sound, but when I look around, no one is looking at me. Maybe it’s just my imagination. However, as I take a step back and survey the surroundings, I notice something new. This class is filled with girls who are either incredibly cute or beautiful. It’s hard to believe, and it feels so unreal that I almost want to laugh dryly. I take a seat at my assigned desk and let out a sigh of relief. When I face forward again, I see that the seats in front of me and the one in front of those are empty. Seeing no other vacant seats, I assume these two empty ones are meant for other male students.

 There’s no way they’ll be absent all the time, right…?

 A sense of unease crosses my mind. They couldn’t possibly be absent all the time, right? I need time among guys to have conversations that I can’t have when the girls are around, to laugh together over silly things. Especially in this world, where there are fewer male students and many hikikomori (shut-in). That’s why it’s important to make male friends during high school.

 Please… yet-to-be-seen male students, come to school for my sake too!

 As I pray silently in my heart, I listen to the self-introductions of the female students.

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