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Volume 1 Chapter 7 Shirogane Aqua, Learning About Semen Extraction Duties

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 As I prepare for my high school enrollment, I had received a government notification to visit a certain facility.

 ”Welcome, Shirogane Aqua-sama. We truly appreciate you taking the time to visit our facility today.”

 I was escorted in a black car to the facility’s entrance, where several disciplined women greeted me, standing upright and motionless. Among them, a woman in a military uniform revealed her face, while the others around her exuded an imposing atmosphere, fully armed with firearms and wearing full-face gear. The building itself had no irregularities, and a high fence prevented easy access from the outside.

 ”Starting today, I will be your assigned contact person. I am Miyuki Heliodor Yui from the National Confidentiality Bureau Health and Safety Division.”

 Judging from her name, she might be half from some other country. She was a captivating woman with strawberry blond hair and contrasting blue eyes that seem to contradict her hair. Clad in an elegant military uniform, she bowed respectfully, her appearance exuding beauty that could easily captivate anyone. I found myself almost mesmerized. It might be because she wore high-heeled boots, but I was surprised that her eye level was closer to mine compared to the other women. By the way, I am nearly 180cm tall and still growing. Therefore, Miyuki-san must be around 165 to 170cm considering the height difference when factoring in her high heels. Isn’t she quite tall for a woman?

 ”I’m Shirogane Aqua. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

 As I extended my hand, Miyuki-san’s eyes widened slightly.

 ”My apologies. I didn’t expect a man to offer a handshake, so I was a bit slow to react.”

 Miyuki-san removed her thick white gloves and shook my outstretched hand. I was captivated by her beautifully manicured pale pink nails and slender white fingers. She looked like a doll. Lapis also had a similar atmosphere, but it was a different kind of doll-like charm. When combined with a fragile beauty that seemed on the verge of being unreal, it added a touch of mature allure. It made me contemplate whether Lapis might have the potential to become like that in the future.

 ”Now, let me guide you through the facility. Please follow me.”

 I was led into a windowless, pure white building. The first place we stepped into was a spacious lobby with high ceilings. Relaxing background music played, and the women at the reception desk worked silently, careful not to make any noise. I glanced around but didn’t see anyone sitting on the sofas in the lobby. What a pity… I really haven’t encountered any men here. It’s not that I have any specific reason, but I’m somewhat curious about what men are like in this world. The other half of my curiosity is simply because I wanted friends or acquaintances to have casual conversations or seek advice from, just like any normal guy would.

 ”Today, we will proceed without going through the reception. However, starting from the next visit, please submit your National Identification Card at the reception.”

 The National Identification Card is a proof of existence allocated to all citizens of this country. I shifted my gaze towards the counter where there were five counters in total. As I looked at one of them, my eyes coincidentally met with one of the female receptionists who happened to be sitting there. Thinking it would be rude to avert my gaze, I quickly returned a smile.

 ”Thank you for your assistance today. Good luck with your work.”

 Upon hearing my words, the receptionist visibly froze. Huh? Did I do something wrong by talking to her? I noticed the gazes of the other staff members in the lobby inexplicably directed towards me. Miyuki-san, who was standing next to me, also stared at me with her beautiful eyes wide open. Wait, did I really mess up big time? I started to panic. The woman I addressed hastily stood up from her seat, appearing flustered.

 ”Hyaa, y-yes! Thank you very much for today!”

 I’m sorry, missonee-san. I apologize for bothering you and doing something unnecessary while you were working…

 ”I had heard about it in the reports… but to think it’s really true…”

 ”I have been working here for five years, and this is the first time a man has responded to me with something other than a click of the tongue…”

 ”I’m glad… my efforts have paid off…”

 The lobby, which had been quiet until now, began to buzz slightly. I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but some of them had tears in their eyes. I felt increasingly uncomfortable that I had made the woman cry. Oh… I’m really sorry! It’s all because I did something unnecessary. Seeing me in a state of panic, Miyuki-san came to my rescue.

 ”Shirogane-sama, this way, please.”

 Miyuki-san guided me down the corridor as if nothing had happened. I breathed a sigh of relief and followed behind her in the direction she indicated. Despite having only met her a few minutes ago, I felt a strange sense of reassurance when I looked at her composed expression. She gave off the impression of someone who can handle anything.

 ”Now, please enter this room.”

 ”Ah, yes. Excuse me.”

 I was led to a waiting room-like area, where Miyuki-san directed me to a simple sofa. As soon as I sat down, a staff member wearing the same uniform as the women in the lobby entered with a cart.

 ”We are taking drink orders. Please feel free to ask for anything.”

 ”Ah… then I’ll have a glass of cold water, please.”

 ”Of course.”

 The staff member, holding a water pitcher on the cart, poured water into a glass with a gentle tapping sound. She then placed it on the low table in front of me and bowed deeply before leaving the room.

 ”Thank you very much.”

 As I expressed my gratitude, the woman, like others before her, appeared surprised. Miyuki-san confirmed the woman’s departure and then bowed deeply to me.

 ”Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for taking the time out of your precious schedule to visit our facility, Shirogane-sama. You may already be aware, but we have heard that you have suffered from amnesia. Therefore, I would like to provide a brief explanation of our facility if that’s okay with you.”


 Miyuki-san cleared her throat lightly and looked at me with a slightly nervous expression.

 ”Firstly, are you aware that in this world, men have an obligation to undergo seed extraction?”


 In this world, males are required to submit their seed to the government once they reach the age of entering high school. The obligation occurs once a month, and from the time of high school entry until the age of 60, there is a duty to visit the facility and physically submit seed. This is a universally established rule under the world regulations, and the trade of seed has become one of the businesses and political transactions between nations.

 ”Our facility was established to support male seed extraction and also serves as a storage facility for seed collected in Tokyo.”

 Miyuki-san opened the lid of a box on the table and took out its contents. It was a cylindrical red tube-like object, and even someone as clueless as me could easily guess what it was for.

 ”This is an instrument designed for smooth extraction and also contains a container for preserving seed with freshness. Men are required to insert their manhood into the hole of this instrument, either manually moving the device up and down or using the electric function to vibrate the machine and extract the seed.”

 Hmm… so it’s basically an onahole device with a container for preserving seed or sperm. That’s what it is.

 ”In addition, we also offer optional support by our staff during the extraction process, so that option is always available.”

 Huh!? D-Does that mean Miyuki-san will extract mine with that device? Miyuki-san patiently explained how to use the onahole device in her hand, but I was too excited to focus. I’m already constantly aroused and have trouble dealing with it, and now I’m hit with this unexpected surprise. It will take some time for me to calm down.

 ”That concludes the instructions for using this device. Now… it may be uncomfortable, but I would like to use this device to collect your seed, Shirogane-sama. Please come this way.”

 Miyuki-san guided me to another room once again. My heart was pounding so much that it felt like it would burst.

 ”Shirogane-sama, this way, please.”

 I said, regaining my composure and guiding Aqua-sama to the reception room.

 ”Now, please enter this room.”

 I added, opening the door as Aqua-sama passed by in front of me. At that moment, a faint refreshing scent wafted through the air, subtly mingling with a masculine musky aroma. Huh… I’ve never heard of men smelling this good! Or perhaps Aqua-sama is just special. I maintained my calm demeanor and proceeded with the explanation. And…

 The time spent with Aqua-sama in the semen-extracting duty was like a dream. It was the first time I had ever seen a real manhood up close. Aqua-sama’s was far more impressive than what I had seen in textbooks or videos. It had a magnificently curved shaft, veins protruding along its length, swollen testicles, and a prominent glans. I wondered what would happen if it were to enter me. One could say that it was born to make women surrender, as if its very existence was meant for that purpose. Aqua-sama possessed a wicked manhood that made every woman who saw it aware of her own femaleness. Though it was through the use of a device, I was able to assist Aqua-sama in his ejaculation. That alone brought me happiness. However, as I was cleaning the room after the procedure, I froze upon seeing a notification on my smartphone.

 [Congratulations! Shirogane Aqua-sama has ejaculated using your vaginal data.]

 When the device is used for ejaculation, a notification is sent to the woman who was the subject. It is kept secret from the male side, but every woman knows about it.

 ”I didn’t think it was possible, but…”

 I looked down at the two large masses hanging from my body. That disgusting chest that had been ridiculed by boys continued to grow throughout middle school and high school. It wasn’t only that senior who had cast disgusted glances at my breasts. However, Aqua-sama didn’t look at my breasts with disgust; instead, he sent me a heated gaze filled with desire.

 ”I-I can’t believe Aqua-sama gets excited by looking at such a huge mass of flesh like me. He must be out of his mind.”

 I couldn’t help but tremble as I uttered those words. I never imagined that a plain and unsociable woman like me would become an outlet for the s*xual desires of a wonderful man like Aqua-sama.

 ”Male semen is a very precious thing, and it’s such a waste for someone like me to be the object of his ejaculation.”

 Within the data, there is input of vaginal data that corresponds to the ideal solution for each male. Among the women who have widely shared their data, there are even famous idols and actresses. And yet… and yet! For some reason, Aqua-sama chose to use my data. The whole situation was so surreal that my head was starting to feel muddled. My emotions, with nowhere to go, overflowed as words spilled out.

 ”I-I think it would have been better if he had poured it directly into me, if someone like me is enough for him. Instead of using this machine…”

 I can’t help but feel jealous of the machine, even thinking that makes me realize how absurd I am. The amount of semen that Aqua-sama released was simply too much, and I hastily caught the overflowing semen in my palm. The warmth of the semen in my hand and the image of Aqua-sama’s excited manhood after ejaculation are unforgettable. His handsome expression at the moment of ejaculation and his adorable face afterward, everything about him is to my liking. Moreover, I had heard that the amount of semen from men is usually quite small, but Aqua-sama’s quantity far exceeded the data of other men.

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