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Volume 4 Chapter 8 Shirogane Aqua, Dies

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 ”TBT Morning Sakidori! In short, Asadori,” is an information preview program that airs in the morning. It runs between 7 AM and 8 AM, providing viewers with not only news but also introducing trending products and offering slightly higher-grade information and goods. By the way, my appearance time was supposed to be from 7:20, but when I arrived at the live location, the clock had already passed 7:21.

 ”Shirogane-san, you’ve arrived!”

 ”I’m sorry, I’m late!”

 As I received a lapel microphone, I had an oral meeting with the staff to discuss what to cut due to the delay. In reality, changing the lapel microphone every time is quite troublesome.

 ”We’ll switch to the live broadcast soon! Are you okay?”

 ”Yes, I can go right away!”

 The stylist, who had been checking the details until the very end, moved away from me. Now fully dressed in Corolle’s attire, I wore a slightly mature jacket style. The stylist, of course, was dispatched by Corolle, and my theme for this time was casual adult date clothing.

 ”Shirogane-san! Shirogane-san, are you there?”

 ”Yes, I’m here!”

 As the call came from the studio, the broadcast switched over.

 ”Oh, good! By the way, where are you right now?”

 ”It feels like a very luxurious place.”

 The hosts and announcers, displayed in a wipe, feigned surprise.

 ”This place is… Today, I’m visiting Sushi Sanjin, a new establishment on the 7th floor of Fuji Department Store, which is reopening.”

 Sushi Sanjin’s main store is a famous sushi restaurant with a long-standing tradition. This time, they decided to open a new type of sushi restaurant targeting young people and chose to set up shop in Fuji Department Store.

 ”To be honest, I woke up at 4 AM, and I haven’t had breakfast yet…”

 ”Oh, I understand! We also try to sleep early at night, but mornings are always busy, and before we know it, breakfast becomes brunch.”

 ”Yeah, it happens. Breakfast and lunch end up merging.”

 Doing a morning program is truly tough. I realized it myself this time. Even doing it just once is challenging, so these people doing it every day are truly amazing.

 ”I’m sorry. Can I go ahead and eat?”

 ”Oh, I wish! If it were allowed, I’d also like to go there with you instead of being in the studio!”

 ”Oh no, if that were allowed, I would also want to have breakfast with you instead of being in the studio!”

 While the two of them continued their conversation like a comedy skit, the sushi prepared by the chef was placed in front of me.

 ”Here, this is Sea urchin.”

 The first thing that appeared was a sea urchin gunkan. I don’t dislike sea urchin, but I can’t say I particularly like it either.

 ”Well then, I’d like to try it right away.”

 I took a bite… and the moment it entered my mouth, the aroma of the sea spread. Unlike the sea urchin I knew, this sea urchin was refreshing rather than rich and had an easy-to-eat quality. The gentle sweetness that spread in my mouth enhanced the taste and flavor, elevating it to a more luxurious experience.

 ”…The lingering aftertaste is incredible. It has a very sophisticated and luxurious taste. The perfect harmony with the seaweed and vinegared rice is excellent.

 Actually, I was a little hesitant about sea urchin, but I’ve fallen in love with Sushi Sanjin-san’s sea urchin. It’s so easy to eat.”

 With a slightly dreamy expression, I showed a gesture as if savoring the lingering aroma of the sea urchin in my mouth.

 ”Oh… it looks so delicious.”

 ”I’m getting hungry…”

 While feeling sorry for the two of them in the studio, I let my heart flutter for the next sushi that was about to be served.

 ”Next is the kombu-jime with snapper.”

 Bite! The pleasant scent of kombu spread gently in my mouth. The firm and resilient flesh had a moist and satisfying texture that made my taste buds truly happy. And at the end, there was the refreshing yet flavorful taste of the original snapper, with just the right amount of fat.

 ”It’s amazing. It’s different from ordinary snapper. It has a great stickiness and a moist, chewy texture, providing a satisfying bite. And above all, the harmony between the kombu and snapper is perfect. It has a solid seasoning, yet the flavor is refreshing. With this, I could easily eat any number of pieces.”

 Oh, having high-grade sushi from the morning, it feels so luxurious that I want to apologize. After enjoying another two or three pieces, I continued my food review.

 ”Excuse me, but I will be going to the next location from here, so I’ll leave the studio to you.”

 ”Oh no, I’ll go to the location instead of you.”

 The two of them seemed a little teary, whether they were genuinely hungry or not. Although I felt sorry for them, a natural smile spread across my face in response to their adorable atmosphere.

 ”Lastly, we have freshly steamed Kuruma Ebi (prawn).”

 As I watched them, a mischievous spirit of my inner child emerged. I picked up the prawn sushi and slowly turned towards the camera.

 ”Well, I guess there’s no helping it. I also want to share it with both of you. Here, ahh~”

 As I said that, both of them opened their mouths wide. Seeing that, I brought the prawn into my own mouth as if turning on my heel.


 I unintentionally let out a sound. The firm and satisfying texture, along with the rich sweetness of the prawn, brought a sense of happiness to my mouth.

 ”Mmm, this is amazing. It’s simple, but the intense flavor of the prawn explodes in my mouth… I’m sorry. It’s so delicious that words can’t describe it anymore. I felt like I was trembling with excitement.”

 When I looked at the screen, the two of them, shown in the wipe, were looking at me with half-open mouths and a sad expression. Oh… I guess I went a little too far. But when I see such cute reactions, I can’t help but playfully tease them.

 ”By the way, Shirogane-san… I just realized, but your outfit today looks a bit mature, doesn’t it?”

 ”Oh, yes. Since I’m at a sushi restaurant, I tried to dress a bit more sophisticated, like a date outfit. Well, I’ve never actually been on a date… haha…”

 I let out a dry laugh. Huff… I was happy just a moment ago, but now I feel a little sad. Maybe the mischievous prank from earlier turned into a boomerang and hit me.

 ”Someday, when I have a girlfriend, I’d like to go on a sushi date at a place with an adult-like atmosphere, like Sushi Sanjin.”

 ”Oh, r-really. I see. Shirogane-san, you don’t have a girlfriend at the moment…”

 ”And I’ve never been on a date either. Well… thank you for sharing such wonderful information.”

 The two people in front of the screen started murmuring something. It seemed unlikely that they would respond if I addressed them in this state, so I shifted my gaze to the sushi chef.

 ”By the way, I heard that Sushi Sanjin has different menus for lunch and dinner…”

 ”Yes, we offer lunch menus that are more affordable, and we also have take-out items. Although the prices are slightly lower, we have added even more value to them, so we would be delighted if you could try them as well.”

 ”I see. So, everyone watching at home, please come and try Sushi Sanjin at Fuji Department Store. We’re looking forward to seeing you. Goodbye!”

 Without returning to the studio, I waved my hand towards the camera, indicating that it was time for a commercial break.

 ”Alright, we’re going into a commercial break! Thank you so much, Shirogane-san!”

 ”No, thank you. I’m sorry again for being late. And thank you to everyone at Sushi Sanjin as well. I’ll visit you privately sometime!”

 I hurriedly headed to the next live broadcast. It was 7:50 AM, and my next program appearance was just after 8 AM. I had a bit of time, but the next shooting location was on the basement floor, so the move was a little challenging. I took the elevator, which had been reserved for me, and changed into a more casual outfit, leaving only the jacket. Since only the stylist and the internal staff were present, changing just the jacket should be fine.

 ”Sorry, Shitori-oneechan, can you hold the jacket?”


 I handed the jacket I took off to Shitori-onee-chan. The hair and makeup artist and the stylist, who got on the elevator with me, would quickly and meticulously adjust my hair and clothes during this limited pause in the movement. Regardless of the environment, they worked swiftly and professionally. Ako-san, next to me, looked at the schedule and double-checked the remaining itinerary.

 ”Shirogane-san, please enter!”

 When we got off the elevator, staff members from the advertising agency were waiting.

 ”Right this way!”

 The advertising agency staff members accurately guided us so that we wouldn’t get lost. They must have calculated in advance how much time it would take to move. Thanks to that, the movement was smooth, and the live relay was generally seamless. It may seem like a mundane job, but it’s thanks to these people’s support that everything runs smoothly.

 ”Thank you very much!”

 Even during the movement, I try to express my gratitude to everyone as much as possible. Even in this job, even for a 10-minute or 5-minute live broadcast, a tremendous number of people are involved. Each person’s efforts contribute to creating a unified whole.

 That’s why it’s crucial for everyone to be present. As someone in a position supported by everyone, I must never forget that feeling of gratitude.

 ”Shirogane-san, we’re about to switch programs. Are you ready?”

 ”Yes, no problem.”

 Just as I was asked, the program’s opening greetings had just ended. I listened carefully to the voices from the studio coming through my earphones.

 ”So, we’re connected live with that person who’s currently the talk of the town. Shirogane-san, Shirogane Aqua-san?”

 ”Yes, it’s Shirogane!”

 ”Ah, nice to meet you, I’m Sato Hiroko, a skit performer!”

 ”Ah, nice to meet you too, I’m Shirogane Aqua.”

 Sato-san, being a former comedian, seems to throw in quite a few ad-lib lines. Therefore, the program staff had advised me to control the live broadcast smoothly without it dragging on.

 ”Oh, I’m really sorry to bother you so early in the morning. It must be tough. How many stations have you visited so far?”

 ”Um… let’s see, this is the fifth station.”

 Right from the beginning, a slightly tricky question that’s difficult to answer was thrown at me. Normally, talking about other stations is a no-go, but the carefree Sato-san doesn’t seem to mind.

 ”Wow, really, thank you for your hard work since early in the morning. If you’re tired, feel free to take a break at the bedding department. We’ll keep showing Shirogane-san’s sleeping face.”

 ”Oh, haha, I’m fine. My eyes are wide open now.”

 Sato-san must have seen the live broadcast from the bedding department at another station and is teasing me about it. But unfortunately, I gracefully ignored it and smoothly moved on. After all, if I get caught up in that topic, it might drag on for a while.

 ”But anyway, please take a look at this. We’re currently at the underground floor of Fuji Department Store, and there are so many delicious bread and sweets here.”

 As I continued with the regular flow, I spoke to the store staff standing at the storefront.

 ”Good morning! The smell of freshly baked bread is wonderful.”

 ”Yes! We bake them in-store as soon as we open, so during this time, there’s a really nice aroma. Would you like to try one?”

 ”Thank you!”

 I split the freshly baked cream bun I received and showed the creamy custard filling inside to the camera.

 ”Now, I’ll take a bite.”

 The homemade rich custard cream’s taste spread in my mouth. The freshly baked bread was incredibly soft and fluffy.

 ”Wow, it’s amazing. It has a luxurious and rich cream that’s generously filled, and I can really taste the happy sweetness as if I’m enjoying a cream bun.”

 ”Shirogane-san! Shirogane-san!”

 I could hear Sato-san’s slightly flustered voice coming through my earphones.

 ”On your cheek, on your cheek! There’s cream!”


 I hurriedly wiped the cream off with my fingertips.

 ”Phew… that was close. We were just moments away from not being able to continue the broadcast.”

 Huh? The broadcast would be canceled just because there was cream on my cheek? Maybe it’s because I ate messily…? Just to be safe, I immediately apologized.

 ”To everyone watching on TV, I’m sorry for the mess.”

 ”No, I think it was a sight to behold. On behalf of the viewers, thank you very much.”

 ”Sato-san, anything more than that is s*xual harassment!”

 I didn’t quite understand, but a commentator chimed in with a witty remark and smoothly diverted the situation. Anyway, time was running out, so I headed to the next shop.

 ”Besides bread, there are so many other shops for Western and Japanese confectioneries.”

 ”Yes, actually, we source various Western and Japanese confectioneries from all over the country, changing them on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. So the lineup is never the same on any given day. We’ve designed it to provide new surprises and freshness whenever customers visit, 365 days a year.”

 Looking at the display shelves, there were various products from all over, from the north to the south, from the west to the east.

 ”That’s amazing. I think I’ll buy something for my mom and my sisters.”

 ”Oh, in that case, I recommend this.”

 The two staffs recommended various products one after another.

 ”Over there, they also sell prepared foods, bento boxes, fresh vegetables, and fruits.”

 ”That’s right, we also have a variety of condiments, dried goods, fresh meat, seafood, and even a considerable selection of wines. We also have wines from the same year as Shirogane-san’s birth.”

 ”Oh, really? I’m not of legal drinking age yet, but maybe I’ll buy one as a commemoration…”

 Come to think of it, I died in my previous life without ever drinking alcohol…

 While I was lost in thought, my appearance on the show was coming to an end.

 ”Shirogane-san, Shirogane-san!”

 ”Yes, what is it, Sato-san?”

 ”Thank you so much for today! Can I ask you one more question?”

 ”Yes, thank you very much too! If it’s something I can answer, I’ll do my best. But is there enough time?”

 I was still fine, but the show had various other segments scheduled after mine. If I took up too much time, it would delay the other segments, so the staff was under pressure.

 ”Oh, it’s okay! This show is always like this. Well then, I just wanted to ask one thing… Is it true that you don’t have a girlfriend?”

 ”Ah… yes…”

 To my surprise, I stumbled over my words in response to the question. I didn’t expect them to dig into that topic.

 ”So, does that mean you’ve never been in a relationship with anyone?”

 ”Well, um… yes, that’s… the case, yes, um, yeah…”

 Oh noooo! Please stop! My life bar is already at zero!! Even I, even I want to be in a relationship with someone!!

 ”Yay! Did you hear that?! Everyone across the country, Sato did it!!”

 Ah, surely right now, in front of their TVs, they’re laughing and saying, “Shirogane Aqua is still a virgin.” Not having a girlfriend means just that.

 ”Shirogane-san, thank you so much!”

 ”Ah, yes… thank you very much.”

 Argh… even though it’s a live broadcast, I couldn’t help but feel a little down in my response at the end. Hey, Shirogane Aqua! How can you not smile and radiate happiness on the other side of the TV? Oh right, I’m an idol! If I’m an idol, it’s not strange to not have a lover, right? It’s not, right? Someone please tell me so!! With an expression that felt like I was dying, I somehow mustered the strength to move on to the next location for the live coverage.

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