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Volume 4 Chapter 1 Shirogane Aqua, The Day of Endings and Beginnings

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The fashion show ended with great success. I have signed an exclusive contract with Corolle for the costumes I’ll be using in music videos and live performances. John’s designs will be providing the costumes. However, as part of the contract, I am required to wear Corolle’s clothing in public settings such as magazines, TV shows, and parties. The only downside is that I won’t be able to work with other fashion brands anymore.

 The extensive contracts contained numerous specialized terms. Thankfully, Shitori-oneechan, who had studied law, helped us smoothly finalize the agreement. I can’t express enough gratitude to Shitori-oneechan. During the negotiations, we decided that her intermediary role would be inappropriate as a part-time job. As a result, she officially became an employee of the agency. For now, she will focus on her university studies. After obtaining her qualification as a lawyer, she plans to become the agency’s legal advisor.

 In any case, this marks my second sponsorship contract, following Morinaga. Both contracts are expected to be paid soon, which means we’ll have the financial capacity to hire more staff and create stability for the agency. I was concerned about Ako-san’s overwork, but it seems that we will be able to manage with the additional hiring. Personally, I was worried that she might collapse from working too much, so I’m relieved.

 And today, on my rare day off, I decided to visit the café where I used to work part-time.

 ”I saw the fashion show on TV the other day. It was so cool!”

 ”Thank you.”

 The owner of Tomarigi, the café where I worked part-time, Nanama Yachiyo-san, greeted me with her usual bright smile. Looking back, if I hadn’t worked here, I wouldn’t have met Ako-san. In that sense, this café is where it all began for Idol Shirogane Aqua.

 ”By the way, I’m sorry, but it might be a bit difficult for me to continue working here.”

 ”Don’t worry about it. I understand it’s unavoidable. Thank you for everything up until now, actually.”

 As I continue my activities as an idol, it will likely be challenging to continue working here. I’m disappointed, but I understand that it’s inevitable. That’s why, on what is likely my last day, I decided to work here at Tomarigi one more time. Ako-san has also given her permission for this. So, I invited some close acquaintances to come to Tomarigi to witness my final shift.

 ”Shirogane, it suits you so well.”

 ”Yeah… Aqua-kun, you look really cool.”

 Mayuzumi and Toa-chan, sitting at the counter, praised my work attire. I placed their drinks in front of them. Surprisingly, Toa-chan prefers black coffee, while Mayuzumi ordered a coffee with plenty of milk. I secretly almost mixed up their orders for a moment.

 ”Oh, how nice. Should we take a photo?”

 ”Yeah, you’re looking quite dashing.”

 Nobu-san took a picture of me in my work attire with his camera. Moja-san had a lot of cappuccino foam on his proud beard, and I almost burst out laughing. It’s unfair that he can show such a mischievous side despite having a rather intimidating presence. Mayuzumi and Toa-chan, who were watching, almost burst into laughter as well.

 ”Nii-sama… you look so cool.”

 ”Aqua-chan, are you okay serving by yourself? Should Mama help you?”

 Lapis was struggling to peel the shell of a boiled egg for the morning set, so I took over and peeled it for her, which made her happy. In my previous life, I didn’t have a sister, so I couldn’t quite understand, but now I can grasp the feelings of those who have a sibling complex. As for Mother, she’s still the same. I’m not used to such overprotective behavior yet, but I suppose this is what they call a mother’s love. It’s a bit embarrassing, but this itchiness is strangely comforting.

 ”Aqua, that outfit suits you well. But I wish I could have designed all the clothes you wear.”

 ”This uniformity, the perfect circularity, the exquisite shade of browning… Ah, so this is where human wisdom resides. Kuku, as expected of my junior. You know good places.”

 John will return to his home country tomorrow. Considering his schedule there, it’s unavoidable. The next time I’ll see him will probably be during the music video shoot. He assured me that he will have the costumes ready by then. And Tenga-senpai is indulging in the cheesecake the owner made. He’s wearing an eyepatch today, I wonder what happened? I thought about asking if he was injured, but Toa-chan told me it’s better not to touch on that subject.

 ”Sorry, I’m late! Oh, Aqua-kun in a waiter’s outfit, how cool!”

 ”Aqua-kun, thank you for inviting us today. It looks great on you after such a long time.”

 Shitori-oneechan and Ako-san arrived last. When Shitori-oneechan ordered a café au lait, she drank it all at once through a straw, as if it was hot outside. By the way, she ordered a Resca, which is lemon squash, for her second drink. I didn’t know what “Reko” and “Resca” were at first, but I learned it from customers from Kansai.

 ”Ako-san, what would you like to order?”

 ”Of course, the usual!”

 ”Alright, understood!”

 I can smell the eggs cooking in the kitchen. The delicious aroma entices Lapis, who almost drools. Sometimes, she appears mature, but when she acts like this, she still seems like a child, and it brings a smile to my face. I wonder if Lapis will become someone’s bride someday? The thought made my heart ache. It’s probably too late for me now.

 ”Here you go!”

 I placed the freshly made omurice, with ketchup forming a message as usual, in front of Ako-san.

 Thank you always, and please take care of me from now on.

 Since then, whenever I serve omurice to Ako-san, I write a message. Today, on my last day of work, I thought it would be my final opportunity to do so. That’s why I wanted to write the words I wanted to convey on the omurice and offer it to Ako-san.


 Ako-san’s eyes became teary. I was worried about what I would do if she didn’t order the omurice, but the surprise seemed to work well.

 ”Oh, Mama too, Mama wants it too!”

 ”Ako-san, I want to eat that too.”

 ”Nii-sama, Lapis wants omurice too!”

 Seeing Ako-san’s omurice, my family became lively. And Lapis, who had just had breakfast, was already going for the omurice. I asked the owner to make Lapis a slightly smaller portion after seeing her stomach rumbling.

 ”Well, maybe I’ll have the omurice too.”

 ”Yeah, I’m getting hungry, and it smelled so good earlier, so I’ll have some too.”

 ”Aqua-kun… I want the omurice too. It’s unfair to make it smell so good.”

 ”Shirogane, can I order an omurice?”

 ”Wow, Aqua, this is amazing. Can I order one?”

 In the end, everyone chose omurice. Since it would be difficult for the owner to prepare them all alone, I helped by whisking the eggs and shaking the heavy pan. And one by one, I wrote messages and served them.

 However, Mother…

 Please don’t make your own son write, “Mama, let’s get married.” It’s too embarrassing. At that moment, Ako-san, who was watching beside me, told me that there are many boys who want to marry their moms, and I was surprised to hear that. Indeed, this world seems to have values that are significantly different from those of my previous life.

 ”Then, I’ll excuse myself.”

 ”See you later.”

 ”Aqua-chan, let me know immediately if anything dangerous happens.”

 ”Aqua-kun, good luck with your work.”

 ”Nii-sama, I’ll excuse myself.”

 ”Aqua-kun, contact me right away if anything happens.”

 In the afternoon, Mother, Ako-san, Shitori-onee-chan, Lapis, Moja-san, Nobu-san, and John left the cafe ahead of us. Since I won’t be able to attend the send-off tomorrow, this is my farewell to John. We shake hands and hug each other, wishing each other the best.

 ”Aqua, let’s meet again.”

 ”John, take care.”

 After bidding farewell to John, only the owner, Toa-chan, Mayuzumi, Tenga-senpai, and I remained in the cafe. At that moment, the owner received a phone call.

 ”Huh?… Yeah… I see. Well, I guess there’s nothing we can do. Yeah, we’ll be fine here.”

 The owner answered the call with a worried expression. I wonder what happened?

 ”What’s wrong?”

 After the call ended, I asked the owner what happened.

 ”Well, you see… a car intruded onto the train tracks and caused a collision. It seems that it’s a bit difficult for the staff who were supposed to come by train in the afternoon. The bus and taxi stands are crowded… Aqua-kun, I’m sorry, but we’ll have to either delay the opening or close in the afternoon.”

 While the morning was dedicated to family, in the afternoon, regular customers who were familiar with me when I worked there were supposed to come. It’s disappointing, but there’s no other choice. Unexpectedly, someone raised their hand and spoke up.

 ”Owner-san, can I help in place of the people who couldn’t come?”

 It was Toa-chan who raised her hand.

 ”While I appreciate the offer… Are you sure about it? I mean, you…”

 ”I don’t mind. So, may I help?”

 Toa-chan looked straight at the owner with determination in her eyes.

 ”Alright… I’ll leave it to you then.”

 Toa-chan stood up and headed towards the back room where the staff goes. On her way, I called out to her.

 ”Toa-chan, thank you.”

 I expressed my gratitude and bowed my head to Toa-chan. Then, Toa-chan slowly threw words at me.

 ”I… um, when I watched the fashion show the other day, I got a lot of courage from you, Aqua-kun.”

 Toa-chan smiled slightly and blushed.

 ”No, not just the fashion show. When you appeared in a drama or a commercial, Aqua-kun always shone brightly even though you’re a boy. I always thought that was amazing.”

 Toa-chan’s big, round eyes stared at me.

 ”And not only when I made my Vtuber debut or appeared in magazines, but also when I composed a new song for Aqua-kun, you always gave me the opportunity to expand my narrow world.”

 Toa-chan clenches her fist in front of her chest, pouring all her determination into it.

 ”That’s why I decided to take a step forward. Like Aqua-kun, walking confidently and facing forward on that runway.”

 Toa-chan’s intense and serious gaze fills my heart with warmth. We briefly talked about it when Mayuzumi and I played a game with her. Toa-chan doesn’t have any friends other than us. She mentioned being introverted, so she might have trouble initiating conversations with others. That’s why she thought becoming a Vtuber and streaming would allow her to communicate better with people. I heard that was the reason she decided to start as a Vtuber.

 And now, Toa-chan is about to take that step forward. I gently place my hands over her clenched fist.

 ”Toa-chan, you’ve helped me a lot too. When you cooperated with me, we took great photos together. And without you, the new song wouldn’t have been completed.”

 I release Toa-chan’s small clenched fist and shake her hand with both of mine.

 ”If my actions have saved you, then I have also been saved by you. So, it’s not just Toa-chan who feels grateful. I feel the same way too.”

 ”Aqua-kun… thank you.”

 Toa-chan’s voice trembles with emotion. At that moment, a voice unexpectedly comes from behind us.

 ”Kuku, I’ve heard everything, my junior!”

 I turn to the source of the voice and find Tenga-senpai leaning against the wall, covering one eye with his palm and striking a cool pose.

 ”For the sake of our hard-working juniors, let’s do our part!”

 Our? I wonder what he means by that, and then Mayuzumi appears behind Tenga-senpai.

 ”Shirogane, Nekoyama, I told the owner that Tenga-senpai and I would help too.”

 Tears almost well up in my eyes at the words of Mayuzumi and Tenga-senpai. Well, to be honest, they did get a bit watery, but I’ll keep that to myself.

 ”Toa-chan… Mayuzumi… Tenga-senpai… Thank you so much!”

 I gently press my warm eyes and wipe away the tears that are about to fall, hidden from everyone’s view. Oh, how blessed I am. I am reminded once again that I am supported by others.

 ”Fuhahaha, leave it to us, junior! Now, let’s change. Follow me!”

 Tenga-senpai takes the lead and heads towards the back room. What a broad back he has, I’m in awe. By the way, why was Tenga-senpai covering his eye with his palm earlier? I was about to ask, but Toa-chan whispered to me in a small voice, asking me to let it go.


 At this point, only Marin, Lapis, and Aqua haven’t realized Toa’s true identity. It’s probably because Aqua is also a bit clumsy, inheriting that from Marin’s genes. Ako-san didn’t notice either, but she found out when she saw the resident registration during the contract signing. So, she’s just as clumsy. And everyone around realizes that Aqua doesn’t seem to notice, but they’re all keeping it a secret in this kind world.

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