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Volume 2 Chapter 10 Shirogane Aqua, The Sudden Invitation

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 ”Aqua-chan… I have something important to discuss with you.”


 When I arrived home with Ako-san, my mother was standing at the entrance, looking serious. Well, I had promised to behave, so it’s only natural that she would scold me. I was ready for it, but my mother surprised me with something she said.

 ”I apologize for the suddenness, but… I would like Aqua-chan to attend a certain party in one week.”


 I thought for sure I would be scolded for not notifying her about my late return. Ako-san, who was beside me, seemed to think the same, as we exchanged glances with widened eyes. Judging from her reaction, Ako-san must be unaware of this discussion as well. My mother sighed with a troubled expression.

 ”Actually, that party is being held at the home of a student whom Mom is instructing… Akiyama Sachiko-san family.”

 My mother mainly teaches tea ceremony and flower arrangement to children from upper-class families. I have helped her a few times when she taught at our home, and all the students were well-behaved and nice people. Among them, Akiyama-san is exceptionally quiet, a slender and beautiful woman with a delicate appearance.

 ”I see…”

 Ako-san, sensing something from my mother’s words, stared at her with a serious expression.

 ”So, you want Aqua-kun to escort her?”

 My mother shook her head.

 ”No, it’s actually her engagement party, so there will be a proper escort for her… but, you see…”

 My mother let out a small sigh.

 ”The person who decided to attend the party at the last minute doesn’t have a partner. That’s why I thought maybe our Aqua could…”

 ”Please refuse!”

 Ako-san interrupted my mother’s words with an unusually determined tone and a hint of irritation.

 ”Even though Aqua-kun is an idol. Even if it’s inevitable for him to interact with female classmates or officials in charge of… ‘extracting essence.’ But escorting someone specific before his debut is a bit…”

 Ako-san’s concerns were valid. It’s evident that it could potentially become a scandal later on.

 ”Yeah, normally I would refuse as well. But that person is from a significantly influential family. This conversation has already gone beyond just me and Sachiko-san. They have formally requested through the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so I can’t do anything in my position but accept… I’m sorry, Aqua-chan, and also Atori-san…”

 ”An influential family? So, that means they’re pretty important, huh?”

 Both Ako-san and I exchanged glances at the unexpected turn of events.

 ”The Ministry of Foreign Affairs… Does that mean someone from another country?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. And not just any country, but someone connected to the ruling family of the Queen, the sovereign nation of the Stars.”

 Stars is a united nation located further west than our country. In the world I come from, it was called the European Union, but in this world where the male birthrate has decreased, there is no time for wars. So the Western countries have completely integrated politically and economically, while respecting the cultural identity of each ethnic group. In that sense, this world is very peaceful. Everyone strives for coexistence and mutual prosperity, working together beyond national boundaries. Well, sadly, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any people with discriminatory thoughts.

 ”The ruling family of the Queen… I see, one of the original 12 nations that founded the Stars and currently serves as the ruling country… I remember hearing that one of their daughters is studying in Japan.”

 ”As expected of Atori-san. Your understanding is quick, which is helpful given your connection to the Zaibatsu.” (Note: Zaibatsu => click here)

 The two of them sighed, seemingly overwhelmed. Finally catching up with the conversation, I spoke.

 ”Why would someone so important choose me…?”

 My mother furrowed her brows, showing a troubled expression.

 ”I don’t know. At first, I tried to refuse after hearing Sachiko-san’s story, but officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cabinet Office came to our house immediately. I couldn’t possibly refuse when they were so desperate.”

 My mother bit her lip, a frustrated expression on her face.

 ”I’m sorry, Aqua-chan… I’m your mother, but I couldn’t protect you properly…”

 I shook my head at my mother’s words.

 ”Mother, it’s not like that. I don’t mind escorting someone, and besides…”

 I gently touched my mother’s lips with my thumb and wiped away the blood that had smeared.

 ”It makes me happier than anything else that you’re trying to protect me, Mother.”


 I embraced my mother, who had thrown herself at me, and soothingly rubbed her back to calm her down.

 ”But more importantly, what about Ako-san…”

 I shifted my gaze towards Ako-san. In this issue, the question of being an idol, as Ako-san mentioned earlier, is more significant than my own feelings.

 ”Being chosen to accompany someone on a state visit is something that cannot be avoided. It is a great honor for a man to be selected for such an important task. And if we intentionally take advantage of this opportunity, it might just work. Aqua-kun, you can leave the rest to me and concentrate on preparing for the party that’s happening in a week!”

 Ako-san lifted her head, showing an unusually strong expression.

 ”It seems that I’m even more competitive than I thought. Hehe, maybe it’s because I caught your spirit of not wanting to lose, Aqua-kun. So, don’t worry. Leave the rest to me, and you just concentrate on the party in one week.”

 ”Ako-san… Thank you!”

 I truly thought Ako-san was someone I could rely on. I expressed my gratitude to Ako-san once again. To meet Ako-san’s expectations, I asked my mother to teach me the proper manners for the party starting from that day.

 And one week later, the fateful day arrived.

 I put on the custom-tailored suit that had been rushed to completion. Normally, it would have taken a month, but with the government’s intervention, they managed to prepare it in just one week, working tirelessly day and night. Expressing my gratitude to the people who made it, I stood in front of the mirror, fastening the butterfly tie on the well-fitted shirt with neatly pressed pleats.

 ”It’s perfect…!”

 The hairstylist, who had styled my hair, seemed to be moved by her own work, trembling with excitement.

 ”Thank you.”

 ”Oh… Ohhh! No way… you’re really thanking me?”

 As expected, I was already accustomed to this reaction. Come on, guys out there… please show more gratitude to girls. After expressing my thanks to the hairstylist, I left the waiting room and headed towards the meeting place where the woman I was supposed to escort today was waiting. I was a little nervous, but I reminded myself that this would be a good experience for me. I had to be even more perfect than usual, not just for the sake of my mother, who had taught me manners, but also for Shitori-onee-chan and Lapis, who had helped me.

 Just as I was thinking that, my gaze was captivated by a beautiful garden with a fountain. No, to be precise, my eyes were captivated by a woman standing in front of that fountain. Her long hair shimmered in a golden hue more radiant than any expensive accessory. Her deep azure eyes seemed to hold a sea of stars, and her flawless figure, adorned in an exquisite dress, surpassed even the finest of fabrics. Her face embodied a beauty created by the golden ratio, both enchanting and alluring. It felt as if she belonged to a different world altogether. The extraordinary sensation of seeing her, as if she had stepped out of a two-dimensional realm… even the sunlight that illuminated her seemed to be no more than a mere lighting fixture designed to enhance her beauty.

 Despite having seen her photo beforehand, I couldn’t help but gasp at the breathtaking beauty I beheld in person.

 Kanon Stars Goshenite (カノン・スターズ・ゴッシェナイト).

 The eldest daughter of Her Majesty, the Queen of the motherland of the Stars, whom I was scheduled to escort at the party, was standing alone in front of the fountain instead of the designated meeting place.


 Her Highness noticed me and a faint smile appeared on her face. Undoubtedly, many would fall in love with her at the sight of that smile alone.

 ”You must be Shirogane Aqua-sama.”


 Even the greetings I had practiced so diligently vanished from my mind in an instant. I’m sorry, Lapis, Shitori-onee-chan… Despite all the help you gave me, I feel terrible for being so incompetent at a crucial moment.

 ”It’s a pleasure to meet you… And I would like to apologize for the tremendous inconvenience my country has caused to you, Aqua-sama, and your family.”

 Her Highness offered her apology and began to bow her head towards me.

 ”W-Wait a moment.”

 I hurriedly tried to stop her, but she disregarded my attempt and lowered her head.

 ”Due to my position, I cannot bow my head to someone in an official setting. That is why I have been waiting here for you, Aqua-sama. I don’t expect this apology to be forgiven, but please accept these words of apology.”

 ”Understood. I will accept your apology sincerely, so please raise your head.”

 After managing to make Her Highness stand, I felt a sense of relief. It seemed that this situation was the result of the people in her home country pushing for it, and for some reason, I ended up being chosen as the escort.

 ”Hehe, there’s no need to be so nervous. After all, both you and I are just ordinary 16-year-old students, aren’t we?”

 ”Y-Yes… But it still feels quite overwhelming…”

 Her Highness leaned closer to me, compensating for her lack of height by tiptoeing and whispered softly into my ear.

 ”In that case, let’s drop the formalities and honorifics between us. As I mentioned before, this is an informal setting, and it’s just the two of us, isn’t it?”

 ”Uh, um… Well, okay, I understand… I got it.”

 Initially, I was nervous, but Her Highness seemed accustomed to such situations. As we continued conversing, she helped ease my tension, and my words flowed more naturally.

 ”Oh, I see… So you, Aqua, aspire to be an idol despite being male. I think that’s amazing.”

 ”Y-Yeah, so right now, I’m working hard every day with lessons and preparations for my debut.”

 Her Highness paid close attention as I spoke, and without meaning to, I ended up telling her about my dream of becoming an idol. I had asked her to keep it a secret, but Ako-san assured me that it was safe to discuss. Therefore, I felt comfortable sharing this with Her Highness.

 ”Well then, let me know when you debut. I may not be able to attend your live performances, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out.”

 I naturally exchanged contact information with Her Highness. But now, I find myself in an unexpected situation. She had a talent for guiding our conversations, and it felt like she was playfully controlling me. Maybe it was just my imagination?

 ”Hmm? Is something the matter?”

 Her Highness tilted her head slightly as she peered into my face. It might be a cute gesture if it were done by an ordinary girl, but when she did it, it made my heart skip a beat.

 ”N-No, it’s nothing…”

 In the empty garden, we spent the limited time engaging in lighthearted conversation. Before we knew it, it was almost time for Akiyama-san’s engagement ceremony.

 ”With that said, once again, I entrust you with the role of escort today, Aqua-sama.”

 Her Highness swiftly changed her expression and extended her hand in front of me. I took her slender, white hand and bowed lightly.

 ”I am extremely honored to have been entrusted with the important task of escorting Your Highness. Shall we make our way to the venue, then?”


 For a moment, our initially reserved demeanor seemed odd, but as we locked eyes, our expressions softened, and we burst into laughter. I took hold of Her Highness’s hand, and we began walking towards the venue together.

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