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Volume 3 Chapter 14 Bulletin Board, The Declaration of Victory

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 [3 Meals a Day] Discussing Shirogane Aqua, Part 1010 [Biscuit]
 15 Anonymous
 Honestly, it’s getting tough to eat or even watch biscuits anymore…
 17 Anonymous
 I know, right? It’s hilarious how everyone spreads out biscuits during lunchtime.
 18 Anonymous
 At first, I thought it could be part of a diet, but they actually contain butter and sugar, making them easy to gain weight.
 20 Anonymous
 I started exercising to compensate for that. Also, biscuits have a long shelf life, so I’ve resigned myself to having one meal a day.
 >>17 Imagining that is just pure chaos, haha.
 23 Anonymous
 In that sense, biscuits are quite handy. Even if they expire, they can last for years.
 25 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun’s social media gets updated frequently, but there’s still no announcement about any new projects.
 27 Anonymous
 Maybe the work is coming, but he can’t announce it yet?
 28 Anonymous
 There are rumors that he’ll be in the next Monday 9 PM Drama, but who knows?
 30 Anonymous
 The lead role, Kohina Yukari, right? I love her acting, but her personality is awful. I saw her when I was working as an extra, and the other cast members’ acting was mediocre. When we had to do a retake, she added some ad-lib in take 2, completely overshadowing the other kid’s scenes and making them cry. Well, her performance was perfect, and take 2 turned out better, so the director was okay with it. As an actress, she’s great, but she’s definitely not someone I’d want to get close to.
 31 Anonymous
 She’s consistently unbearable. Kohina is either not interested or seems like a terrible actress. It’s a shame for the child whose scenes got cut, but talent is everything, so there’s no helping it. I’m just worried Aqua-kun won’t get tarnished.
 33 Anonymous
 Honestly, I don’t want to see Aqua-kun being toyed around by Kohina Yukari. But as an actress, she gives a good performance, so if the other cast members aren’t just being pushed by the agency, the drama’s overall quality will likely be excellent.
 35 Anonymous
 By the way, what happened to the story about Aqua-sama being surrounded by mysterious foreigners the other day?
 36 Anonymous
 It seems like they were looking for a model, but the details are unknown. By the way, if we’re talking about the timing, there’s a joint fashion show with the brand from Stars today, but neither the Stars nor any domestic participating brands have made any announcements.
 38 Anonymous
 Is it time for the men’s show? Just to be sure, should I watch it?
 39 Anonymous
 Ah, he’s the type who mysteriously appears without any announcements. Currently, it’s the 7th time in a row. The breakdown is: café work, magazine feature, live stream, cover song, evening rush, opening of social media account, and commercial.
 40 Anonymous
 It’s like the national high school baseball tournament, huh? And he’s somewhat strong, too.
 42 Anonymous
 I envy those who got to meet him while he was working at the café. I only found out about him from the magazine feature.
 45 Anonymous
 Even after he started going to school, he still came a few times. Not so much recently, though. But the coffee there is delicious, so I still go.
 47 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I also occasionally go to the café to catch a whiff of Aqua-sama’s presence.
 50 Anonymous
 You really never change, huh…
 51 Anonymous
 Don’t go into heat and get caught at the café, okay?
 52 Anonymous
 Hagetoru, are you finally going to get caught…?
 53 Anonymous
 We’ve lost a valuable person…
 54 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Hey, let’s stop assuming people are getting caught, okay? Even I would cry, you know?
 55 Anonymous
 But you seem like you would do it, though.
 56 Anonymous
 Your usual behavior is no longer trustworthy.
 57 Anonymous
 Maybe Hagetoru should undergo ascetic practices to purify her evil intentions.
 60 Anonymous
 Speaking of purifying evil intentions, have you noticed an increase in nuns?
 65 Anonymous
 It’s been really frequent lately. There used to be only one, but now they’re everywhere in every plaza. They don’t seem to pose any harm and most of them give off a calm vibe. So, I end up praying together when I can strike up a conversation.
 67 Anonymous
 Lately, they even have their own website and seem to be more active. I hope they won’t do anything strange… Are they asking for money or something?
 71 Anonymous
 I know someone who joined the Aqua Religion, and they said they don’t take any money. It’s solely the personal activities of the religious leader, and those who do similar things are just volunteers who sympathize. They even mentioned that the website was created by a member to facilitate communication.
 74 Anonymous
 Wow, that’s what’s happening now, impressive… Oh, the show is starting!
 76 Anonymous
 Looks like the show is starting today, that’s why there are fewer people around. Are there any former verification team members other than Hagetoru?
 77 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 78 Anonymous
 92, you’re surprisingly responsive today.
 80 Anonymous
 Nobody other than 92 is responding. Is Chinposuki and Shumi taking a break?
 82 Anonymous
 I highly doubt it, but could they be attending the show? I don’t know about Chinposuki, but Shumi seems wealthy enough to go without a problem.
 83 Anonymous
 It’s possible.
 85 Anonymous
 Huh? Shumi, is she a fan who only likes Aqua-kun?
 88 Anonymous
 Do you think she might be cheating?
 90 Anonymous
 If you mention cheating, she’ll get carried away and try to make her look like his girlfriend again!
 100 Anonymous
 Still no response from Shumi. Looks like she’s really not here today.
 103 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Did you call me?
 105 Anonymous
 What’s up, Chinposuki? Your response is slow.
 106 Anonymous
 You were probably busy pleasuring yourself, right?
 109 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Everyone thinks they know everything about others… I’m working right now. I responded during my break, but it might not be possible anymore today.
 111 Anonymous
 Always pleasuring yourself.
 112 Anonymous
 The potential criminal.
 113 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 The woman who sticks long eggplants.
 115 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Isn’t the way you treat me getting too harsh? I’m a proper working professional, you know.
 Yes, boomerang.
 117 Anonymous
 You are all in the same boat.
 118 Anonymous
 Honestly, it gives me a headache to think that these are the representatives of the Aqua-sama thread.
 120 Anonymous
 Conflict only arises among those on the same level.
 122 Anonymous
 That’s terrible.
 123 Anonymous
 The lead for the ladies, un la filette. They’ve risen, huh? Impressive.
 125 Anonymous
 un la filette’s clothing is still cute as ever… but the price is beyond what I can afford.
 129 Anonymous
 Knowing the original price of un la filette, it feels like a rip-off.
 131 Anonymous
 On the other hand, they use good quality fabric, have excellent stitching, unique patterns, and intricate designs, so the price is somewhat justified. But it’s still undeniably high. However, when they’re in such a situation, raising prices is the only option. Even if they raised it a bit, it wouldn’t make much of a difference since their products are already being resold.
 135 Anonymous
 Oh, the men’s show has started.
 140 Anonymous
 Honestly, in the past, I would’ve been more excited, but ever since getting to know Aa-sama, it looks somewhat mediocre.
 143 Anonymous
 I get it. Even without considering appearances, when I see a man who doesn’t seem motivated, I can’t get excited.
 145 Anonymous
 In other words, what I’m saying is that we can’t go back to our old selves without Aa-sama. *trembles*
 147 Anonymous
 Tsukimachi Ayana’s crossdressing as the opening act for the men’s show. Not bad.
 150 Anonymous
 Un la filette is also the finale for the ladies, and it seems they’re also the headliner for the men’s show. They’re really being pushed.
 151 Anonymous
 Tsukimachi’s crossdressing isn’t bad, but… I still prefer real boys.
 159 Anonymous
 Yeah, it’s not the same without a p*nis. I’ve never tried sticking anything in, though.
 163 Anonymous
 And even if you did, it would have to be eggplant-sized… but it wouldn’t fit.
 170 Anonymous
 Un la filette, everyone crossdressed. The strong message of not needing unmotivated men resonated quite a bit. Is this the first time they’ve done something like this for the men’s show?
 174 Anonymous
 I find it interesting. At the very least, it made an impact.
 213 Anonymous
 The later domestic brands are okay, but un la filette, who went first, was too intense.
 216 Anonymous
 Ah, the men’s show for the overseas brands has started.
 235 Anonymous
 When it comes to the shows of overseas brands, the level of male models is different. It’s not just about appearances; they also give a sense of professionalism.
 258 Anonymous
 In the end, I was overwhelmed by the Stars brand. Un la filette was good too, but I can’t help but feel like they lost because the male models were so professional. Am I the only one who feels frustrated?
 264 Anonymous
 No, I’m frustrated too. If there’s anyone who can compete with this, it’s Aqua-kun. I’m sure he would surpass them.
 270 Anonymous
 Exactly! If Aa-sama had been in this show…
 289 Anonymous
 Ah, well, in the end, Aqua-kun didn’t appear.
 290 Anonymous
 Since he doesn’t seem to be coming out anymore, I’m going to take a bath.
 293 Anonymous
 Oh, the finale! Is that the unexpected men’s line from Coral?
 294 Anonymous
 The male designer from Corolle mentioned in an interview before that they wanted to do a men’s line. It’s great that it became a reality.
 297 Anonymous
 Oh! A male model just came out!
 298 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 299 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 301 Anonymous
 What’s going on?
 305 Anonymous
 The walking of the models from Corolle is impressive. Even though they’re male, they’re on par with the female models.
 306 Anonymous
 Even at this point, un la filette already completely defeated, and now they’re being subjected to even more bitterness. If I’m going to be humiliated, I’d like to lick Aqua’s shoes.
 308 Anonymous
 310 Anonymous
 311 Anonymous
 312 Anonymous
 I’m glad I watched until the end!
 314 Anonymous
 We won!
 315 Anonymous
 Aa-kun at the very end.
 317 Anonymous
 Someone who went to take a bath, haha!
 320 Anonymous
 Breaking news! Aa-sama, causing confusion among the thread residents with the 8th consecutive appearance!
 323 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun took everything at the very end.
 327 Anonymous
 The verification team must be freaking out, probably realizing it’s Aqua-kun at this point.
 329 Anonymous
 I shed tears at the end.
 331 Anonymous
 I’m from inside the venue, but I got too worked up and my seat in the audience section was shaking, haha!
 341 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Yes, Shumi-chan, who was watching live, is the ultimate victor!
 357 Anonymous
 Shumi, go die.
 358 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Shumi, go die.
 359 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 I’m so jealous…
 360 Anonymous
 Don’t mess around!
 362 Anonymous
 You’re really lucky, aren’t you?
 365 Anonymous
 You’re letting your true feelings slip, LOL.
 370 Anonymous
 Looks like the infighting has begun, LOL.
 In comparison, 92-san’s comments…
 371 Anonymous
 Hagetoru is talking too much on instinct.
 She is responding completely by spinal reflex.
 389 Anonymous
 Chinposuki couldn’t watch it because of work. Just being able to see him on TV is appreciated.
 395 Anonymous
 Backstage images of Aqua-kun’s SNS!
 399 Anonymous
 The shot with designer John is hot.
 400 Anonymous
 Wow, I felt like I was there in real-time.
 401 Anonymous
 The show is over, but I wonder if the interview will be on the evening news?
 405 Anonymous
 Looking forward to the interview. Aqua-kun would probably give some good answers.
 447 Anonymous
 I was outside the restricted area, but the excitement was incredible. I almost got trampled in the crowd.
 479 Anonymous
 I’m also outside the restricted area, but they’re announcing for us to please let the models go home without obstructing them. But it’s impossible unless the people on the edges move.
 493 Anonymous
 Earthquake alert! Magnitude 1 observed in S district, LOL.
 510 Anonymous
 It’s really shaking, isn’t it, LOLOLOL.
 513 Anonymous
 I thought it was a joke… but it was true, LOLOLOL.
 538 Anonymous
 Outside the restricted area, there was a woman who wrote, “Please take me” on her exposed breasts with a magic marker towards the stage and she got arrested, LOL. Even at this distance, I can’t see anything… I hope she’s not one of the residents in the thread, though.
 591 Anonymous
 I was going to say Hagetoru, but I remember now that she was watching on TV, not at the venue.
 625 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Hey! I’m also properly moved by Aqua-sama from earlier!! At least let me savor the afterglow.
 637 Anonymous
 Hagetoru, a woman who has absolutely no credibility with the thread residents.
 651 Anonymous
 I’m seriously envious of those who were at the venue. I wanted to see Aqua-sama live.
 670 Anonymous
 The trends on SNS are crazy, haha.
 1st Corolle
 3rd Shaking
 4th Earthquake Alert
 5th Men’s Show
 6th Shirogane Aqua
 7th Arrest
 8th Stars
 9th Siren
 10th Un la filette
 677 Anonymous
 Related words for Shirogane Aqua, LOL.
 ”How to get married”
 ”How to start a relationship”
 ”How to become friends with benefits”
 ”I want to have s*x at least once.”
 There are too many people who are faithful to their desires, LOL. At least say it in a place where your identity is less likely to be revealed. And if there really are such methods, I want to know too!!
 683 Anonymous
 Ironically, it’s quieter here today, so it’s actually more wholesome. Without Chinposuki and Shumi, Hagetoru is unusually quiet too.
 695 Anonymous
 Hey, the national broadcaster switched to the backstage corridor footage!
 715 Anonymous
 That’s seriously amazing.
 753 Anonymous
 Aqua-kun is coming out!
 774 Anonymous
 His smile is still dazzling as ever.
 781 Anonymous
 It’s definitely Aqua-kun, waving his hand like that. He hasn’t changed at all since working at that café, and it makes me happy.
 801 Anonymous
 He stopped!
 813 Anonymous
 Hey, hey, what’s up with the national broadcaster today? Are they being too competent?
 821 Anonymous
 An old lady is crying, saying she’s glad she paid high fees to be a member of the state-run broadcasting company.
 837 Anonymous
 This new announcer is good. I was so envious that I almost cried because she got an interview with Aqua-kun in the end.
 873 Anonymous
 It’s amazing that she got the interview. But I wonder what they were talking about at the end. I couldn’t tell if the lapel microphone and microphone were turned off. Did they say something?
 909 Anonymous
 I tried to read their lips, but it was impossible. The camera angle was too bad, and I couldn’t see Aqua-kun’s mouth at all. They were probably saying something like, “Thank you for the interview.”
 925 Anonymous
 That’s possible for Aqua-sama. Probably.
 931 Anonymous
 Domestic models: Unfriendly, some of them barely make eye contact or respond with a little kindness.
 International models: They raise their hands, bow, and take some action. Truly professionals. Some of them even respond a bit during interviews.
 Aqua-sama: He smiles, waves her hand, and say, “Thank you very much” and “Thank you for your hardwork.” He probably respond to interviews even though the organizers told him not to.
 941 Anonymous
 He probably responded because he was asked despite being told to stop the interviews due to the confusion in the corridor. It’s nice that he bowed to the staff and still took action. I can’t help but love him.
 954 Anonymous
 That’s it. Aqua-kun’s popularity isn’t just about appearance. Appearance-wise, he is also the winner in my opinion.
 969 Anonymous
 I’m glad I like Aqua-sama. I’ll continue to support him!
 972 Anonymous
 It’s chaotic here at the venue. Ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars are everywhere. Sirens have been blaring non-stop. By the way, I’m outside the restricted area.
 986 Anonymous
 It’s chaotic outside the restricted area, but inside, things are properly controlled, which is good. However, the models and VIPs will leave first, so I won’t be able to go home unless something changes on the outside. It looks like I’ll be returning home late. Also, to the paramedics, firefighters, police officers, and staff, thank you very much for your hard work.
 1001 Anonymous
 In other words, the thread residents have achieved a great victory.
 1003 Anonymous
 And, I’m grateful to everyone!!

End of this volume

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