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 [TV Drama] To You, Where the Flowers Bloom Part 38 [30th Anniversary]
 5 Anonymous
 Is anyone going to watch tonight’s drama?
 6 Anonymous
 7 Anonymous
 8 Anonymous
 >>5 Honestly, I don’t have high expectations.
 9 Anonymous
 It’s late at night, so it seems clearly low-budget, right?
 10 Anonymous
 I’ll watch it, just in case… that kind of feeling.
 11 Anonymous
 I’ll watch it because there’s a guy in it. It’s a lot better just to have a guy appearing in a late-night drama.
 12 Anonymous
 But when compared to the original work…
 13 Anonymous
 I don’t blame you if you say so.
 14 Anonymous
 The official website was barely made, and even the theme song is still unreleased. They really went for a low budget. LOL.
 15 Anonymous
 And on top of that, they’ve reduced Yuujin, the most popular character.
 16 Anonymous
 If they cast a bad actor, it’s going to cause an uproar. Besides, there are many girls who have dreamy fantasies about Yuujin.
 17 Anonymous
 Yuujin has a lot of troublesome fans, after all.
 18 Anonymous
 I would seriously support Yuujin if he were real.
 19 Anonymous
 That’s impossible. LOL. Just being a playboy is enough to show how messed up a guy’s desires and dreams are. LOL.
 20 Anonymous
 Yuujin will supposedly appear, but it’s probably just his CG.
 21 Anonymous
 But I’d rather have him portrayed through CG than have his image ruined.
 22 Anonymous
 That’s true, yeah…
 23 Anonymous
 Somehow, I’m a bit excited.
 24 Anonymous
 >>23 Me too! Even though I think I’ll just end up being disappointed, it’s been a favorite work of mine for a long time, so I’ll watch it.
 25 Anonymous
 I might watch it too. I’m usually free at night anyway.
 Live Commentary Thread for “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom” Part 1
 15 Anonymous
 It’s exciting!
 16 Anonymous
 It’s exciting!
 17 Anonymous
 I’m nervous!
 18 Verification Team *010meTA473
 I’ve arrived.
 19 Anonymous
 >>18 Unexpected Shumi-sama’s appearance, LOL.
 20 Anonymous
 >>18 Why are you here of all places?
 21 Verification Team *010meTA473
 I was reading this manga that my grandmother had. Everyone is charming, but my favorite is Yuujin-sama.
 22 Anonymous
 >>21 Is it different from Aqua-kun, who has a lovely smile?
 23 Anonymous
 >>21 Grandmother, huh…? Shumi, you’re really young, huh?
 24 Verification Team *010meTA473
 >>22 Yeah, that’s true, but Yuujin-sama was the character I first fell in love with.
 25 Anonymous
 It was mentioned in the main thread too, but Yuujin fans are really troublesome, huh? I became convinced when Shumi showed up.
 26 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Forget about me, focus on the drama. It’s about to start!
 27 Anonymous
 Oh, it started!
 28 Anonymous
 It started!
 52 Anonymous
 Hmm, it’s been 10 minutes since it started, but it still feels like a late-night drama in terms of quality.
 61 Anonymous
 It’s not working… As expected, the attempt to make Hanata in a realistic way was the source of failure.
 75 Verification Team *010meTA473
 I’m starting to think it’s a good thing that Yuujin-sama didn’t appear in this drama. The staff and actresses did their best, but there are limits to a low budget. I didn’t want them to tarnish my memories like this.
 76 Anonymous
 >>75 I completely agree with Shumi.
 80 Anonymous
 This is bad. The girl playing the protagonist is doing her best, but the guy she’s acting opposite seems unenthusiastic. It might be impossible.
 97 Anonymous
 It’s probably ending soon. I might not watch the next episode.
 101 Verification Team *010meTA473
 I might not watch the next episode either.
 104 Anonymous
 The ending theme is playing, it’s probably over. Good job.
 105 Anonymous
 I’m going to take a bath.
 106 Anonymous
 Good job (Otsu).
 107 Anonymous
 Good job (Otsukare).
 108 Anonymous
 109 Verification Team *010meTA473
 110 Anonymous
 111 Anonymous
 Huh? Wait, the ending theme, unexpectedly, a guy is singing!
 112 Anonymous
 Huh? Is the guy who appeared actually singing this? Doesn’t his voice sound different?
 113 Verification Team *010meTA473
 114 Anonymous
 I used to like this song back in the day. I never expected a guy to cover it…
 115 Anonymous
 The singing is amazing, his voice is s*xy…
 123 Anonymous
 >>113 Hey, that’s a lie, right?
 135 Anonymous
 So this is the main story!?
 136 Anonymous
 It seems the main story has started!
 137 Anonymous
 The flow has changed too!
 141 Anonymous
 Huh? Huh? Is that voice… Is that Biscuit Prince?
 153 Anonymous
 I feel like the voice quality is similar to what I heard during the stream.
 165 Anonymous
 Suddenly, people started appearing. Where were you guys when it was deserted just a while ago?
 171 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Aqua-sama once again appears mysteriously and toys with netizens, 4 times in a row, the 4th time.
 174 Anonymous
 ”Maiden’s Heart (Otome-iro no Kokoro)” ← Shirogane Aqua
 175 Anonymous
 ”Maiden’s Heart (Otome-iro no Kokoro)” song by Shirogane Aqua
 178 Anonymous
 Aa-kun confirmed, yesssss!
 183 Anonymous
 Aa-sama confirmed, here we gooooo!
 188 Anonymous
 Unbelievable, a major twist at the very end. Did anyone predict this development?
 195 Anonymous
 I will easily lick the staff’s shoes right now. Lick, lick.
 203 Anonymous
 Sigh… When the lyrics said “Tonight,” I thought I was impregnated.
 225 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama has impregnated my ears too much. How many times does he want to violate my ears?
 247 Anonymous
 The one who checked if the eardrums were intact, hahaha! Yes, it’s me.
 252 Anonymous
 >>247 No
 262 Anonymous
 >>247 No
 279 Anonymous
 What a dumbass for checking if their own membrane is intact, hahaha! Just to be sure, I checked too, and it’s still unused…
 283 Anonymous
 Hey, everyone, the membrane we’re talking about is the eardrum, right?
 290 Anonymous
 What on earth is happening?
 295 Anonymous
 Here we goes, Industries
 302 Anonymous
 The ending theme is a cover by Shirogane Aqua-kun.
 Viewers’ ears are being violated.
 Everyone, check your own membrane, but it’s safe.
 317 Anonymous
 Here I come!
 333 Anonymous
 Shumi’s response disappeared, but this is clearly the flow where she ran to buy a pregnancy test kit, lol.
 342 Anonymous
 The guy who got confident and took a bath, lol.
 Are you still breathing?
 351 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Everyone, apologizes for our Shumi.
 362 Anonymous
 The official drama website crashed due to excessive access, not again!!
 377 Anonymous
 The subtitle during the theme song.
 If you look closely, below Shirogane Aqua, it says “Beryl Entertainment” in small letters.
 383 Anonymous
 >>377 Well done.
 399 Anonymous
 I checked Beryl Entertainment’s website, but it’s down!
 Do something about the server hosting company!!
 455 Anonymous
 Hey! The trending rankings are messed up again!
 Show some restraint, he’s underage!!
 547 Anonymous
 With this, my decision to watch until the final episode has been made.
 I’ll endure the hardships (main story) for the sake of the main part (the song).
 633 Anonymous
 Based on what I saw for a moment, it seems like there’s currently no release or distribution of the song.
 757 Anonymous
 >>633 Are you kidding me…?
 808 Anonymous
 The theme song is on the drama’s official website on YourTube!
 912 Anonymous
 >>808 This ensures victory.
 996 Anonymous
 Yes, but it’s too heavy and keeps buffering.
 Seeing that even this can’t play, it seems YourTube has also crashed.
 1000 Anonymous
 Hang in there, YourTube staff!
 I just joined the premium plan, so use this money to strengthen the servers!
 [Theme Song as the Main Story] Episode 2 Part 13 “To You, Where Flowers Bloom”
 123 Anonymous
 There are so many people even before the broadcast.
 136 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Did you all remember to wear diapers today?
 I made homemade cloth diapers for this day.
 145 Anonymous
 >>136 Going all out with cloth diapers, huh? That’s some dedication.
 159 Anonymous
 >>136 I’m planning to give up and wear no pants.
 162 Anonymous
 That’s surprisingly normal for Hagetoru.
 This time, I prepared a bunch of panties and thought I might as well make a mess instead.
 176 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I iron-printed Aqua-sama’s face on the part where the cloth diaper touches the pussy, and it seems like I finally became somewhat normal too.
 183 Anonymous
 >>176 You’re definitely crazy (a compliment). Lol
 196 Anonymous
 >>176 I apologize for calling you just a disturbance last time.
 201 Anonymous
 >>176 Normal, you say?
 220 Anonymous
 >>176 Stop! You’re destroying the concept of normal!
 236 Anonymous
 Are there only perverts here…?
 256 Anonymous
 Everyone, only 10 minutes left until the broadcast begins.
 273 Anonymous
 The trending rankings during the first episode.
 1st “Maiden’s Heart,” 2nd “To You, Where Flowers Bloom,” 3rd Shirogane Aqua, 4th eardrums, 5th sound MAD
 6th “I ruined my panties,” 7th “No panties,” 8th “No spare panties” ←
 9th “Theme Song as the Main Story,” 10th Watching the main story is the price for listening to the theme song.
 From 6th to 8th, if Aqua-kun finds out, it will definitely be a big turn-off.
 Seriously, be careful on social media, as someone is likely to get arrested.
 291 Anonymous
 The sound MAD creator was truly amazing.
 311 Anonymous
 The related keywords for the sound MAD are mostly “I love you” and “I like you,” which is just creepy (as a compliment) coming from the author, but “I’ll come inside” is definitely crossing the line. The person who made it is undoubtedly a genius, but the other party is underage…
 Well, I used it though.
 323 Anonymous
 You used it, huh? lol
 By the way, for me, “Namero” really hit me hard.
 335 Anonymous
 It’s not good to put it inside. And because of that, I accidentally ruined a brand-new pair of panties I had just bought.
 354 Anonymous
 I’m glad that Aqua-sama has a website, but the images are too small.
 I want larger images.
 367 Anonymous
 In the end, they’re not releasing a cover song for “Maiden’s Heart,” right?
 It’s nice to be able to watch it for free on YourTube, but I want to support Aqua-sama and subscribe soon.
 378 Anonymous
 >>367 And it’s not even the full version. I want to listen to the full version, not just 1 minute and 30 seconds.
 385 Anonymous
 It’s understandable since it’s a newly established personal agency.
 The president, Atori-san, is quite competent just for bringing Aqua-kun into the entertainment industry.
 393 Anonymous
 I burst out laughing at the instructions for viewing Aqua-kun’s website in the Aqua-kun thread. lol
 Today’s planned viewing time:
 Viewing time for people with surnames starting with A is between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM.
 Viewing time for people with surnames starting with K is between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM.
 Viewing time for people with surnames starting with S…
 To prevent the server from crashing, they’re dividing the viewing of the website based on surnames. It’s like a planned power outage. lol
 404 Anonymous
 The fact that the server didn’t crash shows how incredible the control the fans have. It’s probably more effective than government notifications. lol
 435 Anonymous
 In the “Fan Club” section, it says “coming soon,” so hopefully it will be available soon.
 This big sister will do her best to support, so please strengthen the server properly with that. I don’t want Aqua-kun to go through any hardships.
 471 Anonymous
 The instructions for the agency are quite detailed too…
 No waiting for the person in front of the main office address with the purpose of contact, and any contact or harm towards the person is immediately reported.
 Contact or harm towards President Atori Ako is also strictly prohibited and will be reported upon discovery.
 Sending strange documents (such as poems addressed to Aqua-sama) or obscene photos to the email address listed on the website is prohibited.
 Sending packages (s*xual items, homemade food, sewing items, letters, or any other dangerous objects) to the main office is also prohibited.
 We will report you for scavenging the garbage, and you won’t find Aqua-sama’s used tissues in the agency’s trash.
 Actually, I remember someone sending used panties or chocolates with pubic hair and love juices. It’s okay to fantasize, but those who actually take action are the problem.
 501 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 YES to Aqua, NO touching.
 Even I’m protecting him properly, so you guys should be able to do the same, right?
 537 Anonymous
 >>501 Even Chimposuki and Hagetoru are protecting him properly, so those who actually take action should be ashamed.
 554 Anonymous
 Oh, it’s about to start!
 557 Anonymous
 It’s started!
 558 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Hajimata (It has begun).
 559 Anonymous
 This is the beginning of a long endurance test.
 [Theme Song Coming Up] Episode 2 Part 21 “To You, Where Flowers Bloom”
 107 Anonymous
 Summary of the thread so far: 90% about Aqua-kun, 10% about other things.
 123 Anonymous
 >>107 Can someone talk more about the main story?
 135 Anonymous
 >>123 Well, there’s not much to say about the actual content with the current state.
 143 Anonymous
 I watched the entire second episode, but honestly, it’s worse than the first episode.
 151 Anonymous
 I realized that even though it’s like that, money was spent on the first episode.
 163 Anonymous
 It’s clear that it has a low budget, and the male actors don’t seem motivated. The main female character is doing her best, but it’s really pitiful.
 173 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Honestly, I’ve given up on the main story.
 189 Anonymous
 >>173 I feel the same way as Shumi. I’m a fan of the original, but I completely agree.
 194 Anonymous
 Is the theme song not here yet?
 199 Anonymous
 We still have time, so I’m quickly going to take a bath.
 203 Anonymous
 Is it about to start?
 204 Anonymous
 Only 10 more minutes until the theme song…
 208 Anonymous
 Something’s coming.
 209 Anonymous
 210 Anonymous
 211 Anonymous
 215 Anonymous
 Is that Yuujin from the back?
 223 Anonymous
 Isn’t that a Yuujin CG? Or did they use an actor only for the back view and feet?
 231 Anonymous
 Is it?
 232 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 233 Anonymous
 234 Anonymous
 235 Anonymous
 236 Verification Team *010meTA473
 237 Anonymous
 Divine development.
 238 Anonymous
 Divine descent.
 239 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Huh? Huh? Is this Aqua-san?
 245 Anonymous
 I’ll say it first: to those who were only planning to watch the theme song, serves you riiiiight!
 251 Anonymous
 252 Anonymous
 253 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Ah… (sound of peeing)
 268 Anonymous
 Hey, protagonist! Switch places with me right now!!
 273 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun: “What are you doing in a place like this?” ← I’ve been waiting for you ♡
 281 Verification Team *010meTA473
 282 Anonymous
 283 Anonymous
 292 Anonymous
 Breaking news: “You should choose me,” says Aqua-sama.
 305 Anonymous
 Are there people who refuse when Aqua-kun tells them to choose him?
 333 Anonymous
 334 Anonymous
 335 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Huh (quite forcefully)?
 353 Anonymous
 Why would the heroine refuse right there?
 381 Anonymous
 If it were me, I would ditch the female role right now and head to a hotel to spread my legs.
 422 Anonymous
 *sigh* (a frustrated sigh)
 435 Anonymous
 On the contrary, it’s a good thing the heroine didn’t choose Yuujin. Aqua-kun’s chastity has been protected for now.
 445 Anonymous
 Yuujin actually existed in real life.
 453 Anonymous
 It’s amazing! Yuujin-sama’s face is too much to handle. I can’t even look at the screen anymore.
 474 Anonymous
 On the contrary, the actress’s reputation has skyrocketed. With Yuujin-sama’s (Aqua-sama) chastity protected, she’s now free.
 487 Anonymous
 It’s fortunate that this is an older work and a late-night drama. If it were during prime time, watching it in real-time, young girls with misconceptions would have their ideals shattered.
 513 Anonymous
 >>487 Shumi’s done for.
 518 Anonymous
 >>487 Shumi’s finished… No, she was done for from the start.
 531 Anonymous
 The actress made a good professional decision by refusing. If it were me, I’d have readily accepted. She’s going to become a specialist in work etiquette.
 578 Anonymous
 It’s hilarious how the actress’s reputation went up after refusing.
 627 Anonymous
 The theme song is playing!
 649 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 I can’t take it anymore. My brain can’t process everything today.
 653 Anonymous
 I’m currently crying while watching the end credits. I’m a middle-aged fan of the original.
 686 Anonymous
 I’m also a middle-aged woman, but I’m glad I liked Yuujin. I’ve been rewarded. Without a doubt, the Yuujin I imagined was moving on the screen.
 712 Anonymous
 Special appearance by Yuujin Mustafa ← Shirogane Aqua
 713 Anonymous
 Special appearance by Yuujin Mustafa, Shirogane Aqua
 Yes, I captured the moment of victory for Yuujin otaku fans that will be remembered for generations.
 723 Anonymous
 Special appearance by Yuujin Mustafa, Shirogane Aqua
 Song: “Maiden-colored Heart” by Shirogane Aqua
 The on-screen message here are too powerful.
 749 Anonymous
 Can I prostrate myself before the staff as a gesture of thanks?
 751 Anonymous
 Congratulations, Aqua-sama, on your actor debut following your singing debut.
 763 Anonymous
 Right now, I could easily lick the staff’s crotches and assholes. Lick, lick.
 774 Anonymous
 I’ll also lick the staff while prostrating myself. Lick, lick.
 790 Anonymous
 Hey! The trending rankings are starting to get weird. Get it together!
 811 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Breaking news: I have confirmed that my diaper is ruined. The picture of Aqua-sama on the front is in a terrible condition because of what happened.
 833 Anonymous
 Platinum blonde hair suits him, and the hairstylists, makeup artists, and costume designers did an excellent job. The staff members are truly talented. It’s a shame it had a low budget. If we knew it would turn out like this, couldn’t we have crowdfunded to gather more funds?
 849 Anonymous
 This is truly a historic moment in drama history. In manga, light novels, and novel adaptations, has a 3D representation ever been so faithfully reproduced?
 877 Anonymous
 If this were a movie, that scene would have guaranteed the Best Supporting Actor award (or even Best Actor).
 893 Anonymous
 I felt short of breath, but it was because I stopped breathing and was completely focused on the screen. My eyes were wide open without blinking, and they’ve become painfully dry.
 912 Anonymous
 Is it possible that Aqua-sama’s existence itself is not CG?
 921 Anonymous
 Those anti-fans who said there’s no real-life Yuujin must feel like sh*t now. Yuujin-sama actually existed. Hurry up and apologize, bow down.
 932 Anonymous
 >>833 Now, a tremendous amount of money could be gathered. I have confidence in contributing up to the maximum limit.
 959 Anonymous
 As a fan of the original work, I couldn’t see the screen due to tears flowing since Yuujin’s appearance. So I’m rewatching the recorded episode, but the screen is constantly blurry, and I can’t see anything.
 968 Anonymous
 How much does Aqua-kun intend to toy with us netizens?
 971 Anonymous
 The official account of the news program on social media just posted an off-shot image of Yuujin-sama.
 989 Anonymous
 Shumi has been unresponsive for a while now. That guy is definitely dead. LOL.
 991 Anonymous
 It’s no use… There’s just too much overwhelming me, and I can’t make any coherent comments. The only thing I can say is, thank you to Aqua-kun.
 1000 Anonymous
 >>971 The staff is ridiculously talented.
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