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Volume 2 Chapter 4 Shirogane Aqua, I’m Starting as an Idol!

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 The discussion between me, motherKaa-san, and Ako-san began with these words.

 ”I’m willing to take the responsibility and help Shirogane do whatever he wants to do!!”

 Because I didn’t want to keep any secrets from Ako-san, who was willing to cooperate, we met beforehand, and I confessed everything about my amnesia and my desire to become an idol. The day after that discussion, I was surprised by Ako-san’s swift actions.

 ”I have already submitted my resignation letter to the company. Although I still have to go to work during the handover period, I want to start my own office as soon as possible.”

 Ako-san’s proposal surprised me even more. Seeing my bewildered expression, Ako-san spoke seriously about what she was thinking.

 ”If we use the office I personally know, it will have strong ties to the current company, which may narrow down the range of things Aqua-kun wants to do due to forceful projects. Additionally, it’s possible to establish a new talent agency within the current company, but that would have even stronger project obligations. Aqua-kun would be overwhelmed with tasks scheduled by the company, leaving you with little time to do anything else. I… well, it’s just my personal opinion, but I want Aqua-kun to have more freedom. I don’t want to do anything that would tie Aqua-kun down.”

 Tears almost welled up as I saw Ako-san, who considered me so earnestly.

 ”That’s why I thought I should start my own private office. So, this is not a joke but a serious proposal, and I took the gamble to make Aqua-kun understand. However, if… Aqua-kun still wants to work with a major company, of course, I will properly introduce you.”

 A surge of warmth welled up from deep within my heart.

 If I don’t take this opportunity, I won’t be a real man!

 I listen to the voice that resonated from the depths of my heart.

 You wanted to make all the girls happy as an idol, right?


 If that’s the case, then it’s no good if I can’t make this girl in front of me happy, who went this far for my sake, right?

 Ah, of course!

 I want to work with this person, Ako-san!!

 So, I stood up from my seat and bowed to Ako-san, expressing my gratitude.

 ”Please take care of me!”

 ”Likewise, take care, Aqua-kun.”

 Mother was a tough nut to crack, but with our strong determination and persuasion, she eventually yielded. It might have also been a big help that Lapis and Shitori-onee-chan, who had been eavesdropping outside the room, were cheering us on. I’ll have to thank them properly later…

 ”If you’re going to do this, then I’ll support Aqua-chan with all my might!”

 ”Mother… thank you!”

 After gaining the support of my family, everything started progressing at a rapid pace. Ako-san quickly prepared the necessary documents for company registration, set up the office and telephone, and made all the necessary preparations during the handover period. As for the financial aspect, it seems Ako-san managed to handle it with her own savings and investment from Mother. I thought about earning some money through part-time work, but Mother advised me to rely on adults properly in times like these and focus on preparing as an idol, such as taking promotional photos.

 ”Oh my, this is really great!”

 By the way, the person who took the promotional photos was Nobu-san, who took a picture of me and Toa-chan. According to Ako-san, when he heard that I was going to make my idol debut, he insisted on being the only one to take the photos and even cleared his schedule regardless of his popularity. Moreover, although it would normally require a considerable fee, he agreed to do the photo shoot for free based on certain conditions.

 ”In return, I want to be your exclusive photographer. Of course, you can consider it if there are jobs where it’s better not to be me. Hey, isn’t it a good deal?”

 ”Oh, yes. I also really like Nobu-san’s photos, so I’m actually happier if Nobu-san takes them.”

 ”Oh my, is that a proposal? If you say that, it’s not good for Toa-chan.”

 Come to think of it, I heard from Nobu-san earlier that he has been in contact with Toa-chan after that. It’s true that at the end of the shoot, Toa-chan and I exchanged contact information with Nobu-san, but I was surprised that the two of them were still in touch. What kind of connection do they have? Could it be that Toa-chan is also making her debut as a model or something?

 ”This is a secret between Toa-chan and me, a true bond between maidens, so it’s a Nai-sho (secret) for you too.”

 Well, Toa-chan is incredibly cute, and it wouldn’t be strange for her to debut as an idol.



 A few days after the photo shoot with Nobu-san, I received a call from Ako-san and was summoned to a studio with complete sound equipment.

 ”Aqua-kun, I’m sorry for calling you here so suddenly.”

 Ako-san apologized for starting the process without confirming my singing and dancing abilities as an idol. I felt like I should have prepared some demo tapes or dance videos to convince Ako-san when persuading them.

 ”Oh, no, I’m sorry for not being considerate. And, what’s this place?”

 As I asked Ako-san, the studio door slowly opened.

 ”…Are you the crazy guy who wants to be an idol even though you’re a guy?”

 My body reacted with a start to the blunt, deep voice.

 ”Y-Yes! I’m sorry for intruding!”

 When I turned around, there was a bearded man standing in front of the studio entrance. Following Nobu-san, a proper adult man had appeared, and I felt nervous.

 ”Um, I-“


 ”Huh? Oh, yes!”

 As I tried to introduce myself and say “Nice to meet you,” the bearded man quickly retreated into the studio. Then he sat heavily on the chair in front of the recording equipment in the room and pointed to the glass-walled room beyond. It seemed like I would be asked to sing suddenly. Following his instructions, I entered the soundproof booth and stood in front of the microphone stand, taking a deep breath. I never expected to be asked to sing out of nowhere, but it wasn’t like I hadn’t prepared at all.

 ”W-Wait a moment, please. First, let him introduce himself…”

 I could hear Ako-san’s panicked voice coming from the studio. However, the bearded man put his index finger to his lips, silencing Ako-san, and stared directly at me.

 ”…Sing. Singing will tell me everything.”

 Not only was I not given any specific song to sing, but no music started playing even after a short wait. Starting off with an acapella performance was quite a high hurdle, but at this point, I had no choice but to do it.


 I lightly vocalized and met the gaze of the bearded man through the glass. Taking a deep breath, I slowly began to sing.

 ”Kimi no~♪ (Your…)”

 Oops, my voice trembled right at the beginning. However, I managed to adjust and regain my composure. To be honest, this song doesn’t quite fit the image of an idol. It has a mood reminiscent of the ’70s and ’80s, following the recent trend of city pop, and the lyrics depict a man seducing a woman for a one-night stand in a romantic manner. There’s a significant reason why I chose this song, despite it not being suitable for an idol.

 For one night only, a chance that comes once and never again. Yet, the man in pursuit uses provocative lines to entice the woman, saying that if she lets this opportunity slip away, there won’t be another. In return, if she accepts this invitation, he promises to show her an extraordinary experience she has never witnessed before. If she harbors the same passion as he does in her heart, she will surely respond to this proposition.

 ”Iki o nomu yōna taiken ga shitai (I want to have a breathtaking experience).”

 The intensity in the eyes of the bearded man, peering through his uneven and somewhat lengthy bangs, was genuine. He was surely trying to assess whether I was worthy enough to fulfill his wish. I didn’t know who this person was, but just as Ako-san had introduced me to him as someone she trusted, I wanted to trust this person as well.

 ”Ima, ikiteiru to iu jikkan ga hoshikunai ka? (Don’t you want to feel the reality of being alive right now?)”

 And this song, it somewhat resonated with my own life. A second life that I never expected, in this existence where I still lack a sense of reality, I want to fulfill the dreams I couldn’t achieve at that time and find meaning in this life. I… I sang until the very end. Towards the end, I even forgot to sing properly and simply poured my emotions into this song. I chuckled at how terrible it turned out. However, my heart was filled with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

 ”…It’s not like that. Ah! You’re not at all idol-like.”

 I could hear the creaking sound of the chair.

 ”With your looks and atmosphere, you should be whispering sweetly like a prince, or singing the straightforward lyrics that give fans dreams and hope with energy.”

 His piercing gaze from behind his bangs met my eyes.

 ”Moreover, in the end, you were so carried away by your own emotions that your pitch went off, the tempo was disrupted, and it was just a juvenile mess. You’re the epitome of a complete jerk and an insufferable brat.”

 The bearded man stood up from his chair, and a corner of his mouth curled up into a smirk.

 ”But, for me, it’s not bad. Because the song you sang, it wasn’t a song directed at an invisible crowd as an idol. This song was your own song, meant only for me. And to be provoked by such a crazy young brat like you… maybe it’s better for a good-for-nothing guy to be in a coffin.”

 The bearded man opened the soundproof room door and walked towards me, extending his right hand in a brusque manner.

 ”You can call me Moja. I’m technically your producer. Sorry about earlier. I’m not very good with words, you know. But hey, guys like us, we can communicate everything through singing, right?”

 ”H-Haha, my name is Shirogane Aqua. Nice to meet you. Um… Moja-san?”

 Moja-san nodded with a satisfied look, raising one corner of his mouth.

 ”Listen up, from now on, I’ll be producing all of your songs. I won’t let anyone else touch you. I’m assuming you have a similar contract with that Nobu guy, right? Is that alright, MissOjou-chan?”

 ”Ah, yes! Of course, Kobayashi-san.”

 So Moja-san’s real name is Kobayashi-san… I’m starting to get a sense of it. Is Moja-san a recommendation from Nobu-san? From the conversation just now, it doesn’t seem like Ako-san is a direct acquaintance either.

 ”All right! I’ll prepare the first song right away. Shirogane, you’re pretty solid when you do it normally, but you got nervous and went off-pitch at the beginning.”

 As I pressed my chest with a slight wince, Moja-san burst into laughter. Then he immediately switched to a serious expression.

 ”I heard from Nobu that you go to school and participate in club activities. Starting from now, take a week off from club activities and come to my studio every day after school. I would have preferred you to stay and work at the studio around the clock, but I guess your parents would worry. This time, I’ll let you off the hook that time.”

 Moja-san seems quite strict. However, for me, it’s something I’m very grateful for.

 ”Thank you, Ako-san.”

 In the car on the way back, sitting in the back seat, I murmured to Ako-san, who was driving. Ako-san didn’t turn around to look at me, but she gave a small response from the front seat. The side profile of Ako-san, illuminated by the passing car lights, had a slight tinge of color.

 And so, with Ako-san by my side, I embarked on a busy start as an idol, ready for the journey ahead.

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