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Volume 2 Chapter 5 Shirogane Aqua, A Three Players Game

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 ”Nice to meet you… please take care of me.”

 ”N-Nice to meet you too.”

 About a week ago, I invited Toa-chan and Mayuzumi to play EPEX online. At first, they were both nervous, but it didn’t take long for them to become friends. Since then, after returning from school, the three of us often play together.

 ”That last match was close, Aqua-kun, Shintaro-kun.”

 ”I’m sorry, it was my mistake that cost our team…”

 ”No, Mayuzumi, it can’t be helped.”

 ”Yeah, let’s not sweat the small stuff.”

 Today, just like any other day, the three of us were enjoying the game. I noticed that Toa-chan is more talkative online than when we meet in person, so she often takes the lead in the conversations. By the way, Toa-chan is also the in-game leader, giving instructions. Mayuzumi is also able to talk well with Toa-chan, but it seems like he’s still struggling to talk with the girls in our class. However, I hope that by gradually getting used to talking through Toa-chan like this, things will improve for him.

 ”Toa-chan, Mayuzumi, do you have free time? Should we play a different game soon? Or do you want to stop?”

 ”Well… I still have some time, so I’ll leave it to Shirogane and Nekoyama-san.”

 Hmm, what should we do? It’s not a problem to keep playing this game, but there are plenty of other games we can play together and have fun. As I was contemplating my decision, Toa-chan started speaking in a slightly nervous voice.

 ”Oh, um, hey, can I talk to you guys for a moment?”

 Wondering what was going on with her serious tone, Toa-chan took a brief pause before mustering up the courage to speak.

 ”The thing is… I’m actually thinking of doing game commentary and streaming.”


 Game commentary and streaming have become quite mainstream lately. People from amateurs to celebrities, ex-pro gamers to VTubers, and even manga artists are doing it. Popular streamers often do face cam streams, but I wonder if Toa-chan will also show her face?

 ”So, um, the thing is… I’m a bit hesitant to show my face… So, how about this?”

 When I opened the URL sent by Toa-chan, a lively, boyish, 2D girl appeared on the screen in front of me.

 ”Um… Is it moving properly?”

 Oh, wow! The girl in front of me shook her head left and right and moved her eyes around. There’s no doubt about it, she’s definitely a VTuber.

 ”What’s this?”

 ”Well, um, I studied and made it myself.”

 No way… Toa-chan is too much of a genius. Even from an amateur like me, the quality is on par with corporate companies, if not better.

 ”So, um, I’m thinking of doing commentary using this. Is that… okay?”

 ”I think it’s totally fine.”

 ”I also think it suits you, Nekoyama-san.”

 Indeed… as I mentioned earlier, Toa-chan is talkative in the online world. She speaks well and sometimes throws in some sarcasm. So, I think this lively character suits Toa-chan’s online persona.

 ”That’s great! I’m really happy to hear that from both of you. Ehehe.”

 Even though we can’t see her actual face, I can sense how happy Toa-chan is through the movements of her character on the screen. Yeah… this is nice. It doesn’t have any pay-to-win elements, but it makes people want to spend money.

 ”By the way, Nekoyama-san, what’s this character’s name?”

 ”Oh, um, I was thinking of naming her ‘Oumi Tama.’”

 ”Tama-chan, huh? That sounds good.”

 I’m completely smitten with Tama-chan on the screen. Her petite figure that lacks femininity, the small round double tooth, and the hair design that reminds me of animal ears. It really resonates with me, someone who loves small animals, and cute things. Tama-chan’s design hit me right in the feels.

 ”Hey, Toa-chan, if you’re up for it, why don’t you try streaming now?”

 ”Huh? R-right now!?”

 ”Yeah, and we’ll join you too. Just for one match, okay? C-come on, it’ll be fun!”

 Sometimes, you need to go with the flow. Let me make it clear from the start, it’s not because I want to see more of Tama-chan’s movements… Well, I can’t deny that it’s not completely unrelated. Actually, I really want to see it. Yes, that’s right. It’s purely for personal reasons. Is there a problem with that? I embraced this thought in my mind.

 ”I-I see. If Aqua-kun says so, I’ll give it my best shot. B-By the way, are you okay with it, Shintaro-kun?”


 Ah… right, Mayuzumi is a boy. In this world, a regular boy might be too scared to do a livestream. I was about to apologize to Mayuzumi for presuming things, but Mayuzumi spoke before I could.

 ”Uh, well, I… I also want to give it a try. I can’t show myself at the streaming screen, but if Shirogane and Nekoyama-san are with me, I can do my best. I feel like I can, at least.”

 Mayuzumi, you… I felt tears welling up at Mayuzumi’s determination.

 ”Alright then, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi, shall we give streaming a try?”


 ”Yeah! I’ll launch the streaming software now.”

 ”Then, just to be safe, I’ll go to the bathroom.”

 ”I’ll restart my PC just to be sure too. I don’t want my mind to go blank if it crashes during the stream.”

 ”Oh, then I’ll do that too! And also, I’ll use the bathroom!”

 And 10 minutes later, our first-ever stream, which would become a legend across social media, began, surpassing internet message boards.

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