Male Idol V3c2

Volume 3 Chapter 2 Shirogane Aqua, ‘I Cup Love You’

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 ”Phew, I’m so tired…”

 I slouched alone on a bench in the shopping mall. After that, it was supposed to be a flow of buying underwear, so I hurriedly excused myself and escaped to the restroom alone. Of course, when I say I went to the restroom, it doesn’t mean I will do it with Lapis or my family. If I did that, it feels like something irreversible would happen.

 ”Now… what should I do?”

 Should I just waste time lazily here, or should I browse through some random shops? Going to a bookstore doesn’t sound bad either. As I pondered over such thoughts, a familiar person crossed in front of me.


 I unintentionally let out a voice. Hearing that voice, the person who passed in front of me noticed my presence.


 Her expression remained unchanged, cool in some way, and yet she exuded a calm and mature presence. However, the girl in front of me now had a different vibe compared to the familiar girl I knew so well. The main reason for this change was her outfit. Instead of her usual military uniform, she wore a plain chiffon blouse with a long pleated skirt. The glasses with red frames, which she normally didn’t wear, made it clear that she was off-duty.

 ”M-Miyuki-san, what a coincidence.”

 I greeted Miyuki-san with a simple comment. I never thought I would see her in a place like this. And I guess Miyuki-san felt the same way.

 ”Shirogane-sama, long time no see.”

 Miyuki-san quickly glanced around, then whispered to me in a low voice.

 ”Is it okay for you to be here? Considering…”

 In truth, I had informed Miyuki-san in advance about my activities as an idol. Perhaps because of that, Miyuki-san approached me with a worried expression.

 ”Ah, well, actually, I’m here with my family today… and right now, they’re in the middle of choosing underwear.”

 ”I see.”

 Miyuki-san averted her gaze from me. It seems that it was not appropriate to bring up underwear so directly in front of a woman… I felt awkward. To change the subject, I asked Miyuki-san a question.

 ”B-By the way, Miyuki-san, why are you here?”

 Fortunately, Miyuki-san was holding a shopping bag from a shop. So it was confirmed that she had been shopping somewhere. If I steer the conversation in that direction… I had such thoughts at one point as well.

 ”…I came to buy underwear.”

 Oh no… I’ve done it. The shopping bag Miyuki-san was holding happened to be from a lingerie brand. Miyuki-san seemed flustered as well, and the conversation took an awkward turn.

 ”Because it’s difficult to find places that sell my size…”

 Indeed… I couldn’t help but stare at Miyuki-san’s breasts wrapped in the chiffon blouse. I had just seen Shitori-onee-chan and Mother in their swimsuits earlier, but Miyuki-san’s breasts were undoubtedly larger than those two. That means they were larger than G-cup, which would make them H-cup… gulp

 ”Excuse me, Shirogane-sama, but isn’t the idea of having I-cup breasts for men like you rather disgusting?”

 What…? A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H… I… I cups!?

 Lapis, with her half-closed eyes, flashes through my mind.

 I’m sorry for being such a pathetic big brother, Lapis… Even though I’m your big brother, I feel utterly powerless in the presence of the esteemed chest of the I Cup.

 ”No, that’s not true. Miyuki-san, even from a man’s perspective, I think your breasts are incredibly attractive.”

 What am I even blabbering about?

 Fortunately, there weren’t many people around, so our whispered conversation went unnoticed.


 Miyuki-san murmurs and looks away again, falling silent.

 Crap, this is definitely s*xual harassment.

 As I was about to apologize, Miyuki-san turns her gaze back to me and glares at me intensely.

 Ah… I’m definitely going to get scolded for this. Prepared for that, Miyuki-san takes the conversation in an unexpected direction.

 ”Ahem… By the way, when would you be able to visit the facility this month?”

 ”Ah… well…”

 I check my memo on my phone. Let’s see… around the end of the month, huh? That’s far away.

 My schedule is really busy like that, huh? But I still manage to go to school, and Ako-san somehow finds ways to give me occasional breaks. I’m truly thankful to Ako-san.

 ”I think it would be around the end of the month. Is that okay?”

 When I say that, Miyuki-san leans forward and brings her face closer to my ear while sitting.

 ”Um, if it’s alright with Shirogane-sama, I can process it now.”


 Surprised, I turn my face towards Miyuki-san.

 Our eyes meet at close range.


 It’s uncertain which of us spoke those words or if we spoke simultaneously.

 For a few seconds, we remained frozen, staring into each other’s eyes at close range. Miyuki-san then closes her eyes and whispers, “Please follow me.”

 I received an explanation before about the extraction task, which can only be performed within the facility.

 There are several reasons for this, the primary one being to ensure the collection and submission of sperm. Another reason is to store the extracted sperm in a fresher state.

 However, these rules are not absolute, and there are exceptions. I recently consulted Miyuki-san over the phone to see if the special circumstances could be applied.

 So, Miyuki-san’s suggestion to handle the procedure outside implies that the authorization was probably given.

 ”This way.”

 I follow Miyuki-san, who guided me.

 Of course, during this time, I carefully pull my hoodie over my head to avoid being recognized by anyone.

 We arrived at an area designated for men only, which had the toilets I had used earlier.

 Miyuki-san uses her authentication pass to enter the male area with me.

 Unlike the building that housed the previous shooting studio, in a large shopping mall like this where the general public frequents, one cannot enter the men-only area without an authentication pass.

 ”I am the extraction officer, so I can access this area. Please follow me.”

 Miyuki-san proceeds down the corridor, opposite to the direction of the toilets. She guides me to one of the rooms at the end of the corridor.


 Inside a modestly furnished room, there was a bed, a shower booth, and a changing area. The simple tissue box and the open condom box placed near the bed seemed oddly vivid. I pretended not to notice and averted my gaze from the exposed condom package.

 ”I will prepare everything right away…”

 Miyuki-san entered the changing area alone. Immediately, I heard the sound of her unzipping her skirt. As if detached from the bustling noise of the shopping mall, this room was enveloped in silence. Consequently, I could clearly hear the sound of fabric rubbing against itself when Miyuki-san undressed. I thought to myself, ‘I shouldn’t be listening to this sound…’ and decided to drown it out by undressing myself. Once I was left with only my underwear, I neatly folded my clothes and gently placed them beside the pillow.

 ”I apologize for the wait.”

 As Miyuki-san emerged from the changing area, my eyes widened. Miyuki-san’s breasts, barely covered by a transparent, purple lace babydoll, were partly concealed by the lace on the nipples, but the loose spacing of the threads revealed the shape of the areolas in full view. Moreover, the ribbon wrapped around her underbust, lifting her breasts as if presenting a gift to me, evoked a surge of excitement within me as a man. When I lowered my gaze, I was further surprised by her panties. The panties, crafted from the same color lace, were extremely transparent. Hindered by dangling ribbons and lace, it was difficult to see, but I strained my eyes, wondering if I could catch a glimpse of the crucial area. Miyuki-san, almost as if mocking me, twirled around, showcasing her plump buttocks wrapped in fabric—or wait… huh? The fabric… where did it go? I tilted my head in confusion. However, no matter how I looked at it, the fabric that should have covered Miyuki-san’s ample behind was nowhere to be seen. Instead, there was only a single string, concealing her intimate area. Could it be… Is this what they call a T-back!?

 ”What do you think?”

 Eh, wha-what do you mean? I was bewildered until I noticed a small piece of paper attached to the bra strap of her camisole. When I saw the number written on it, I gasped.

 ”Could this be the one you just bought today?”

 Miyuki-san silently nodded.


 Miyuki-san, that’s way too defenseless!! Please take better care of your body, even if extracting is part of your job. As an idol, I can withstand it with my reason, but what would happen if an ordinary high school boy were here? Undoubtedly, he would misunderstand and pin down Miyuki-san right at this moment.

 ”It’s… It looks amazing!”

 ”Is that so?”

 Although Miyuki-san behaved calmly, I couldn’t remain calm. To be honest, I had been holding back for a while now, and I felt like I could explode at any moment. I glanced at the clock. Considering my family’s shopping schedule, I couldn’t spend too much time here. I steeled myself and discarded my underwear onto the floor.

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