Male Idol V1c12

Volume 1 Chapter 12 Shirogane Aqua, The Girl Next to Me Catches My Attention

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 A week has passed since I started attending school.

 My bad prediction seems to have come true as the two male classmates still haven’t shown up for school.

 According to Sugita-sensei, one of the boys is a complete Hikikomori, a shut-in.

 Apparently, the school managed to convince his parents to let him stay enrolled, even if it’s just on paper.

 So, the chances of him actually coming to school are extremely low, I’ve heard.

 The other boy is said to be arriving at school two weeks after the entrance ceremony because he is moving to a new place.

 In other words, I have to endure this situation for another week.

 ”Oh no! That prince-like boy actually exists in real life.”

 ”No way, I envy the first-year girl… It’s too much.”

 ”I’m glad I worked hard and passed Otomezaki; it’s such a reward in my last year before graduation.”

 ”I passed by him in the hallway the other day, and it was incredible. Just his scent alone can make a girl’s heart flutter.”

 ”Yeah, I know. His face has that cool and arrogant vibe. Even though he just graduated from middle school, he has a mature and s*xy charm.”

 ”No, no. That face is the epitome of a traditional prince. I’m sure his smile is cute and refreshing, too.”

 ”I don’t care which one he is, but I want to be treated like his girl, even if it’s just once.”

 ”I understand… Since someone will eventually marry him, I’m so envious of her being treated as his bride.”

 ”Oh well, I don’t have high expectations for being his wife, but I wonder how much money it would take to become Shirogane-kun’s property.”

 ”If money was the only thing that could do it, I’d rather give it my all.”

 Other girls from different classes and grades gathered in the hallway.

 At first, I was surprised, but after a week, I got used to it a bit.

 This is how it always is during the break time after class.

 I don’t know what they’re talking about, but I can understand that they’re looking at me.

 Although these girls won’t directly do anything to me, this continues from the moment I leave home until I return.

 But if I want to become an idol in this world, I have to get used to this abnormal sight.

 I pretended to look in the direction of the hallway but directed my gaze towards the girl sitting next to me.

 ”Huh? No way, did Shirogane-sama look at me? You saw that, right?”

 ”Hah? Obviously, he looked at me. Look in the mirror, you ugly b*tch.”

 ”Alright, alright, there’s no difference between you two, so stop arguing. Shirogane-kun definitely looked at me.”

 The atmosphere in the hallway among the girls becomes tense.

 Unlike those girls, the girl next to me remains calm.

 Her name is Tsukimachi Ayana.

 Even in this class full of beautiful girls, her appearance stands out.

 She possesses glossy long black hair, a well-proportioned face, and a slender figure. She can undoubtedly be described as a classical beauty.

 Among the girls, Tsukimachi-san is not particularly interested in me, a boy, which is why I wanted to become friends with her.

 ”Hey, hey, Shirogane-kun. Let’s have lunch together.”

 As I was thinking about that, one of the girls in the class approached me at the perfect timing.

 ”Shirogane-sama, may I join you as well?”

 ”Oh, both of you are so unfair. I want to have lunch with Aqua-kun too.”

 The three girls who spoke to me have been very proactive since the first day.

 By the way, one of them is a female student who calls me Aqua-kun with a sweet, childish voice. She’s the girl I accidentally bumped into on the first day.

 Thinking that this might be a chance, I smile at the three of them.

 ”Thank you. Well then, shall we have lunch together?”

 I purposely direct my gaze towards Tsukimachi-san.

 ”Oh, if it’s okay with you, Tsukimachi-san, how about joining us? Having lunch together with everyone?”

 As I say that, Tsukimachi-san puts on a smile that seems somewhat forced and turns towards me.

 ”I’m sorry. It’s a kind offer, but I always have something to do during lunchtime, so I’ll decline.”

 Tsukimachi-san takes out a bento box and a pouch from her bag and quickly leaves the classroom alone.

 Indeed, she is never in the classroom during lunchtime. And the emphasis on always having something to do made it clear that she doesn’t want to be invited again.

 Hmm, it seems like I failed. I don’t know why, but I feel like she’s been avoiding me from the start.

 ”Well then, Shirogane-kun, let’s have lunch together, just the two of us.”

 Kurogami Uruha-san, who was the first one to approach me, leans forward, emphasizing her large chest even more.

 Kurogami-san, who speaks to me in a slightly sissy older tone is not only a classmate but also the class representative.

 She appears more mature than the other classmates, and sometimes I feel like I’m talking to an adult woman.

 N-No way… She’s not older than me or anything, right?

 ”If you have something to do, then there’s no help for it, desu~wa. Shirogane-sama, let’s enjoy ourselves just the two of us.”

 Washimiya Lisa, who uses slightly refined language, is said to be the daughter of a recently prosperous newcomer in a large corporation. She has distinct golden hair in vertical rolls and sharp eyes, giving off an intimidating first impression, but she has a kind personality that treats everyone equally. She’s also well-liked by the classmates around her, thanks to her caring nature.

 ”Yes, yes. If it was me, I would prioritize Aqua-kun over any kind of errand.”

 And then there’s Kurumi Kokona, who I accidentally bumped into… Well, to be precise, she intentionally threw herself at me. She appears to be a carnivorous girl, despite her outwardly cute small animal-like appearance. Even now, she’s acting all cutesy next to me, subtly pressing her not-so-small chest against my arm. To be completely honest, as a single guy, I wouldn’t mind being fiercely pursued by such a cute girl in my previous life. That’s how adorably cunning she is.

 ”Haha… Thank you, Kurumi-san.”

 I gently separate myself from Kurumi-san and take out the bento box I brought, joining everyone to have lunch together. I wonder if there will come a day when I can become close friends with Tsukimachi-san and these three girls…


 By the way, it seems Aqua-kun is drawn to women like Miyuki-san and Tsukimachi-san, who don’t come on too strongly on the surface. Perhaps it’s because of the excessive affection from the three family members and the three female classmates.

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