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Volume 1 Chapter 16 Miyuki Heliodor Yui, My First Love

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 ”Thank you for today as well.”

 My third meeting with Aqua-sama. I’ve practiced smiling countless times, but it never seems to go well. Even now, though I try to greet Aqua-sama with a smile, my reflection in the glass next to me remained completely expressionless. Thanks to my success in studies and work, I always thought I was capable of doing things to a certain extent, but it seems I’m more of a klutz than I thought.

 ”Huh? Miyuki-san, did something good happen today?”


 I unintentionally raised my voice. Huh? Did Aqua-sama actually notice that I’m smiling? Even though I can’t even tell myself? Huh, huh? Is Aqua-sama so fond of me that he notices such trivial things? Does that mean we’re in mutual love…? Ah! No, I can’t let myself misunderstand things like this.

 ”Was I mistaken?”

 ”N-No… It’s nothing like that.”

 Aqua-sama is just kind, yes, kind to everyone. So, I firmly remind myself not to indulge in fantasies like being in a romantic relationship, getting married, or having children. I scold myself and calm my heart.

 ”I see, that’s good to hear.”

 ”G-Good…? Ah… Shirogane-sama, are you happy when something good happens to me?”

 Even though it might be rude, I couldn’t help but ask again.


 Ah, so cute… I’m captivated by Aqua-sama’s innocent smile. Not just my heart, but my entire body, which has never been used by anyone before, I wanted Aqua-sama to take it away and make it “used.” But… but! I was more timid than I thought I was.


 Now, a few minutes had passed since I took off my clothes and transformed into a swimsuit-clad figure, entering Aqua-sama’s milking service. Thanks to my persistence, I was once again granted the privilege of serving Aqua-sama’s thick and glorious ochinpo-sama, this time using the equipment. Though I may have lacked proper explanation during our initial encounter, I vaguely mentioned it to Aqua-sama, suggesting that I might have fallen short. However, the pure and innocent Aqua-sama wholeheartedly accepted my words and kindly granted permission. Despite being a deceitful woman who used my duties as an excuse, I selfishly pleaded for Aqua-sama to utilize me to the fullest… And yet, Aqua-sama responded with kindness, assuring me that it was fine. While I later felt a pang of guilt for deceiving the pure-hearted Aqua-sama, right now, my excitement far outweighs any remorse.


 Still, I couldn’t help but catch my breath at the sight of Aqua-sama’s throbbing erection right before my eyes. If this enormous ochinpo-sama was to be thrust inside me, it might even crush my very womb. Ah, so this is what people commonly refer to as a “cock that make woman dumb.” It’s an ugly figment of a woman’s desire, said to exist only in the realm of two-dimensional fantasies. Now, this is the third time I’ve witnessed it today, and yet, I still can’t believe my eyes. I’m sure there’s no woman who wouldn’t be delighted by this sight.

 ”Shirogane-sama, are you not in pain? If you feel unwell, please inform me immediately.”

 If I were to describe Aqua-sama’s ochinpo-sama in the style of a certain cosmetics commercial, perhaps the following caption would appear on screen.

 A number one cock in making women feel like they want to conceive.

 A number one cock in making women feel violated.

 A number one cock in taking a woman’s virginity.

 A number one cock in making a woman feel complete just by being inside her.

 A number one cock that makes a woman want to give the best blowjob to.

 A number one cock that makes a woman want to brush her teeth.

 A number one cock that makes a woman wants to pleasure with her hands.

 A number one cock that makes a woman wants to rub against her cheeks.

 A number one cock that makes a woman wants to receive slaps from repeatedly.

 A number one cock that makes a woman desire to be turned into a cock sleeve instantly.

 Even with this list, it might still be insufficient to praise Aqua-sama’s remarkable cock.

 ”Ah! M-Miyuki-san!”

 Seeing Aqua-sama’s melancholic expression makes my uterus flutter.

 Oh, this is bad. Isn’t that face incredibly s*xy and unfair? It naturally speeds up my stroking pace, wanting to do anything for that adorable face that would make any girl want to take care of it.

 ”Yes, it’s alright. I will catch it all properly, so please ejaculate a lot.”

 Even through the device, I can feel the vibrations in my palm, knowing that Aqua-sama is ejaculating an enormous amount of semen.

 Ah, as expected, it’s an incredible amount. If my weak and insignificant eggs were bombarded with sperm at such a tremendous force, there would be no hope for them.

 In an instant, I would be overwhelmed, reduced to a mere baby-making machine.

 Just imagining that, I suddenly realize that my swimsuit panties are soaking wet.

 Since when have it been dripping like this? I didn’t bring spare panties today. What should I do?

 ”Th-Thank you very much.”

 ”No, it’s part of my job, so…”

 When Aqua-sama ejaculated, he stared at my large breasts with a gaze that felt like they were ravishing them. Whether it was the previous time or the time before that, it’s undeniable that Aqua-sama is voyeuristically fixated on my ample bosom and relies on me for relief. I had some doubts before, thinking it might have been a mistake in the machine’s operation or my misunderstanding, but it seems that my initial assessment was correct. I am an object of desire for Aqua-sama… Realizing that, I felt as if I had been acknowledged as a girl, and tears almost welled up.

 ”I-I’m sorry. Um…even though it’s part of my job, you…you didn’t like it, right?”

 Huh…? I turned my face to the side and looked at the mirror in the room. There, a single tear had rolled down my cheek. I didn’t have time to start crying. Unbelievably, I had just cried in front of Aqua-sama as if it were a normal thing. I haven’t shed tears for years now…

 Being with Aqua-sama makes my emotions sway so strongly. Emotions I thought I had lost well up, and it becomes difficult for me to control them.

 ”I-I’m sorry. Um…these tears aren’t because I find this task difficult or because I dislike Shirogane-sama…uh, I’m sorry, I can’t find the right words.”

 Aqua-sama looked a little perplexed at me, but after a while, he used the handkerchief he had to wipe away my tears. Just that act of kindness makes me fall in love again, like an ordinary girl. I like… Even without the s*xual aspect, I like Aqua-sama. But I didn’t know how to convey that feeling, not in the slightest.



 After returning home, I discarded my dirty swimsuit panties and inner shorts on the floor along with my clothes, then flopped onto the bed. I repeatedly checked the data displayed on my smartphone screen, savoring the happiness. As expected, after the procedure, I immediately checked the notifications, and it turned out that Aqua-sama had used all my data, just as I had anticipated. He must be out of his mind, repeatedly pleasuring himself with an expressionless and unsociable woman like me.

 ”If only he would forcefully push me down, rape me, and directly impregnate me, rather than ejaculating into some onahole!”

 To be frank, it’s just a baseless grudge. Normally, it is women who should take the lead with men. Asking Aqua-sama to push me down like that would be too convenient of a scenario.

 ”But…it seems this swimsuit was indeed effective for Aqua-sama.”

 For Aqua-sama’s sake today, I worked hard in an obscenely skimpy swimsuit. As I had suspected, Aqua-sama, unlike the men I know, seems to prefer women with large breasts. He was looking at my nipples which were deliberately exposed on my swimsuit and my sweaty cleavage as much as he could. As I thinking so, I picked up my inner shorts and swimsuit panties and ran my fingers along the insides, checking. Despite wearing the inner shorts as a precaution, the crotch area was terribly soiled with my own fluids.

 ”Fool…I’m such a fool.”

 Normally, when a man makes such advances, it is proper for a woman to push him down instead. But for me, that was an incredibly high-level and difficult task.

 ”Instead of using that onahole, couldn’t he have used this? Just a simple word would have been enough.”

 Even after removing the device, I could have pleasured him directly with my hand. Perhaps then, some kind of progress could have been made. But I was so overwhelmed by the situation in front of me that I could only mechanically perform the task at hand.

 ”I have to…I have to try harder…”

 I took out the mirror I always use from the drawer and began practicing my smiling face, a daily routine.

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