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Volume 3 Chapter 8 Shirogane Aqua, My First Tenga

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword.

 I was given the role of a character named Kenzaki Souji in this work.

 Kenzaki is set to be 20 years old, and I’ll also be playing the role of the protagonist’s 18-year-old brother in a TV drama that airs on Mondays.

 Both of the characters are slightly older than my current age, so it will be important to figure out how to fill that gap through my acting.

 Looking at myself now, I’m 16 years old, so I feel like there’s still a bit of innocence left compared to when I was 20.

 Also, aside from the age difference, I had another issue to deal with in portraying Kenzaki.

 To perform the scenes where Kenzaki rides a motorcycle, I needed a regular medium vehicle license due to legal requirements.

 While there are stunt doubles for action scenes in tokusatsu dramas, I wanted to try and perform as many action scenes as possible myself, so I managed to obtain the license through sheer determination in just one day.

 Even though having had a license in my previous life helped, aiming for a one-time pass was quite reckless, even for me.

 ”Wow, Shirogane, your drive is incredible!”

 I just told Mayuzumi, who was right in front of me, about it, and he couldn’t help but smile awkwardly.

 By the way, I received the same reaction from my family and Ako-san just a moment ago.

 ”So, did you buy the bike?”

 ”Yeah, I worked part-time and also received payment for the magazine appearances.”

 I caress the seat of my newly bought motorcycle, kasahara’s FLAMMA. I fell in love with the bike’s fiery red body, evoking flames, exactly as its catchphrase suggests. Besides the latest touch-panel console monitor, it also came with a clock that syncs with the bike’s AI, featuring the same color scheme, which was one of the reasons I decided to buy it.

 ”Here you go.”

 Mayuzumi puts on the helmet I handed him.

 Honestly, I originally wanted to ride tandem with a girl, but there was no helping it.

 Actually, I first thought of someone from my family, but an argument broke out over who would ride in the back.

 I guess everyone was afraid to ride behind me, as I had just gotten my license…

 Then, when I suggested having Mayuzumi ride with me at first, my family even burst into tears. It must have been quite a scary thought.

 By the way, in my previous life, people needed to wait a year after getting a license to ride with two people on a motorcycle, but there’s no such law in this world.

 ”This is my first time riding a bike… It feels amazing with the wind.”

 ”Right? Mayuzumi, you should get your license too. Let’s go on a tour together!”

 I flick the shift pedal and decelerate before turning the corner.

 Unlike commercially available bikes, this bike has reverse shifting, so I have to push the shift pedal up to decelerate.

 ”Yeah, maybe I should… try my best like you, Shirogane.”

 ”Yeah! If Mayuzumi gets a bike, I’ll ride with Toa-chan in the back, and the three of us will go somewhere. Maybe to the beach or mountains.”

 ”Heh, that sounds fun.”

 I glance at the clock briefly during a red light.

 The road is unusually crowded today, so if things continue like this, I might be a little late for the meeting.

 ”Navigation, Studio Beard.”

 In response to my voice, the clock’s display changes from showing the time to the navigation software.

 By the way, Studio Beard is the name of Moja-san’s studio. Moja-san must really like beards to put it even in the studio’s name.

 [Navigation initiated.]

 Along with the somewhat mechanical words of the AI, an arrow appears on the shield of the helmet I was wearing.

 I follow the optimal route indicated by the AI using GPS and ride the bike towards the studio.

 Thanks to the precise navigation by the AI, Mayuzumi and I arrive at the studio within the specified time.

 As I close the navigation, I thank the AI.


 When we arrived at Moja-san’s studio, there was a black motorcycle parked in the parking lot.

 With its sleek and beautiful design, and parts that glow like a gaming mouse, it tantalizes the hearts of men.

 It’s the other bike I was considering buying, the Legacy.

 ”It seems like someone else is here, but I wonder whose it is?”

 Moja-san shouldn’t have a bike, so it must belong to a visitor.

 ”What should we do, Shirogane?”

 ”Well, it’s almost time for our appointment, so I’ll go and say hello for now.”

 ”Sounds good.”

 Mayuzumi and I get off the bike and enter the studio.

 ”Oh, you’re here!”

 As we enter the studio, Moja-san seems to have been waiting for us and gestures for us to come over.

 ”So, the reason I called you two here today is… Hey, what are you doing over there!”

 Moja-san directs our attention to where he is looking.

 And there, there was a man. Yes, there was a man.

 Moreover, he only showed half of his face through the door. At first glance, it was horrifying. No, it was nothing but horror.


 The man looks at us through the gap in the door and mutters something under his breath.

 Although I can tell he’s saying something because his mouth is barely moving, I can’t understand what he’s saying.

 It’s not that I can’t hear him because we’re too far away, but his voice is clearly too low to make out what he’s saying.

 ”What are you doing! Hurry up and come here, Tenga!”

 Pressured by Moja-san, Tenga, the man called by name, slowly opens the door and approaches us without making a sound.

 My first impression of Tenga-san can be described in one word: dark. Yes, he is dark.

 He wears an all-black outfit with boots and gloves, and his long bangs hide one eye, so I can hardly see any of his bare skin.

 Despite the fact that summer is approaching, there is a suffocating heaviness or heat coming from him that makes it seem rather stuffy.

 ”Heh, very well. My name is Tenga Akira, written as ‘天を我のものにする (To make the heavens mine or To conquer the heavens.)’ and pronounced as Tenga. I’ll be counting on you, you mere humans.”

 Ah… this person is simply cringeworthy.

 Realizing everything, I glance at Mayuzumi beside me.

 He seems surprised by Tenga’s chuunibyou syndrome, his mouth half-open with a silly expression.

 It’s quite rare to see Mayuzumi in such a state.

 ”What are you mumbling about again? You’re just as human as the rest of us.”

 Moja-san lightly taps Tenga-san on the head and makes a retort.

 I’m impressed by Moja-san’s precise comeback.

 ”Come on, introduce yourself properly. Don’t go scaring the younger ones.”

 ”Ah… yes, um, myself… I’m Tenga Akira. I’m a 20-year-old college student, and, uh, I compose music…”

 His voice is too low! Wait, now that I look closely, Tenga-san has a guitar case on his back. I clear my throat lightly and introduce myself to Tenga-san.

 ”I’m Shirogane Aqua from Beryl Entertainment, an idol. Nice to meet you, Tenga-senpai.”

 ”Ah… um, I’m Shirogane’s friend, Mayuzumi Shintaro. I’m the lyricist for idol Shirogane Aqua and I plan to join Beryl Entertainment soon. Nice to meet you, Tenga-senpai.”

 After hearing our introductions, Tenga-senpai suddenly holds his chest and writhes in pain.

 Could it be a heartache? In a hurry, Mayuzumi and I rush to Tenga-senpai.

 ”A-Are you alright, Tenga-senpai?”

 ”Tenga-senpai, should we call an ambulance?”

 For some reason, Moja-san, who was standing next to us, doesn’t panic but instead spreads his arms with a bewildered expression.

 Then, Tenga-senpai firmly grabs our shoulders, makes a fist, and raises his thumb.

 ”I… I’m overwhelmed… Senpai, it sounds good.”

 Tenga-senpai holds back his tears.

 Seeing Tenga-senpai looking better, Mayuzumi and I exchange glances again.

 Of course, both of us have subtle expressions.

 Moja-san, who was next to us, lets out a deep sigh.

 ”Well, anyway, yeah. Tenga is… not such a bad guy.”

 ”Ah… yes.”

 ”So, well, you know… Shirogane, Mayuzumi, please continue to get along with each other.”

 ”Yes, of course…”

 While Moja-san and I are having a conversation, Tenga-senpai seems to have recovered, as he dramatically brushes his bangs aside.

 ”Leave it to me, Shirogane, Mayuzumi. Kuku, guiding the youngsters is also the duty of a senpai like me. Entrust everything to me.”

 ”You’re calling us youngsters, but you haven’t changed that much in age, have you?”

 In response to Moja-san’s precise comeback, both Mayuzumi and I nod inwardly.

 ”Well, leaving that aside. About this Tenga. That demo song B I let you listen to… the composer, what a surprise, is none other than him, Tenga.”

 Ah… I remember that song in my mind and understand.

 The cool yet self-indulgent guitar sound and the strong chuunibyou-like sound.

 I am convinced without a doubt that it was composed by Tenga-senpai.

 ”So, in that case, Mayuzumi, is it ready?”

 ”Ah… yes!”

 Mayuzumi takes out a notebook from his bag and places it on the table.

 Both Moja-san and Tenga-senpai lean in to look at it.

 ”Well… it looks good.”

 Moja-san nods while looking at the lyrics and tapping a rhythm. This reaction is proof that Moja-san really likes Mayuzumi’s lyrics.

 In my mind, I whisper that Mayuzumi did a good job and I’m glad.


 On the other hand, Tenga-senpai, who looked at the lyrics, collapses again. But this time, it’s not his chest but his arm that he holds.

 ”M-My left arm is throbbing in response to the sacred words! Be silent, be silent!”

 ”No, that’s your right arm.”

 Tenga-senpai, pointed out by Moja-san, changes arms and continues to act as if nothing happened.

 ”Hmm… if I leave it like this, things will become difficult here. It seems that I have no choice but to perform to seal this throbbing!”

 I whisper to Mayuzumi that Tenga-senpai wants to perform because he liked his lyrics when translated directly. Mayuzumi had a stunned expression, but when he realized he was being praised, he became delighted.

 ”Oh? Sounds good. Shirogane, can you sing it?”

 ”Yes, I’m okay. I can do it!”

 As I entered the recording studio, I sang the song with the momentum of Tenga-senpai’s lively guitar sound. To be honest, there were some rough parts, and this wouldn’t be the final recording. However, by the time I finished singing the song, I think it’s fair to say that everyone’s excitement had risen. After finishing the song, we even high-fived each other.

 After making some adjustments and corrections to the details, we successfully completed the new song to be used in the tokusatsu show.

 Next round.

 That was the title of the completed song. While Masked Driver had previously been a script created for children, I heard that the next work would incorporate deeper and more substantial stories to attract parents who watch it with their children. That’s why we chose a title like “Next” for the new work, to convey that the Masked Driver will be fighting in new and exciting places.

 ”Kuku, I managed to seal my right arm, but the throbbing in my right arm still hasn’t subsided…”

 ”Well, no wonder. If you play the guitar intensely from the beginning with such a climax, your arm is bound to hurt.”

 Moja-san’s retorts are accurate until the end. By the way, senpai, didn’t you say it was your left arm earlier? I thought, but I quietly stored those words deep in my heart.


 Author note:

 To those who were expecting an ecchi episode based on the title, I apologize for getting your hopes up. By the way, Aqua’s bike doesn’t have hands growing out of it, and Tenga-senpai won’t shout “Shiroganeeee!” in a dramatic turn of events, so please rest assured. Ah… The author had initially written about Aqua riding tandem with a girl and pressing her breasts against him…

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.
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