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Volume 4 Chapter 9 Morikawa Kaede, Is This Really a Date?

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 I, Morikawa Kaede, an announcer for the national broadcasting station, was staring intently at the TV screen near the art floor. Aqua-kun, appearing on the television, had already completed appearances on five stations despite a busy schedule, and he was now appearing on the sixth station’s morning program, which focused on the fashion floor.

 Each broadcast station had prepared a different feature, but the morning program was responsible for the fashion segment. Aqua-kun, looking stylish in Corolle’s clothes on the other side of the screen, captivated not only me but also the staff members who were watching the same screen, displaying enchanted expressions.

 ”Oh, what a lovely dress.”

 Aqua-kun, holding a Corolle dress in front of the screen, showed us a pure and innocent smile. However, despite Aqua-kun’s gentle smile, the price tag hanging from the dress was far from gentle.

 ”698,000 yen… Can I afford it on installments?”

 Someone murmured. As expected of a world-renowned brand. It’s the kind of price only someone like Shumi would casually spend, right? Even as an announcer for the national broadcasting station, it’s not a price I can afford on a regular basis. But if I split the payment, it’s not impossible to buy it. Hmm, what should I do?

 As I pondered whether to purchase the dress, one of the commentators threw in an outrageous question.

 ”Shirogane-san, when you go on a date, what kind of clothes do you want the girl to wear?”

 Hey! That question is crossing the line of privacy! Even though I understand that it’s part of the skit as the MC, it’s inappropriate to ask such personal questions, also do they realize that he’s a minor? That’s what I thought, but since it’s information that every girl wants to know, everyone suppressed their voices and eagerly listened.

 ”Well… let me see. This dress is very lovely, but it has a very dressy feel. So, for the first date, I think something a bit more casual would be better… Maybe this dress or this blouse? It would work with a skirt or pants. With this, we can go to a slightly fancier restaurant with a little adjustment, or it would be suitable for an outdoor date as well.”

 The price of the dress was in the 60,000 range, and the blouse was priced at just under 20,000 yen. Although Aqua-kun didn’t hold Corolle’s products, it was a brand owned by the same group, so it was acceptable to showcase them. I didn’t know the exact details of the agreement, but considering that he was able to take on this job, it was likely the case.

 ”Yes, I might be able to buy this!”

 The youngest girl among the staff members muttered. But she wasn’t the only one who thought that way. The staff members who had heard the previous conversation emitted a tense atmosphere, like seasoned warriors.

 Ah, that dress is going to become a battlefield, I thought to myself, calmly considering something unrelated. Huh? Why am I not in a rush? Hehehe, you’re curious, aren’t you? The truth is, the dress from earlier isn’t a new release today; it has been on sale at other stores since last week.

 I looked at my reflection in the glass and smirked triumphantly. The surrounding staff members bit their handkerchiefs and wore frustrated expressions. That’s only natural… because I, Morikawa Kaede, have already purchased the pastel yellow dress that Aqua-kun held and introduced earlier, and I’m wearing it at this moment, conveniently timed for today’s occasion.

 Chinposuki-chan, great victory!

 If my friend, the princess of some country, were in the same situation, she would definitely flaunt her victory with a smug expression. Last week, despite thinking it was a bit expensive, I bought the dress, and I want to be praised for it.

 Morikawa Kaede, Is This Really a Date?

 ”Oh, so Shirogane-san likes that kind of thing.”

 ”Well, yeah, and this dress would be perfect for wearing in the summer, don’t you think? I’d love to go on a relaxed park date or something like that, which is very popular these days.”

 He’d like to go to a sunflower field in the coming season? But Sunflower fields remind me of a sensual novel I just read. Well, I hadn’t intended to buy it, but the girl on the cover was wearing a dress similar to mine, and it sparked my imagination, so I ended up impulse buying it.

 In the book, the girl has a memorable “outside encounter” in a sunflower field, and it got me thinking about similar pleasant experiences. I had been fantasizing about Aqua-kun in that scenario. I thought it would never happen in reality, but could there be a slight chance? Um, what if Aqua-kun gets excited by me in this dress, just like the guy in that sensual novel? What should I do? Is it better to take care of that in the restroom or something? I’ve gained knowledge from books, but I have no experience, so I have no idea what to do! Someone, help this love-challenged person!

 While I was indulging in such pointless fantasies, it seemed that Aqua-kun had finished his appearance on the program. He came running towards where I was.

 ”Sorry for making you wait.”

 ”No, I just arrived.”

 Wait! Hey, wait!!

 This is definitely a full-fledged date! There’s no doubt it’s a date, right? There’s no other possibility, right?

 By the way, since the national broadcasting station is a bit delayed, the live broadcast is scheduled for a few more minutes, so there’s still plenty of time.

 ”Did you just arrive?”

 ”Yeah, it’s nothing. Anyway, Shirogane-kun, are you okay? Are you tired?”

 ”I’m fine. Thank you for today as well.”

 Ah, ah, ah… What is this sweet and sour feeling? This must mean we’re already dating, right?

 Wait, am I already Aqua-kun’s girlfriend?

 ”Ah… about that dress…”

 ”Hm? What about it?”

 I asked deliberately. Despite being an announcer and keeping my figure in shape, I never skip my daily training. I’m confident in how my body looks when I wear a dress like this, even if I can’t compete with Shumi.

 ”It suits Morikawa-san’s energetic image perfectly, and it looks great on you.”

 Oh my goodness… why did I get carried away and ask him that? Even though I know that Aqua-kun is the type to straightforwardly compliment without feeling embarrassed. Uh-oh, I’m too happy, and I feel like my nose might start bleeding…

 I pretended to cover my eyes, but I actually pressed the bridge of my nose to prevent a nosebleed.

 ”Morikawa-san, are you alright?”

 A worried Aqua-kun gently approached my ear.

 Phewww! He smells so good from this close… It’s dangerous. It’s like I’m tripping from his scent alone!

 Aqua-kun, you’re trying to capture a naive big sister like me and intoxicate her with your scent, aren’t you

 Moreover, because you ran over and is slightly sweaty, there’s a slightly masculine scent mixed in, which makes it even more captivating… In essence, it’s like sniffing his “thing”. Oh no, Aqua-kun, I might end up wanting to experience it more even though it’s right before the actual performance.

 ”Yeah, um… I’m fine. I was just a bit tired this morning.”

 ”It’s tough when you have to wake up early. I didn’t expect it to be this challenging either.”

 Huff, huff… My whole body is being stimulated by Aqua-kun’s scent entering my nasal cavity.

 No, it’s reaching deep inside me, filling my “inside” with Aqua-kun’s scent. Hmm! Uh-oh, I might have on my edge just from the scent… It feels a bit embarrassing once it subsides.

 But this is definitely s*x, right? My eggs are trembling and quivering from being stimulated, and there’s a chance that the recent contact might make me pregnant. I should buy a pregnancy test on the way home, just to be safe… I mean, I read online that even just holding a girl’s hand can make her pregnant, and there are stories of getting pregnant from scent alone, right?

 ”Morikawa-san, it must be tough appearing at various times, right?”

 ”Yeah, but that’s part of the job… But today, I was looking forward to shooting with Shirogane-kun.”

 ”Oh, I’m glad to hear that. I’ve been really excited about the chance to co-star with Morikawa-san, the very last one.”

 Oh, this must be mutual… No, no! If I keep fantasizing, my underwear will be ruined for sure. I wore lucky underwear just in case, but I should have worn proper, thicker ones that aren’t frilly lace in the same color as the dress. I mean, why on earth did I wear those?

 As I tried to steer the conversation in a different direction to prevent myself from feeling weird, Aqua-kun, who saw our reflection in the glass, blurted out something unexpected.

 ”By the way, doing this makes it feel like we’re on an art museum date.”


 Wait! Hold on! Could it be… Am I being invited to a hotel afterward?

 Did I bring ” necessary items” with me?

 No, well, even if I don’t mind getting pregnant, it’s still a matter of etiquette. Boys have the right to do it or not too. As a female in a strong position, being forced to have unprotected s*x by overpowering a boy is undoubtedly r*pe and a crime.

 Recently, there have been incidents where girls intentionally puncture the “necessary item” or forcibly encourage fertilization by holding the boy’s lower body with both legs during intercourse. Even during a program, I firmly said, “R*ping a boy is terrible! That’s something that should never be allowed!” But forgetting to use a necessary item and insisting on unprotected s*x is definitely a prison sentence.

 Especially, right now, the other party is an underage celebrity. It would become a major historical incident.

 ”Just kidding… Oh, it looks like it’s time for the live broadcast.”

 ”Oh… yeah.”

 Calm down! I need to calm down!

 Alright! Take a deep breath… in, out, in, out… Okay!!

 ”This is Morikawa Kaede from the national broadcasting station. Today, as part of the friendship commemorative event with Stars nation, I’m here at a certain department store’s art salon in Tokyo.

 And… as a guest for this event, we have the one and only Shirogane Aqua, who walked the runway as part of the friendship commemorative event with Stars.”

 ”To all viewers of the national broadcasting station, nice to meet you and good morning. I’m Shirogane Aqua. Although I’m not very knowledgeable about art, I hope I can convey what I feel to all of you.”

 Aqua-kun and I enter the art salon side by side.

 Wait, this is definitely a date! There’s no doubt about it!

 To all Aqua-kun fans across the country, I apologize for broadcasting our date footage in your living rooms. But there’s no helping it. It’s like we’re already a couple… Oh no, I said it!

 ”The first thing that catches your eye is the work titled ‘Borders’ by the modern art master, Zaskia Richter.”

 ”Wow… it’s amazing.”

 I read aloud the basic information and explanations written in the script, made easy for anyone to understand, and Aqua-kun expresses his own thoughts in his own words to the viewers.

 Our harmonious interaction is so perfect that one might mistake us for a married couple. Newlywed life with Aqua-kun… well, even though I’m not really asking anyone, it would progress smoothly, wouldn’t it?

 Oh no, even though it’s during the live broadcast, if I keep thinking about it, I’ll definitely start feeling weird.

 I’ve already had a slight leak in my underwear, and if I leak any more, Aqua-kun might smell my strange scent. Endure… endure…

 While resisting Aqua-kun’s temptations, I somehow managed to finish the live broadcast.

 ”Thank you, Morikawa-san.”

 ”N-No, thank you too.”

 Yes, I did it! I showed that I’m capable, even though I’m usually just getting scolded.

 But maybe I’ve exhausted myself mentally up to this point, because I feel unsteady on my feet.

 And it was Aqua-kun, who was right next to me, who held me to prevent me from falling.

 ”Morikawa-san!? Are You Okay?”

 ”Ah… yeah, sorry.”

 Oh, is a man’s body really this hard? That was my first thought when Aqua-kun embraced me. If that’s the case, then the p*nis must be even harder, right? I read online that it’s the hardest part of a man’s body, and that was the model answer for the Certified “Ochinchin” Sommelier exam…

 Huh? When I have s*x with Aqua-kun, does it mean he’ll hold me tightly with this body and insert a p*nis that’s harder and longer, like an eggplant, into my v*gina? That’s practically a confirmed pregnancy just from insertion… No, Aqua-kun, if you tempt me any further, my reason may completely fly out the window.

 ”Please don’t push yourself too hard. Well then, sorry, but it seems like I have to leave now… See you later!”

 ”Shirogane-kun, thanks for earlier. See you!”

 See you… See? This is definitely a date!! With my remaining shreds of reason, I managed to bid farewell to Aqua-kun. That was close. If I had spent a little more time with Aqua-kun, I might have ended up dragging him into the women’s restroom. I’ll release this pent-up arousal tonight. That’s what I decided as I somehow finished my work for the day and headed home.

 However, the next day, I stayed up late due to excessive act and ended up being scolded by my boss for being late.


 Maybe this version would be more interesting, so I quickly rewrote it from Morikawa’s perspective. Although she may seem like a beautiful, active, and healthy sister on the surface… it’s a different story on the inside.

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