Male Idol V1c8

Volume 1 Chapter 8 Shirogane Aqua, My First Semen Extraction Experience by Miyuki-san

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 I am currently standing in a closed room with Miyuki-san. Instructed to undress in the adjacent room, I was left with only my underwear, barely covering myself. Even upon seeing me in such a state, Miyuki-san maintains her calm and composed expression. She truly is an adult woman. Her reaction is completely different from mine, as a virgin with a busy schedule even in my past life.

 ”Now, before we proceed with the use of the equipment, I would like to begin the examination.”


 As I nervously respond, Miyuki-san in front of me kneels down to the ground and places her hand on my underwear. I never expected the day would come when a woman would undress me. Miyuki-san swiftly pulls down the underwear I had on, causing my p*nis to spring out.


 Miyuki-san freezes in place, her gaze fixated on my p*nis. Wait, could it be that it’s small?

 ”I-I’m sorry. The size and shape of the male genitalia I saw in the textbook were different, so I was surprised and froze.”

 Huh? Textbook? Could it be that Miyuki-san… No, let’s stop! If I think about it any further, I might get an erection. I’m currently desperately trying to suppress my desires, and yet, all my efforts are in vain. Miyuki-san clears her throat and composes herself, then starts measuring the size of my p*nis with the ruler she had in her hand. Even though she’s wearing white gloves, this is the first time I’ve had such a beautiful lady touch my p*nis.

 This is a pure examination, a pure examination… I repeated these words to myself countless times, hoping not to get an erection. Perhaps due to my slight nervousness, I was able to endure being thoroughly measured by Miyuki-san, both in terms of length and girth.

 ”Next, I would like to measure the size during an erection. Would it be alright for you to have an erection?”


 This time, I focus on arousing myself, directing my thoughts to my lower body. However, for some reason, perhaps due to suppressing my erections before, or maybe because I became nervous when told to have an erection, my p*nis fails to get erect at the crucial moment.

 ”Huh? That’s strange.”

 Oh no, I need to get an erection quickly! But the more I rush, the more my composure fades away. Furthermore, Miyuki-san’s cold gaze, looking down at my p*nis, adds further pressure to my already troubled mind. Instead of getting erect, my p*nis seems to be retracting, as if it’s shrinking away under Miyuki-san’s piercing gaze.

 ”It’s alright. Take your time…”

 Miyuki-san unzips her skirt and lets it drop to the floor. She hangs her removed military uniform on the back of a chair and starts unbuttoning her shirt, one button at a time. I watch intently, my mouth slightly open. Miyuki-san exposes her cleavage, resembling pure white snow, encased in a black bra strap with pink trim, without holding back. When I look down, I notice she’s wearing black panties with pink strings, similar to her bra. Both garments have minimal fabric, almost as if they are about to reveal something indecent. Of course, Miyuki-san’s toned abdomen, slender waist, beautiful belly button, and perfectly plump thighs only heighten my s*xual desires.


 Sensing an unfamiliar sensation in my lower body, I check my own p*nis once again. Contrary to its previous deflated state, my p*nis is now painfully erect.

 ”I can’t help but wonder… Could it be that you got an erection from seeing me in my underwear?”

 Did she have to ask so bluntly? But Miyuki-san’s expression remains as indifferent as ever. Well, of course, it’s just part of her job for her. In response to Miyuki-san’s question, I silently nod.

 ”I see… It seems that Shirogane-sama has a stronger s*xual desire compared to other men, getting aroused by someone like me, a plain and unsociable woman.”

 Miyuki-san moves her pen in her hand, scribbling something on the paper clipped to her clipboard. Ah… if there is a hole, I want to get in it. Getting an erection from something like this, is this why I’m seen as a virgin? If that’s the case, it’s too embarrassing.

 ”Now, let’s move on to the final examination and the explanation of how to use the equipment.”

 Bending her body, Miyuki-san gently holds my p*nis in a squatting position, then exhales softly. Miyuki-san’s breath blows onto my p*nis, causing it to arch even more. When my p*nis is fully erect, it easily hides a significant portion of Miyuki-san’s petite face.

 ”I’ve prepared the largest size, but even this might be a tight fit.”

 Miyuki-san compares the onahole in her hand to my p*nis. Then, she picks up a nearby bottle and lets a viscous liquid drip onto her gloved palm.

 ”From the next session, you can apply it yourself, but for today’s demonstration, I’ll be the one applying the gel. It might feel a little cool, but please bear with it.”

 I never would have thought, but Miyuki-san, even with gloves on, proceeds to apply lotion to my p*nis using her own hands. And she does it meticulously, slowly.

 Oh no! At this rate, I might ejaculate before using the device!

 I’m getting younger, and I have an overwhelming s*xual desire to the point where I want to masturbate every day. It’s tough to have my p*nis stroked by such a beautiful woman. Besides, at home, someone from my family is always sticking to me from morning till night, even climbing into bed with me while I sleep. I can’t even find peace in the bathroom. So, my pent-up s*xual desire reaches its peak with Miyuki-san in her underwear.

 2, 3, 5, 7… I count prime numbers to distract myself somehow.

 It’s unthinkable to ejaculate at this moment. I would definitely be laughed at… No, being laughed at would be much better.

 ”Now, I’ll proceed to insert Shirogane-sama’s p*nis into the device.”

 Miyuki-san slowly inserts my p*nis into the hole of the onahole she’s holding. At first, I was worried if I could endure it, but the sensation inside the onahole is surprisingly normal, providing a slight squeezing sensation. Well, not entirely normal. Usually, an onahole would have ridges or a rough texture, but I didn’t feel any of that inside this device. It simply envelops my p*nis with a plain, fleshy wall. As I wonder about this peculiarity, Miyuki-san takes out my smartphone, which I had entrusted to her, and hands it to me. When I receive the phone, I activate the screen, and there’s an unfamiliar app listed.

 ”We use that app to control the device’s automated movements and modify its internal structure.”

 I see… So, it means I can set up the electric functions and customize the onahole’s internal structure to my liking. It’s an impressive feature.

 ”You can set individual values, and it can also automatically adjust to the optimal shape based on a scanned p*nis. Furthermore, if you have a preferred woman, you can set its movement according to her genitalia, anus, or tongue.”

 Apparently, there is a separate facility that collects individual data for the functions of this onahole. Women are obligated to submit their data to the government every year, but it’s up to each individual’s discretion whether to make the data public or not. While listening to Miyuki-san’s explanation, I glance at the screen. At the bottom, I notice the “Friends” section, and right before that, there’s an item called “World.”

 ”Let me explain the ‘Friends’ and ‘World’ sections.”

 According to Miyuki-san, the ‘World’ is a system that compiles publicly available data into a database, allowing you to search and access it. The ‘Friends’ section, on the other hand, is a feature for close contacts that can be used when one person applies and the other person verifies the request. Using this system, women can set their collected data to private and choose to send or publish it only to selected individuals. In fact, Miyuki-san in front of me also keeps her data private, so it’s not uncommon.

 ”Shall we try using the ‘Friends’ feature as a test?”

 Miyuki-san takes out her smartphone and slides her finger on the screen. Then, a message box appears on the app I was holding in my hand.

 [You have received vaginal, anal, and oral data from Miyuki Heliodor Yui-san. Would you like to accept it?]

 Miyuki-san urges me to press the consent button since it’s a test. With trembling fingers, I touch the ‘OK’ button. In that instant, Miyuki-san’s name and data are added to my friend list.

 ”Shirogane-sama, I believe I have finished explaining the equipment. Now, I would like you to proceed with using the device to collect semen. Please select the data on the app that you wish to use. You can take your time to choose, or if you find it troublesome, you can use the automatic setting function.”

 Following Miyuki-san’s instructions, I pretended to slide my finger towards the automation and optimization options and quickly selected the “Friend” option, feeling my heart race.

 I’m sorry, Miyuki-san…!

 While apologizing to Miyuki-san in my mind, I set the data of the onahole to match Miyuki-san’s vaginal shape.


 The flesh walls of the masturbator that wrapped around my p*nis began to change shape. Miyuki-san’s vaginal canal was much tighter than I had imagined, and the intense pressure almost made me ejaculate involuntarily.

 ”Now, I will use the device to stimulate you, Shirogane-sama. Please ejaculate at your preferred timing without holding back.”

 Miyuki-san maintained a calm expression as she slowly moved the onahole attached to my p*nis up and down. The undulating flesh walls of Miyuki-san rubbed against me, as if attempting to squeeze out my semen.

 ”Shirogane-sama, how is the condition of the device?”

 ”It’s… amazing.”

 I am well aware that this is a despicable act. However, I am also a healthy young man. It is impossible for me to resist the sense of taboo that arises from using Miyuki-san as my source of arousal in this situation. She is such an enchanting woman, more beautiful than any woman I have seen in this life or the previous one, with a seductive figure that appeals to men.


 I feel like I’ll ejaculate right away if I relax. I regret not taking care of it beforehand so I wouldn’t be seen as someone who finishes quickly in front of a beautiful woman like Miyuki-san. My male pride becomes my last defense, holding back my ejaculation. However, Miyuki-san mocks me by swiftly manipulating the device up and down.

 ”Ah, ah… Miyuki-san, I, I’m…!”

 Pathetically, I thrust my hips forward, repeatedly ejaculating in quick, small bursts into Miyuki-san’s vaginal onahole. Undoubtedly, it was the most intense ejaculation and pleasure I’ve experienced since coming to this world. I surrender all my senses and brain cells to the sensations in my p*nis, enjoying the lingering bliss.

 ”Shirogane-sama, thank you for your ejaculation. I understand that it might feel unpleasant for a while, but I will clean you up shortly.”

 After confirming that I have finished ejaculating, Miyuki-san slowly removes the device. Perhaps the storage container at the back couldn’t contain all of my semen, as some leaks out and drips from the entrance of the onahole. Miyuki-san instinctively catches my semen with her palm, forming small puddles on top of her glove.

 ”…Such a waste.”

 Miyuki-san says this with a serious expression as she brings her palm, filled with my semen, closer to her nose. She slightly widens her small nostrils and sniffs the scent, then moves her pale pink lips closer to my filthy substance. Making slurping sounds that I’ve never heard in my entire life, Miyuki-san swiftly consumes my ejaculate.

 ”I apologize for my rudeness. Male semen is a valuable substance… I apologize for engaging in such vulgar and unpleasant behavior.”

 I could not say, “No, there’s no need to apologize…” so I simply said that I didn’t mind. Miyuki-san then takes out a warm, fresh towel and begins to clean my lower body slowly. It feels so pleasurable that, despite the cleaning process, my p*nis becomes semi-erect, which is rather impolite. However, Miyuki-san doesn’t show any sign of displeasure and calmly wipes my p*nis with a cool, expressionless face. That’s right, Miyuki-san is just doing her job, so I shouldn’t misunderstand. I repeated this to myself several times.

 ”Thank you, Miyuki-san.”

 ”No, this is just part of my job, so please don’t worry about it.”

 Miyuki-san remains composed until the end. Thanks to her, my semi-erect p*nis regains its composure and returns to its normal size. As I regain my composure, I feel embarrassed that I was the only one in turmoil, so I silently change my clothes. At the same time, a sense of guilt washes over me as I realize once again how terrible my actions were. I apologize to Miyuki-san in my mind over and over again and quickly leave the facility, almost as if running away.

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