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Volume 1 Chapter 14 Shirogane Aqua, Drawing the Bow

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 ”The physical education class after this is an elective class. Once you’re done changing, gather at the designated location for your chosen elective.”

 Upon hearing those words, I hurriedly took out my change of clothes from my bag. Why the rush, you ask? Well, it’s because things would get complicated if I didn’t. I took out the bag with my clothes and lifted my gaze. However, no matter how quickly I acted, the girls were even quicker. There were girls unbuttoning their shirts to reveal their cleavage, others taking off their sailor uniforms and boldly showing their bras, and there were even some who confidently removed their skirts first, exposing their panties. While it might be considered a reward under normal circumstances, I don’t have the guts to stare at it for too long. I quickly left the classroom, holding the bag in my arms.

 ”Haa… haa… haa…”

 How is it possible to get tired before the physical education class even begins? I entered the changing room prepared for the boys and slumped down on the spot. However, when I stayed still like this, the scene from earlier kept replaying in my mind. I’m a guy too, so there’s no way I wouldn’t feel excited seeing such a sight. Alright, I’ll release this excitement through the upcoming exercise. I took off my uniform and put it in the locker, then took out the hakama that was inside and changed into it. Normally, when it comes to elective physical education classes, it’s usually judo or kendo, but this school has the unusual option of archery (kyudo). Since I was in the archery club in my previous life, I chose archery without hesitation.

 ”Alright, it’s been a while since I did archery. Let’s do my best.”

 I left the changing room and headed towards the archery range. When I bowed and entered the range, I realized what I had done. All the first-year students who had gathered were wearing gym clothes, and not a single one of them, other than me, was wearing a hakama.

 ”Huh? No way, Prince Shirogane’s elective class is archery?”

 ”Don’t boys usually observe during physical education? Having Shirogane-kun here is a pleasant surprise!”

 ”Ha-wa-wa-wa, Shirogane-sama’s wearing a hakama…”

 ”Whoa, I heard that an amazing person joined this year’s first-year, but this is beyond my expectations.”

 ”Great news! I’ve chosen archery for three years, and now it’s finally paying off.”

 I greeted the teacher and the seniors and quietly joined the corner where the first-year students had gathered. By the way, there are dozens of options for elective physical education classes, and that’s why they are conducted together from first-year to third-year. Additionally, a student can change their elective subject every few months, and it’s okay to continue choosing the same subject. Boys generally observe during physical education, but they can choose any elective class they want if they wish. On the other hand, girls need to list their preferred subjects from first to fifth, and if there are more applicants than the available spots, it will be decided by lottery.

 ”Alright, now that everyone is here… By the way, Shirogane, you already knew how to wear the hakama, huh? I was planning to teach that in the first class for the first-years.”

 The teacher in charge of the archery elective class was my class teacher, Sugita-sensei. Sugita-sensei was an alumna of the school’s archery club and is also the club’s advisor.

 ”I’m sorry…”

 I felt embarrassed that I was so flustered and eager to wear the hakama. I replied with a small voice, looking down.

 ”No need to apologize. Anyway, Shirogane, are you perhaps experienced in archery?”

 ”Yes, somewhat…”

 Sugita-sensei placed her hand on her chin and murmured.

 ”I was planning to show you an example first… but Shirogane, would you mind giving it a try?”

 The girls’ intense gaze focused on me. In this situation, there was no way I could refuse, so I replied that I understood. I took hold of the bow and arrow prepared in the archery range and took a small breath to calm and align my mind and body. Adjusting my stance to match the length of the arrow, I placed the bow on my left knee and rested my right hand on my waist.

 ”Wait a second. I can’t look at him again, he’s too cool at this point.”

 ”I want to hug him tightly from behind with that back.”

 ”Oh my god, the hakama-wearing guy is too cool!”

 The first-year girls started getting a bit noisy. The archery range being so quiet only made their voices carry even more. Please, stop it. I’m feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable too. Fortunately, Sugita-sensei noticed and cleared her throat.

 ”First-year students, please be quiet when someone is drawing the bow.”

 After Sugita-sensei’s warning, I gathered myself once again and drew the bow from the ready position. I waited for the perfect moment when my mind and body would align, and then I released the arrow.


 My released arrow landed perfectly… perfectly on the ground. It seems that it’s difficult to regain focus once your heart has been disturbed. I felt embarrassed that I missed the target even now, and it started to shake my state of mind.

 ”Wow, Shirogane-kun, you’re amazing for being able to draw the bow.”

 ”Shirogane-kun, you’re really strong. Amazing!”

 ”You looked so cool while drawing the bow.”

 It was clearly flattery. And their kind words only pierced my heart, making me feel even worse.

 ”First-year girls, and second-year girls, I understand your excitement, but please be quiet.”

 No, this won’t do. I looked up at the ceiling, switched my focus, and concentrated once again. After three years of practicing, I can’t end up like this. I owe it to the seniors and teachers who taught me archery in my past life. I shut out the outside world for a moment and faced the bow with complete seriousness.

 Yeah, I’m fine now.

 The sound of the wind, the sound of drawing the bow, the sound of my own breathing, everything becomes one.


 My arrow hit the center of the target. After a moment of silence, sound returned to my ears.

 ”Huh? Huh!? Amazing, it’s amazing! It hit the center of the target!”

 ”Oh my god, his profile is incredible. He’s too cool, I can’t handle it.”

 ”Excuse me, teacher. May I use the restroom?”

 ”Ah, ah, even though I’m already in my final year, I might have been shot in the heart by junior…”

 ”After that ‘thud’ sound, my heart skipped a beat. There’s no girl who wouldn’t fall in love after being shot through the heart like that.”

 ”Ah… I want to be Shirogane-kun’s bow.”

 ”I don’t have such high expectations. Even if I become a disposable arrow, I want him to use this big sister.”

 ”I’d rather be that glove and have he uses me instead of his glove.”

 The female students began to make a commotion all at once. They were so loud that I couldn’t hear their conversation clearly, but it seemed like some of them were saying dangerous things toward the end.

 Of course, they couldn’t escape being scolded in this situation, and Sugita-sensei’s thunder came down immediately.

 ”First-year, second-year… and even the third-year girls. Fine then, if that’s your intention, I’ll teach you about manners thoroughly in this one hour. Also, for the girls who want to use the restroom, come back within three minutes. Got it? And don’t you dare dirty the toilet with any strange fluids!!”

 Sugita-sensei told me I could leave first, so I went back to the changing room alone.

 She asked me to study by myself in the classroom for the remaining time, which I felt sorry for.

 I tried to follow her instructions and return to the classroom to study alone, but there were uniforms and underwear scattered everywhere by the girls, making it impossible to concentrate.

 Even during the changing time, I thought they had noticed that I didn’t have any aversion to girls. So, they aggressively approached me, almost forcefully. Especially the girl who deliberately spread her panties wide open, that was definitely going too far.

 Of course, once I became aware of it, my heart was disturbed by the pleasant scent of the girls filling the classroom, and I couldn’t focus on studying.

 As I struggled internally, it seemed like the class had finished since my classmates who had chosen archery returned to the classroom with tired expressions. They must have been squeezed quite a bit by Sugita-sensei. It’s my fault, I’m sorry.

 However, to avoid seeing the girls changing, I left the classroom and headed to the boys’ restroom alone.

 There were still 15 minutes left until the next class… I should relieve myself and feel refreshed.

 During the break, I took care of myself in the restroom, and somehow managed to get through the day.

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