Male Idol V1c13

Volume 1 Chapter 13 Shirogane Aqua, Commits a Regrettable Mistake

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 ”Hey, what are you doing for club activities?”

 ”Well… I’m thinking of joining the track and field club again.”

 ”Oh… I’m done with sports clubs, to be honest.”

 ”Then, why don’t you join the brass band club with me?”

 In the afternoon, there was an introduction to club activities in the gymnasium.

 Those who were recommended for club activities seemed to have started before the entrance ceremony, but for everyone else, today marked the beginning of the trial period for club activities.

 Therefore, the girls in my class were buzzing with excitement about which club to join.

 However, please stop giving me those intense, piercing glances as if checking in my direction during your cheerful conversation.

 Sugita-sensei also mentioned it, but the boys’ club activities seem to heavily influence the girls’ choices.

 So, if I have any intention of joining a club, Sugita-sensei asked me not to join any for a while and not leak any information.

 ”Alright, everyone, pay attention.”

 With Sugita-sensei’s words, the class, which was lively until a moment ago, fell silent.

 ”After this, you will individually go to the club activities you’re interested in and participate in trial periods there. Try to decide on a club as soon as possible. I believe you understand, but it is prohibited to forcibly ask Shirogane to join a club he is interested in. And Shirogane, I have something to discuss with you, so please come to the staff room.”

 Huh? Did I do something wrong?

 I bid farewell to everyone and made my way to the staff room.

 ”I’m sorry, Shirogane. If you don’t want to, you can refuse… Can you deliver this printout to Nekoyama? I think Nekoyama would be happier if it’s delivered by a boy classmate from the same class. What do you think?”

 I received a printout from Sugita-sensei, and it contained information about club activities. By the way, Nekoyama refers to a male student in the same class who has been absent from school due to various reasons.

 ”Understood! I’m totally fine with it!”

 I immediately agreed and received a memo with a roughly drawn map from Sugita-sensei.

 It’s quite a rough map… I never expected that the teacher would be so bad at drawing maps.

 ”Oh, I see! Thank you, Shirogane.”

 ”Oh, no worries. Please don’t mind such a small thing.”

 After leaving the school, I used the unreliable map as a clue and headed towards Nekoyama’s house.

 ”Um, Nekoyama, Nekoyama… Is this the place?”

 I opened my eyes wide, looking at an impressive white house with a Southern France vibe.

 Our house was decently sized, but Nekoyama’s house was even bigger than ours.

 I cleared my throat lightly and pressed the intercom button.




 After a while, I heard a sweet voice coming from the other side of the intercom.

 Perhaps it’s Nekoyama’s little sister.

 I remember Sugita-sensei mentioning that Nekoyama lives with his sister and his mom.

 ”Um… I’m Shirogane, Nekoyama-kun’s classmate. I came to deliver a printout. Is he available?”

 I said that and listened closely to the intercom.

 However, there was no response, no matter how long I waited.

 Just as I was wondering what to do, I heard the sound of the front door opening.

 Light footsteps approached, and the nearby outer door slowly opened.

 ”Um… Shirogane-kun, is it?”

 I wondered if she was Nekoyama-kun’s sister, just as the voice on the intercom suggested. Nekoyama-kun’s sister is a cute girl with big round cat-like eyes and a refreshing short haircut. The ribbon that fastens the feminine frilled blouse at the neckline seems to match the ribbon on her hair accessory. She wears simple black shorts and black knee-high socks, contrasting with the sweet jacket. She’s not very tall, maybe around 150cm, which is shorter than the average middle school girl.

 ”Oh, yes, that’s right. You’re Nekoyama-kun’s sister, right? I came to deliver the printouts as requested by Sugita-sensei.”

 I handed the printouts to the sister, who looked slightly surprised. After staring at them for a moment, she turned her gaze back towards me.

 ”Um… If you’d like, please come inside.”

 ”Thank you, then I’ll intrude.”

 I followed the sister and entered Nekoyama-kun’s house. The interior of Nekoyama-kun’s house was stylishly decorated with a Southern French touch, just like the outside.

 ”Um… This is my brother


‘s room.”

 I stopped in front of the room that the sister guided me to and lightly knocked on the door.

 ”Um… Nekoyama-kun, it’s Shirogane, your classmate. I brought the printouts today instead of Sugita-sensei. If you’re available, please take a look.”

 I called out to Nekoyama-kun, who I assumed was inside the room. However, there was no response from inside, not even a sign of someone being there. It seemed difficult to have a conversation when there was no reply at all.

 ”Um… If you’d like, would you mind having tea in the living room? Maybe eventually, um, my my brother


‘ might show up too.”

 ”Yes, that sounds good. If it’s not an inconvenience, please do so.”

 We temporarily moved away from Nekoyama-kun’s room on the second floor and headed towards the living room on the first floor. As I sat down on the spacious sofa in the living room, the sister brought a tea set and a cake from the kitchen. Although she said not to worry, I couldn’t help but feel that I caused some trouble. I apologize for that.

 ”Thank you very much.”

 I took a sip of the tea and cut a piece of the shortcake in front of me with a fork. The harmonious combination of moderately sweet cream, slightly tangy strawberries, and a light sponge cake instantly brought happiness to my mouth.

 ”Mmm! It’s delicious!”

 I think this might be the first time I’ve had such a delicious cake. At home, my mother and sister often buy expensive-looking cakes, but this tasted different, like the gentle flavor of a loving home.

 ”This… where is this cake from? It’s really delicious.”

 Nekoyama-kun’s sister blushes and looks down slightly, a shy expression on her face.

 ”Um… well… I made it.”

 Oh, wow. Nekoyama-kun’s sister is quite skilled at cooking to be able to make such a delicious cake. And she’s still in middle school. That’s amazing.

 ”Um… Shirogane-kun, what’s your first name?”

 ”Ah, sorry. My name is Shirogane Aqua. Uh…”

 Oh, right… What’s Nekoyama-kun’s sister’s name again? Come to think of it, I don’t even know Nekoyama-kun’s first name…

 ”Um, I’m Nekoyama Toa.”

 Oh, so it’s Toa-chan. Come to think of it, I think it was written on the nameplate next to the intercom… I try to recall it. The top name on the nameplate was “his mom” as the head of the household, and underneath it, there were the names Toa and Subaru. So, Nekoyama-kun’s name is Nekoyama Subaru, I guess?

 ”Nice to meet you again, Toa-chan.”

 ”Ah, um… Nice to meet you too, Aqua-kun.”

 As I extend my hand, Toa-chan hesitates for a moment, showing a slightly bewildered expression. But she quickly takes my hand and gently squeezes it back. I can’t help but feel a little fluttered by her delicate white fingers and the neatly manicured, lightly pink-tipped nails. Everything about her seems so delicate, as if they might break if I were to hold them too tightly.

 ”Um… Aqua-kun, if it’s okay with you…”

 With a momentary pause, Toa-chan musters up the courage and tightly grips the hem of her shorts.

 ”Could you, um… continue delivering the printouts to my brother?”

 ”Of course! I want to be friends with Nekoyama-kun… Subaru-kun too, so if that’s what you want, I’ll keep bringing the printouts from now on!”

 In the end, I stayed at the Nekoyama house for a while longer, but Subaru-kun didn’t come out of his room at all. It’s a shame, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Besides, there’s more than one chance, and I won’t stop pursuing it! During that time, Toa-chan and I chatted and played games together, enjoying ourselves until evening.


 Aqua-kun: “I won’t stop, so as long as you (the reader) don’t stop! That’s why I won’t stop…”

 Author: “Stop! That path is dangerous. Turn back now before the novel turn to Moonlight (BL website of the syosetu) Novels!!”

 Note: Aqua-kun made some mistakes.

 - Didn’t ask the teacher for Nekoyama-kun’s first name.

 - Didn’t confirm Nekoyama-kun’s name on the printouts.

 - Mistake in checking the nameplate, etc.

 Disclaimer: The author does not take responsibility even if your preferences get twisted.

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