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Volume 4 Chapter 10 Bulletin Board, Welcome To Fuji Department Stor

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[Welcome] Thread Discussing Shirogane Aqua, Part 1358 [Fuji Department Store]
7 Anonymous
I live near Fuji Department Store, and I usually take a walk in the morning. But today, I left earlier than usual, and there’s a different atmosphere in the town. It feels tense and gloomy. What could be about to happen?
13 Anonymous
Definitely, the town’s atmosphere is different. When you look at the people walking in the streets, they seem calm and refined at first glance, but their eyes tell a different story. It’s like the face of a female going out to hunt males
Especially those individuals coming out of the business hotels, they’re definitely up to something. They might seem normal, but their gaze is different from that of other ordinary people
16 Anonymous
Breaking News: Shirogane Aqua featured in the fold-in flyer of Fuji Department Store’s newspaper
18 Anonymous
So, this is what the butler’s uniform was foreshadowing, huh?
21 Anonymous
Ahhhh! I should’ve taken the newspaperrr! It’s already too late, right?
25 Anonymous
Normally, when there’s an event, they distribute flyers during the waiting line before the store opens. And there should be the same items placed all over Fuji Department Store
29 Anonymous
Thx. It’s difficult to get them, but there’s a chance to get them
32 Anonymous
Aqua-kun’s photo is also in the flyers of regional Fuji Department Stores..
37 Anonymous
Huh? Really!?
40 Anonymous
Yeah, it’s true. As a special sponsor for the remodeling reopening, other stores will benefit too
– Life-size exhibition (POP) of Shirogane Aqua, of course, photography is allowed
– Some products will be available for a limited time and in limited quantities
45 Anonymous
>>40 As someone from the countryside, I’m thrilled. My grandmother also said that Fuji Department Store is the best
48 Anonymous
>>40 Same here, I’m from the countryside too. There might be fewer items, but it’s appreciated
50 Verification Team *010meTA473
Waiting for Fuji TV
51 Anonymous
Exciting, exciting!
52 Anonymous
Fuji TV’s Early Morning Show has started!
55 Anonymous
Looking forward to Fuji TV. When will it air?
57 Verification Team *07218KADO6
58 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
59 Verification Team *010meTA473
60 Anonymous
61 Anonymous
62 Anonymous
Now, I can die with dignity. Please, I’m begging you
63 Anonymous
Oh no… he just came in right from the beginning!
64 Anonymous
Kuhhhhhh, he is definitely enticing us!!
65 Anonymous
Aa-kun is way too cute when just waking up. If I were Aa-kun’s girlfriend, I would spoil him forever..
66 Anonymous
Huh? Huh? Can they really broadcast this nationwide?
67 Anonymous
Isn’t this a development I’ve seen in an ero one? After this, isn’t it where the mom or big sister or little sister kindly handles the morning “thing”?
68 Anonymous
My mom froze in front of the screen, hahaha
69 Anonymous
The hosts and cameramen are enduring well. Especially the on-site staff. If it were me, I might attack
70 Anonymous
Alright, since I can’t go to Fuji anyway, let’s freely climb Aqua-kun’s show and play with myself in the morning. Work? It’s obvious I’ll take the day off
71 Anonymous
My sister woke up with a nosebleed and collapsed..
75 Verification Team *010meTA473
This pajama set costs 12,000 yen for both top and bottom. Sorry, everyone, but four sets have already been sold. By the way, Aqua-kun is wearing an L size
93 Anonymous
Shumi, die
94 Anonymous
Shumi, die! By the way, they got sold? What does that mean?
95 Anonymous
Shumi, die… But the size is helpful. By the way, where are you?
111 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’m in the VIP room at Fuji Department Store
127 Anonymous
No one noticed, but they are keeping an extra set for Chinposuki, who couldn’t come due to work. It’s hilarious
132 Anonymous
Wait a minute, are customers allowed to enter the store like this before it opens?
141 Anonymous
No, that’s a lie. I’m also a customer, but I can’t enter before the store opens. This is the proper evidence
157 Verification Team *010meTA473
I’m not a customer
163 Anonymous
She’s actually buying it, lol
165 Anonymous
Shumi is strong, shutting us up with just one picture of the purchased item!
166 Anonymous
The level of wealth is on a different dimension, lol
Sorry about that. By the way, the woman reflected in the mirror behind is not just some low-level employee; she’s the branch manager. That means the person standing next to her, looking important, is someone even higher
178 Anonymous
What about the bed?
181 Anonymous
Shumi’s life is just too much of a win..
183 Anonymous
What about the used items?
200 Verification Team *010meTA473
I deleted the image. Also, the bed is reservation-only. As for Aqua-kun’s used pajamas, he bought them himself, but today they will be displayed in a glass case only
The bed, I’m not sure if it’s someone from the office or a family member, but they apparently had priority for purchasing. That’s why I couldn’t get either. What a pity..
217 Anonymous
As expected of the verification team, they’re truly competent in times like these
229 Anonymous
Are there other pajamas available? It would be nice to have the same one as Aqua-kun, but I’m also considering the ladies’ version. It’s a tough decision
232 Anonymous
If you’re targeting just one set of pajamas, there are other Fuji stores or other department stores that carry them
Going to those physical stores might have a higher chance. Even if you’re lucky enough to buy something at Fuji, it’ll probably be just one item. By the way, the online store crashed instantly. They probably didn’t anticipate the demand for Aqua-kun’s merchandise
258 Anonymous
The same goes for the bed. You can reserve it at other stores too. By the way, the online store also died in an instant
272 Anonymous
273 Anonymous
Aa-samaa’s collarboneeeeeeeeee!!
274 Anonymous
Showing a hint of the collarbone from the pajamas, lol
275 Anonymous
Providing morning stimulation for mourning women nationwide, Aqua-kun is amazing
276 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Is it okay if I take care of my morning business in the toilet?
277 Anonymous
I want to put a drink in that hollow of the collarbone and slurp it noisily
293 Anonymous
The nape of the neck is great too. It makes me want to lick and bite
301 Anonymous
Aqua-sama, I caught a glimpse of you wearing cat slippers while moving. It’s too adorable
303 Anonymous
Walking with slippers making a slapping sound, it’s so cute, like a little child! Stop, don’t make this big sister open a strange door!
307 Anonymous
Aren’t you at the store with Shumi? By the way, what about the clothes?
321 Verification Team *07218KADO6
When I tried to lie face down on the bed and let out a sigh, 9n2-neesan gave me a look that could kill
I’m here. I got clothes prepared by nee-san and Shumi
354 Anonymous
Unshakable woman, lol
358 Anonymous
Officer, this is the one
360 Anonymous
Too bad, I guess this is the end of the Early Morning Show appearance?
379 Anonymous
The final greetings were amazing… I was making my daughter’s lunch, and I was moved to tears. My daughter, I’m sorry if today’s rice ball was saltier than usual
381 Anonymous
Sigh, I’m so envious of Aqua-kun’s mother. I want to be thanked by my son like that every day
383 Anonymous
Going to work on a day like this was depressing, but I feel better now. I’m going to work hard today
384 Anonymous
Ah, if only I had a subordinate like Aqua-kun at work, I could work hard too
387 Anonymous
My younger sister, who is still a student, is overjoyed from the morning. Even as a working adult, this brings a smile to my face
389 Anonymous
I have low blood pressure, and morning exercises were really tough. I thought about quitting my club activities, but just these words motivate me to keep going
390 Anonymous
My 3-year-old daughter already had a mischievous smile in response to Aqua-kun’s call. Is there a child who woke up with that expression?
391 Anonymous
My 2-year-old daughter, who was just whining a moment ago, suddenly became quiet… Even though she hasn’t reached puberty yet, girls will always be girls. By the way, Aqua-sama, can you host a children’s program? I hope the national TV station or Fuji will offer it to him
395 Anonymous
The one who responded with “You shouldn’t be selfish” ←
396 Anonymous
I wonder what would happen if I made a selfish request. Would there be any kind of sexual punishment?
397 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I want Aqua-sama to spank my butt. If possible, until it turns red. If he could insult me like “You have no discipline, you lazy ass,” it would be even better
411 Anonymous
That’s intense. But I kinda get it
421 Anonymous
Hagetoru, so you’re an M. You can’t be saved
455 Anonymous
Not as many responses as I expected, but there are a lot of women playing with themselves right after waking up
473 Anonymous
In my apartment, the walls are thin, and it’s well-known that even the residents three houses down masturbate. Well, thanks to that, I can masturbate normally too
486 Anonymous
I’m staying at a business hotel near Fuji Department Store, and all I can hear is women’s “sounds”. It’s like I accidentally entered a love hotel. It’s unpleasant..
503 Anonymous
Aa-sama, you’re going all out from the very beginning
505 Anonymous
The next broadcast is on MXSUN. Too bad it’s not airing here
517 Anonymous
The trend ranking is getting bad
1st place: Waking up
2nd place: Ero videos on TV
3rd place: Pajamas
4th place: Associating with sexual acts
5th place: Morning wood act
6th place: Too explicit
7th place: BEO-related issue
8th place: Used items
9th place: Morning s*x confirmed
10th place: Petition against it
523 Anonymous
Please stop with the BEO issue. Broadcast ethics are honestly irrelevant
525 Anonymous
Hey, keep that kind of talk to yourself! Don’t do it on social media
527 Anonymous
So, the 10th place petition is collecting signatures in advance, anticipating the opposition to BEO. They’re acting too quickly
531 Anonymous
This is getting bad. He’s underage, so they should draw a clear line
537 Anonymous
I’m sure it’s young students who are doing this. In that sense, Shumi has self-restraint. She understand that she’s in a dangerous situation and she’s on our side
548 Verification Team *010meTA473
551 Anonymous
MXSUN is golf, huh? I don’t play golf
555 Anonymous
As someone who plays golf, I’m extremely delighted
567 Anonymous
I’d like to express my support and teach him how to improve..
578 Anonymous
Ahh… I want to offer encouragement..
581 Anonymous
You can do it, Aqua-sama, keep going!
583 Anonymous
That face he makes when he misses a shot, it’s so cute, right?
590 Anonymous
Nice shot!
592 Anonymous
Great swing! He had got talent
593 Anonymous
That sounded good
600 Anonymous
Even though Aqua-kun is a boy, it’s amazing that he can play sports..
607 Anonymous
I love how Aqua-kun always challenges new things without hesitation
608 Anonymous
Even during the runway walk, I thought Aqua-tan had incredible coordination. It’s like the balance training of someone who takes care of their core
610 Anonymous
I can’t play golf, but maybe I should buy matching golf attire
613 Anonymous
I thought about trying golf, but when I saw the prices, I was shocked. It costs about the same as a small car to have all the equipment
617 Anonymous
Shumi would definitely buy it
638 Verification Team *010meTA473
Yeah, with this, I can go on a golf date with Aqua-sama
642 Anonymous
Hmm… Around Fuji Department Store, people have started gathering. It feels intense
645 Anonymous
Shumi, die. I’m so envious
653 Anonymous
Shumi, die. Being able to play golf at a young age feels like something an upper-class child would do
667 Anonymous
Yeah, there’s a massive wave of people. It’s insane how everyone is walking in the same direction all at once
671 Anonymous
This morning, there were a significant number of security guards and police officers at the station. It might be to handle the rush hour dash
689 Anonymous
I work for a delivery company, and the police announced that the area would be closed off from 6 AM onwards, starting from 4 AM
694 Anonymous
This is crazy… Is everyone coming from all over the country?
702 Anonymous
Even the regional Fuji Department Stores are getting crowded. It’s much better than the main event I saw on social media, but still, there are a lot of people
705 Anonymous
The golf program has ended. There were fewer people watching because it had limited viewership, and everyone was on the move. Also, many girls dropped out after the initial sleepy Aqua-sama, lol
722 Anonymous
The movement of people has stopped. I can’t even see the Fuji Department Store building… This is definitely impossible
738 Anonymous
Aqua-sama is appearing on “Ohaste (Ohayou Sutashion da).”
742 Anonymous
My daughter is frozen watching “Ohaste.”
745 Verification Team *07218KADO6
When he said he’d introduce toys, I thought it was adult toys
747 Anonymous
Are the toys he’s referring to… adult toys?
763 Anonymous
Well, there’s nothing we can do about that
774 Anonymous
Hey, I don’t remember toy barrels with daggers being this naughty
777 Anonymous
It’s incredibly naughty..
781 Verification Team *07218KADO6
I want Aqua-sama to insert a long eggplant into my h*le from behind
801 Anonymous
When he stabs the dagger, a doll comes out of the barrel, and it looks like nothing but ejac***ion
803 Anonymous
In other words, is this barrel hole referring to our vag**?
808 Anonymous
Just call it a pus**!
813 Anonymous
I’m going to the VIP section now, but I don’t want to use the restroom after Hagetoru
815 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
I am watching Hagetoru, so please don’t worry
839 Anonymous
Truly amazing
843 Anonymous
I’m counting on you, Nee-san
850 Anonymous
Sigh… I wish I had a big brother like Aqua-sama
853 Anonymous
While watching a children’s show, I start to wish I were born as Aqua-kun’s child. How can I be reincarnated as Aqua-kun’s child?
856 Anonymous
Even though I’m already a mother of one child, I want to be raised by Aqua-kun..
859 Anonymous
Being babied and spoiled by a younger boy expands my list of new fetishes
860 Anonymous
Oh no, if I keep staring at this show, I’ll regress into infancy
863 Anonymous
Aqua-papa’s explosive debut
865 Anonymous
I told my daughter that the person on the screen is her dad
867 Anonymous
It’s hilarious when my daughter watches TV and says “Papa.” And then I fantasize about Hagetoru. I want a husband like that..
869 Anonymous
Isn’t it strange that my 3-year-old daughter is rubbing her genital area over her clothes? Has she already learned to explore her body at this age?
880 Anonymous
Lucky for you, it’s a promising future according to this thread. Lol
893 Anonymous
Don’t worry, it’s completely normal
920 Verification Team *07218KADO6
It’s okay. I’ve been exploring my body since I was 2 years old. She’ll grow out of it and become normal as she ages
929 Anonymous
That’s a convincing argument today. Lol
932 Anonymous
I can’t feel reassured at all. Lol
934 Anonymous
What does “normal” mean, anyway?
937 Anonymous
Someone please teach me the definition of “normal.” It seems different from what I know
941 Anonymous
I’m getting more and more anxious..
957 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Hey, you guys are too much! Even I have a pretty realistic life, you know!
962 Verification Team *010meTA473
Can you please stop with the vivid talk while sitting next to me?
979 Anonymous
Being scolded by a younger girl like Shumi, that’s something! Lol
983 Anonymous
Hagetoru-chan, let’s be serious, okay?
989 Verification Team *07218KADO6
Uwaaaah! Everyone’s bullying me! Aqua-papa, help me!
999 Anonymous
That’s harsh! LOL
1000 Anonymous
So harsh! LOL
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