Male Idol V2c6

Volume 2 Chapter 6 92, My Colorful World

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 My daily life is a repetition of the same day.

 Early in the morning, I commute on the same train as familiar passengers, and I return home at a slightly later time than everyone else.

 Inside the dark room of my single-family home, there isn’t a single person waiting for my return.

 In my monochrome world, which has been my life for over ten years since I lost my parents in high school, I suppose I have become an adult. I no longer shed tears of loneliness onto my pillow.

 But… even now, occasionally, when I find myself alone in the spacious house, my heart inexplicably becomes lonely.

 During such times, I always gaze at the Holy Book featuring Aqua-san, and I talk about today’s events to the photo that never replies.

 ”I’m home, Aqua-san. Today, you know…”

 On a certain enormous anonymous internet forum.

 I am active in one of the threads under the pseudonym “92”.

 The image of Aqua-sama that I saw when I first visited the café as a member of the verification team is still deeply engraved in my memory.


 The first time I met Aqua-san, he greeted me with a beaming smile, even though I am a woman in her thirties. I remember how lively it was, as if my heart had returned to when I was in high school more than ten years ago.

 During those dream-like three months, I continued to visit the café countless times.

 Perhaps because I had become a regular customer, Aqua-san remembered me.

 ”Oh, welcome back! Just kidding… Since you come here often, I thought this greeting would suit you better than ‘Welcome,’ but what do you think?”

 Aqua-san has a tendency to drop bombs like this, not just on me but on others as well. When he first greeted me with “Welcome back,” I felt like I was floating on the cloud. However, such blissful moments come to an abrupt end.

 After all, Aqua-san started attending Otomezaki school, and as a result, he couldn’t work at the café as often. When the magazine featuring him came out, the internet buzzed even more. But for women like me, opportunities to interact with Aqua-san became almost nonexistent.

 *Sigh* Today, I was able to return home earlier than usual. Normally, I would go to the forum while having dinner, but maybe I’ll do some internet surfing for a change. I change into the fancy loungewear, a pair of shorts I bought on impulse when I first met Aqua-san. When I see myself in the mirror again, I feel a bit embarrassed, thinking I’m trying too hard for an older woman. I turn on my PC, shaking off the embarrassment, and check out a video streaming site.

 My goal is to discover new Vtubers. Even though I’m over thirty, I still have a soft spot for cute things. I absolutely adore Vtubers with their adorable appearances, movements, gestures, and lively expressions during their live streams.


 As I scroll through the screen, I come across a newly debuted Vtuber who just started a live stream.

 Oumi Tama.

 With her animal-like ears and a boyish vibe, she fits my preferences. Without hesitation, I click the play button on the video.




 Hmm? No response, huh? I shift my gaze toward the chat box.

 [Nice to meet you! I’m here to intrude.]

 [Hey there! I fell in love with your character at first sight!]

 [Are you okay? The stream has already started!]

 ’Hey, hey, did you get nervous? Don’t worry, we big sisters are not scary.”

 It seems there are others who are also concerned, not just myself. I return my gaze to the screen, and little Tama-chan in front of me opens and closes her mouth.

 ”N-nyaice… to meet you!”

 She stumbled, how adorable…

 [So cute!]

 [It’s so relaxing.]

 [You have a nice voice.]

 [Don’t be nervous, you’ll be fine.]

 The viewers’ reactions seem mostly positive. I focus on watching the video.

 ”Um, so, I debuted today. My name is Oumi Tama. N-nice to meet ywou!”

 Ah, she stumbled again. How cute.

 [Oh, so cute!]

 [This kind of innocence is nice.]

 [Do your best, do your best.]

 [You did a great job introducing yourself.]

 The chat box is also very friendly. There are currently 215 viewers! I think that’s a lot for an individual rookie. But considering the quality of her character, which rivals that of corporate streamers, it’s only natural. On top of that, for some reason, major streamers are taking a break today. I thought it was quite fortunate to have this kind of luck.

 ”Well, um, since I’m not really good at talking too much, I’ll get right to it and play this game.”

 Oh, Maikura. I immediately bookmark Tama-chan as my favorite.

 [A tomboy character, here it comes!]

 [Tomboys are great, yes!]

 [It’s a bit cheeky, but it’s nice.]

 Minecraft, also known as “Maikura” in Japanese, is one of the popular games for gaming YouTubers. It’s a game where you can build structures using blocks in a world made of blocks, explore the world, and sometimes fight monsters.

 ”Well, actually, today, I was really scared to stream alone, so, um, I asked two friends to help me. Thank you very much for your cooperation.”

 Huh?! Does that mean she’s collaborating with other streamers or Vtubers? That would explain the high number of viewers. Maybe it was announced on some social media platform. But it’s not mentioned in the title… Normally, if it’s a collaboration, the name of the collaborator would be written. So, are they just real-life friends? It’s unusual to have real-life friends appearing in a Vtuber stream, isn’t it?

 [Real-life friends? Is it okay?]

 [Maybe she’s still a student? But no need to be scared.]

 [I didn’t expect this turn of events.]

 As expected, when I looked at the chat, everyone seemed puzzled by Tama-chan’s remarks.

 ”Please take care of me!”

 ”…Take care of me!”

 Huh? Without any delay, a male voice came from the screen, and not just one but two voices. And this voice… I had a strong suspicion about whose voice it was.


 I muttered quietly to myself, facing the screen alone in my room. Looking at the IDs displayed on the characters in the stream, one was Xx-MAYUSHINN-xX, and the other was fps_SHIRO.a.q.u.a. Ah… there’s no doubt about it. And yet, Aqua-san… that ID is too obvious. I felt really worried seeing Aqua-san’s lack of crisis awareness through the screen.

 [What? There are boys?]

 [Is this a lie?! Can such a development really happen?]

 [AAAAH! Playing games with a guy from the beginning? This is an epic stream!]

 [Unbelievable turn of events!]

 The chat was in a frenzy. Earlier, there were only about 13 people commenting in the chat among the 215 viewers. But now, more than half of the viewers were rapidly commenting.

 ”Um, then, today let’s all build our ideal road in Minecraft together… I mean, the ideal house. How about a time limit of 30 minutes?”

 ”Huh… 30 minutes? Isn’t that impossible?”

 ”Indeed, I’d prefer at least 1 hour…”

 Yeah… I really didn’t want this dream-like moment to end in just 30 minutes.

 [Please, Tama-chan, listen to the boys’ request!]

 [I’ve subscribed to the channel. So please, even if it’s just one minute, extend the time, pretty please!!]

 In the chat, pleas for extending the time to one hour continued.

 ”Well, in that case, let’s make it one hour! Alright, let’s start!!”

 Thank you, Tama-chan… The chat was filled with gratitude towards Tama-chan, thanking her as if she were a goddess. I immediately opened another tab and posted on my usual bulletin board, informing them that Aqua-san was streaming. By this point, the number of viewers had almost doubled, so it’s likely that people like me were spreading the information on social media.

 ”Well… I think I’ll build a country-style log house.”

 Tama-chan skillfully stacked blocks and quickly built the exterior of the house. Not only was she fast, but even at this stage, the quality of her construction was impressive.

 [Wow… Is she a professional Minecraft player?]

 [I came here to listen to a boy’s voice, but I’m being shown an incredible building instead, lol.]

 [Oh, she’s really skilled. Are the two boys okay?]

 Since we were seeing things from Tama-chan’s perspective, only her point of view was displayed on the screen. However, when Tama-chan occasionally shook her head, the boys’ characters would appear at the edge of the screen or pass by in front of Tama-chan, and the chat would get excited even with those brief glimpses.

 ”Oh no, I made a mistake with the number of blocks!”

 I felt my heart skip a beat at Aqua-san’s sudden exclamation.

 [Huh? How adorable to make a mistake with the number of blocks.]

 [Ahh, this big sister would love to help you count the blocks or even transform into a block myself…]

 [Imagine him panicking like that, and Hagetoru, you immediately stepped forward. Whoever thought about becoming a block is a genius.]

 [Hey! Don’t take the conversation in a weird direction!! What will you do if the stream gets banned?!]

 The chat was flowing with great speed. By the way, I noticed a chat that mention Hagetoru (07218KADO6) of the verification team just now, but maybe it was just my imagination? Yeah… It must be my imagination. I’ll pretend to be someone else because it’s embarrassing. Besides, that person will probably get banned for their explosive s*xual desires sooner or later.

 ”Hmm? Are these wood blocks slightly different in color?”

 The other boy’s voice was calm, although I don’t know who he is. From his voice, he still sounds young. Could both of them be Aqua-san’s classmates or something?

 [You still have plenty of time, so don’t worry!]

 [Let’s stay calm and do your best. We’re all cheering for you.]

 [Don’t worry about the types of wood. It’s okay.]

 [Don’t worry about small mistakes, don’t worry!]

 Although I don’t know the situation the two boys are in, the chat reacted enthusiastically to their occasional comments. Among them, Aqua-san seemed to have noticed that there were others who realized her true identity. Every time Aqua-san spoke, the stream’s screen became laggy multiple times. In less than 10 minutes since the start of the broadcast, the number of viewers had already surpassed 10,000. I wonder if Tama-chan, who is diligently building, is aware of the current situation?

 [This is already predetermined from the beginning, lol.]

 [Did they already decide on a winner beforehand?]

 [Well, that doesn’t really matter… I wonder what kind of houses the boys made.]

 [Tama-chan good taste. After all, she invited two boys to create their dream homes.]

 [Ideal homes… My imagination is running wild. I hope they meticulously craft the bedroom, kitchen, bathtub, and toilet.]

 Hageteru, if you don’t want to get banned, you better restrain yourself. What do you plan to do with those fantasies you’re having? By the way, Tama-chan is completing buildings at an incredible speed. With her skills, talent, and efficiency, the viewers are gradually getting more and more drawn in, and the chat started reacting to Tama-chan as well, not just the boys.

 ”Phew… Is it done? You two, it’s about time.”

 It felt like time flew by in an instant. Fun times always pass too quickly.

 ”Wa-wa-wait, wait a moment!”

 In response to Aqua-san’s flustered voice, the chat flooded with comments asking Tama-chan to wait just a little bit longer. Some even said they would go all out and donate a significant amount if the stream extended this enjoyable time until the revenue cap. And it wasn’t just a few people making such comments; there were hundreds or even thousands.

 ”Ugh… It seems it’s over now.”

 The other boy’s voice revealed a sense of resignation. The people in the chat were on the edge of their seats, wondering what was happening.

 ”All right! That’s the end. How about the three of us have a showcase of the three houses we built?”

 Time is running out, mercilessly. First, we all look at Tama-chan’s country-style log house.

 ”Oh, it’s amazing… Impressive.”

 ”It’s so well done!”

 Aqua-san and his friend were genuinely surprised. In the chat, everyone seemed to feel like they had personally built it and proudly boasted about being praised by the boys.

 ”Now, next… Mayushin-kun. Is it okay?”

 ”Ah, yeah…”

 Mayushin-kun’s house could be described in one word: delicate. However, it seemed that he didn’t have enough time. Only about half of the house was completed, with rooms exposed and unfinished.

 [Oh, that’s a shame… But still impressive.]

 [Oh, wow, if this had been completed, it might have had a chance.]

 [Hmm, so Mayushin-kun likes this kind of house.]

 [Huh? It’s actually amazing! I really wanted to see it completed!]

 [Are we going to continue seeing things of this level? It’s better than I imagined!]

 The chat mostly gave positive reviews.

 ”Wow! Mayushin-kun, that’s amazing! The attention to detail in the craftsmanship is incredible. I can’t replicate that.”

 ”Yeah! The construction around here is really meticulous. It feels so professional. I wouldn’t be able to handle such detailed work…”

 ”Yeah, I… Mmm, being praised by Tama-chan and Shiro like this genuinely makes me happy. Thank you.”

 Huh? This boy can properly express his gratitude too. It seems like around wonderful boys like Aqua-san, other boys with equally good personalities gather, don’t they?

 [Huh… Aren’t these boys too kind-hearted]

 [Is my brain glitching, or am I seeing an illusion? Is there a world line where boys are this kind?]

 [Will the world end tomorrow? Are we okay?]

 The chat seemed to share my reaction, and I couldn’t help but smile wryly.

 ”Hmm, well then, next is… um, A-kun’s turn, but… what is this?”

 ”Well, it’s just a house, isn’t it?”

 On the computer screen in front of me, Aqua-san’s created house was displayed. The front design left the chat in a state of shock.

 [What? Is he an artistic genius or something?]

 [Wow, A-kun, you’re amazing for being able to stack so many blocks by yourself! Amazing, amazing!]

 [Well, I’m an art major, but this is art, for sure. You know, there were many famous artists who weren’t appreciated in their time but were recognized in later generations!]

 [At this point, it doesn’t even look like a house unless you call it one. How did it come to this?]

 [If I could live with Shiro-san in this house, I’d be perfectly fine.]

 [I see… You need care when you pile up the blocks… Hagetoru is being made…]

 The chat was flowing with tremendous speed. The evaluations varied greatly.

 There were those who praised simply for being able to create something, the overly indulgent and protective group.

 There were those who claimed it was a new form of art, the neo-art movement.

 There were those who insisted that everything was cute, the cuteness advocates.

 And there were those who affirmed everything men did, the all-men-affirming faction.

 But despite the different factions, they weren’t fighting; they were discussing Aqua-san with smiles on their faces. I was amazed at how a single action from Aqua-san could enliven the atmosphere to this extent. Well, Hagetoru, it’s about time for you to be quiet.

 ”Uh, well, I guess it’s okay.”

 ”Yeah, I think it’s good too. Yeah.”

 Their puzzled reactions brought a smile to my face. The chat also passed in a serene and heartwarming atmosphere, as if watching something heartwarming. It was truly a fleeting one-hour experience.

 ”Thank you for coming to watch my first livestream today. If you enjoyed it, please consider subscribing to the channel.”

 Tama-chan seemed to have grown and relaxed during this stream, as she were able to greet clearly without stumbling.

 [You’ve grown so much.]

 [I always believed you could do it.]

 [I’m the one who raised her.]

 What kind of reaction is that?

 The comments seemed to come from a perspective as if someone were standing in the background, arms crossed.

 ”You helped me out, Mayushin and A-kun. Thank you.”

 ”No, thank you. I had a lot of fun today. Let’s do it again, Tama-chan and Mayushin.”

 ”I feel the same. Thank you, Tama-chan, Shiro.”

 As the end approached, the chat accelerated at an incredible pace.

 [What? Wait, wait, don’t stop!!]

 [I still want to see more!]

 [Please, more!]

 Everyone begged desperately, not wanting this enjoyable time to end. Tama-chan was perplexed by our reactions. However, at that moment, an unexpected event struck us.

 [An error has occurred! Please try again later.]

 It seems that the domestic servers couldn’t handle the load. The streaming platform experienced server errors due to the high number of viewers, rendering the video unplayable, and the stream was forcibly closed. But this commotion didn’t end there. With the streaming platform down, people who lost their destination flooded social media with tweets and flooded bulletin boards with posts, causing other sites to crash one after another.


 At the end of the stream, the concurrent viewers had reached several million. A rookie V streamer surpassing the framework of V and gaming content, achieving the highest concurrent viewership in the country on their debut broadcast—this was nothing short of legendary.

 Not only internet bulletin boards but also the trending rankings on social media were completely filled with this topic.

 ”It was so much fun.”

 After the broadcast ended, I leaned back in my chair and replayed the enjoyable moments in my head over and over again. It felt like a lie that just a while ago, I was feeling a little lonely at home. In this once sterile room, I can feel the warmth from the time when my mom was here.

 ”Oh, welcome back!”

 I recall the words that Aqua-san said to me. Before I knew it, tears were streaming down my face. But these tears weren’t sad; they were precious and filled with gentle memories. Aqua-san’s words reminded me that I was loved by my mom. My heart became incredibly warm and cozy. With just those words, just those memories, thanks to Aqua-san, I felt that it was good to be alive even on my own.

 ”Thank you… Aqua-san.”

 That night, I had a very happy dream. When I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t remember the details, but it felt like a dream from when my mom was still alive and I was a young child.

 ”I’m off!”

 Just like any other morning, I bid farewell to the empty house and headed to work. The train was filled with the same familiar faces, the usual scenery, an unchanging daily routine. But this time, the view wasn’t monochrome. It felt exceptionally bright and cheerful.

 Ah, living a life with my favorite person is truly enjoyable!

 It felt like the expressions of the people passing by in the city that day were all vibrant, just like mine.

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