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Volume 4 Chapter 7 Good morning, everyone! It’s Shirogane Aqua!

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 At 5 AM, Shitori-oneechan and I enter the building of Fuji Department Store through the loading entrance in Ako-san’s car. Inside the building, there is already a bustling crowd of TV station staff and Fuji Department Store personnel.

 ”Good morning! Thank you for your early morning efforts!”

 ”We appreciate your help the other day. Please take care of us today as well.”

 As we pass by people, we exchange greetings with each of them and then proceed to the designated changing room. I change my clothes there, making sure to double-check the script and confirm with the staff if there are any changes.

 Fuji Department Store has specified only the products they want us to feature on the program; other than that, there are no specific instructions. The station also has no particular requests and wants me to showcase the free-spirited Shirogane Aqua. According to the advertising agency, this approach would create a more natural feel.

 So, I proposed my own ideas for the presentation through the agency, and both parties agreed to go with that.

 ”This is Fuji Television’s Hayaoki. Shirogane Aqua-san, could you please stand by for the live broadcast?”

 ”Yes! Thank you very much. I understand.”

 Today, the first program I will appear on is called “Hayaoke” on Fuji TV. As the name suggests, Fuji TV was originally a broadcasting station affiliated with the Fuji Group. Although they have been completely separated from the Fuji Group for over several decades now, in order to maintain the fairness of their news reporting, the connection is still significant due to their shared history as part of the same company.

 ”It’s time for the live coverage to begin soon.”

 I take my position and focus on the sound in the earpiece.

 ”Now, we would like to bring you an early on-site coverage of the grand reopening of Fuji Department Store. And who will be our on-site reporter…? It’s none other than this person! Shirogane-san, our on-site reporter Shirogane Aqua! Can you hear me?”

 I purposely pause for a moment before responding, adding to the dramatic effect.

 ”Oh? Shirogane-san?”

 After a slightly anxious voice from the host, I react with a delay.

 ”Oh… Good morning.”

 I lower my voice tone a bit and speak clearly for the listener to understand, conveying a sleepy, lethargic feeling.

 ”Shirogane-san, thank you for being here early in the morning! By the way, we can’t see you…”

 ”Oh, I’m here. Over here! Camera-san, this way!”

 Of course, this is all according to the plan. As the camera deliberately pans, it captures me lying on the bed, slowly raising my upper body, rubbing my eyes, and letting out a yawn.

 ”Good morning to everyone watching at home. I’m on-site reporter Shirogane Aqua.”

 ”You still seem sleepy. Are you okay?”

 ”Yawn~ Actually, I just woke up at 4 AM today, so I’m still sleepy.”

 To be honest, I went to bed at 8 PM the previous night, so my eyes are wide awake. But I don’t show that and deliberately adjust my slightly disheveled pajamas. The pajamas I’m wearing have a cute design with cat illustrations.

 Although it’s a unis*x pajama, it looks quite appealing when worn by a guy, especially since the model in the photo looked adorable.

 ”However, I’m here for work, so I want to do my best. That’s why I’m currently at Fuji Department Store’s bedding section.”

 I intentionally give the bed a couple of pats.

 ”Oh, well, actually I was sleeping on this bed by Higashikawa-san (brand name) until just now. It was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep for real.”

 I said, exchanging words with the staff in the bedding department and subtly introducing Higashikawa-san’s bedding. If I look closely, the price of the bed was in the hundreds of thousands, and I was secretly surprised.

 ”By the way, Shirogane-san, you’re wearing a very cute pajama. What happened to your clothes?”

 ”Oh, actually, this pajama is borrowed from the people at Fuji Department Store. At first, I thought the design was a bit too cute, but it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. So, I’m thinking of buying it and taking it home.”

 As we chatted, we moved to the pajama section and smoothly transitioned into the product explanation. By the way, I heard that Corolle makes bedding and pajamas in their home country, but here I have a contract allowing me to introduce products from other companies. I think it’s because different companies produce them under franchise contracts for the domestic market.

 ”Oh, this pajama comes in different colors.”

 ”Yes, it can be worn as a unis*x oversized pajama, but we also offer it in regular ladies’ sizes for customers who prefer that.”

 Hmm, I see. Putting aside the fact that I’m wearing it, the design of this pajama is quite cute. It would probably look cute on a beautiful girl around the same age or give an adult-like cuteness if worn by someone like Ako-san.

 Haa… I wish I could see someone else wearing it rather than myself, but I gently put the pajama back on the hanger rack.

 ”I actually have more products I want to introduce, but… it seems like it’s time to return to the studio.”

 I turned to the camera and smiled.

 ”Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to all the moms who wake up early in the morning and prepare for their families. Thank you so much for always waking up early! And to all the working adults heading to their offices, I know it’s tough, but do your best at work! And to all the students heading to school, maybe for morning practice or from a distant commute?

 Don’t doze off in class from waking up too early! And to all the children in kindergarten and nursery schools who woke up early, don’t trouble your moms too much with your morning requests! Thank you all for watching Hayaoki program!! See you later!”

 I waved my hand in gratitude to everyone watching the program through the camera.

 ”Thank you very much.”

 ”Thank you!”

 I quickly shook hands with the staff and employees around me and hurriedly headed to the next live broadcast location. Along the way, I borrowed the fitting room of a shop and changed from the pajamas to the clothes I had prepared in advance. It was already past 6:30 AM, and the next broadcast was on MXSUN TV, which only aired in certain districts.

 ”Shirogane-san, are you ready? We will switch to the live broadcast right away!”

 I adjusted my breath and posture in front of the camera.

 ”Yes, good morning to everyone watching MXSUN TV. I’m Shirogane Aqua, here to present today’s shopping highlights as the caster.”

 This TV station itself doesn’t have abundant funding, so this program doesn’t have a studio or regular cast members. Today, they arranged additional cast members from Fuji Department Store, but generally, the caster has to handle everything alone, which increases the chances of on-air accidents.

 However, the viewership seems to be relatively forgiving, and even if accidents happen, it’s fine. The broadcast staff are accustomed to it, and they assured me that even if there are on-air accidents, it’s okay as they can quickly switch to commercials.

 ”To all the viewers who have been watching MXSUN TV from the previous program, I’m sure you know what this place is, right?”

 As the camera slowly pulls back, it tilts slightly to the right.

 ”Today, we will be bringing you a live broadcast from the rooftop golf practice range at Fuji Department Store, which is reopening after renovations.”

 Before this program, there is a golf lesson show being aired. In other words, in line with that, Fuji Department Store intends to sell golf equipment.

 ”I have actually never played golf before. So today, we have a special guest joining us on the show, Pro Golfer Saito Momoko!”

 ”Good morning, everyone. I’m professional golfer Saito Momoko! I’ll do my best with all my energy today too!”

 Saito Pro raised a clenched fist and then jumped in place. I almost got distracted by her ponytail swaying in the air and her ample bosom, but managed to conceal it somehow.

 ”It’s really amazing, isn’t it? To have a golf practice range on the rooftop of a department store like this. I’ve never heard of such a thing,” I commented.

 ”Yes, that’s true. And it’s right in the middle of this bustling downtown area. It’s still a bit hard to believe,” Saito Pro added.

 While continuing our conversation, we naturally transitioned into introducing golf products. Then, we moved to the area where Saito Pro and I would take practice swings.

 ”Shall we give it a try?”


 Following Saito Pro’s instructions, I swung the stick right there. However, despite hitting the ball during practice, perhaps due to the passage of time or my disrupted sense, my golf stick missed the ball and cut through the air.


 I messed up. Ako-san, Shitori-oneechan, and the staff at Fuji Department Store froze in place. However, the filming staff calmly continued recording the scene. Amidst that, the first one to speak up was Saito Pro.

 ”Shirogane-san, it’s okay! Stay calm and give it another try!”

 Saito Pro swung the golf stick as if demonstrating, holding it in her hand.


 I gathered myself and readjusted my grip on the golf stick, then swung again, relaxing my shoulders a bit.


 A clear sound echoed through the golf practice range at 6:45 AM in the morning.

 ”Wow, amazing, amazing, amazing!”

 Saito Pro hopped up and down, expressing her joy with her entire body.

 ”Thank you. Thanks to Saito Pro’s guidance and this golf stick.”

 We seamlessly returned to introducing the products with Saito Pro and wrapped up the program by showcasing her swing.

 ”How was it, Shirogane-san? Your first time playing golf?”

 ”It was really fun! I’d like to try playing on an actual golf course next time. And, I’m a bit frustrated about the initial miss, so I’m thinking of coming here for some secret practice in my free time.”

 ”Oh, in that case, we also have a golf school here. If you’d like, you can become a member later. I also teach lessons here irregularly, so there might be a chance for me to instruct you again.”

 ”That would be great! Thank you in advance. Well then, everyone watching at home, see you next time!”

 With time running tight, I quickly concluded the program with a brief farewell and shook hands with Saito Pro, who was beside me.

 ”Thank you for today.”

 ”Thank you as well.”

 I dashed through the building once again, or rather, sprinted at full speed. The next appearance would be on “Ohaste (Ohayō Sutēshon da),” a morning children’s program primarily featuring anime, on a broadcasting station. It was 6:55 AM, and as I entered the changing room, I changed my clothes once more. The program starts at 7:05 AM, but my appearance time is at 7:10 AM. I had to hurry.

 ”Please take care of me.”

 I somehow made it in time! Looking at the clock, it was 7:02, and there were only three minutes left until the broadcast started. I immediately had a final meeting with the staff, confirming that there were no changes to the content.

 ”It’s time to switch to the live broadcast.”


 I raised my voice and adjusted the tone slightly higher than usual, aiming for a bright atmosphere suitable for children.

 ”Hello, good boys and girls!”

 I consciously raised my energy level and projected my voice from my abdomen.

 ”Good morning! Have you all woken up yet? If some of you are still sleepy, let’s do our best to wake up! And for those who are already up, good job! You’re amazing for being able to wake up early!”

 With gestures and movements, I spoke to the children in front of the TV. I had heard that children respond well to body movements, so I focused on that aspect.

 ”Today, here at Fuji Department Store, I’m going to introduce a new toy to you all!

 I mainly showcased the toys that Fuji Department Store wanted me to present, as well as some products that caught my eye and even showcased toys from the currently airing show since I was scheduled to appear on “Masked Driver” next.

 ”Fuji Department Store, which has been renovated, now has a daycare center and a place for parents and children to dine together. It’s reassuring for moms, right?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. For card members who make purchases over 10,000 yen, the childcare fee for one hour is waived, so we hope they can take their time shopping during that period.”

 Yes, the main purpose of appearing on a children’s program is this. It’s about loosening the purse strings of the true target audience: moms. Fuji Department sell toys to children and clothing, goods, and groceries to moms… If this were a period drama, Fuji Department Store would be the cunning villain persuading others, “Oh, Fujiya, you too are wicked, aren’t you?”

 ”Well then, everyone, see you later!”

 After concluding my appearance on “Ohaste,” it was time for the midday information program on TBT. It was 7:15 AM. Although I was scheduled to appear from 7:20 AM, considering the time it would take to change into the costume, I wouldn’t make it in five minutes. I headed to the remote location, prepared to be late.

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