Male Idol V3c3

Volume 3 Chapter 3 Shirogane Aqua, Surprisingly Utopia

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 ”Please take care of it for me.”

 ”Yes. Well then, let me start by extracting what belongs to Shirogane-sama.”

 Miyuki-san took out her usual tools from the bag.

 ”As Shirogane-sama already knows, ordinarily, the semen extraction process would only take place within the facility.”

 Miyuki-san briskly tore open a bag containing disinfectant cotton. It looked a bit erotic, like ripping open a condom wrapper.

 ”However, after discussing the matter with you in advance and together with my superiors, we reached out to the government. The result was that in order to reduce the burden on Shirogane-sama, who will be busy with idol activities, I will be responsible for the semen extraction process whenever you call for it.”

 Expressionless, Miyuki-san placed her hand on my p*nis and carefully wiped it with the disinfectant cotton she held in her other hand. The cool sensation made my semi-erect p*nis perk up and curve upwards.

 ”In other words, from now on, whenever Shirogane-sama feels even a little aroused, I will be available 24/7 to support you. Please feel free to call on me.”

 Miyuki-san inserted her hand back into the bag and tried to take out something. However, perhaps she couldn’t find what she was looking for, as she stopped searching through the bag and looked at me instead.

 ”I apologize, Shirogane-sama. I forgot to bring the lotion that I should have had on hand.”

 Ah… If that’s the case, maybe there won’t be any semen extraction today. While thinking about such things, I noticed a bottle of lotion-like substance placed in the corner of the room within my field of vision.



 Just as I was about to say that there is a bottle of lotion there, Miyuki-san interrupted me with strong words.

 ”If… if it’s alright with Shirogane-sama, I would like to use my mouth to provide better lubrication for Shirogane-sama’s splendid p*nis. How about it?”

 ”Ah, yes, please. Do so.”

 Within that moment, 0.001 seconds, I, Shirogane Aqua replied instantly.

 I sent the existence of the lotion bottle into the depths of my memory.

 ”Well then, if you’ll excuse me.”

 Miyuki-san kneeled in front of me, who was sitting on the bed.

 My p*nis, responding happily to the view of the massive mountain range from above, twitched with excitement.

 Miyuki-san opened her mouth wide and extended her saliva-coated tongue to the underside of my p*nis.


 Starting from the base located between my swollen testicles and the boundary of my erect p*nis, Miyuki-san slowly traced her tongue along the way.

 With the moist tip of her tongue generously coated in saliva, she skillfully and meticulously licked and circled around the glans.


 My p*nis, in response to Miyuki-san’s leaking breath, rose even further.

 ”Mm, slurp…”

 At first, I couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

 Miyuki-san sucked my moist testicles into her mouth as if swallowing them.

 Is it… Is it alright to let such a beautiful person lick such a dirty place?

 I felt guilty towards Miyuki-san, but the feeling of immorality inside me couldn’t suppress the excitement.


 Miyuki gently released my testicles with a kiss, then opened her mouth wide again.

 Am I the only one who sees a woman’s mouth as something so seductive? Miyuki slowly takes my p*nis into her own mouth, swallowing it entirely.

 The sounds of her occasional nasal breath and the sticky, saliva-soaked noises feel so vivid and pleasurable that I feel like I might ejaculate just from that.

 ”Mmm, mmm.”

 Miyuki narrows her mouth and starts moving up and down on my swallowed p*nis. I grip the sheets with both hands and arch my body slightly while gritting my teeth.

 Even though it’s my first time receiving a blowjob, I can’t afford to ejaculate right now.

 You’re quite quick, Shirogane-san…

 If Miyuki, with her cold gaze, says something like that while wiping her mouth, my son won’t be able to rise again. However, Miyuki doesn’t know I’m thinking about that, and she focuses on diligently pleasuring my p*nis with her tongue, increasing the speed with each stroke.

 No, I can’t hold on any longer. I’m about to climax just like this, inside Miyuki’s mouth.


 Desperate to prevent ejaculating inside Miyuki’s mouth, I try to ask her to switch to using an onahole soon. But Miyuki seemed to be concentrating on loosening up my cock, and she was not letting go of my cock deep inside her mouth. On top of that, every time Miyuki moves her head, her lovely, weapon-like I cups rub against my leg, increasing my desire to ejaculate.

 Squelch, squelch! Obscene sounds that I couldn’t imagine coming from the beautiful Miyuki reverberate throughout the room.

 It’s impossible, I can’t hold it any longer.

 Splat! Spurtttttt!


 Suddenly, spewing semen into her mouth, Miyuki-san shows a surprised expression on her face. However, as expected of a specialist in extracting, she quickly regains her composure and continues to hold my p*nis in her throat until all of my semen is expelled, without showing any expression.

 Spurt! Spurttt!

 I ejaculate repeatedly, pounding into Miyuki’s throat.

 ”Mmm, mmm.”

 Miyuki endures while chewing and swallowing the semen I’ve ejaculated. It only lasts for a moment, but in the sea of eternal pleasure, my gaze is fixed solely on Miyuki.

 ”Haah, haah.”

 Miyuki finally releases my p*nis, opening her mouth wide and breathing heavily. Looking closely at Miyuki’s mouth, my ejaculated semen sticks to various places.

 As my freed p*nis touches the open air, it reacts, twitching.


 Miyuki loudly swallows, pushing the remaining semen in her mouth into her body.

 Seeing that, my p*nis, despite having ejaculated so much earlier, becomes fully erect again.

 No way…

 I’m surprised myself that there’s still so much stored up.

 ”Shirogane-sama… I apologize for wasting your precious semen despite stopping the act midway.”

 Miyuki remains on her knees, bowing down with three fingers touching the ground in a dogeza position.

 Even though it feels indecent due to the underwear she’s wearing, I immediately ask Miyuki to stop doing that.

 ”Wait, please. It’s my fault. I’m sorry for ejaculating in your mouth.”

 ”No, it’s part of the job, and…”

 Miyuki-san remained composed and directed her gaze towards my erect p*nis. What on earth was happening to my p*nis, still standing tall in this situation?

 ”Since your p*nis is fully erect, may I use the tool to collect your semen, Shirogane-sama?”

 ”Yes… sure.”

 Feeling embarrassed, I answered in a barely audible voice.

 ”Then, if you’ll excuse me…”

 Miyuki-san climbed onto the bed and folded her legs, kneeling down.

 ”I understand that Shirogane-sama might be tired from the first ejaculation. So… if you’d like, please rest your head on my lap for more comfort. It should be easier on your posture as well.”


 I followed Miyuki-san’s instructions and placed my head on her plump and soft thighs. Ah, women’s thighs are so soft… completely different from my toned male thighs. But more than anything, this sweet scent, this fragrance, is making my heart race. Where is this scent coming from? As I follow it, my gaze naturally fixates on the forbidden area in front of me. Although it’s barely concealed by the fabric of her underwear, that part is moist, making my heart throb with excitement.

 ”Excuse me.”

 Miyuki-san slowly placed the onahole she held in her hand over my p*nis. Meanwhile, I secretly manipulated the settings on my smartphone, covertly converting the data to match Miyuki-san’s vaginal profile. I’m sorry, Miyuki-san. I apologize to her silently in my mind. The flesh walls inside the onahole change as if they are groaning, tightening around my sensitized p*nis.

 ”How are you feeling?”

 ”Ah… I-I’m feeling great.”

 I stared at Miyuki-san’s pussy through her underwear and inadvertently let out the most inappropriate remark.

 ”Well then, I will handle it slowly.”

 I turned onto my back and adjusted my position to make it easier for Miyuki-san to handle. That’s when I noticed that my field of vision was significantly obstructed.

 Breasts… I see…

 Two large, ripe fruits resembling melons were dangling in front of me. No, it’s safe to say that their size exceeds even that of melons. These mountains are so large that I can’t see Miyuki-san’s face from where I am. These fully blossomed breasts sway in sync with Miyuki-san’s hand movements. As a man, I feel the desire to touch them, to squeeze them, but I endure and hold back. Because for Miyuki-san, this is just part of her job. If I were to express my desire to touch them, she might allow me to. But I don’t think her answer would be based on liking me or any emotional reasons. After going this far, I don’t want to force anything onto Miyuki-san. Unless she suggests that I touch them myself, I can’t bring myself to do it. By the way, honestly speaking, I really want to touch them. Is there even a man who doesn’t want to touch breasts?

 ”I’ll gradually increase the intensity of stroking. Please ejaculate whenever you feel good, at your own pace.”

 Miyuki-san speeds up her stroking motion on my p*nis. At the same time, the swaying of the breasts in front of me accelerates as well. With the increasing speed of the onahole, Miyuki-san’s large breasts, bent forward, approach me.

 And then, that moment arrived.

 It was an encounter with the universe…

 Later, I, the idol Shirogane Aqua wrote in my memoir, or maybe didn’t write it at all. That two meteorites fell heavily onto my face. They covered my face, possessing a plump yet soft femininity. One could say that this is the gentlest form of violence in the world. In the presence of this weapon, nuclear missiles and chemical weapons seem utterly insignificant. It renders the act of war absurd to the point where it becomes an ideal world, a promised land for men. Ah, could this be the true utopia for men who love large breasts around the world?

 ”Unn! Shirogane-sama!?”

 By the time I realized it, I was greedily attaching myself to Miyuki-san’s nipples through the lace. It was because my mouth was blocked by Miyuki-san’s breasts, depriving me of proper breath. So, one could say that this is an unavoidable situation.

 ”Ah, ahh…”

 Every time I sucked on her breasts, Miyuki-san let out small, girlish moans. Excited by Miyuki-san’s erotic voice, my erection reached its limit and finally erupted inside the tool.

 Splat! Spurt… spurttt…

 Perhaps the first ejaculation was released with a lot of foce, the second ejaculation didn’t last long. Miyuki-san raised her upper body, freeing me from breast paradise, and gasped for breath.

 ”Haa… haa…”

 I messed up… With the ejaculation, my mind quickly became clear-headed. I slowly raised my body and checked on Miyuki-san’s condition. Miyuki-san, with a slightly seductive expression unlike usual, had a flushed face with teary eyes. The part of her cleavage wrapped in a babydoll was damp with sweat, and her slightly open armpit was dripping with the rich pheromones of a girl along with sweat. My calm heart trembled at the sight of her alluring figure.



 At the moment we locked eyes, the sound of a mobile phone placed nearby echoed through the room.


 Ah… As I looked at the name displayed on my phone screen, I regained my composure once again. What am I doing? Miyuki-san doesn’t have any special feelings for me. She’s just doing this for work, so I shouldn’t be doing something like earlier!

 ”I-I’m sorry!”

 I prostrated myself before Miyuki-san on the bed.

 Apologizing wouldn’t solve everything, but I didn’t know any other way.

 ”Ah… No, th-this is also part of my job, so please don’t worry about it, Shirogane-sama.”

 That’s right. If it weren’t for work, she wouldn’t be doing something like this. In fact, it’s my fault for taking advantage and sucking on her breasts, even if it was for work. I apologized to Miyuki-san over and over again.

 ”But more importantly, is it okay if you don’t answer the phone?”

 The phone next to me has been ringing non-stop.

 I answered the call and quickly hung up, saying I would join them right away. After that, I changed clothes silently in the room with Miyuki-san in the neighboring changing room.

 ”Well then, Shirogane-sama, I will clean this place first before heading outside. Please go ahead.”

 ”Ah, yes. Thank you for everything.”

 I should probably help too, but I can’t keep my family waiting any longer. I thanked Miyuki-san once again and returned to the place where my family was waiting.

 ”Aqua-chan, are you okay? If it hurts a lot, should we go to the hospital?”

 ”Ah, no, I’m fine. MotherKaa-san.”

 I kept my meeting with Miyuki-san a secret from my family. It would be embarrassing to tell them that she helped me take care of that. After all, if Lapis, my sister, looked at me with a cold gaze and said, “Brother(Nii-sama), you’re dirty…” I wouldn’t be able to stand up for a while. Fortunately, MotherKaa-san and Lapis are easygoing and understanding, so they accepted my simple explanation.

 ”I see.”

 On the other hand, Shitori-onee-chan couldn’t seem to accept my explanation and gave me a skeptical look. I hope she hasn’t noticed… Yeah, it’ll be fine. I reassured myself.

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