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Volume 4 Chapter 19 Bulletin boards, they’re going overboard…

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 [Winner] Shirogane Aqua Thread Part 1801 [Not Selected]
 5 Anonymous
 The Morinaga shipments have started. I got an original Quo card. I’m so happy!
 7 Anonymous
 I’m jealous… I didn’t even win a Quo card…
 8 Anonymous
 I won the D prize, a keychain. There were 1,000 winners, but considering the odds, it’s not bad, right?
 10 Anonymous
 Based on the sales, even the E prize with a Quo card had a considerably low chance. For example, if there were one million entries, the winning probability for the E prize would be around 1%. And although the number of entries is not disclosed, I am sure it is not a million or so. It’s possible that even the E prize had a chance as low as 0.1%. As for the D prize, it’s even lower, maybe around 0.01% or even less.
 And there’s a possibility it could be even lower than that…
 13 Anonymous
 That’s hell… But when you think about it, Morinaga did an amazing job with the voice messages for all applicants.
 15 Anonymous
 The “Let’s eat Merry Biscuits together” voice message was a lifesaver. Thanks to that, I was able to consume the biscuits without any problems.
 17 Anonymous
 By the way, those people from the Holy Aqua Church sent a considerable number of biscuits to another country, and their leaders were commended by that country’s dignitaries. However, the church’s leader apparently refused to accept the recognition, saying that it was all thanks to Aqua-sama and not because of anything they did. Well, it’s expected from a group calling themselves the Holy Aqua Church.
 20 Anonymous
 This could be a sign that Aqua-sama’s statue will stand in the world someday.
 21 Anonymous
 Our country should also build a giant statue or tower of Aqua-sama. If they do it, I’ll donate too.
 25 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I got the C prize, a mini cushion. Am I really unlucky?
 28 Anonymous
 Impressive, is that really the Verification Team’s luck?
 29 Anonymous
 Congratulations! But I hope you’re not using that mini cushion for anything lewd…
 31 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Huh? Of course I’m using it for non-stop cuddling. Hehehe.
 33 Anonymous
 Phew, you’re still normal…
 35 Anonymous
 Normal, how?
 38 Anonymous
 No, I meant… well, being normal, I guess using a cushion for cuddling is better than using it for something else…
 40 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Hey, hey, hey! I won the B prize, I’m in the winner’s circle!! Of course, I kissed it, both the upper and lower lips.
 44 Anonymous
 Hey, kissing the lower lip is not okay!! Nee-san will scold you!
 47 Anonymous
 Why did the perverts have to get their hands on valuable items… Well, I guess it’s better than falling into the hands of resellers.
 49 Anonymous
 I also won the B prize, but standing next to it is dangerous. Aqua-kun is 180cm tall, and I’m over 170cm, so I was really nervous. I think it’s something that resonates with girls who want to become princesses. Also, when I place a mirror in front and put my hand on top of Aqua-kun, it looks like I’m on a date. I was wearing an incredibly cute outfit that I wouldn’t wear outside, and I savored the joy of winning while holding hands in front of the mirror. It made me so happy.
 50 Anonymous
 Aaaah! I’m so jealous, it’s unfair, it’s unfair!!
 51 Anonymous
 Aa-kun, come to this big sister’s place! I’ll definitely pamper you!!
 52 Anonymous
 I’m checking the mailbox every 5 minutes.
 53 Anonymous
 Actually, I’m waiting right in front of the mailbox the whole time. I thought I’d look suspicious, but two or three other residents in the building were waiting too. I’m sure they have the same purpose as me!!
 55 Anonymous
 Has anyone actually won the A prize?
 57 Anonymous
 Two members of the Verification Team have won, so we’re counting on 92-san and Shumi for the A prize. In the final week, the biscuit purchase restrictions were lifted, so I’m hoping for Shumi’s financial prowess.
 62 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Did anyone win the A prize? I won everything from B to E, but the A prize hasn’t come… Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff.
 68 Anonymous
 I wanted to say “Shumi, serves you right” but winning everything from B to E is too impressive.
 71 Anonymous
 Even Shumi couldn’t win it, huh…
 73 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 At this point, I wouldn’t mind even a used B prize. No, please give it to me.
 75 Anonymous
 >>73 Hahaha!
 77 Anonymous
 >>73 Is this what they call an adult asking for something?
 80 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Sure. I’ll give you an unused one. I actually have one for myself.
 82 Anonymous
 Hey, wait a minute!!
 83 Anonymous
 So, you won two with a probability of 0.0001 each? You’re crazy…
 84 Anonymous
 Shumi-san, how much money did you spend on this?
 85 Verification Team *010meTA473
 I won three, but I already gave one to someone who helped me.
 I didn’t spend that much. I could only make 20 entries. It’s not good to be wasteful with food.
 88 Anonymous
 No way… You’re kidding, right?
 89 Anonymous
 >”It’s not good to be wasteful with food.”
 The majority of the embarrassed bulletin board residents being lectured by someone younger. LOL.
 Yes, that’s me. I’m really sorry.
 91 Anonymous
 Out of all 10 winners, 4 are from the Verification Team, that’s crazy! Moreover, one person made 3 wins out of 20 entries, and even anonymous users won some, so about half of the winners are from this bulletin board community. I haven’t seen anyone on SNS saying they won, so it seems like this place is where the chosen ones gather.
 92 Anonymous
 Isn’t the winning probability strange? Maybe they won multiple prizes too?
 94 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Thank you! Thank you! Next time we meet, let me lick the gravel stuck to the soles of your shoes!! Lick, lick.
 97 Anonymous
 The identity of the chosen one is >>94. In fact, it’s almost better not to be chosen.
 98 Anonymous
 At this point, I’m starting to have weird feelings of respect for them.
 100 Verification Team *010meTA473
 B Prize: 3 posters
 C Prize: 5 cushions
 D Prize: 5 keyholders
 E Prize: 7 Quo cards
 No losses.
 103 Anonymous
 105 Anonymous
 With this kind of winning probability, Shumi could probably live forever just by buying lottery tickets…
 106 Anonymous
 Multiple wins are allowed? Wait, you didn’t mention that. But… I don’t think even Morinaga anticipated this.
 107 Anonymous
 Excuse me, what are the numbers for the weekend lottery?
 108 Anonymous
 Tell me your top three numbers between 1 and 18.
 110 Anonymous
 With those odds of winning, how can there be no misses?
 114 Anonymous
 Oh no, this person is too powerful…
 115 Verification Team *010meTA473
 How about 8, 6, and 14 in that order? Is there any significance to this?
 117 Anonymous
 I wonder who won the A Prize that even Shumi couldn’t get…
 120 Anonymous
 The only one left is Nee-san in the Verification Team… If she is working, it might still take a while before we know.
 123 Anonymous
 By the way, when will the lottery for the Fuji Department Store talk show be announced?
 125 Anonymous
 That event is in the fall, so the results will probably be announced at the end of August or early September.
 128 Anonymous
 Even though I live in a remote area, it felt like I could participate in the event because they showcased products from the local stores. That’s one of the unique aspects of Fuji, with its nationwide presence.
 132 Anonymous
 By the way, that bed… is it true that the waiting list is 10 years despite its price?
 136 Anonymous
 Yeah, it’s true. After that, they can’t guarantee anything, so you have to wait for the cancellation.
 137 Anonymous
 Sorry for interrupting the conversation, but something just came in.
 Beryl Entertainment Co., Ltd. @Official SNS
 Today, at 3:00 PM, we will be streaming a special advance showcase and announcement for our affiliated Vtuber, Hoshimiya Shiro, on Twitch. The stream is expected to last about 1 hour, but there might be changes depending on the situation. Thank you for your understanding.
 140 Anonymous
 >>137 It’s here!
 141 Anonymous
 >>137 It’s probably Aqua-kun, right? lol.
 143 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 >>137 I’ll take off my pants and wait with my lower half naked.
 144 Anonymous
 >>137 Twitch… are you gonna die too?
 151 Anonymous
 >>143 You’re gonna give someone a good laugh later with that!
 157 Anonymous
 Still, going back to the topic, I’m so envious of those who took photos with him on Fuji’s secret event attendees.
 160 Anonymous
 >>157 Well, no one expected him to be there. When news spread and people gathered, he was already gone.
 162 Anonymous
 >>157 Sorry, I happened to encounter him when I went to the concierge counter. He was exactly as described, and what’s really amazing is his smell. You can’t experience that on TV.
 168 Anonymous
 >>162 Details, plz!
 169 Anonymous
 >>162 I know, I received his service at a café once, and he really had a great scent. Seeing him in person makes him even cooler than on screen. Cameras have improved, but they still have a long way to go to catch up with real life.
 That’s why I like the photos of Aqua-kun taken by Nobu-san. He covers up the shortcomings of the camera with technique. There was a time when a certain photographer criticized it, saying that Aqua-kun was just being praised because he’s a guy, but now they’ve been proven wrong.
 170 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 When you meet Aqua-kun in person, you better wear nice underwear and have napkins ready. He can seriously impregnate you. After all, his scent and gaze alone can do it.
 175 Anonymous
 >>169 >>170 How far does this go? At first, I thought they were slightly edited CG, but when people who met him say he’s even more intense in person, I’m getting really nervous…
 178 Anonymous
 >>175 Those who won the runway event like me. Though we couldn’t smell them from that distance, he was different from the top male models in STARS. His masculine presence is probably what makes him so irresistible. It’s probably a woman’s instinct.
 179 Anonymous
 Someone who took a photo with him even said that they felt like they got pregnant just from shaking hands. What’s going on?
 180 Anonymous
 And he’s still a virgin, right? I wonder what will happen when he is no longer a virgin…
 183 Anonymous
 Yeah, that’s right. He is still a virgin. Well, for boys, it’s not uncommon to still be a virgin at 16 unless they’ve been raped or had their family take their virginity.
 188 Anonymous
 >>183 I think Aqua-kun’s family is amazing. After all, Aqua-kun is with them 24/7, 365 days. I don’t think I’d be able to control myself…
 191 Anonymous
 I’m the Fuji Department Store employee who posted here before. Aqua-kun’s response was really great; I was moved. Even to a temporary low-ranking person like me, he greeted me and greeted everyone he passed by. Men, in general, don’t usually greet, and there are only a few female entertainers who can handle that well.
 195 Anonymous
 >>191 The Fuji person is here!
 203 Anonymous
 >>191 Who are the females that don’t do it properly? Kohina Yukari?
 207 Anonymous
 >>203 Kohina-san greeted me normally. That person is actually good at fan service. But she is strict with actors who lack talent and effort. And usually, those people are the ones with bad attitudes. Also, personally, I was impressed by Tsukimachi Ayana. She never had a bad face and always interacted with fans as the idol Tsukimachi Ayana. Despite being young, she is a true professional, and as a fan, it was touching to see.
 214 Anonymous
 Oh, I see. Thx for the info.
 218 Anonymous
 If Aqua-kun wasn’t there, I might have fallen in love with Ayana-chan on the runway. Ayana-chan looks better in male clothing than most other guys.
 226 Anonymous
 It was so sad. Because of Aa-sama, everyone who appeared before got eaten up, and all the attention was on thim. Moreover, John’s outfit was so s*xy; I think it would have been even more erotic if Aqua-kun was an adult.
 230 Anonymous
 It is said that in a single day, Corolle achieved the same sales as the store’s entire revenue for the year before renovation. The backroom was a mess, but they overcame it because of Aqua-kun.
 As I mentioned earlier, he not only greet people but also say thank you. So they all decided to support him. There was never a time when the company was so united. Interestingly, the incident even brought together employees who used to be on bad terms with each other, and the overall atmosphere of the company improved. It’s like a true story that sounds like a lie.
 237 Anonymous
 I’m glad I’m a fan of Aqua-kun. Thank you.
 242 Anonymous
 He’s like a walking air purifier. Please come to our poorly ventilated company!
 248 Anonymous
 Achieving one year’s sales in a single day is unbelievable.
 252 Anonymous
 Foreign buyers were amazing. The department store’s sales mostly come from them.
 And I noticed who Shumi is… Though I won’t tell you who she is.
 257 Anonymous
 Was it a beautiful girl? Or perhaps an ugly older woman?
 258 Anonymous
 Shumi getting exposed, lol!
 263 Anonymous
 She’s a genuine beauty. Even as a woman, I get mesmerized and freeze when I see her. It felt like fairies or elves really exist. And I think she’ll be even more amazing in another two or four years. After all, she is really frightening during her growth phase.
 266 Anonymous
 Seriously, I thought Shumi was a middle-aged woman.
 268 Anonymous
 Shumi, your chances are seriously going up…
 272 Verification Team *010meTA473
 Thank you for keeping quiet…
 275 Anonymous
 The pajama section at Fuji was insane; too many people crowding to see the displayed used pajamas. They were bought back by the person themselves, so they were removed the next day, but the SNS was filled with pajama images, lol.
 280 Anonymous
 The products of that pajama manufacturer are sold out everywhere, both online and in physical stores. I think they even released old stock stored in the warehouse as a last resort, and even those got sold out. People even bought sizes that were too small for them; it’s just insane…
 282 Anonymous
 It’s pajama trading. By securing different sizes, you can trade and get the right size. I didn’t expect to go on an expedition from the northernmost to the southernmost part of the country to exchange pajamas with someone who had the right size for me.
 286 Anonymous
 I’ve never heard of such stories with Yugioh or Pokémon cards…
 291 Anonymous
 Speaking of pajamas… did Chinposuki manage to buy the canceled ones from Hagetoru?
 301 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 Shumi anticipated the possibility of Hagetoru canceling, so she placed an order for four pajamas and secretly added one more.
 309 Anonymous
 Shumi-chan is a genius…
 310 Anonymous
 An older person covered by a younger one… Isn’t that pathetic, Hagetoru?
 315 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I acted on impulse, but I don’t regret it.
 317 Anonymous
 This guy never reflects, lol.
 319 Anonymous
 You’ll lose your friends if you don’t sincerely apologize.
 323 Verification Team *CHiMPOsuki
 You’re acting tough again. You were apologizing like crazy behind the scenes…
 Maybe I should stop forgiving you.
 328 Anonymous
 Hagetoru, this is so lame, lol.
 332 Anonymous
 Hagetoru-san, come on!
 339 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 I’m sorry. I genuinely reflect on my actions. So please forgive me, let’s not end our friendship!
 Also, Shumi, no, Shumi-san, thank you very much.
 343 Anonymous
 Hagetoru, it’s commendable that you can apologize properly.
 345 Anonymous
 It’s impressive that you can say thank you to someone younger, Hagetoru.
 348 Anonymous
 Getting praised just for apologizing and showing gratitude, lol. By the way, how old is Hagetoru?
 353 Anonymous
 Based on previous posts, I know she is over 20 years old, either a college student, working, or a NEET. But probably a NEET. In terms of age, I think it’s: Nee-san > Chinposuki > Hagetoru > (Underage) > Shumi. Maybe Chinposuki and Hagetoru might be the opposite, but they are likely somewhere in their twenties.
 358 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 The internet is scary…
 363 Anonymous
 Once you know that, be careful from now on. Be grateful that even though I know this much, your identities haven’t been revealed.
 367 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 Hagetoru-san should be really careful, and Shumi-san too. By the way, it’s almost time for the livestream. I just realized because I’m at work.
 373 Anonymous
 Good work, Nee-san.
 378 Anonymous
 Exciting! Exciting!
 381 Anonymous
 People are gathering in the livestream chat.
 390 Anonymous
 I don’t know why, but I can’t enter the stream.
 396 Anonymous
 Same here. I can’t get in either.
 418 Anonymous
 There’s a small notice at the bottom right saying they’re restricting the number of viewers for the livestream. It seems like we can’t enter if nobody leaves. Also, it seems that only “Mirror” streaming on other sites is allowed, so even if we can’t comment, we can try checking other sites for the livestream.
 432 Anonymous
 Impressive how Twitch implemented the maximum possible countermeasures in such a short time.
 453 Anonymous
 Oh, the stream just started!
 454 Anonymous
 It’s Aa-sama’s voice, lol.
 456 Anonymous
 As expected, lol.
 460 Anonymous
 Even with the delay, it’s so adorable how Aa-sama doesn’t notice.
 473 Anonymous
 This is amazing. I’m getting nervous.
 474 Anonymous
 With the background added, I can imagine we have a home date… Atori, the president of Beryl, is a genius.
 479 Anonymous
 Why V? I was wondering, but the closeness in this setup is incredible. It feels like having a one-on-one conversation, something that I can’t do with Aqua-kun in reality.
 486 Anonymous
 If that’s the case, why not just do a regular face reveal stream?
 503 Anonymous
 If they have sponsors, especially with contracts like Corolle, they need to maintain the value of Shirogane Aqua to some extent. And in the future, when Aqua-kun’s value increases even more, they might not be able to do casual chat streams freely.
 But if they do that, it might create a big distance between Aqua-kun and the fans all of a sudden, considering he just debuted. This is one of the strategies to prevent that from happening. I think it’s a strong message from the agency, showing that they truly understand Aqua-kun. I’m glad he’s with an agency that cares about him.
 529 Anonymous
 I see, thanks for the clear explanation.
 542 Anonymous
 Thank you, both to the agency president, Ako-san, and Aqua-kun.
 545 Anonymous
 Just as we were talking about the president, she appeared in the stream.
 548 Anonymous
 I heard a voice just now. It sounded like a young woman’s voice. But not in a flirty way, more like a regular business-like tone.
 552 Anonymous
 As expected of the president of Shirogane Aqua’s agency, she know where to draw the line. If it were me, I’d start giving acting lessons for those steamy scenes right away.
 555 Anonymous
 Shiro-kun’s character is totally different from Aa-sama’s, but it’s good this way too. With Aa-sama’s princely character, I don’t think the comment section would be as relaxed and natural.
 574 Anonymous
 I agree, easy to talk to. Whoever came up with this character design is talented.
 591 Anonymous
 Good news, the agency’s website server has been found.
 599 Anonymous
 That’s great, now we don’t have to check those war-like plans anymore. Those rules have become common knowledge even outside the boards and are spreading on social media.
 612 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Bad news, Hagetoru-san’s comments are banned.
 625 Anonymous
 >>612 What the hell, stupid lol.
 632 Anonymous
 >>612 Is it all right to see through? This is really bad.
 645 Anonymous
 Beryl job openings are hereeeeeeee!
 658 Anonymous
 Just checking these is already tough….
 They should make the application conditions much stricter.
 664 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Ah… I’ll tell you exactly what happened just now! Shirogane Aqua is a 3D character, yet he descended into the 2.5D realm as Hoshimiya Shiro.
 W-What am I saying, I don’t think anyone would understand, but I don’t even know what’s going on myself… The Shiro-kun in front of me is too cute, my mind is going haywire… This is not just some delusion from manga or light novels, I’m being exposed to a glimpse of something far more terrifying….
 676 Anonymous
 >>664 Sensei, lol
 678 Anonymous
 >>664 Sensei, you can relax now, right?
 691 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Please stop, shota characters really resonate with me…! Dammit! Even with the delay, V became is my type!! Oh, he is just too cute, I want to kidnap him!!
 705 Anonymous
 Sensei, are you close to the deadline?
 709 Anonymous
 Sensei, editing, please! No more getting arrested!!
 721 Anonymous
 What’s going on with this flow, lol.
 725 Anonymous
 Sensei, please don’t involve the police! We’re looking forward to your new work!!
 731 Anonymous
 Oh no, the trending topics are already messed up.
 - 1st Hoshimiya Shiro
 - 2nd How to keep V as a pet on your computer
 - 3rd Winning the lottery
 - 4th Hakuryuu-sensei retires
 - 5th Blackmail
 - 6th How to write a resignation letter
 - 7th When will the delivery arrive?
 - 8th Waiting for admission
 - 9th Can’t watch because of work
 - 10th Seeing through comments and getting banned.
 747 Anonymous
 Why the blackmail? I guess some idiot is using Mirror streaming URLs to direct people to blackmail sites.
 754 Anonymous
 Getting banned for seeing through comments, lol. That’s bad; Hagetoru will be exposed. Hide it!!
 757 Anonymous
 Hey, what if because of Hagetoru, the residents of this board are thought to be in the same rate tier as her!!
 765 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Aren’t we all watching the same stars?
 774 Anonymous
 Stars, huh? You’re good at coming up with explanations, lol.
 780 Anonymous
 No way, I absolutely refuse to be lumped together with Hagetoru, nooooo!
 793 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 801 Anonymous
 The Fan Club is finally starting!
 805 Anonymous
 Now I can finally support Aa-sama with my contributions.
 807 Anonymous
 Huh? In the Fan Club, you get to listen to voice messages every month? Wait, isn’t that basically like having a boyfriend?
 819 Verification Team *010meTA473
 I’m ready with my bankbook.
 825 Anonymous
 That one comment sent shivers down my spine.
 827 Anonymous
 With just that one line, she can silence most of us, so powerful.
 828 Anonymous
 From Shumi’s perspective, we’re just level 5 trash in terms of combat power.
 832 Anonymous
 Looking forward to the Fan Club!
 834 Anonymous
 Hey, you commoners, show some restraint!!
 He’s still a minor, you know! Even I want to do gulp-gulp with small Shiro-kun but come on!!
 843 Anonymous
 You’re absolutely right, these kinds of comments should only be made here.
 So, I’ll also do small shiro gulp-gulp here. Gulp-gulp, gulp-gulp…
 851 Verification Team *07218KADO6
 Hey! My comments got banned again…
 I just said I’m taking my pants off and waiting! I’ve been without pants since before the stream started!!
 864 Anonymous
 Uh, that’s out of line.
 877 Verification Team *9n2SARETAi
 885 Anonymous
 Participating in Summer Comic Market is exciting, but it’s getting to the point where I can’t joke about it being a level to just buy stuff.
 888 Anonymous
 People actually die there, you know. And it’s Summer Comic Market… it’s going to be even more humid with women’s sweaty bodies.
 901 Anonymous
 Why would anyone enjoy sniffing the mix of women’s sweat and perfume? There’s no demand for that. If you’re going to sniff something, why not go for the smell of manly sweat and semen mixed together?
 905 Anonymous
 Tama-chan made a grand entrance at the last moment!!
 910 Anonymous
 Is this child confirmed to be from a magazine?
 922 Anonymous
 According to the information from people who visited the cafe, it’s confirmed.
 935 Anonymous
 If that’s the case, then Beryl’s second affiliation is also a boy? This child is definitely a boy, right?
 940 Anonymous
 Beryl is amazing. I don’t suppose they’ll add more boys after this, right?
 945 Anonymous
 That’s highly unlikely, lol.
 949 Anonymous
 For a big agency, it’s possible, but for a newly established one, having a second main boy right after Aqua-kun is pretty wild, isn’t it? Well, Tama-chan’s status as a boy isn’t fully confirmed yet, so there’s that, but just having a male streamer is already strong, right? I’m sure he’ll become even more popular.
 953 Anonymous
 Maybe not at the level of Aa-sama, but if they get a few more like Tama-chan, it could be a problem.
 966 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Well, that’s probably not going to happen, right? In manga, there might be two or three nice boys, but even that gets criticized for being unrealistic. When I had three in the past in my works, it caused a small uproar. Having four nice boys is definitely not going to happen. This is just a joke. If that ever happens, I’ll do a full nude bow to apologize.
 968 Anonymous
 Okay, we’ve got that on record.
 970 Anonymous
 Sensei, you might not know, but we still have Mayushin-kun waiting in the wings, so three boys are almost guaranteed.
 978 Anonymous
 That’s right, there’s still Mayushin-kun….
 983 Anonymous
 Sensei messed up, lolol.
 Don’t worry! I made sure to take a screenshot.
 988 Anonymous
 Trending ranking: “Hakuryuu-sensei’s Retirement” is getting close, lol.
 995 Anonymous
 The stream is over. Shiro-kun is the best, Tama-chan is cute, and Beryl is amazing. lol
 Beryl is probably going to cause another stir in the industry with some new antics.
 Without a doubt, they’re the eye of the storm in the entertainment world right now.
 1001 Hakuryuu *XQshotacon
 Huh? Mayushin? Wait! Does that mean I’m already in danger…? Please, someone help, I might get socially annihilated by 3D boys!!
 But it’s fine, right? There’s definitely no fourth boy, right? Someone please reassure me!!
 1063 1001
 This thread has exceeded 1000 posts.
 You can no longer write here, so please start a new thread…

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