Male Idol V1c20

Volume 1 Chapter 20 Shirogane Aqua, First Time Shooting

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 ”Huh? Could it be, Ako-san?”

 Ako-san was a regular customer from when I was working part-time at the café.

 I vaguely remember hearing that she worked for some large corporation affiliated with a conglomerate… I wonder what happened?

 ”Huh… No way. Shirogane-kun!?”

 When I called out to her, Ako-san showed a surprised expression.

 ”Is something the matter?”

 ”Well, actually…”

 According to Ako-san, she came here for a tie-up job between her company’s product and a magazine they have a contract with.

 Apparently, her work has been going well lately, and her boss entrusted her with a big project for the first time.

 To make it a success, Ako-san arranged for a rare male model, but the model she arranged didn’t show up at the shooting location.

 When she tried contacting the agency the male model belonged to, she found out that the male model had given up the job at the last minute because he did not want to do it.

 At that point, anger filled my mind. Even though I was just a trainee idol in my previous life, I was still an idol. So, I couldn’t tolerate the lack of professionalism displayed by someone in the same industry who selfishly cancels a job they agreed to once. Ako-san, despite the situation, made phone calls to various contacts and tried to find a substitute male model.

 But it wasn’t easy to find a rare male model just like that, and while she was thinking about what to do, she happened to encounter me outside.

 ”Well, um… I’m sorry for being rude, but, Shirogane-kun, I’ll definitely show my gratitude, and if there’s anything I can do, I’ll do it, so even if it’s just a little, could you please cooperate with the shooting, just one shot?”

 She looked up at my face. Ako-san’s face was filled with apology.

 Her frustration was evident to me.


 I threw a glance at Toa-chan who was standing next to me.

 While I myself wanted to help Ako-san, I was currently in the middle of an appointment with Toa-chan.

 So, in order to help Ako-san, I had to get permission from Toa-chan first. It’s a matter of etiquette, or so I believe.

 ”Aqua-kun, I’ll be fine, so go help the person in trouble. Besides, I like that kind side of yours…”

 ”Thank you, Toa-chan!”

 What a kind person Toa-chan is. I was overwhelmed with emotion and hugged Toa-chan tightly. But I quickly regained my composure and immediately let go of Toa-chan.

 ”Ah… Sorry.”

 What am I doing? Even though we’ve become close, it’s rude to suddenly hug a girl like that. I calm down and apologize to Toa-chan for hugging her suddenly.

 ”N-No, Aqua-kun, I’m totally fine.”

 Toa-chan also seemed surprised, showing a slightly startled expression. I’m really sorry… I apologize.

 Anyway, having received formal permission from Toa-chan, I turn my gaze toward Ako-san in a more formal manner.

 ”Um, Ako-san. If there’s anything I can help with… But, are you sure it’s okay for me?”

 To be honest, this is a professional job. I’m still a high school student, aiming to be an idol, just an ordinary amateur. Even in my past life, although I had a debut as an idol planned, I actually died on the day of my debut, so I have no real experience as an idol. I want to help, but I also don’t want to cause any trouble for the professionals who will be working with me.

 ”I can certainly ask, and I don’t think there’s a problem. Thank you, Shirogane-kun.”

 After that, Ako-san takes me to the waiting area where the filming team is and gets the green light right away. After that, things go smoothly.

 I change into the prepared outfit, tidy up my hair, and receive light makeup. Then, in the designated shooting area where no one else is allowed, we start taking photos, click-click.

 ”It’s great… Shirogane-kun, you’re amazing…”

 The flamboyant photographer, who keeps clicking the shutter in front of me, moves his body in sync with the camera’s movements.

 This photographer’s name is Nobu-san, and surprisingly, he’s a man. And he’s a professional photographer.

 Nobu-san is a well-known photographer who mainly takes pictures of male subjects.

 By the way, it’s not uncommon for some male models to prefer being photographed only by male photographers.

 This time, the condition for accepting the offer was that Nobu-san would be the one to photograph the model arranged by Ako-san.

 ”Yes, yes, keep it up, mmm! Yeah!!”

 As the shooting progresses, I start to recall my days as a trainee and my excitement rises.

 It’s only natural for an idol to be conscious of how they’re being seen.

 From which angles and how to bring out my own charm.

 While responding to Nobu-san’s requests, I push myself to my limits.

 ”Haa… haa… You’re really passionate, aren’t you? This is also my first time taking photos with such intensity…”

 The women staff members around us are watching us with bated breath. Among them, Ako-san is staring at us without even blinking. They are such dedicated professionals. I felt proud to be able to work with people like them. Suddenly, I make eye contact with Toa-chan, who was observing the shoot.


 Oops. I got distracted, and my concentration wavered, causing my expression to become unsettled. It’s unprofessional of me to lose my composure like that. I deeply reflect on it in my mind.

 ”Hey, you there, would you like to take a photo together?”

 Nobu-san, the photographer, directs his passionate gaze towards Toa-chan.

 I’m momentarily taken aback by this unexpected turn of events.

 ”Uh… M-Me?”

 Toa-chan becomes flustered when suddenly asked to join in. She probably never expected to be approached like this.

 ”Yes, because you were on a date, right? This is like a small apology from me. Since it’s a special occasion, let’s take a commemorative photo of the two of you. You can trust me to take a cute photo with my professional skills.”

 Toa-chan hesitates, seeming confused and unable to take that first step if she dislike the idea. Initially, I wanted to intervene and stop it immediately, but instead, I gaze intently at Toa-chan to confirm her intentions. Toa-chan notices my gaze and looks at my face. It’s okay, I’m here, I send her a signal with my eyes, assuring her that she’s not alone.

 ”Umm… well then, just one photo.”

 Toa-chan trots over nervously and stands next to me, resembling an anxious borrowed cat. To ease her tension, I break a biscuit that I had in my hand into two pieces. This biscuit is Merry Biscuits, a tie-up product for today’s job with Morinaga-san, an image character from the biscuit company. It’s a long-selling popular item, but its sales have recently declined. Therefore, this project aims to revamp the packaging to attract a younger audience. Additionally, they plan to release summer-specific products, and this is the first important promotion for that. I had doubts whether an amateur like me should be involved in such an important job, but since I committed to it, I have no choice but to give it my all and rekindle my determination.


 Toachan reacts to my voice and turns towards me with a tense expression. A natural smile fills my face as I watch her robot-like, nodding movements.

 ”Here, take this.”

 I stuff the half-broken biscuit into Toa-chan’s mouth.


 Toa-chan seems slightly surprised by the sudden gesture. But as her tension eases, a natural expression takes over. I hold the remaining half of the biscuit in my mouth. The gentle sweetness gradually spreads inside, providing a comforting taste that helps alleviate the tension. Toa-chan, too, relaxes, revealing a genuine smile. Before I realize it, I’ve forgotten about the photoshoot, and a natural smile fills my face.

 ”Ah! It’s fantastic, both of you!”

 I suddenly notice that Nobu-san has been clicking the shutter repeatedly.

 ”These are great… I managed to take several outstanding shots.”

 Nobu-san directs his gaze to the laptop to review the captured photos. The surrounding staff members and Ako-san gather around, focusing their intense gaze on the laptop screen.

 ”Oh… This one might be the best.”

 Ako-san was the first to speak up.

 ”I agree. It’s easier to imagine myself being in the photo when I’m next to them.”

 ”This half-bitten biscuit has an appeal that stimulates women’s purchasing desire.”

 ”It’s perfect, truly perfect. This image will be very useful, and I’m grateful for that.”

 Everyone passionately shares their opinions, leaning forward eagerly. This is what it’s like on a professional set. I sense an incredible tension and an extraordinary atmosphere that sends shivers down my spine.

 ”Hmm… I also think this one is the best. Both of you, come here.”

 Nobu-san beckons us, and we approach the laptop. The female staff members gracefully move aside, allowing us to peek at the screen from behind Nobu-san.

 ”How does it look?”

 What appeared on the screen was our earlier moment: me and Toa-chan, holding half-broken biscuits in our hands, gazing at each other. Our expressions and gestures were incredibly natural, exuding a mix of heartwarming charm and bittersweet vibes.

 ”Here are the other photos.”

 I gaze at the other images flowing on the screen with a serious gaze. They are all well-captured, but compared to the previous photo, they somehow feel staged. In an attempt to make them look good, cool even, they might have lost the natural atmosphere completely. It felt somewhat inappropriate, considering the soft, gentle, and subtly sweet ambiance that the biscuit represents.

 ”Indeed… This photos is better, isn’t it?”

 I keenly felt my own inadequacy. The skills of the photographer, Nobu-san, were undoubtedly top-notch even in the eyes of an amateur like me. However, when it came to considering the concept of the product and the market, I hadn’t put much thought into it during the shoot. That’s why Nobu-san deliberately invited Toa-chan for the photoshoot, trying to capture a natural atmosphere. I felt ashamed of my lack of ability and deeply reflected in front of the screen.

 ”Shirogane-kun… If it’s okay with you, could I use this photo?”

 I shook my head in response to Ako-san’s words. It wouldn’t be an issue if it were just me, but Toa-chan was in the photo. If I were to look at Toa-chan and say, “It’s okay for me,” hoping she would say the same, she might agree out of kindness. However, I thought that would be wrong. I didn’t want to use Toa-chan for my own benefit or take advantage of her kindness. But at the same time, I realized it was also my selfishness. So, even if it’s just me, I had to take a photo that would satisfy Nobu-san and Ako-san, to convince myself. But…

 ”Aqua-kun, I’m fine with it.”

 While I was lost in thought, unexpectedly, Toa-chan spoke up, saying that it would be fine for Ako-san to use the photo.

 ”Today, thanks to you, Aqua-kun, I was able to go out, and this photo… It’s a really great picture. Besides, it makes me happy to see you looking so cool.”

 ”Toa-chan… You don’t have to worry. I’ll try my best to take a photo that everyone, including Nobu-san and Ako-san, will be satisfied with.”

 ”Umm, I believe that you can create something wonderful that won’t lose to this photo with Nobu-san and everyone’s help. But… I just thought it would make me happy if this photo was used.”

 ”I see… Thank you, Toa-chan.”

 Toa-chan’s kindness deeply touched my heart. Despite my initial enthusiasm and offering to help Ako-san, I ended up causing trouble for Nobu-san, the staff, and both Toa-chan and Ako-san. If I ever get a chance for redemption, I swear to myself that I will not fail next time. I will use this experience as a stepping stone.

 ”Thank you both so much. But are you really okay?”

 ”Yes, are you sure? If you don’t want to, we can stop.”

 Both Nobu-san and Ako-san asked Toa-chan again, seeking confirmation is she is really okay. I was moved by their kindness in considering Toa-chan’s feelings and giving her the option to stop if she wanted to. Even if it’s just a little, I felt happy that the two of them could assist me. Toa-chan responded with a small voice, affirming that she was okay.

 ”I understand. Then, when the photos are completed, I’ll send them to both of you. Can you give me your contact information?”

 ”Oh… I think it’s necessary for me as well. After all, both of you are still minor. I would like to contact your parents for their consent too.”

 We exchanged contact information with each other. On another day, my family opposed me being featured in a magazine, but I managed to persuade them somehow. If I didn’t gain their approval here, they wouldn’t accept my dream of becoming an idol. Moreover, this was the only way I could help everyone who assisted me during the photoshoot. Eventually, my family yielded to my fervor, and I obtained their permission to be featured in the magazine. In this way, I unintentionally took a step forward towards my own goal.

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