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Volume 2 Chapter 12 Shirogane Aqua, My Head Seems to be Broken

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 Upon arriving at the venue, I exchanged greetings with today’s host in the party hall, along with Her Highness.

 ”Your Highness, and Aqua-san… Thank you for coming today.”

 A woman wearing a simple violet dress kneeled gracefully. She is Akiyama Sachiko-san, the organizer of today’s party. Sachiko-san is one of my motherKaa-san‘s students and is scheduled to graduate from university this year. She is going to marry the person who will be announced as her fiancé today, coinciding with her graduation.

 ”Sachiko-san, congratulations.”

 ”Congratulations, Akiyama-san.”

 Following behind Her Highness, the guest of honor, I offered my words of congratulations to Sachiko-san. Then, I conveyed similar words of blessings to Sachiko-san’s parents and the parents of the groom who were standing behind her. Somehow, there was no sight of the groom, but it seems that men are allowed to act freely even on such important occasions. I wondered if it’s alright to burden Sachiko-san alone with all this, but as an outsider, it’s not my place to say it aloud. Afterwards, the conversation continued between Her Highness and Sachiko-san alone, while I could only respond with a smile to their occasional questions. After all, I am merely the escort for Her Highness.

 ”Thank you both for being here today.”

 Sachiko-san had a smile on her face, but she seemed to be somewhat depressed. Well… she must be tired, I told myself not to interfere unnecessarily. After finishing our greetings with Sachiko-san, Her Highness and I received glasses from the waitstaff and made our way to the corner of the venue. By the way, the glasses contained simple juice. It’s only natural since both Her Highness and I are underage.

 ”Aqua-sama, if you’re tired, would you like to take a break in one of the vacant rooms?”

 Her Highness had a faint smile. My heart skipped a beat as I saw those fragile, lightly colored lips. Perhaps the people around us were also captivated by Her Highness’s smile, as almost everyone’s gaze, except those greeting Sachiko-san and her family, turned towards us.

 Her Highness noticed the attention and gently leaned closer to me, whispering into my ear.

 ”Hehe, everyone is mesmerized by your handsome suit, Aqua-sama.”

 No way… Her Highness is the one captivating everyone’s attention. When I look at Her Highness, the first thing that catches my eye is the beautiful shape of her chest. It’s not overly large, yet not small either—just the right size with an enchanting cleavage. As a pure-hearted guy, I find it difficult to decide where to direct my gaze when faced with such a dress that reveals this enticing cleavage. Speaking purely in terms of size, Miyuki-san’s are definitely larger and s*xier. However, there’s something about Her Highness’s breasts… rather than sheer s*xiness, they exude a delicate allure that stirs a man’s base desires. In addition, her buttocks are petite yet shapely, accentuated by a feminine waist. By looking at the dress that perfectly showcases her beautiful body lines, it’s clear at a glance that she has an impeccable figure. Even though I’m looking at the exposed parts of her skin up close, there are no blemishes or marks whatsoever. To sum up Her Highness in one word, it would be “extraordinary.” She possesses the allure of a woman, while also harboring the adorable innocence of a young girl. Her level of beauty is on par with fairies, angels, or even goddesses.

 ”That’s not true at all. Everyone must be captivated by Your Highness’s charm.”

 ”Oh… If that’s the case, Aqua-sama, are you also captivated by my charm? I would be very happy if that were true.”

 Her Highness stared at me with her large, twinkling eyes, and her snowy white cheeks turned a faint shade of pink. She must be teasing me, but when I see her like this, I can’t help but misunderstand and think that maybe Her Highness is genuinely interested in me. Hey, Aqua, don’t get carried away, I sternly remind myself.

 Honestly, when we are this close, Her Highness smells really good. I don’t know if it’s a natural scent, perfume, or the result of soap or shampoo, but it’s simply a pleasant fragrance. If I didn’t have any self-control, with just one word like that, I would definitely be tempted to take her down.

 ”O-of course, Your Highness.”

 ”Liar… I wish you would say that while looking into my eyes.”

 As Her Highness drew closer, my fingertips gently touched her skin.

 It’s not like I’ve never touched another girl’s skin before. In this world, girls are more proactive, so there have been many opportunities for physical contact with female classmates and family members. And lately, I’ve been getting used to it. But Her Highness’s skin was unlike anything I had ever felt before. If just my fingertips felt this good, wouldn’t it feel even better if we embraced each other completely naked? Such a lascivious delusion made my lower body start to react.

 ”Um… Please spare me for today.”

 ”Oh, that means you’ll meet me again. I’m happy.”

 Taking advantage of the fact that no one else was around, Her Highness spoke to me as if we were classmates at school.

 Well, we are the same age, but because of her noble position, I kept my distance. So when she approached me, I started to see her as just a girl my age, and the lingering sensation on my fingertips became incredibly vivid.

 ”Um… Please forgive me, I need to use the restroom for a moment.”

 We were getting too close, and I couldn’t handle the situation calmly as a man anymore.

 ”Sure, take your time. Oh… even if you’re a bit late, it’s fine. I’m sure boys have a tough time, right?”

 Her Highness placed both hands on her blushing cheeks and kept glancing at me with a teasing look.

 N-No, I won’t do anything like that here! I was surprised by Her Highness’s sudden s*xual remark. I mentally retorted. Her Highness probably noticed what I was conscious of and was teasing me about it.

 ”I-I’ll be back soon!”

 I rushed into the restroom and sighed heavily when I looked at myself in the mirror.

 In response to Her Highness’s closeness, I could only come up with a temporary response to somehow escape. No, wait. Am I allowed to run away as the escort…?

 ”Sigh… I guess I should go back.”

 After using the restroom and returning to the venue, I saw an unknown man bothering Her Highness.

 At first, I thought they might know each other, but judging by Her Highness’s cold attitude, it seemed that wasn’t the case.

 ”What’s the problem?”

 It seemed like the man was trying to flirt with Her Highness. He stared at her body with a despicable look.

 Does that man even realize that he’s approaching the next queen candidate of the Stars? Men trying to woo women is probably a rare sight in this world, but I couldn’t just sit idly by and observe. I thought this was bad and hurriedly made my way toward Her Highness.

 ”Excuse me. Is something the matter?”

 I approached the man who had been bothering Her Highness.

 ”Huh? You…!”

 As soon as the man saw my face, his eyes widened in anger.

 I was simply asking if there was a problem, but the man seemed to have harbored hostility toward me from the beginning, which confused me. It didn’t seem to be because I was Her Highness’s escort or because I interrupted their conversation. I felt puzzled by the cause of his anger, and the man’s tone grew stronger, as if he were having a fit.

 ”Hey! Don’t you dare forget about me or ignore me!!”

 Hmm, hmm, hmm…huh? Oh!

 I strain my memory and try to backtrack. Thanks to that, I remember the man. Come to think of it, there was a girl who felt unwell on the way when I went out to buy something that was missing at the café, and there was another girl taking care of her. At that time, this man who is now in front of me was bothering those girls.

 ”Oh, it’s you from back then.”

 Now that I think about it, at that time, I briefly met this man… I didn’t want to think of him as the first man I met in this world because he was such a scumbag, so I probably erased him from my memory. After that, when I met Mayuzumi, who was such a good person, I wanted to forget about this guy even more. So until now, I had recognized Mayuzumi as the first man I met in this world. The man’s face became even redder when he realized that I remembered. Is he okay? I’m worried he might get so angry that he’ll have a stroke or something. So, I called out to him.

 ”Are you alright? If you’re feeling unwell, you should rest in the nearby waiting room.”

 As I looked at the man with concern, he suddenly began angrily rolling his eyes.


 Beside me, Her Highness desperately tried to suppress her laughter, clutching her stomach and covering her mouth, shaking with laughter.

 Come to think of it, the voice of the girl who was taking care of the unwell girl at that time and Her Highness’s voice sounded similar… Well, it must be my imagination. It’s impossible for a noblewoman like Her Highness to wander around outside alone without any escorts.

 ”Ken-kun, stop it.”

 Noticing the commotion, the organizer, Akiyama-san, rushes over with a pale face. She intervenes between us, reprimanding the man called Ken-kun. However, it seems that didn’t sit well with him, as he spews abusive language towards Akiyama-san.

 ”Shut up! Shut up, you ugly b*tch! Don’t you dare boss me around!”

 Perhaps reaching his boiling point, Ken-kun pushes Akiyama-san with both hands. Realizing the danger, I quickly catch her from behind to prevent her from falling to the floor.

 ”Oh… T-Thank you, Aqua-san.”

 Akiyama-san apologizes to me with a voice that’s barely audible, filled with remorse. I reassure her that it’s alright and ask if she’s okay. Seeing this, Ken-kun’s voice grows more hostile.

 ”You damn b*stard! As a man, how dare you show kindness to a woman!”

 Well… isn’t it ironic that you, who were just leering in front of Her Highness, would say such words? That’s what I thought, but I kept my mouth shut, fearing that it would only further enrage him.

 ”I’ll make you suffer!!”

 Ken-kun approaches the full plate ornament displayed in the venue and picks up the replica sword that was part of the decoration. No, no, this is really bad! The atmosphere of the engagement ceremony, which was peaceful just moments ago, is now engulfed in screams from the attendees.


 If we replace this part, the meaning changes completely.

 Kanon: “Aqua-sama, if you’re tired, would you like to take a break in one of the vacant rooms?”
Shumi: “Aqua-sama, if you’re tired, would you like to take a break in one of the vacant rooms?”

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