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Volume 1 Chapter 21 Bulletin Board, Ride this Big Wave!

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 [Drastic Decrease in Shifts] Café Prince Part 121 [Supply Shortage]
 254 Anonymous
 I feel like the speed of this thread has finally calmed down recently.
 255 Anonymous
 Well, that’s because the recent Aqua-sama has been busy with school and hasn’t been coming to work much. Even though the supply is already insufficient, the demand won’t decrease, so the days when he works will definitely be a fierce battleground.
 256 Anonymous
 Oto-school, was it? I wish I could take the high school entrance exam again.
 257 Anonymous
 Hehehe, even though I’m over 20, I still call Aqua-kun “senpai”!
 258 Anonymous
 >>257 That’s a bit cringy.
 259 Anonymous
 >>257 Auntie is really cringy…
 260 Anonymous
 But it’s kind of nice to be treated as a junior by a younger boy.
 261 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Stop it! Don’t open any more weird doors for me!
 262 Anonymous
 >>261 Chimpōsukī, you’ve already used up all your paid leave to self-pleasure, so give up.
 263 Anonymous
 Ahh, should I take a day off from work and go watch Aqua-kun going to and from school?
 264 Anonymous
 >>263 Make sure to follow the rules of non-contact, okay?
 265 Anonymous
 >>263 Don’t touch (but it’s okay if it’s from Aqua-sama), don’t talk to (but it’s okay if it’s from Aqua-sama), don’t cause any trouble (like stalking, etc.).
 267 Anonymous
 Breaking news, our Aqua-sama is finally making a magazine debut.
 268 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 269 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 270 Verification Team *010meTA473
 271 Anonymous
 Here we are!
 272 Anonymous
 Fuel has been dropped!
 273 Anonymous
 Unexpected fuel drop from the actual person, lol. It’s beyond expectations.
 275 Anonymous
 >>268-270 Verification team, your reactions are too fast, lol. You’re glued to this thread, huh?
 278 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 >>267 I’m going to the bookstore. Is it a women’s magazine?
 >>278 Yes, that’s right. It might sell out quickly because of the cover. It seems they have stocked more than usual, but all the kids who were in the bookstore immediately bought it as soon as they saw the cover!
 287 Anonymous
 Wait, I’m at work right now!!
 295 Anonymous
 Oh no, oh no, oh no.
 301 Magazine Purchasing Group
 Hmm, it’s lewd…
 308 Anonymous
 >>301 What’s the details, please?
 313 Anonymous
 Oh no, the thread suddenly started speeding up. I’m going too!
 327 Winners’ Group
 It’s too late to move now. I already got mine, though.
 335 Anonymous
 Wait a minute! I rushed to the bookstore immediately, but it was quickly filled with people!
 425 Anonymous
 It seems like it’s being spread on social media and other threads as well. It hasn’t even been 30 minutes since the information from 267, but it’s already sold out in some places.
 486 Anonymous
 There are even some stores where the staff is distributing numbered tickets outside. Some places already had signs saying “Sold Out” or the staff was shouting. Could this be a rice riot in the modern world?
 512 Anonymous
 Rice riot
 Oil crisis
 Aqua-sama’s magazine release ← new
 History repeats itself.
 554 Anonymous
 We have to ride this big wave!
 583 Anonymous
 The complete annihilation of online shopping has been confirmed. Even if you try to order from the publisher’s website, it’s down due to server overload. Lol, It’s over, it’s over…
 632 Anonymous
 Ahhh, it sold out right in front of meeeee!
 For those who missed it, here’s just the cover.
 [link to the image]
 699 Anonymous
 >>678 Thank you soooo much! You’re precious! Hey, lady next to him, switch with me, no, give him to me, pleeease!!
 701 Anonymous
 There’s a riot happening at the bookstore in front of the train station, lol. It’s turning into a police matter, hahaha.
 723 Anonymous
 Someone who managed to buy the magazine got too excited and collapsed right in front of me. I called an ambulance.
 753 Anonymous
 At the bookstore in the shopping mall, a woman who couldn’t buy it went crazy and pressed the fire alarm. We’re currently evacuating. Apparently, even the fire trucks have been dispatched. Don’t cause trouble, you guys.
 832 Anonymous
 It’s too chaotic, lol.
 878 Anonymous
 Oh no, oh no, oh no. Our beloved Aqua-sama will finally be exposed to the world!!
 911 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama, will you become the prince of Japan, emerging from being the prince of our anonymous bulletin board?
 [For Those Who Couldn’t Buy It] Café Prince Part 237 [Also Available in E-Book] (Note: It was previously Part 121)
 125 Anonymous
 Finally, the speed has settled down enough for us to have a conversation. It’s strange to have over 100 threads in just a few hours. It’s like a level of event that shakes history.
 129 Anonymous
 >>125 I actually think so. Since the beginning of this bulletin board, it seems to have achieved the fastest-ever 100 thread breakthrough.
 134 Anonymous
 Anyway, who is this stylist… genius for not making prince wear socks with cropped pants and showing off his ankles. This is practically legal erotic imagery.
 146 Anonymous
 The person who took the photo is a famous male photographer, right? Just eating a cookie, but prince’s mouth looks so sensual that I can’t concentrate on the photo in front of me…
 153 Anonymous
 >>146 I know, it makes my lower body ache.
 156 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama, instead of a cookie, I want you to nibble on me.
 165 Anonymous
 I mean, his teeth are just so seductive, you know? And his lips are seductive too, and his gaze is seductive, and his whole face is just irresistibly seductive. He’s so seductive that I have to search for the non-seductive parts.
 178 Anonymous
 My little sister, who is in middle school, had a nosebleed just from looking at the cover. I thought she accidentally bought an adult book. And when I went to check on her earlier, I could hear her voice leaking from her room… She just started her period recently, but is it okay for Aqua-kun to be her first “material”? If this magazine becomes her standard, she’ll be fantasizing about Aqua-kun forever.
 184 Verification Team *010meTA473
 As for me, I am only intimate with my future husband, Aqua-sama. Is there a problem with that?
 193 Anonymous
 >>184 Here comes a serious love fan and annoying otaku.
 203 Anonymous
 Well, in reality, this erotic book… I mean magazine, can be used as eternal material. It’s impressive that it can be published as an all-age product.
 211 Anonymous
 It’s no longer just a magazine, it’s a holy book.
 215 Anonymous
 >>211 Huh? An erotic book?
 228 Anonymous
 By the way, who is this girl next to him? I’m so jealous.
 233 Anonymous
 This girl can seriously die. Don’t walk around pretending to be my Aa-tan’s girlfriend! She’s just a lucky girl who happened to work with him! So arrogant!
 245 Anonymous
 And to top it off, the half-eaten cookie… At first, it was easy to imagine it as a replacement, but when you calm down, that part still bothers you, right?
 252 Anonymous
 The identification team was working on it in a thread a while ago, but there’s still no information. At this point, it doesn’t seem like she’s affiliated with the agency, and if she’s an amateur and not on social media, it’s difficult to find information.
 268 Anonymous
 A major confectionery company’s classic product renewal, a popular magazine published by a famous publishing house, the current number one male photographer, a popular stylist working with a popular brand, and one of the major advertising agencies that also handles government work are involved. And yet, there’s not a single piece of information. It’s just strange. By the way, it may be rude to say this about someone like Aqua-kun, who is an amateur, but it’s surprising that they didn’t choose a big-name male celebrity who appears in the media and went with that side.
 272 Anonymous
 Considering that there’s hardly any information coming out even with so many threads, it makes me wonder if this girl is actually a boy.
 283 Anonymous
 It’s unconfirmed, but someone who was at the scene leaked some information in a few threads before. They said that a famous model they had a contract with canceled last minute. I forgot where exactly in the threads it was because they were moving so fast, but it seems that the person from the agency knew Aqua-kun somehow and managed to work it out. They said they worked hard without making any unpleasant faces to take good photos.
 295 Anonymous
 >>283 If that’s true, Aqua-kun is just too nice, and it will increase his likability…
 301 Anonymous
 >>283 If the agency knew Aqua-kun from the café, it all makes sense. Thank you, Aqua-kun.
 343 Anonymous
 You know, now that I think about it, if you look closely, the girl beside him wearing tights on the lower half, and she cleverly hides the neck with a blouse and a ribbon. Moreover, her shoulder width is hard to tell because of the puff sleeves, and she’s even wearing thin gloves on her hands.
 347 Anonymous
 Huh? Is it really… No way, no way, is such a divine development possible?
 353 Anonymous:
 No way, it can’t be true… Even though he is a boy, is there really such a cute boy?
 Huh? When I realized this girl was a boy, my anger from earlier disappeared as if it was a lie.
 373 Anonymous:
 Wait, hey, wait, then what does that make them? This girl, even though he is boys, are they doing date-like things with such a sweet atmosphere?
 388 Anonymous:
 There’s something incredibly precious about it. What is this feeling? Is it my first time experiencing this?
 396 Anonymous:
 A date between boys… I wonder, it feels so wrong yet exciting at the same time.
 425 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki:
 Huh? Wait, that’s dangerous. It feels like it’s opening up a whole new door…
 441 Anonymous:
 This is bad, this is really bad.
 So, what about this girl, no, this boy? Could it be that he likes Aqua-sama and is dressing up as a girl?
 442 Anonymous:
 Hey, hey, so these two, even though they have a “thing,” they’re still dating?
 Oh, Missy, that seems like it has a really, really naughty scent to it…
 458 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki:
 Ah, ah, ah, no, it’s too much. Any further, and a new door will open… Uuuuuuuu.
 463 Anonymous:
 Confirmed Chimposuki’s death.
 504 Anonymous:
 Hey, where can I find the brand of the clothes this kid is wearing?
 523 Anonymous:
 >>504 Un la filette, a popular brand for teenage girls. It’s relatively cheap, around 10,000 yen or less.
 555 Anonymous:
 Oh well, because someone said something unnecessary, the thread is getting heated again.
 >>504 Already identified and sold out. When I wear this, I feel like I’m going on a date with Aa-sama.
 586 Verification Team *010meTA473:
 >>555 I already have the same outfit. In other words, I’m the one who went on a date with Aqua-sama. Shumi-chan’s great victory!
 611 Anonymous:
 >>586 Shumi, die.
 631 Anonymous:
 >>555 Oh, I didn’t expect that idea.
 >>586 Shumi, die.
 725 Verification Team *07218KADO6:
 Oh no, what should I do? I couldn’t buy a single copy. And no one is reselling it either.
 Even though I wanted to get drunk and pleasuring myself after licking it all over.
 774 Anonymous:
 >>725 Your creativity is truly unwavering. Only you could come up with such a wasteful way to use it.
 835 Anonymous:
 >>725 Hey, you’re joking, right? If you’re really planning to do such a thing, it just proves once again that you’re crazy.
 878 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi:
 For those who couldn’t buy it, we are conducting a petition for a reprint on this site. By ensuring that this Holy Book reaches everyone living in remote areas, we can save many women. Please sign and support us.
 913 Anonymous:
 The SNS trend ranking is crazy. It’s mostly related to Aa-kun’s magazine. Who is spreading the word about the 9th-ranked legal erotic book? LOL.
 935 Anonymous:
 >>913 Even the fact that “Period started” is at the 13th position is pretty insane.
 958 Anonymous:
 Several lawmakers (Diet members) are working to persuade the publisher to reprint the magazine.
 985 Anonymous:
 >>958 It’s amazing that the government is taking action!
 999 Anonymous:
 Ahhh, our exclusive CafePri (Cafe Prince) has finally gained nationwide fameeee!
 1000 Anonymous:
 Shirogane Aqua is the best! Shirogane Aqua is the best! Shirogane Aqua is the best!
 1001 Anonymous:
 Praise the Lord God (Aqua-sama)!
 1002 Verification Team *010meTA473:
 If the post reach 1000, I’ll marry Aqua-sama!
 1005 Anonymous:
 >>999 Shumi, serves you right, LOL.
 1008 Anonymous:
 >>999 Shumi, die.
 This thread has exceeded 1000 posts.
 Since we can’t write anymore, please start a new thread.

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