Male Idol V3c1

Volume 3 Chapter 1 Shirogane Aqua, My Golden Week

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 The broadcast of “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom” has begun. I heard from Ako-san that my cover songs and scenes in the show were well received. I really wanted to watch the live broadcast myself, but between school and the preparations for my debut, I was too busy. I didn’t have the energy to stay up until late at night.

 ”Brother(Nii-sama), aren’t you tired?”

 As I leaned back on the living room sofa, Lapis, dressed in a white frilly dress, approached me. Even as her big brother, I have to admit that Lapis looks great in this kind of orthodox fashion for cute girls.

 ”Oh, no, I’m fine. Is something wrong?”

 Lapis clasped her hands in front of her skirt and nervously intertwined her index fingers. It seemed like she was a bit embarrassed when I looked at her expression.

 ”W-Well, you see, the school swimsuit I wore until last year has become a bit small, so I’m thinking of buying a new one… If it’s okay with you, Brother, would you like to go to the shopping mall together?”

 I stared at the calendar hanging on the wall. We’re right in the middle of Golden Week. It’s a long vacation, but I haven’t gone on a family trip or hung out with friends anywhere. I know I have a lot of work to do, but I feel bad that everyone has to be understanding and we can’t go on a family trip. I feel sorry for my family.

 ”Sure, let’s go together, Lapis.”

 ”Y-Yes, Brother!”

 I went back to my room and changed into some casual clothes. Of course, by casual, I mean proper attire, not something shabby. I picked up a slightly oversized white hoodie from the hanger. Just to be safe, I can pull it down a bit when I’m outside for added security.


 When I left the room and went to the entrance, not only Lapis but Shitori-onee-chan and motherKaa-san were there too, for some reason.

 ”Hehehe, Mom can’t allow Lapis to go out alone with you, you know?”

 ”Aa-chan, you wouldn’t leave me behind and go out with Lapis alone, would you?”

 Behind the overly eager two, Lapis was hanging her head disappointedly. She’s still in middle school and probably at an age where she wants to rely on her big brother. But I’m sorry, Lapis. Big brother is powerless when it comes to stopping mother and Shitori-onee-chan. I’m currently in a state where I’m being firmly held by both of them, like a Martian from a certain movie. If you see this situation, you’ll understand that big brother is quite powerless within the family. Lapis, please forgive this pitiful big brother.

 ”Then, let’s go! To the shopping mall!”

 Mother then squeezed us into the car and drove to a shopping mall that was a bit farther away. Come to think of it, this might be my first time that I’m going out together somewhere with the whole family, including my previous life. My heart felt a bit restless, but I found myself oddly enjoying this itchy feeling.

 ”We have arrived!”

 To tell the truth, motheris the most excited among the family members.

 She is a Japanese beauty when she is quiet, and even a little scary when she is silent because of her beauty.

 However, I can’t help feeling that the childishness she shows in front of her family is somehow messing up my image of her appearance.

 ”Hmm, hmm, it seems like they sell swimsuits on the second floor. Let’s not just buy Lapis’ school swimsuit, but also get Shitori and Aqua-chan’s swimsuits while we’re at it!”

 With motherleading the way, we entered the shopping mall. As it was nearing the end of Golden Week, the crowd inside the mall was moderate. However, it was less crowded than I had anticipated, which was good. I glanced at Lapis and saw that she still seemed a bit down. I chuckled and extended my hand towards Lapis.

 ”Come on, so you don’t get lost.”

 As I extended my hand, I remembered that Lapis was already in middle school. Holding hands with her big brother might be embarrassing for a middle schooler, right? But it seemed that I was worrying unnecessarily as Lapis firmly grabbed my outstretched hand.


 Lapis, who had seemed a bit down, smiled. That was a relief. Huh? You’re saying she doesn’t want to hold hands with me, her big brother? If Lapis were to say such words with a disgusted look in her eyes, I might never recover.

 ”Hehe, then how about Shitori-onee-chan takes your left hand?”

 Shitori-onee-chan tightly held my free left hand. As a high school student, it was a bit embarrassing to hold hands with a college student like Shitori-onee-chan, but since she seemed happy about it, I thought, well, why not? However, at the same time, there was something I couldn’t quite understand.

 ”Shitori-onee-chan, isn’t this getting a bit close?”

 ”Hmm? Why?”

 Shitori-onee-chan tilted her head with a question mark floating above it, pretending not to understand. But she leaned against my arm and sandwiched it with her ample breasts as if it were the most natural thing in the world. I wanted Shitori-onee-chan to realize that I was a healthy high school boy. Even at home, Shitori-onee-chan was a bit careless, leaving her underwear in the bathroom without thinking and accidentally drinking from my water bottle. She’s just so defenseless in many ways. Please consider my feelings, knowing that I now know her bra size is G-cup!

 ”Haha… Also, the way you’re holding my hands seems a bit different, don’t you think?”

 ”Huh? It’s just your imagination, Aa-chan.”

 Despite saying it was my imagination, my sister firmly entwined and intertwined each of my fingers with her own, pressing them tightly between her own. Even I, who was slow on the uptake, was well aware that this was what they called the “lovers’ hold.

 ”Ah! Ah! Shitori and Lapis are both cheating! Even Mom wanted to hold Aqua-chan’s hands!”

 I lifted both hands a little to signal that it was impossible. In response, Mother pouted and made teary eyes, behaving childishly.

 ”Aqua-chan is stingy.”


 Feeling sorry for her, I said we could hold hands on the way back, and immediately, Mother’s mood improved. After walking for a few minutes inside the shopping mall, we arrived at a shop that sold swimsuits.

 ”Well, let’s see, Lapis, is this size okay?”

 motherswiftly took out the right size for Lapis from the rack of swimsuits.

 ”I’ll try it on for now.”

 Lapis entered the fitting room with the swimsuit in hand. As I waited in front of the fitting room, I made eye contact with a nearby swimsuit shop employee. Feeling awkward, I returned their smile to brush it off, but the employee froze with a surprised expression.

 ”Huh… a man? And that face… isn’t he from that biscuit!? Wait, don’t think about unnecessary things, focus on your work…”

 Mumbling something under her breath, the employee wobbled back to the back room. I wondered if she was okay or if something happened to her health. While thinking about that, the curtain of the fitting room in front of me opened slightly.


 Lapis poked her head out from the gap in the curtain, slowly opening it with an embarrassed expression. My attention was captivated by her slender, pure white legs extending from the dark navy school swimsuit. In addition, today, Lapis had her hair tied up in twin tails with a hairband, revealing an alluring and beautiful nape of the neck despite being a middle school student. The beauty of Lapis’ nape was undoubtedly inherited from our mother, who was beautiful in traditional Japanese clothing and known for her lovely nape.

 ”It’s beautiful…”

 I inadvertently murmured.


 Lapis’ fair skin turned from a slight pink to deep red.

 ”Oh… um, well, yeah. I mean, not in a weird way, just… yeah, it suits you and looks beautiful, Lapis.”

 ”I-I see, thank you, Brother.”

 Seeing Lapis turn as red as a boiled octopus, I thought she looked even cuter. Usually, when someone is in their second year of middle school, if they directly tell their little sister that she looks beautiful, she might respond with something like, “What’s wrong with you, big brother? Why are you looking at me like that? It’s disgusting.” It wouldn’t be surprising to get a cold stare in return. But Lapis, being her usual self, still appeared happy and thankful when me, her big brother, complimented her. I felt grateful to have such a kind-hearted sibling.


 From the fitting room next to the one Lapis entered, Shitori-onee-chan’s voice could be heard. I directed my gaze toward her, and she had her face peeking out from the gap in the curtain. Wait, when did she enter the fitting room?


 Shitori-onee-chan forcefully opened the curtain with a flourish.

 ”How is it?”

 Her breasts… are bouncing? Shitori-onee-chan’s breasts, while not as large as Miyuki-san’s, were on par with Her Highness and Mother in terms of size. On the other hand, her buttocks weren’t as big as Miyuki-san’s or Mother’s, but they weren’t small like Her Highness either. They were perfectly proportioned. After seeing Lapis in her swimsuit, the feminine lines of Shitori-onee-chan’s breasts, waist, buttocks, and thighs were even more dazzling. Wrapped in a bikini, Shitori-onee-chan’s physique emitted a strong sensuality and eroticism.

 ”It… suits you.”


 Shitori-onee-chan must have been delighted to hear that it suited her because she jumped up and down on the spot. As a result, her ample bosom bounced up and down, almost spilling out of her swimsuit. I knew I shouldn’t look at my family that way, but for me, who suddenly gained a family, although not strangers, it was a bit impossible not to see them as women. Then, the curtain of the fitting room on the right side of Lapis’ fitting room opened slightly.


 I have a bad feeling as soon as I hear that voice, but I can’t avoid looking. Still, Shitori-onee-chan and Mother, when did they even go in the fitting room? I slowly turn my face towards the fitting room where motheris.

 ”How… does it look?”

 Mother’s breasts, although slightly sagging, are about the same size as Shitori-onee-chan’s. Her buttocks are bigger than Shitori-onee-chan’s, and there’s a bit of flesh on her stomach that can be pinched. I’m not sure if it’s because of the extra flesh or if it’s just age-appropriate charm, but I can’t help but find her more erotic than Shitori-onee-chan. Her embarrassed gestures and the bikini swimsuit she chose to compete with also have some kind of charm.

 ”Well, um, yeah, Mother, it really suits you, I think.”

 I give a safe answer, and Mother’s eyes sparkle as she happily receives the compliment.

 ”Oh, Shitori’s bikini looks good too.”

 ”Mother, your swimsuit is so cute!”

 Mother and Shitori-onee-chan compliment each other while closely examining each other’s swimsuits. It may seem like a heartwarming family scene, but my heart isn’t at ease. Because the two of them are in front of me, colliding their large bosoms and having a sumo wrestling match. Is this a battle of G vs. G…?


 I startle at Lapis’ sad voice.

 ”N-No, Lapis, it’s not like that. I was just worried if their swimsuits were slipping or something. I’m not expecting any malfunctions or anything like that, okay?”

 I shift my gaze towards the source of the voice and see Lapis standing there, wearing a pink one-piece swimsuit with white frills. When did she change?

 ”After all, maybe Lapis should wear a more mature swimsuit like Mother and Sister. But…”

 Lapis looks at her own flat chest with a sad expression. Her downcast face and melancholic gaze pierce my heart painfully.

 Hey, Aqua, is that okay with you?

 Little Aqua inside my heart speaks to me.

 Hurting your precious little sister and making her sad, is that what being an idol is about? You’re disqualified as an idol!!

 That’s right, I want to bring smiles to everyone. But if I can’t even make a single family member smile, then I’m disqualified as an idol! Thank you, little Aqua inside my heart.


 With renewed determination, I gently place my hands on Lapis’ shoulders and kneel down.

 ”Lapis, you’re fine just the way you are.”

 ”But… Brother, you’ve been staring at Mother and Sister’s(Nee-sama) breasts all this time.”

 I’m struck by her direct hit and feel my chest ache, as if I’m about to collapse right there. But for the sake of Lapis, and above all, to maintain my dignity as her big brother, I can’t collapse here! I put strength in my feet, firmly plant them on the ground, and endure.

 ”W-well, yeah… I guess that’s just how it is, you know? But, however… I also think that Lapis’ modest breasts are just as good. I’m not just saying that to flatter you. I genuinely think so from the bottom of my heart.”

 To be honest, it still gets me quite excited. Lapis’ breasts aren’t completely flat; they have a slight curve to them. As a boy, it’s natural to be drawn to larger breasts, but I also like Lapis’ breasts, and I’m really attracted to her graceful neck and beautiful legs. For example, if she asked me to lick her legs, I think I could easily do it without hesitation. Whether it’s the soles of her feet, the tips of her toes, or the spaces between her fingers, it wouldn’t be a problem. That’s how beautiful Lapis’ legs are.

 Certainly, Lapis, in the process of growing up, still has a childlike figure in some ways, but there are parts of her that convey the curves of a grown woman, and as a single man, not as a family member, I genuinely find Lapis attractive from a flat perspective.

 ”Brother, even if it’s Lapis’ breasts, do you still desire them?”

 ”Oh, uh, of course, I mean, if we weren’t family, I would want to touch them.”

 I could have chosen to dodge the question and evade the issue, but I felt that as Lapis’ brother and as an idol, I should sincerely respond to her concerns. As I made that statement with a serious gaze, Lapis’ eyes began to spin around as if steam were coming out of her face.

 ”I… I’m happy, Brother… Uuu, I’m so happy.”

 I felt like I had blurted out something outrageous in the heat of the moment, but seeing Lapis’ smile, I didn’t care about anything anymore. Her smile mattered more to me than anything else.

 As Lapis regained her composure, she gently leaned closer to my ear and whispered in a barely audible voice, her breath tickling my skin.

 ”Brother, if you ever feel like touching my body… please let me know anytime.”

 I was frozen by Lapis’ words. And she dropped an even bigger bombshell on me.

 ”But, um, Brother, when you do that, please be careful.”

 ”C-careful about what…?”

 Lapis formed a circle with her left hand in front of her modest breasts and demonstrated by inserting her right index finger into it.

 ”Brother, even though my body may still be small… if a man’s seed is released inside me, I could make a baby.”

 Lapis looked at me, her cheeks blushing with embarrassment.

 ”Or… do you want to make me a mommy, Brother?”

 I quickly shook my head from side to side.

 ”Lapis, I still think it’s too early for that kind of thing.”

 In a gentle tone and with a calm expression, I spoke to Lapis as if advising her. With a heart that surpassed even meditation, I tried to persuade Lapis.

 ”But… but, Brother, I’ve already had my first period…”

 ”That’s alright! But… it’s just that, I still want Lapis to be my cute little sister!!”

 I forcefully interrupted Lapis’ words, deliberately speaking with a stronger tone.

 ”My cute little sister…”

 Lapis opened her eyes wide.

 ”Brother, do you like your cute little sister, Lapis?”

 ”Yeah, that’s right! I like my little sister, Lapis!”

 I repeated it to myself, speaking even more emphatically. I wanted Lapis to remain my little sister forever. Otherwise, I might start seeing her as a girl right now. That’s why I have to stop it here. If I satisfy myself with Lapis tonight, there will be no turning back. That’s the strong feeling I had.

 ”I see… understood.”

 I was relieved that she understood. I let out a sigh and felt a weight lift off my chest.

 ”Then, if Lapis and Brother do that… Lapis will make sure to give Brother the pleasure of a sister play.”

 No, that’s not it… that’s not what I meant, Lapis. But now, after seeing Lapis’ radiant smile, there’s nothing I can do. I’ve given up on everything and hung my head in resignation.

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