Male Idol V2c13

Volume 2 Chapter 13 Shirogane Aqua, The Age of Being Concerned About Breasts

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 The members of the security team who noticed the anomaly rushed to the venue. However, Ken-kun had a Western sword, even if it was a replica, so the security team couldn’t immediately intervene.

 ”Well, he is still a valuable male.”

 I see… Because he’s a guy after all, I guess they don’t want to hurt him if possible.

 ”Furthermore, that man is also Sachiko’s fiancé.”

 Eh… So, is that why Akiyama-san looked unhappy earlier? He pursued a woman who is not the one he’s engaged to, and on top of that, he got angry and started waving a weapon… What the hell is Ken-kun doing in such a joyous occasion?

 ”Sachiko wasn’t enthusiastic about it, but it was decided by her family.”

 It seems even upper-class girls have a hard time. I glance briefly at Her Highness who was behind me. By the Her Highness’s side was a woman dressed in a maid outfit, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. When did she… I don’t remember hearing any footsteps. Maybe I was too focused on what was in front of me to notice?

 The woman in the maid outfit tried to step forward, but I deliberately took a step forward as well, keeping a distance to ensure neither of them would be harmed.

 ”Um, Ken-kun? For now, why don’t you put down your weapon and calm down?”

 I tried to appease him for the time being, but Ken-kun’s expression became even angrier.

 ”Shut up! Don’t you dare give me orders!”

 Hmm, this is bad. But Ken-kun’s anger is clearly directed at me. In other words, if I can somehow handle it, this situation should be resolved smoothly.

 ”Alright, I got it. Look.”

 I knelt down on the ground, clasping my hands behind my head.

 Surely, by demonstrating that I pose no threat and am completely defenseless, Ken-kun would become slightly less wary. However, my thinking proved to be naive, as Ken-kun became even more furious.

 ”D*mn it! You’re underestimating me!”

 Ken-kun swung the weapon he had in his hand. Seeing his exaggerated motion, I grabbed his wrist and twisted it as he swung the weapon down. With that momentum, Ken-kun tumbled to the ground.

 ”You’re joking!”

 Ken-kun quickly got up and charged at me like a wild boar. I’m an idol. And even though being an idol nowadays involves more than just singing and dancing, appearing in variety shows, TV dramas, period dramas, and action movies, I’ve been extensively trained in martial arts and swordplay during my trainee days, so I can perform solid action scenes without the need for a stunt double.

 Back then, Akio-san, who was from Osaka, taught me the basics of martial arts. I still remember his favorite phrase, “I’ve never lost in the kitchen, but be careful of women’s breasts.” Alongside teaching martial arts, Akio-san worked as a chef and often treated us trainees who had no money to spare to his homemade dishes. Rumor has it that Akio-san was originally a military personnel from some country, but the truth is uncertain.

 So, what I’m trying to say is that I effortlessly parry Ken-kun’s attacks. The Ken-kun in front of me is starting to show signs of exhaustion, gasping for breath and placing his hand on his knee.

 ”Hey, don’t act like you are calm!”

 I’m sorry, Ken-kun, but it’s not that I’m acting calm, it’s because I am calm. The training with Akio-san was incredibly rigorous. In other words, this is the result of me working hard as an idol. If I hadn’t put in the effort as an idol, I might have gotten injured, or worse, the attack could have hit me in a critical spot and I could have died. An idol must be versatile precisely because they are an idol. They must never betray the expectations of the dreaming girls. So, in this situation, with Her Highness watching, I cannot afford to lose. Just as Akio-san never lost in the kitchen, as an idol, I cannot lose in front of girls.

 ”D*mn it…!”

 I waited for the right moment, then with a knife-hand strike, I knocked the weapon out of Ken-kun’s hand and kicked it away to an empty space. As Ken-kun cried out in pain from the strike, he knelt on the ground, overcome by pain and fatigue. The security team quickly restrained him.

 ”Hey, don’t touch me… Ugh.”

 Ken-kun struggled and resisted, but one of the security personnel forcefully injected him with something like a sedative, causing him to fall asleep. Then, they took him away, escorted by the security team. I wonder what will happen to him… As I pondered, I heard a soft voice from below.

 ”I’m sorry, Your Highness, and Shirogane-sama, I deeply apologize.”

 Akiyama-san, who knelt on the ground, tried to press his forehead against the floor with a pale face. However, Her Highness immediately placed her hand on Akiyama-san’s shoulder and admonished him.

 ”He lost his temper, but it had nothing to do with you, Sachiko. Besides… he hasn’t been officially recognized as your fiancé yet, so there was no need for you to go that far.”

 Her Highness glanced around at the other attendees. Indeed, according to the information I had been given, in the upper-class society of this world, an engagement is recognized only after the individuals, their respective families, and a third-party witness sign the documents. However, because Ken-kun was late, we had only exchanged greetings with Sachiko-san and her family… And now, although it could be seen as a fallacious argument, Her Highness seemed to be trying to prove that Akiyama-san is still pure and innocent through this situation.

 ”Sachiko, you’re a wonderful woman, and I’m sure there are better men out there for you than that strange guy. You don’t have to marry him.”

 Her Highness said this with an innocent smile and then shifted her gaze towards Akiyama-san’s parents. Her smile at that moment was very beautiful, but I felt a chilling sensation that made my shoulder tremble. Huh? Could it be that I caught a cold? I should keep warm and get a good night’s sleep.

 ”Hey… I remember Sachiko was supposed to have a more wonderful man in her life. What happened to him? I thought today was the day she would be engaged to that person, so I was looking forward to it… Could it be that I misunderstood?”

 ”…I apologize, Your Highness. It seems there was a slight misunderstanding. I would like to rectify it at a later date.”

 ”Oh, is that so? That’s good to hear. Then, that man from earlier has nothing to do with Sachiko, right? That’s how it is, right?”

 ”Yes… Everything is as Your Highness wishes.”

 I couldn’t hear the details of their conversation, but Akiyama-san’s parents had turned extremely pale. Perhaps they were shocked that their precious daughter’s fiancé had made advances towards Her Highness. Even the parents of the young man were bowing deeply.

 Afterward, the party came to an end, and I escorted Her Highness to the waiting room. I then glanced at the woman dressed in a maid’s uniform who was by Her Highness’s side.

 ”What’s the matter about Pegonia?”

 Oh, so her name is Pegonia.

 ”Oh, no… Earlier, she was really quick to help Your Highness, and I was amazed.”

 ”Hehe, that’s true. My maid, Pegonia, is very capable.”

 Pegonia-san seemed expressionless at first glance, but her ears were slightly red. Maybe she was happy to be praised by Her Highness? However, at the same time, Her Highness had a slightly troubled expression. I was curious about that hint of melancholy on Her Highness’s face, so I decided to ask.

 ”Your Highness, you don’t look well. Is something the matter?”

 When I asked Her Highness, she paused for a moment and then slowly began to speak, seemingly understanding the meaning behind my question.

 ”Well, as I mentioned earlier, Pegonia is indeed very capable. But because of my selfishness, she had to leave her homeland for six years, and I feel sorry for that…”

 Her voice became almost faint. Ah, Her Highness truly cared for Pegonia-san. That’s what I thought. I took the courage to address Pegonia-san.

 ”Pegonia-san, have you been Her Highness’s maid for a long time?”

 ”Yes, I lost my parents and my right eye in a conflict. When I was on the verge of life and death, Her Highness reached out to help me. So I wanted to be of use to her and worked hard.”

 Pegonia-san seemed expressionless, but her nose twitched. She must have felt proud of being able to help Her Highness, who had saved her.

 ”Oh, so Pegonia-san loves Her Highness very much.”


 When I said that, Her Highness showed a surprised expression. Huh? Isn’t this the correct interpretation of her expression?

 ”Huh? Because if that’s not the case, you wouldn’t follow her to a foreign country all alone, even if it’s for work, right?”

 Being a maid for a princess from a large country like Stars, especially Her Highness herself, wouldn’t be a one-person job. So, Pegonia-san must have volunteered and outperformed other candidates to accompany Her Highness. Judging from her reaction now, it was evident to everyone that Pegonia-san loved Her Highness. Yet, for some reason, the crucial Her Highness herself seemed unaware of it.

 ”Besides, if I were in a situation like Pegonia-san, saved by Her Highness, I would follow her as well.”

 ”Well, but… When I extended my hand to Pegonia, it was merely fulfilling my duties as a noble. It was just a necessary action, so to speak.”

 Was that the concept of Noblesse Oblige? Indeed, it was considered the duty of the nobility to provide assistance to those in less fortunate positions. But even if it was a duty, it was undoubtedly the result of Her Highness’s actions that saved Pegonia-san.

 ”Indeed, Noblesse Oblige may be the duty of the nobility, but it was you, Your Highness, and no one else who reached out to Pegonia-san.”


 Her Highness showed a surprised expression. That expression was less like an angel and more like a typical girl in my class. Behind Her Highness, Pegonia-san, who had been standing silently, was looking straight at me.

 ”But, that’s… yes, it’s like fate.”

 ”Fate? Why? If Your Highness didn’t have the desire to help Pegonia-san, she wouldn’t have been saved in the first place. In that sense, whether it’s fate or not, it all comes down to the meeting. If you didn’t have those kind feelings, Pegonia-san wouldn’t have been saved, right?”

 As I spoke, Pegonia-san, who was behind Her Highness, nodded repeatedly. She nodded so vigorously that I thought her head might fall off.

 ”Not fate, but me taking the initiative with Pegonia…?”

 ”It was Your Highness’s kind feelings that saved Pegonia-san. Even if a God were to say otherwise, I would argue back. It was not you who saved Pegonia-san, it was the kindness in Your Highness’s heart.”

 Upon hearing my words, Her Highness lowered her head and fell silent. Maybe I said something unnecessary again… On the other hand, Pegonia-san, who was standing behind Her Highness, extended her fist toward me with her thumb raised. Hey… This person may seem expressionless, but she’s actually quite emotional. Even now, she’s like, “Good job, keep going, there, go to the vacant room over there and push her down because it’s a hassle,” holding a ridiculous sign in both hands. Of course, Her Highness doesn’t notice Pegonia-san’s behavior at all.

 By the way, where did that sign she’s holding come from? I returned a wry smile and tried to play it off. Then, the words on the sign that Pegonia-san held in both hands changed to derogatory terms like “loser” and “virgin” aimed at me. W-w-what, I’m not a virgin! Hey, someone stop her.


 For some reason, Her Highness pulled me into an empty room with no one around. Looking around, there were dusty items placed here and there. This room was probably being used as a storage room or something. I never expected to be dragged into a place like this, and I panicked.

 ”Aqua-sama, thank you for today. Thank you for helping Sachiko and… helping me.”

 In the empty room, our bodies pressed tightly together. Her Highness entwined her legs around mine and leaned her body against me, against the wall. Our breaths mingled, and her glistening eyes were seductive, her lips moist and vivid.

 ”If you’re interested, would you like to meet with me alone again sometime?”

 As a man, I was delighted to receive an invitation from such a charming woman as Her Highness. However, as an idol named Shirogane Aqua, I wondered if it was inappropriate to meet a woman alone. Well… I suppose we won’t be completely alone. Pegonia-san will be there too, and besides, should I refuse the invitation from a princess of a nation?


 But sadly, I am just a man after all. Pressed against my chest were the softness of Her Highness’s breasts, and it felt like my intellect, my reason, and everything important was being drained away. Ah, I told myself that it was inevitable because I am still a virgin.

 ”Ah… Yes, if you’re okay with me.”

 In that brief moment, only 0.1 seconds, men are truly powerless before a girl’s breasts. I, too, am a boy who likes breasts. Not just the large ones like Miyuki-san’s or Shitori-onee-chan’s, but also the moderately-sized beautiful breasts like Her Highness’s and the small ones like Lapis’s. Each has its own charm, and I believe there is no distinction between noble and lowly when it comes to breasts. Of course, I am equally fond of buttocks. The large buttocks like Miyuki-san’s are nice, and the small buttocks like Her Highness’s are also lovely. In other words, as a simple man, the moment I wanted to touch Her Highness’s breasts, I knew I had lost. Suddenly, I recalled the words of my mentor, Akio-san.

 ”Listen, Shirogane, be careful with women’s breasts.”

 Akio-san… I deeply pondered the words left by my mentor.


 Kanon’s dilemma may bebecause she is a woman loved by fate. That’s why, until Aqua mentioned it, she had been excluding the simple possibility that Pegonia could have feelings for her. Kanon believed that Pegonia became her honor of maid because she was loved by fate. So, she feels sorry for Pegonia, who is being entangled in her whims and manipulated by fate. In reality, Pegonia became an excellent maid not because she was destined to, but because she wanted to become a maid worthy of Kanon, someone who had saved her. Only when Aqua, an outsider, pointed it out, did Kanon realize the possibility. Kanon’s words and actions are somewhat similar to Shumi’s; they both have a touch of chuunibyou and narcissism. Well, if they weren’t like that, they couldn’t say embarrassing things like being loved by God. With a normal sense, one would thrash around alone in bed at night after saying such things.

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