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Volume 2 Chapter 7 Bulletin Board, Streaming Incident

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 [Prince Biscuit] Thread Discussing Shirogane Aqua Part 311 [Prince of the Cafe]
 1 Anonymous
 This is a thread to discuss Shirogane Aqua-sama, who appeared in Mori-sama’s (森長) Merry Biscuit advertisement. Please follow the rules below and discuss freely.
 - Absolutely no harassing Aqua-sama or secretly taking pictures. Please do not cause any trouble. These are the three principles that must be strictly followed.
 - If you happen to come across him by chance, please warmly observe him. And be vigilant for any improper individuals. Aqua is a treasure to humanity. Let’s protect him with the kindness of all the volunteers.
 - Slightly explicit conversations are allowed here, but anything excessive should be discussed in the 18+ version of the thread. However, please be aware that Aqua is a minor under 18 years old.
 - Similarly, any actions that may cause inconvenience to sponsors such as Mori-sama (森長), the photographer Nobu-sama, the advertising agency, the publishing company of the magazine, the part-time cafe where Grandma (Obaa-san) works, or the girl who was with Aqua-sama during the photoshoot are strictly prohibited.
 - Any acts of harassment towards Aqua-sama himself or those related to him will be immediately reported to the police by the Aqua-sama Protection Squad, exercising the temporary proxy claim rights under Article 9, Section 3 of the Male Protection Law, to protect Aqua-sama’s smile.
 238 Anonymous
 I pray with the Holy Book every day.
 241 Anonymous
 I masturb***ng with ero books every day.
 245 Anonymous
 Speaking of the Holy Book, the country restricted its resale, right?
 And I saw the clothes worn by the girl next to Aqua-sama at that time, and they were sold for over 350,000 yen. Even luxury brands would be amazed.
 Those clothes were originally around 10,000 yen. It’s just not funny….
 246 Anonymous
 Do you guys really want to have imaginary dates with Aqua that badly? Hahaha, well, I want to too, though.
 248 Anonymous
 Un la filette is amazing. If you wear these clothes, you can go on a date with such a wonderful boy. They are selling so well that the production can’t keep up. Also, even if you go to the store, there’s nothing available, and you can’t even make a reservation. I talked to the store manager the other day because I was a regular customer, and I heard that they might sell the company to a major corporation because the production can’t keep up.
 251 Anonymous
 Mori also couldn’t keep up with production and temporarily stopped sales, right?
 Now the factory is running at full capacity, producing Merry Biscuits by reducing the production of other cookies.
 253 Anonymous
 Speaking of Mori, I check the website every day, but there’s no new information.
 It would be nice if there were any campaigns or something…
 254 Anonymous
 I understand. I really want regular photos of Aqua-kun. It would be even better if they were signed. At least they could distribute wallpapers of those photos. I would gladly pay for them.
 256 Anonymous
 It would probably turn into a competition, but if there were four of them, clear files, stickers, and notepads would be great…
 258 Anonymous
 >>256, stop it! There will definitely be casualties…!
 260 Anonymous
 If they did that, convenience store employees would probably take them out for themselves behind the scenes. Or they would be resold online.
 265 Anonymous
 I know I shouldn’t have high expectations, but I really wish Aqua-sama would seriously pursue an entertainment career.
 268 Anonymous
 Definitely, I would support that.
 271 Anonymous
 If Aqua-kun appeared in a drama, the actress opposite him would definitely face a backlash!
 274 Anonymous
 Stop it! Just imagining Aqua-kun being with an actress is already breaking my heart…
 277 Anonymous
 Ah, I hope Aqua-sama does something exciting again.
 279 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Breaking news! Aqua-san appeared on a livestream by the rookie Vtuber, Oumi Tama.
 281 Verification Team *010meTA473
 282 Anonymous
 284 Anonymous
 >>277 Like, Aqua-sama is always up to something… Wait, did it happen?! >>279 It’s hereeeee!
 286 Anonymous
 >>279 Huh? Huh? Is this confirmed?
 295 Anonymous
 I watched the stream, but is this really his voice? And which one is it? There’s another guy too!
 305 Anonymous
 It’s getting exciting!!
 328 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 >>279 This voice is legit. I’ve been to the cafe multiple times and heard it live. His voice alone could make someone pregnant… I can’t forget it.
 346 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun is always appearing out of nowhere, LOL.
 362 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama, you’re teasing the girls in the thread too much. Take responsibility properly.
 371 Anonymous
 Aa-kun (fps_SHIRO.a.q.u.a), you’re too careless about hiding your true identity. Your crisis management is too lax.
 375 Anonymous
 >>371 We have to protect him (sense of duty).
 376 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 >>371 We have to protect him (sense of duty).
 377 Anonymous
 >>371 We have to protect him (sense of duty).
 387 Anonymous
 Ahhh, I want to tell Aqua-kun, who has no sense of danger, that the outside world is full of danger while harassing him s*xually. Let’s educate him.
 395 Anonymous
 >>387 Reported.
 403 Anonymous
 By the way, the other guy seems calm and composed. That’s good.
 431 Anonymous
 That girl in between, the so-called Vtuber, is clearly in a threesome. Bringing two guys along for gaming, seriously, what a joke.
 468 Anonymous
 Oh no… Aqua-kun’s character hopping around right in front of me is too adorable.
 489 Anonymous
 Even the movements of the in-game character are cute. This skin is going to be popular.
 493 Anonymous
 Oh no! Aqua-kun makes my ears pregnant!!
 512 Anonymous
 Sometimes Aqua-sama’s live sounds are too much… Have you ever considered how we feel listening to him? Hey, isn’t this already cohabitation?
 533 Anonymous
 Oh… This Mayushin kid is probably handsome too. He doesn’t talk much, but I can tell by his voice.
 557 Anonymous
 This V girl seems quite calm. I don’t know if it’s because she’s composed or if she’s just nervous during her first stream, but she doesn’t talk unnecessarily, so Aqua-kun’s voice and sounds come through nicely.
 585 Anonymous
 On the contrary, Aqua-kun talks too much. What’s with all those sound effects? What is he doing when we can’t see him?
 632 Anonymous
 I have a really bad feeling about Aqua-kun’s building skills. When he briefly appeared earlier, he was holding a block that clearly didn’t match the one he was holding before. It’s definitely going to be a disaster.
 645 Anonymous
 It’s impressive that even though he’s a boy, he can play games well! That’s the most common comment and it’s hilarious.
 661 Anonymous
 But in games with voice chat, it’s normal to encounter guys who spew verbal abuse even if you miraculously get matched with them. I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone enjoying a game so much, just watching the stream is enough fun.
 712 Anonymous
 713 Anonymous
 714 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama “Ah…”
 723 Anonymous
 That sigh earlier was too much. It resonated directly in my core.
 725 Anonymous
 Oh no, the sighing just now definitely made my purity tremble…
 727 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun’s sigh pressed against my brain and impre**ated it. Please take responsibility.
 728 Anonymous
 Clip that “Ah…” moment from earlier!
 735 Anonymous
 I’ll go change my underwear real quick.
 744 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 To be prepared for any accidents, I’m watching without underwear and wearing a diaper from the start.
 786 Anonymous
 >>744 Hagetoru is a genius.
 789 Anonymous
 >>744 You’re definitely crazy (a compliment).
 809 Anonymous
 There must be someone watching the stream while masturb***ng. And yes, it’s me…
 835 Anonymous
 >>809 Reported.
 [Impre**ating Moans] Thread Discussing Shirogane Aqua-sama – Part 523 – [Conceived by Voice]
 124 Anonymous
 The stream ending abruptly due to server crash, what the hell?
 128 Anonymous
 YouTube probably didn’t expect this kind of development either.
 131 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama, too bad that the server was down during the streaming with his friend…
 135 Anonymous
 The trending rankings on social media are insane. Do your job properly, lol.
 143 Anonymous
 - 1st place: “I got conceived.”
 - 2nd place: “Ah.”
 - 3rd place: “Ear r*pe.”
 - 4th place: “Panties.”
 - 5th place: “Diapers.”
 - 6th place: “Shirogane Aqua.”
 - 7th place: “Free streaming.”
 - 8th place: “Magazine girl.”
 - 9th place: “Mayushin, who?”
 - 10th place: “How to send Super Chats somehow.”
 151 Anonymous
 >>143 That’s too extreme. Even I was disgusted, to be honest.
 159 Anonymous
 >>143 The related keywords for “free streaming” are just terrible, lol.
 164 Anonymous
 >>159 “Pornman,” “xxxvideos”… You guys are dealing with minors, you know.
 167 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 >>159 >>164 The related keywords for “ear r*pe” are also terrible. “Ear s*x,” “My ears were r*ped,” “My ears got pregnant,” “My ears were impre**ated,” “My ears were inseminated”… The worst one was “my ear’s milk come out.” What the hell is that? Are they trying to give me a new fetish?
 172 Anonymous
 >>143 The arrangement of images for the search keywords “panties” and “diapers” is too extreme. And what’s with the hashtag “Show-off to Aqua-kun”? Seriously, how much do you guys want to show off your dirty underwear? Boys who get excited seeing such filthy things don’t actually exist, except maybe in manga and novels. Moreover, it’s complete s*xual harassment to expose your face and body while playing with panties, with the intention of turning it into masturbation material. It’s just unacceptable.
 178 Anonymous
 >>172 It’s common in ero manga, where boys have fantasies about girls’ underwear or become underwear thieves, but it’s purely fantasy. Personally, I used to deliberately place my underwear on top in the classroom during my school days, making it easy to steal, but I’ve never had anything stolen in my entire life. Or maybe there’s simply no demand for F-cup bras? By the way, one of my colleagues, who was the most beautiful girl in the company, got rejected in her arranged marriages and ended up going crazy. She put used underwear in the men’s lockers and got fired from the company. You guys need to control yourselves too.
 183 Anonymous
 >>172 The hashtag “Show-off to Aqua-kun” is quite bad. It’s one thing to take selfies with your face exposed while being naked, but sharing your phone number and “body ID” is a sign of a complete lack of crisis awareness. And those girls posting poetic love letters to Aqua-kun are painfully cringeworthy. It’s cringeworthy, but I can understand those feelings so well that I ended up posting a poetic love letter too… Hehe.
 187 Anonymous
 >>183 Aqua-sama seems to be popular even among slightly eccentric girls like gothic loli and Loli. I know some people like that, and when I checked social media earlier, the gothic loli girl was joking about wanting Aqua to strangle her while saying, “I want your baby,” and the Loli girl was saying she wants to have rough public s*x while walking outside with a collar and leash, just like the feeling of peeing in public toilets. Everyone is clearly going crazy with the stream’s energy. That gentle Aqua-sama would never do such sadistic things… but if he did, it would be quite exciting.
 Huh? Me? Of course, I would love to become a little dog licking the legs of Aqua-sama sitting on his throne.
 191 Anonymous
 >>187 You’re the most pathetic, but… I kinda understand.
 195 Anonymous
 >>187 Well, there aren’t any girls who dislike Aqua-kun, so there’s no possibility of r*pe.
 203 Anonymous
 >>195 But it’s natural for girls to want to be violated by the guys they like. Maybe you guys don’t feel the sense of crisis because you’re still young, but when you reach my age, you start thinking that you want anyone to just attack you without caring about consent or anything like that.
 206 Anonymous
 >>203 Yeah, that’s true. I purposely walk on dark, deserted streets to make it easier for men to attack me, but then I realize that men wouldn’t walk in such dangerous places in the first place, and I suddenly become calm.
 211 Anonymous
 Those of you getting excited about s*xual preferences should start restraining yourselves.
 217 Anonymous
 I just subscribed to Tama-chan’s channel. There might be another sudden stream by Aqua-kun.
 222 Anonymous
 By the way, won’t Aqua-kun start streaming? If he monetizes it, I’ll throw in a “red spa” (a term for a maximum amount of monetary contribution, 50,000 yen per donation).
 225 Anonymous
 It would be amazing if Aqua-kun starts monetizing. He could make billions in a single stream.
 228 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 If you send a “red spa” to Aqua-kun as tuition fees, you can experience a pseudo-parent-child relationship with him.
 231 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 If you throw a “red spa” to Aqua-san and call it a meal expense, you can feel like a big sister taking care of Aqua-san.
 234 Anonymous
 >>228>>231 The verification team is too genius.
 237 Anonymous
 >>228>>231 The verification team is incredible. I could never do that.
 242 Anonymous
 Sigh… I wish YouTube would recover soon. I missed the last stream.
 249 Anonymous
 There are many people who missed the stream, and it’s causing a commotion. I understand the feeling, but we should be grateful that he streamed in the first place, even without prior notice. In that sense, 92-san, who found the stream within a few minutes and posted it here, is truly a long-time fan.
 253 Anonymous
 >>249 Honestly, Shumi, Hagetoru, and Chinposuki are just here for fun, but 92-san is the real deal.
 257 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Who’s here just for fun! By the way, I had some “special moment (ear)” with Aqua-sama earlier, so I bought a pregnancy test just in case. Will it be a boy or a girl? If it’s Aqua-sama’s and my child, they will definitely be beautiful, so I’ll be winning at life, right?
 258 Anonymous
 The nearby drugstore was sold out of diapers and pregnancy tests only. What’s going on?
 263 Anonymous
 >>258>>257 It’s because of idiots like Shumi in the same tier.
 264 Anonymous
 >>257 Shumi…
 266 Anonymous
 To be honest, considering Shumi’s actions and statements so far, it’s confirmed that she’s super rich, so their child is definitely going to be a winner in life. And looking at her overflowing confidence, she’s probably beautiful too. If she doesn’t make the foolish move of targeting Aqua-sama, they’re guaranteed to marry a man. It’s just too envy-inducing.
 272 Verification Team *010meTA473
 >>266 Foolish move? My meeting and getting together with Aqua-sama is fate and inevitability, understand? Yes, it’s a major victory for Shumi-chan.
 275 Anonymous
 >>272 I want to say “Shumi, die…” but the one with the highest chance in this thread seems to be Shumi, so there’s a part of me that actually hopes they succeed. Honestly, if Shumi can win over Aqua-kun, it’s a victory for all the residents of this thread.
 278 Anonymous
 >>275 I understand. I might not stand a chance, but considering Shumi’s actions so far, she seems to be wealthy, come from a good family background, and probably around the same age as Aqua-sama. And I absolutely don’t want to admit it, but if there’s a possibility, it would be Shumi, most likely.
 283 Anonymous
 >>278 Shumi is that young? I didn’t know… But if that’s the case, I can understand all the cringey actions and words from the past. Shumi, you go for it.
 286 Anonymous
 I never thought there would come a time when the residents of this thread would support Shumi. Shumi, I’m expecting great things from you.
 292 Verification Team *010meTA473
 >>275>>278>>283>>286 Honestly, I never expected to be genuinely supported like this. Leave it to me. I will seriously try to win over Aqua-sama. I’ll even stream the wedding from my perspective, so everyone can be a part of the wedding.
 299 Anonymous
 >>292 You’ve really grown to consider the thread residents.
 301 Anonymous
 >>292 I’m crying. Honestly, I know I can’t have a real relationship with Aqua-kun, and for someone like me, that’s enough. Just those memories will make me happy until I enter the coffin.
 301 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 >>292 Shumi-san, do your best.
 303 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 >>292 If anything, please livestream the first night. With Aqua-kun’s expressions and charming voice during intimacy, and the live view of his real “thing,” I can enjoy it for a lifetime.
 304 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 >>292 How about livestreaming the wedding night too? That way, effectively, he’ll be “connected” with all the residents of this thread. And make sure to use a high-quality microphone to capture the “joyous” moments.
 308 Anonymous
 >>303-304 The verification team is definitely crazy (in a complimentary way).
 312 Anonymous
 In comparison, 92-san’s comments… Thank you, 92-san. I was able to watch the livestream because of you.
 319 Anonymous
 This gives me the strength to keep going tomorrow. Thank you, 92-san. Thank you, Tama-chan. Thank you, Mayushin-kun… And thank you, Aqua-kun. Good night, I’m going to sleep now!
 322 Anonymous
 Good night. I’m going to sleep now too. Sweet dreams!
 325 Anonymous
 Good night. I’m going to sleep too. Today was just too happy.
 328 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Good night. I’m going to sleep too. I’m looking forward to having sweet dreams tonight!

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