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Volume 2 Chapter 11 Kanon, The Existence of Myself

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 Kanon, The Existence of Myself

 The Stars Union is one of the country with immense power in the world. As the representative of that ruling country, I was born as Her Majesty the Queen’s daughter.

 ”Princess, you are truly exceptional.”

 The teachers who taught me always said that they had nothing more to teach me at the end of each class. From a young age, I excelled in everything, and as I grew older, everything felt dull to me. By the time I turned ten, I had already learned most things. And by that time, I had even acquired the beauty of a woman.

 ”Oh… How beautiful you are.”

 If an ordinary woman were to hear such words from a man, she would probably surrender her chastity on the same day. But unlike other women in the world, whispers of love from men were just part of my daily life. It would be something any woman would envy. But for me, men were nothing more than that.

 ”How adorable. Oh, you’re truly cute.”

 My mother, who is Her Majesty the Queen, and my father, who is His Majesty the King, both doted on me greatly. But the best thing I had wasn’t my beauty or intelligence. It was the love I received from everyone in this world.

 A woman cherished by the Earth.

 A truth of the universe.

 A gift from God.

 Even fate kneels and bows before her.

 They say the world exists for her.

 Kanon Stars Gosshe Night.

 That’s who I am.

 Because I was loved too much, everything became boring in my world. But there was an incident that changed that. Yes… It happened when I was five years old.

 ”Grandmother(Obaba-sama)… are you here?”

 Unfortunately, Grandmother was not there, but I stepped into her library, which was also her study room. The room was as big as a library and had always been a place of solace for me since I was young. As I visited Grandma’s study room as usual, I gazed at the bookshelves slowly.

 Grandma, a book lover, had a hobby of collecting books from various countries. Therefore, most of the books here were original editions written in the languages of their respective countries. However, for me, who could read, write, and speak all languages of the world like everyday conversation, reading books in foreign languages was a breeze.


 As I explored the study room, one book caught my eye.

 ”To You, Where Flowers Bloom…”

 I picked up the book, which was in the corner of the Eastern island country section, and flipped through the first page.

 I believe this format is called a manga or something like that…

 Without thinking, I started to read the manga.

 ”Oh… Kanon, you’re here.”

 I was startled by Grandmother’s voice. How long had I been here?

 Before I knew it, the window outside had turned into the evening.

 ”Yes. I’ll come again tomorrow.”

 I hurriedly returned the book to the shelf and quickly went back to my room.

 From that day on, I visited Grandmother’s study room almost every day.

 The books from the Eastern island country were incredibly fascinating, and I immersed myself in manga and novels written in that country’s language.

 After reading everything within a few days, I came to a conclusion.

 ”All wisdom is here.”

 The worlds depicted in the manga and novels from that country had no use for the common sense that surrounded me. And by projecting myself onto the characters in those stories, I was able to live a different life, one that was not working out for my other self. It was a wonderful and invaluable experience for me.

 ”Dear Mother, I want to attend junior high school in the Eastern island country.”

 At first, there was some opposition, but there was nothing in this world that could resist my whims as someone who was loved. I enrolled in a girls’ junior high school in that Eastern island country, just as I wished.

 Perhaps it wasn’t just about manga and novels. There might be something different about this country. To say that I didn’t feel excited and curious would be a lie.

 However, my little hope was quickly shattered.

 Reading manga and novels was enjoyable as expected. No, it would be an understatement to say that I encountered something even greater than Grandmother’s study room. But… the men in this country were equally boring to me.

 If I revealed my true self, everyone would kneel before me. And if I deliberately made myself look unattractive, they would insult me. They were all very boring.

 But thinking there might be a chance, I tried my best for about three years to pursue the men in this country, but there wasn’t a single wonderful man like the ones in the manga and novels I loved from this country.

 ”Should I go back…”

 As I murmured towards the window, the maid who had been standing behind me took a step forward.

 ”Are you absolutely certain, Princess?”

 Her name is Pegonia. She’s a pitiful maid who has been forced to accompany me and brought to this country.

 ”Yes… I’ve given up, and besides…”

 Despite all the ups and downs, life in this country has been very enjoyable. I’ve met invaluable companions here. So I’m sure the three years I spent in this country will be wonderful memories for me.

 ”Wouldn’t you want to go back to our country too?”

 When I said that, Pegonia just stared at me with her expressionless right eye. The decline in the male birth rate didn’t mean that wars had disappeared. Terrorism and small conflicts still exist.

 Pegonia is one of the victims, having lost both her parents along with her right eye when she was young.

 It is perhaps the role given to someone like me to provide assistance to such individuals.

 I took her in as a maid after meeting her during a visit to offer condolences. Her meeting me must be fate, just as my meeting her must be.

 The beloved child of the God of the Stars has the power to control even the future.

 The world is said to be molded conveniently for me, to the extent that such whispers can be heard. So the encounter with Pegonia must have a meaning for me. Therefore, I had no doubts about making her my personal maid. Mother also readily accepted it, and once employed, Pagonia proved to be very capable. This is what they call the guidance of destiny.

 ”Then let’s start preparing for our return.”

 From early February, I began the preparations for returning home, and once again, I was reminded that I am indeed the protagonist of this story.

 ”Pegonia… I’m sorry, but I’ll be going out today.”

 ”Shall I prepare as usual?”

 ”Yes, please.”

 On that day, I went out to a certain place to confirm something. Even though I thought it would be the same as always, there was a deep feeling knowing that this would be the last time. On the way to my destination, I noticed a woman in the downtown area who seemed unwell. From her appearance, she was probably a high school student, maybe even a junior high school student. It was clear that she wasn’t feeling well.

 ”Are you all right?”

 Surely, this was also divine guidance. It was destiny for me to help her.

 ”Uh… yes, maybe… if I can rest somewhere for a bit.”

 I supported her body and tried to lead her to a bench in a nearby park where she could sit and rest. Along the way, a man who had been walking towards us confronted us.

 ”You’re in the way, ugly! Get lost!”

 Sigh… How many times have I despaired over the men in this country, no, in this world? I disguise myself for safety when I go out. Normally, any man would kneel down and praise my beauty, but this time it wouldn’t be that easy. The ugly makeup and disguise that Pegonia had applied were perfect.

 ”I’m sorry. She’s not feeling well, so…”

 Several women who had been standing a little away were watching our situation, but they didn’t seem inclined to help. It couldn’t be helped. For now, I should step aside and yield the path obediently. However, the man, irritated by our slow movements, reached out towards the unwell girl and tried to push her aside.

 ”Shut up! Just move!”

 Pegonia is following closely, a little distance away, so she will quickly come and stop him. However, there’s a possibility that she might not make it in time, so I deliberately stepped in to protect the girl.


 But even after a moment, nobody pushed me. I slowly opened my closed eyelids, preparing for the impact of being pushed.

 ”I’m sorry, but… I don’t think I can overlook that.”

 In front of me, there is a man with a slim but toned back, even though he was wearing clothes. His back reminded me of the strong and courageous men I had seen in manga. His deep voice echoed in my ears, making my heart race like I was on a roller coaster ride.

 ”Wh-What’s your problem, huh?”

 His slender hand, but the wrist and back of his hand visible from his shirt were slightly bony and showed visible veins. He stood firmly, yet with a dignified posture. His beautifully proportioned face had a gentle smile, but his eyes revealed a fiery emotion akin to anger.

 ”Trying to push a woman who doesn’t look well is unacceptable, no matter how you look at it.”

 ”Shut up! She’s just a woman, it doesn’t matter!”

 The man who came to our rescue calmly stepped in and grabbed the hand of the man who had picked a fight. He led us gently to the side of the road, while gesturing to me to go ahead.

 Feeling somewhat apologetic towards the man, I nodded politely and took the woman with me to a nearby park. Once I had her sit on an empty bench in the park, I asked for her family’s contact information to inform them on her behalf.

 ”Are you feeling better now?”

 ”Yes, thank you so much. I’m really grateful.”

 After a while, she seemed to calm down, and her complexion improved slightly. Just then, her mother arrived to pick her up, so I accompanied them until they could get into the car. I assured them not to worry about it and bid them farewell.

 After parting ways with her, I let out a sigh of relief. Checking the time, I realized that the place I intended to go had already closed more than 30 minutes ago. It’s a shame, but the shop I wanted to visit would already be closed… Maybe it’s time to go back.

 Suddenly, the scene from earlier flashed in my mind.

 Come to think of it, I wonder if that man is alright?

 The memory of what happened earlier stirred up warmth in my chest. I never expected to encounter such a man. Although I couldn’t fulfill today’s objective, perhaps I could consider it a good memory to conclude my three years in this country. Lost in sentimental thoughts, I heard footsteps approaching from behind.

 ”Oh! It’s you!”

 I turned around to the voice I heard and there was the man who had helped me and the girl earlier, breathing heavily as he rushed towards me, clutching a paper bag as if it were precious. The scene resembled a panel from a manga I had seen as a child… Every time his footsteps brought him a little closer to me, my heart skipped a beat.

 ”Haa… haa… Is the person from earlier okay?”

 ”Oh, yes. I handed her over to her family.”

 ”I see, that’s good.”

 Looking at his face, it was clear that he truly felt relieved. His genuine expression made me lower my defenses, and my false front naturally fell apart. However, my appearance didn’t carry any significant significance.

 ”Ah… in that case, here.”

 He extended the paper bag he had been carefully holding towards me. I accepted it and peeked inside.

 ”To tell you the truth, I hurried back to the shop after seeing that sick person earlier, thinking she might need it… but since you’re here, would you mind if I take it?”

 Inside the bag were takeaway cups filled with water, mint-infused mint tea, simple iced tea, and lemon tea—four different beverage containers. I thought it was a bit excessive to bring so much, but many girls find comfort in smelling calming and refreshing scents. He had truly thought of her and considerately brought various options. When I realized that, my heart felt warm and fuzzy, even though I hadn’t taken a sip of the hot tea.

 ”Oh, then, I should give you some money…”

 ”Oh… it’s fine, really.”

 ”But I need to have a reason for accepting this.”

 ”…Actually, these are prototypes that were planned to be served at the shop.”

 When he said that, his eyes wandered a bit. Ah, he must be the type of person who can’t lie. His kind lie touched my heart.

 ”The shop?”

 When I asked him about it, he showed a smile that bloomed like a flower.

 ”Oh, yes! Actually, I work part-time at that cafe over there. Coffee is our specialty, and the owner makes amazing coffee!”

 Watching him talk enthusiastically about the shop, I felt incredibly happy. My heart, which had never wavered no matter who I talked to, now bloomed so brightly. It felt like when I first read manga from this country in the library of my grandmother’s studyroom… No, perhaps it was even more than that.

 ”Um… What’s the name of the shop?”

 Summoning my courage, I asked him about the name of the shop.

 ”Ah… I work part-time at a café called ‘Tomarigi.’ I’m Shirogane Aqua.”

 My mind went blank for a moment. Because the reason I went outside today was to meet him. To be honest, I don’t remember much after that. Even after parting ways with him… with Aqua-sama, I continued to feel dreamy, staring out of the window when I returned home.

 ”Pegonia… I’m sorry.”

 Several days have passed since then. I mutter those words towards my maid of honor, who is somewhere nearby.

 ”Princess, my duty is to serve you with utmost sincerity. I have already made the necessary arrangements, so please rest assured.”

 Pegonia is truly competent. That’s why I feel even more apologetic for dragging her along with my selfishness. I wonder if there’s something I can do for her in return. I thought about suggesting a salary increase, but when I did, it only put her in a bad mood, and when I proposed giving her more days off, she didn’t speak to me for three days. So, all I can do is express my gratitude to her.

 ”I see… Thank you always.”

 I express my gratitude to Pegonia. Then, after a long time, I turn on my laptop and open the page of my usual forum board from my favorites.

 Verification Team *010meTA473

 For the first time in a long time, I commented on the message board with my own nickname.


 I thought some of you might have noticed, but if anyone didn’t, I apologize. The outer is this, but the content on the bulletin board is different…

 On a small note, Miyuki was not loved by anyone, but on the contrary, Kanon=Shumi was loved by everyone. These two characters were intentionally depicted as opposites, and based on Ako-san, who is a business partner, and Ayana-san, who provides an observer’s perspective, a heroine added to the story. The author has already decided who the initial partner will be, but he hopes you enjoy Sachiko as well… Oh, and he will make everyone Sachiko, so please rest assured on that point.

 Also, at this point, Aqua-kun has met a male character, but that memory has been erased. It was just too shitty, and I didn’t want to think that the first guy he met was that guy…

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