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Volume 4 Chapter 6 Bulletin Board, Eve of the Decisive Battle

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 [Prayer for Election] Discussion Thread on Shirogane Aqua-sama Part 1234 [Morinaga Hell]
 10 Anonymous
 Currently consuming stacked biscuits. Munch, munch…
 11 Anonymous
 Lately, I see double biscuits in my view. Could it be a withdrawal symptom?
 13 Anonymous
 I understand that eating too many biscuits can make your head go crazy. But seriously, whoever tied biscuits to themselves and wore them like a swimsuit, posting pictures on social media, should have some self-control!
 14 Anonymous
 The person whose nipples and private parts were spilling out of the biscuits got banned. ←
 15 Anonymous
 Is that person a resident of this thread? lol!
 16 Anonymous
 For now, I offer biscuits on the Buddhist altar. Somehow, I felt like even the photo of Aqua-kun on the package made the memorial photo of my grandmother smile.
 17 Anonymous
 I have a feeling I’ll be forced to eat a large amount of biscuits when I return home during the Obon festival.
 18 Anonymous
 I plan to make my daughter and grandchildren consume a large amount of biscuits during the Obon festival. Hehehe.
 19 Anonymous
 Oh nooooo!
 20 Anonymous
 >>17-19 Lol.
 21 Anonymous
 I have a feeling I’ll end up like that too, and it’s not funny….
 22 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I, to make biscuits easier to eat, put crushed ones in a packet.
 But because I dropped them in front of a police officer, I was recently questioned.
 I was detained for three hours and questioned thoroughly, and I received a serious lecture to not do confusing things.
 23 Anonymous
 So, you really are something, lol!
 24 Anonymous
 Well…you never fail to meet my expectations, or rather, you’re just so dumb that it’s hilarious, lol!
 25 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 26 Anonymous
 For those who have extra biscuits, I think it’s a good idea to send them overseas through a charitable organization.
 All the places where you can donate domestically have already received enough, but the window to send them abroad should still be open. I believe that the Holy Aqua Church, run by that sister we all know, is engaged in such activities.
 27 Anonymous
 Is the world finally going to discover Aqua-kun…?
 28 Anonymous
 I see, that’s how religions spread in the world. And once they come to know about Aqua-sama, there’s no going back…
 29 Anonymous
 The methods are so devilish!
 30 Anonymous
 The Holy Aqua Church… it’s already a complete religious organization, isn’t it?
 31 Anonymous
 For those who have been deceived by scams related to Aqua-sama, I recommend consulting the Holy Aqua Church. I mentioned here before being forced to buy a water purifier, but when I consulted the sister, I received a proper refund.
 They have members who are lawyers and politicians actively working to dismantle scam organizations related to Aqua-sama. They didn’t ask for any offerings in return, and they didn’t make me buy strange things either. I seriously recommend it.
 32 Anonymous
 Speaking of which, I saw on the news last week that a scam group selling jars was collectively arrested.
 As fellow Aqua-kun enthusiasts, I hope they continue their efforts, but… there’s something eerily frightening about not being able to see their background or the source of their funding.
 33 Anonymous
 Lately, I haven’t seen that sister, or should I say, the cult leader. I wonder if she’s doing well.
 36 Anonymous
 Speaking of overseas, Corolle, it was a big success even on the runway of their home country’s fashion collection. Fashion magazines like Glaze (装艶) and WWF featured interviews with designer John.
 I was happy when he said that this event would have become a runway that would be remembered in the history of fashion and in the memory of humanity if Aqua-kun had been there. It’s not just the agency’s pushing or flattery, he genuinely recognizes Aqua-kun, and that’s great.
 37 Anonymous
 Oh, that photo of him and John-san, posting it at the same time on each other’s SNS, that’s amazing. And the background is the café where he used to work, right? Everything about it is just so emotional, I can’t handle it.
 38 Anonymous
 By the way, the café was closed on that day, right? Wait, was it true that only regular customers were invited in the afternoon of that day?
 39 Anonymous
 Seriously, it’s already been deleted, but there were people posting images on SNS.
 40 Anonymous
 I wonder if the people who were invited are also on this thread….
 41 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Hai hai haaai, Shumi-chan, great victory!!
 42 Anonymous
 >>41 Shumi, just die.
 43 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 44 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Huh? Even I was invited, are there people who weren’t invited?
 45 Anonymous
 Truly the Verification Team, you guys are the real deal….
 >>41 But, Shumi is the only one who annoys me, so die.
 46 Anonymous
 >>44 This guy’s trolling, hahaha, lol.
 47 Anonymous
 >>44 Hagetoru, you’re cheeky for someone like you!
 48 Anonymous
 >>44 Honestly, I’m sure Hagetoru did something, so I’ll forgive her.
 49 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 >>44 Hagetoru-san. I understand that you were happy to be invited, but you shouldn’t say such a thing if you were late and almost caused trouble to the cafe.You should apologize to everyone. As written in >>1, let’s all get along.
 50 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 >>49 Ah, yes… I’m sorry… Everyone, I got carried away with excitement, I apologize….
 51 Anonymous
 Hi, 92-san, nice to meet you.
 >>50 See, I told you, hahaha, you messed up again, didn’t you? lol.
 52 Anonymous
 I’ve never seen someone so embarrassed being seriously scolded like this, hahaha. But well, Hagetoru’s likeable in that way.
 53 Anonymous
 It’s fine. You’re fine just the way you are. But if you had been late for such an important event, you would have been stripped of your verification status.
 54 Anonymous
 Come to think of it, everyone made it even though there was a train delay.
 55 Anonymous
 To be prepared for anything, I stayed at a business hotel near the nearest station the night before. There were other guests doing the same.
 56 Anonymous
 There are serious enthusiasts, huh? It’s insane!
 57 Anonymous
 They really live up to being residents of the Aqua thread, not waiting in front of the cafe late at night. They show restraint.
 58 Anonymous
 Well, it’s because 92-san is scary.
 59 Anonymous
 Once you meet 92-san, you’ll understand. I thought I was going to be killed just by making eye contact with her.
 60 Anonymous
 It’s hilarious that only 92-san’s face is exposed among the Verification Team, lol.
 61 Anonymous
 Well, when we say “exposed,” it’s only to a few super-longtime participants of “the city pleasure thread.”
 67 Anonymous
 Was it true that there were other boys at the café, not just Aqua-kun?
 70 Anonymous
 Yeah, it’s confirmed that one of them was Mayushin-kun, who was in the stream. Several people heard his voice, so there’s no doubt.
 And the waitress in the back was the magazine girl, Oumi Tama’s real-life counterpart. Unfortunately, the identity of the other boy is unknown.
 73 Anonymous
 Oumi Tama’s real-life counterpart… working at the same place, streaming together… are they really that close? Are they actually dating?
 74 Anonymous
 Please… I don’t want to hear that kind of stuff…
 75 Anonymous
 I mean, I don’t mind if they’re actually dating, but at least let me dream for now…
 76 Anonymous
 Actually, I’m happy about it. If he’s just dating a girl like any other guy, then it gives me hope for myself.
 77 Anonymous
 Yeah, yeah, there are no limits for being his wife. In fact, I want Aqua-sama to be more s*xually explicit for the sake of all dreaming maidens.
 78 Anonymous
 But the first girl will be the one to take Aqua-sama’s virginity. I’m seriously envious of that.
 79 Anonymous
 Personally, I prefer being led by the experienced Aqua-kun and staying submissive.
 80 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Whether Aqua-sama is a virgin or not is not that important. What matters is whether she’ll take my virginity.
 81 Anonymous
 Seriously… You just came up with an amazing saying here.
 82 Anonymous
 I’ll take the template from now on.
 83 Anonymous
 They say that the more they useless, the more they get praised when something happens.
 85 Anonymous
 Sorry for interrupting the lively discussion, but that magazine girl is actually a boy. The kids sitting nearby were getting excited about that, and Mayushin-kun asked if you could stay silent about it.
 86 Anonymous
 No way…?
 87 Anonymous
 Wait a minute. So, does that mean that all the people working at the shop in that space, except for the Grandma, the owner, were boys?
 88 Anonymous
 Hey, that’s a lie, right?! Four boys in the shop? That’s impossible even for a high-end restaurant… What is it? Is a cup of coffee like 100,000 yen or something? I’d rather save money by eating grass and go once a month if it’s 100,000 yen.
 89 Anonymous
 Coffee, tea, fresh juice: 450 yen
 Café au lait, lemon squash, cream soda: 500 yen
 Cakes: 450-500 yen; light meals: 500-800 yen
 It’s mostly like that.
 90 Anonymous
 No way…?
 91 Anonymous
 This is not the level of selling something!
 92 Anonymous
 Is that for real? Can they pay the boys’ salaries with that? Or maybe the customers are paying tips or there’s a table charge or service charge…?
 93 Anonymous
 There’s none of that. If you try to offer more than the bill, Aqua-kun gives you a troubled look and says it’s a bit too much.
 By the way, Mayushin-kun and the other boy also gave me the same troubled look. Actually, I intentionally give them a bit more because I want to see their troubled faces.
 94 Anonymous
 They’re too nice… In all my experiences with boys over the past twenty-something years, it’s been like, “Hey, money!” and I’ve only ever given them money.
 95 Anonymous
 Don’t worry, it’s not just you. Apart from some women in this country, that’s how it usually is. After going through experiences like that and not expecting anything from men, I find it amazing to see people who can interact normally.
 96 Anonymous
 I wonder if that’s because those kind-hearted boys attract that kind of person. On the other hand, boys I know tend to be very reserved, and some even become truants because they were almost violated by girls…
 There are also boys who have been s*xually abused by their families and have a strong hostility towards women in general. It’s not all the fault of boys, but we also need to think about the reasons that led boys to have such attitudes.
 97 Anonymous
 Dating between boys… Am I the only one who feels really wrong about that?
 98 Anonymous
 It feels very naughty, doesn’t it…?
 99 Anonymous
 Sorry for interrupting the conversation. The exterior of the Corolle store is undergoing some kind of construction.
 100 Anonymous
 Breaking news: Corolle’s Omotesando store is now fully advertised by Aqua-sama.
 101 Anonymous
 That was the main store, but is it probably the same for other branch?
 103 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 When I tried to check before the last train, Corrole’s official SNS also announced it. The main store is changing today. Furthermore, at the Shinjuku branch of Fuji Department Store, which is scheduled to reopen tomorrow after renovation, they will have a mannequin exhibition featuring the clothes Aqua-kun actually wore and accept pre-orders for a ladies’ version inspired by the design.
 104 Anonymous
 There will probably be a lot of people going to take pictures tomorrow.
 Fuji Department Store… Are they planning to do something?
 105 Anonymous
 I work at Fuji Department Store, and I heard that everyone will be working tomorrow, plus support from stores in various regions. Even the tenants will have head office employees dispatched from street stores, and we rented two floors of a nearby vacant building for the break room. At first, I wondered why, but now I understand the reason and I’m mentally prepared for hell… By the way, I advise you to check Fuji’s SNS as well.
 106 Anonymous
 What on earth is going to happen?
 107 Anonymous
 The atmosphere is getting tense, it’s hilarious. I wonder what Aqua-kun will do this time. lol
 108 Anonymous
 Honestly, if I could die for Aqua-sama, it would be my greatest wish. Even a woman like me who isn’t even noticed by men has some value in being born.
 109 Anonymous
 Don’t say things like that. Even Hagetoru is still alive and kicking, so you should be too!
 110 Anonymous
 Even Hagetoru, who is currently embarrassing themselves in real-time, is living life to the fullest! Shumi is just an embarrassing person, and Chinposuki is doomed from the start with that name, but everyone is doing their best, gritting their teeth and looking ahead. So you should too, do your best to live!!
 111 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I would cry too!
 112 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Oh, wait. Aren’t you dissing me too?
 113 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I’m just an innocent bystander who got caught up in Hagetoru’s mess!
 114 Anonymous
 It’s hilarious that you’re intentionally avoiding mentioning 92-san.
 121 Anonymous
 There’s a picture of Aqua-kun in butler on the official SNS.
 125 Anonymous
 Aqua-sama in a butler outfit, oh my god… I want to be scolded like this, “Miss, you shouldn’t be like this…”
 132 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 If it’s me, Hagetoru, just the sound of his approaching leather shoes makes me squirt.
 147 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I’ll change my panties real quick.
 158 Anonymous
 I can squirt just by looking into those eyes through the monocle.
 Hey, wtf?
 164 Anonymous
 For me, it’s the gloves that do it. I want to lean against the wall on all fours and have him insert a large suppository into my asshole.
 178 Anonymous
 In that case, I prefer an eggplant. I want him to say, “Ojou-sama. It’s time for vaginal training,” with an eggplant. Rubbing it in and out.
 182 Anonymous
 Tonight, I’m having eggplant dishes, but if you said that, I’m going to use it for something weird first…
 191 Anonymous
 There are way too many perverts here. Not just the Verification Team, but everyone is pretty awful.
 221 Anonymous
 By the way, what’s going on with Aqua-kun’s official SNS today? It’s unusually active. Normally, the residents are swayed by Aqua-kun’s tweets, but now there’s a series of serious information releases for some reason.
 238 Anonymous
 It’s hilarious how some idiot read too much into the eggplant information on SNS and started checking the dildo maker’s website and SNS. And then, it developed into such an incident…
 254 Anonymous
 The eggplant incident, huh?
 Is it true that certain famous person’s p*nis is the same size as an eggplant!? The era of eggplants has arrived, and women who can’t do without eggplant are on the rise! Lost your virginity by a eggplant-shaped DK.
 That catchphrase went too far. And as I thought, they immediately received government guidance and had to stop selling it.
 267 Anonymous
 In the end, were there people who actually bought it?
 273 Anonymous
 In the end, what’s the purpose of Aqua-sama’s butler outfit? Is he going to play a butler role in the late-night drama slot?
 289 Anonymous
 It’s possible. Like Aqua-sama as a butler.
 295 Anonymous
 ”What happens twice will happen three times.” There’s probably something else going to happen.
 315 Anonymous
 Check the Fuji Department Store. Aqua-kun on their official SNSsss!
 316 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Aqua-sama appears on the Fuji Department Store’s official website.
 317 Anonymous
 From Fuji Department Store’s official SNS.
 Aqua-sama will make a live appearance on all seven broadcasting stations, including the national broadcast, from tomorrow morning.
 325 Anonymous
 So the information from >>105 was legit.
 354 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Before the official website goes down:
 - Nighttime waiting is not allowed.
 - There may be a limit on the number of people entering on the day due to overcrowding.
 - The formation of waiting lines will be possible from 7 AM, and distribution of numbered tickets is also scheduled to start at the same time.
 - For customers with reservations, they will be guided from a separate entrance.
 However, if there are a large number of people, the entry time may be delayed or they may be asked to visit the store on the following day.
 For inquiries, please contact the Foreign Business Department, and they are available 24 hours a day for the time being.
 - For customers who already have the Fuji Card, advance reservations for entry will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis on the special website.
 - The number of customers is allocated according to the rank of the card, such as Gold, Platinum, Black, etc. Please understand.
 368 Anonymous
 Well done, 92-san.
 371 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Yes, Shumi-chan, great victory.
 If anyone from the Verification Team can go, please contact me as long as you have a few companions.
 388 Anonymous
 Die, Shumi… I was going to say that, but seriously, wow.
 395 Anonymous
 Hey, that can’t be true. You must be really rich.
 400 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Thank you, thank you.
 406 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 I have work on that day, and I’ve used up all my paid time off. Well, it’s okay.
 411 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Thank you so much.
 Just to be safe, I’ll take the last train and stay at the business hotel on the department store’s side. Those who are staying overnight, please be cautious as it’s almost fully booked.
 439 Anonymous
 It didn’t work out, so I chose the neighboring ward. The neighboring ward is also almost fully booked.
 470 Anonymous
 Wait, wait, wait!
 There’s too much information, and I can’t keep up!!
 481 Anonymous
 Breaking news, the Fuji Department Store’s official server held on for 10 minutes. However, the customer service server for card members is still alive. It’s slow and gives errors, though.
 503 Anonymous
 Service Unavailable
 505 Anonymous
 Service Temporarily Unavailable
 511 Anonymous
 I entered my membership information with great effort, but server errorrrrr!
 525 Anonymous
 I’m giving up and going first thing in the morning. There’s no other choice.
 537 Anonymous
 Impressive, Fuji Department Store… It’s no wonder with a Zaibatsu backing them up. However, I wonder how long their effort can endure?
 571 Anonymous
 Does Aqua-sama have other events or collaborations related to the Fuji Department Store besides the live broadcast? I remember the website briefly mentioned something happening on the day itself or later?
 625 Anonymous
 I also have a vague recollection, but I’m not sure.
 687 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 I haven’t been able to check either. In any case, until the website is restored…
 701 Anonymous
 There will be an advertisement tomorrow, so we’ll find out, right? In addition to this morning’s newspaper ad, there will be another one tomorrow morning.
 734 Anonymous
 >>701 Really?
 751 Anonymous
 For those who don’t get the newspaper ←
 772 Anonymous
 Breaking news, Aqua-sama once again rampages through the trending rankings like a morning walk.
 1st place: Fuji Department Store, 2nd place: Corolle, 3rd place: Full-page advertisement, 4th place: Unable to make a reservation, 5th place: Butler outfit
 6th place: Tokyo completely devastated, 7th place: Fully booked, 8th place: Fully enjoyed, 9th place: 24 hours, 10th place: Priority entrance
 793 Anonymous
 When I went to the electronics store earlier, there was someone frantically buying a TV before closing time. lol
 815 Anonymous
 Hahaha, lololol!
 823 Anonymous
 Can I subscribe the national broadcast on my TV right away?
 855 Anonymous
 If you attach an antenna, it will automatically receive the broadcast, so it’s okay to do it later.
 871 Anonymous
 >>855 thx
 901 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 On the official SNS, it explicitly mentions a secret event on the day. Additionally, those who make purchases of over 10,000 yen will have a chance to participate in a lottery for a Shirogane Aqua talk show at a later date.
 925 Anonymous
 L-L-Live Aqua-kun for real!?
 937 Anonymous
 Oh no, oh no, oh no! I have to go buy new underwear!!
 951 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Breaking news, I, Hagetoru-san. realizes that I don’t have clothes to wear to the department store.
 967 Anonymous
 It seems like your neglected wardrobe is finally getting its chance to shine!
 974 Anonymous
 There’s still a chance! There’s still a chance!
 988 Anonymous
 >>951 hahahahaha
 998 Anonymous
 >>951 Hagetoru lol.
 1001 Anonymous
 The website has been restored! We can access it now! Woohoooo!
 1002 Anonymous
 Breaking news, as soon as the website was restored, it encountered a 503 error. lol.
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