Male Idol V1c6

Volume 1 Chapter 6 Shirogane Aqua, Convincing the Family

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 It has been two months since I started working at the café. Initially, there were few customers, but now there’s a long line outside the shop. I was hoping that male customers would come, but it’s still only women. Oh well, it’s disappointing.

 At first, my part-time job was strongly opposed by my family, who thought it was dangerous. However, all the customers who come to the shop are kind, and no one has ever done anything to me directly, as my mother warned, like getting abducted, being groped as Shitori-neechan said, or being held captive as Lapis mentioned. I don’t think the women in this world are that dangerous.

 I do get glanced at from a distance, but I think that’s because there are fewer men and it’s unusual for men to work outside. And there have been good things since the café reopened. Inspired by Café Tomarigi’s reopening, the surrounding vacant shops have also resumed operations, and the once deserted area has regained its liveliness.

 That’s not the only good news. Apparently, the plans for rebuilding the building itself have been canceled. According to what I heard from the master, some company has bought the company that proposed the reconstruction plan. They recognized the value of that building and allowed it to continue operating in its current state. After April, the acquired company will send personnel to support Grandma (Obaa-san) even after my part-time job ends.

 By the way, I have permission to continue working part-time even after school starts, so I plan to drop by occasionally when I have free time. It’s a valuable connection that I shouldn’t take for granted!

 However, it’s already March, and I was facing a new problem.

 ”Aqua-chan… Are you really going to school? The outside world is nothing but hardship. You can stay shut in forever. You don’t have to worry about money; your mother will take care of everything, okay? Please?”

 My mother’s face turned pale, to the point where I thought she had given up on life. Huh? Isn’t this something to be happy about?

 Even though her only son is graduating from being a shut-in and trying to go to school, I feel like I’m doing something wrong. But I can’t change my opinion here. I steel my heart and try to persuade my mother by speaking to her.

 ”I’m sorry, motherKaa-san. I know I’ve caused a lot of trouble until now, but I really want to go to high school.”

 I have something I want to strive for. It’s the dream I couldn’t fulfill in my past life—to become an idol. Given this second chance, I want to make my dream of becoming an idol come true.

 However, right now, I’m just a shut-in who hasn’t even auditioned. I don’t know the current trends, let alone societal norms or how people my age feel. The idol I aim to be is someone who can bring energy and smiles to everyone.

 In order to achieve that, I need to know more about various things. That’s why I want to start by going to school.

 ”Well… If Aqua-chan really wants to go to high school, I won’t stop you. But then the issue becomes the choice of school. Should it be a secure place with good security measures, or perhaps an all-boys school…”

 ”Well, about that, Mother. I actually already decided on the school I want to go to, and I’ve already submitted the application online.”


 Mother showed a surprised expression. Even though it’s already past January, high schools in this world accept applications from boys 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Feeling guilty for causing my family trouble during my part-time job, I took the liberty of submitting the application to push through with the negotiations.

 By the way, in this world, when boys send an application to a school, it automatically means acceptance. So, it’s already decided that I will attend that school. Apparently, there aren’t many boys who attend school in this way.


 I held onto Mother, who was faltering. Nearby, Shitori-neechan broke down in tears, and Lapis was frozen in shock.

 ”Mother… I apologize for submitting the application without consulting you. But if I continue to stay shut in without any reason, I will truly become worthless. That’s why I want the support of my precious family—Mother, Shitori-neechan, and Lapis.”

 I wrapped my arms around Mother’s back and hugged her tightly.


 Thanks to recent strength training and running, my physique has finally become more masculine. Perhaps because of that, Mother’s already slender figure feels even smaller. I feel angry at the me in this world who beat up such a thin person who seems to be about to break at any moment.

 Aside of that, I’ve had countless days filled with anxiety. Waking up in the morning, I would still wonder if I was actually dead, if this was all a dream or an illusion, and spent many sleepless nights. Only the morning after such a night, motherKaa-san would say good morning to me with a smile and prepare a warm meal for me in the morning. I’ve been on the verge of tears more than once. In this life, I was able to experience the warmth of a mother for the first time.

 That’s why I want to cherish Mother. I want her to smile. Even if it means being tough on myself now, I wanted to become a reliable and respectable adult who could put Mother’s mind at ease.

 ”Perhaps… No, I’m certain that even in the future, I will continue to cause you a lot of worry, Mother. But in order for me to become a responsible adult, I want you to keep an eye on me from a little distance.”

 ”Uh… okay.”

 However… I might be accused of being selfish, but the truth is, Mother is overly protective. It’s one thing for her to barge in while I’m taking a bath to check if I can wash my body alone, but when I tried to go to the bathroom, she asked if I could pee by myself or if she should help. I was beyond shocked and just froze. I don’t know what a real mother is like, but something is clearly off. Or maybe this is considered normal in this world?

 I feel that the current situation is not good, and I hope to improve it, including this situation, in any way possible.

 ”Shitori-neechan, I’m really sorry. And Lapis too, I’m sorry for keeping this a secret.”

 I let go of Mother and lifted my two sisters up, hugging them tightly just like I did with Mother. It’s not good for my mental state to leave these beautiful sisters kneeling on the floor in tears. It felt like I had done something incredibly terrible, and my heart ached. The previous me apparently used to grab Lapis’ hair and pull it, or push Shitori-neechan against the wall. I can’t believe I was capable of doing such things.

 ”Aa-chan… Aa-chan.”

 My big sister, Shitori-neechan, murmured my name repeatedly, as if whispering to herself. Honestly, from my perspective, Shitori-neechan is more like a beautiful big sister from the neighborhood than a real sister. I’m a boy, after all. I checked just to be sure, and I do get er*ctions, so I confirmed that I’m fully functioning. That’s why I wish she would stop pressing her large breasts against me like that. It’s getting harder to suppress the discomfort of getting aroused around my family. Shitori-neechan’s breasts are just too overwhelming for a virgin boy in his prime.

 ”Aqua-nii-sama… Lapis wants a tight hug too.”

 Seeing that, Lapis also wrapped her arms tightly around me. It should be fine since she hasn’t developed her bust yet. But there was a time when I let my guard down too. Lapis wore a pastel blue frilled dress, and through a small gap, I caught a glimpse of her delicate cleavage and cute bra. Spare me… But Lapis’s attacks don’t end there. She takes advantage of not having breasts and relentlessly entwines her lower body with mine. Stop it! If you do that, it will be obvious that I’m semi-lively down there!! I’ve already released myself from their grasp, but I can’t forcibly pull them off my body. I turn my gaze towards my mother, seeking salvation.

 ”Ah, ah… Aqua-chan, even momOkaa-san wants too!”

 As my mother jumps at me, I catch her face with mine. This can’t be real…. My body, which was already immobilized, becomes even more unresponsive. Sigh… There’s no use fighting it anymore. I give up and continue to be their human pillow until they are satisfied. If this is how it is just going to school, I wonder what would happen if I became an idol. However, I’ve been steadily lowering the boundaries of my overprotective family with part-time jobs and school. If I could find one more cushion to lean on, I feel like I could manage being an idol.


 By the way, Lapis might be the most s*xually twisted one in the family.

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