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Volume 4 Chapter 18 92, The Woman Who Slays 100 People

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 Beryl Entertainment Co., Ltd. Official SNS Announcement


 Today, starting from 3 PM, we will be streaming a surprise early debut test and announcement for our affiliated Vtuber, Hoshimiya Shiro, on Twitch. The stream is scheduled to last approximately one hour, but please note that there may be changes depending on the circumstances.



 During my break time at work, I was surprised when I saw the notification on social media. Looking at the clock, it was 2:55 PM, so I opened my personal laptop and put on my earphones. I checked the online bulletin board first, and as usual, the residents seemed flustered and about to burst with excitement. As a fan of Vtubers, I couldn’t help but check since it was the agency where my beloved Aqua-san belongs. Moreover, the first name is Shiro… Previously, when Aqua-san appeared on Tama-chan’s stream, he was referred to as Shiro, so my expectations soared. Clicking on the stream link, the waiting screen appeared.


 [Isn’t this Aqua-kun’s exclusive agency?]

 [I wonder what’s about to begin?]

 [Shiro-chan? Shiro-kun?]

 [He’s not planning to do something outrageous again, is he?]

 Hehe, the comments on the streaming screen were filled with suspicion, and despite being in the office, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Seeing that, the kids at the far table looked at me and started whispering.

 ”Oh no… Touka-san, didn’t she just laugh?”

 ”I wonder if she’s planning something.”

 ”No… That’s the face she has after doing something, right?”

 ”Yeah, that’s not the face of a virgin. Touka, the name ‘The Woman Who Slays 100 People’ isn’t just for show.”

 ”Seriously!? Touka-san is awesome!!”

 I can hear everything, you know… Just so you know, being “The Woman Who Slays 100 People” doesn’t mean something cool; it’s an episode about handling a hundred customer complaints by myself! I’m sorry, I’m a virgin till I’m this old!


 ”Touka-san is looking this way…”

 ”Oh no, we might get slayed too.”

 ”Huh? Wait, is Touka-san like that?”

 ”Oh… Well, maybe it’s okay if it’s Touka-san.”

 Hey, young employee at the far end, don’t blush like that. I don’t have that kind of preference, you know? Also, could you stop spreading weird rumors? I’m seriously thinking of changing jobs soon. Well, leaving that aside… It looks like the stream is about to start. I block out the noise around me and focus on the screen and the sound coming from my earphones.

 As the countdown numbers on my laptop screen reach zero, a boy with turqoise-colored hair appears in front of me. His cute appearance suits my motherly instincts and protectiveness.

 ”Hmm? Huh? Is this already connected?”

 Yay, it’s Aqua-san’s voice! If this weren’t the office, I’d be raising both hands and celebrating with joy. And as expected, the person behind Hoshimiya Shiro is Aqua-san.

 While trembling with excitement inside, I see Aqua-san’s face on the screen coming closer. Wait, wait! Shiro-kun, this is the office, you know? Do you plan to bring your face that close to this big sister and kiss me?

 ”Everyone? Can you all hear me? Is this showing properly? Ako-saaan!”

 There’s probably a delay in the stream. Shiro-kun brings his face close to the camera, peeks in, and waves his hands, occasionally glancing at the comment section for any reactions. His adorable behavior makes me want to squirm, and I desperately try to hold back. Ahhh, it’s impossible, I can’t take it anymore. This big sister want to keep this child forever inside my computer screen. What should I do?


 [I can’t hear you. Talk more!]

 [I can’t see you! Get closer!]

 [The way he tilts his head and moves his gaze left and right is so cute…]

 [Can I get Shiro-kun to go for takeout?]

 [Is Shiro-kun Aqua-kun?]

 [So adorable! Move more!]

 The reactions in the chat are as expected. Also, asking for the Vtuber’s real identity is against the rules. I understand your feelings, but please refrain from doing so.

 ”Oh… right, there’s a slight delay. Ah, yes… yes, I understand. Ako-san.”

 Shiro-kun turns to the side and exchanges a few words with the president who is sitting next to him. I caught a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes side of Aqua-san that I don’t normally see, and it made my heart flutter.

 [President, are you really there?]

 [That part where Aqua-kun’s voice naturally came out is hilarious.]

 [Ako-san, thank you for debuting Aqua-kun.]

 [Ako-san, please give me Aqua-kun. Please!]

 [Oh no… This is the first time I’m watching a stream like this, and the distance feels so close. It’s making me excited.]

 Shiro-kun returns his gaze to us and glances at the chat. It seems that our comments have finally appeared in the chat on the other side. Presumably, the management is filtering out words they don’t want Shiro-kun to see in advance.

 ”Oh, everyone, nice to meet you! I’m Hoshimiya Shiro, a member of the Beryl Entertainment Vtuber Division. Nice to meet you!”

 Shiro-kun inside the screen waves his hand again towards me. Well, technically, it’s directed at us in front of the screen, but let’s not make that kind of pedantic remark. Everyone watching the stream wants to feel like they’re having a one-on-one conversation with the person in front of them.

 ”Today is going to be a trial stream, but I hope to have a chat with everyone and share some announcements from Beryl Entertainment.”

 Hmm… It’s worth noting that it’s not an announcement from Hoshimiya Shiro or Shirogane Aqua, but an announcement from Beryl Entertainment.

 [What kind of announcement is it from Beryl?]

 [Appreciate the chat.]

 [Let’s have some fun with this big sister!]

 [Do you have any news about Aqua-kun?]

 [Beryl, please do something about the server on the website! Please!]

 [Shiro-kun, do you like older sisters?]

 [Can you see through people?]

 [What color is your underwear today?]

 Sometimes, s*xual harassment comments mix in, but the management quickly bans them. I had a feeling that Hagetoru-san was among those IDs, but I’ll pretend I didn’t see it because I’d be embarrassed if they thought I was familiar with them. Seriously, that kid is too faithful to her desires. I bet even now, she’s watching while touching herself down there. The image is easy to imagine, and it leaves me with mixed feelings.

 Hagetoru-san looks perfectly elegant when dressed appropriately, and one would consider her a beautiful lady in the refined category… Yes, as long as she remains silent… She’s truly a disappointing child.

 ”Um… first, about the server on the website, it seems that we have secured a sponsor, so it will be strengthened soon. The site’s operation and our current situation are a bit challenging because the president and staff are handling it in between their regular work. In the near future, Beryl will be recruiting for various positions, so if anyone is interested, please consider applying!”

 Should I… consider joining Beryl…? But on one hand, it would be exciting to get closer to my favorite Aqua-san… On the other hand, I think it’s more appropriate for me as a fan to be as close as I am now, and I’m torn about what to do.

 [Heh… it seems the time has finally come for me to find a job.]

 [I might change jobs since the company I joined as a new graduate is a black company.]

 [Breaking news: Resumes disappear from the streets.]

 [I’m thinking of going outside for the first time in 10 years.]

 [The document screening process is going to take a while…]

 [If the server starts running, will Aqua-sama’s Fan Club also be launched?]

 This seems to be getting chaotic. I wonder if I still have some résumés left from my student days that I bought but never used…

 ”For those who are going outside for the first time in 10 years, be careful of the sunlight! And for those who are busy at work, make sure to prioritize your health. Thank you all for saying you’ll apply! Hoshimiya Shiro is also recruiting staff, so maybe we’ll have a chance to work together. Looking forward to that day!”

 Shiro-kun’s replies and comments in the chat create a buzz.

 [Whoaaaaaaa! Aqua-kun and a coworker! This might not be anyone, but it’s progress!]

 ’Awa, awawawa, m-my garbage comment got a response…”

 [I’m the president of a listed company, but I’m currently writing my resignation letter. Please let me do even the restroom cleaning.]

 [I’ll do anything! Please let me start with cleaning the garbage bin!]

 [I want to be Aqua-kun’s s*xual service provider or cum dump!]

 [Are you recruiting security guards? I’ll protect Aqua-kun’s room 24/7!]

 And as expected, the somewhat s*xually explicit comments are swiftly banned. It’s bringing tears to my eyes witnessing the relentless desires of some women.

 ”It seems we’re recruiting security guards too. Oh, and about Shirogane Aqua’s Fan Club, we had a pre-registration in August, and it will officially launch in September… Oh, wait? Was I allowed to say that?”

 At the mention of the Fan Club, I unintentionally almost stood up from my chair. My colleagues at the distant table were startled by the sound of my chair. What did I do?

 Shiro-kun glances sideways, probably checking with Ako-san, who is nearby, to confirm something.

 [Wait? Did you sell your pee?]

 [Yeahhhhhh! Finally, we can directly support Aqua-kun with our payments!]

 [Hoshimiya Shiro-kun’s holy water…]

 [Looking forward to the Fan Club!]

 [Peeing? Please stop peeing. You’re going to make me have a new fetish!]

 [Gulp, gulp…]

 [How much can I buy your pure white holy water for?]

 [I wonder what the contents will be like…]

 [The competition for the single-digit numbers member are going to be fierce.]

 About half of the comments are being swiftly banned…

 Knowing they’ll get banned, they still keep commenting. Well, I suppose this is no longer about s*x but rather the work of women’s karma.

 ”Um, it’s okay. It seems everything turned out fine. Sorry for worrying you, everyone. As for the contents of the Fan Club, there will be some preliminary information, advance merchandise sales, monthly wallpapers, limited voice messages, and so on. Sorry, I haven’t heard many details yet, but from what I remember, it will be something like that.”

 Just receiving monthly images and voice messages would make me happy, but having preliminary information and advance merchandise sales is helpful. I don’t know how much it will cost each month, but I’ll definitely join…

 ”Oh, and, it’s about time to end the stream, so there’s one last announcement… Will the image show up?”

 Right next to Shiro-kun, the logo of the Summer Comic Market appears. At this point, the chat becomes lively.

 ”Well… actually, Beryl Entertainment will be participating in the corporate booth at the Summer Comic Market in August!”

 With Shiro-kun’s announcement, the chat reaches its peak excitement for the day. I accidentally kicked the leg of the table, causing a commotion. As a result, the girls sitting at the table behind me hastily leave the break room. I’m sorry… I didn’t mean for that to happen.

 [Oh my Goddddd!]

 [Wait, is that something erotic?]

 [Is it a slightly naughty romance or something?]

 [Will there be actual acts?]

 [Heh, heh… ]

 [Filthy women, show some restraint!]

 [Hey, this might actually cause casualties at the Summer Comic Market.]

 [It’s not a joke anymore, LOL.]

 [It might not be erotic, but I’m genuinely excited.]

 Most of the comments are getting banned. It seems that Hagetoru-san also got banned, but I don’t know such an embarrassing person anymore, as we’re strangers here.

 ”Well, the reason why Beryl is participating is… we are pleased to announce that this person has joined Beryl Entertainment as our first Vtuber!”

 With Shiro-kun’s signal, familiar cat-like hair with cat ears appears from outside the screen. Ah, it’s Tama-chan. I immediately recognized her.


 [Oh, it’s Tama-chan!]

 [Tama-chan used to stream together with Aqua-kun.]

 [Congratulations on joining Beryl!]

 [With this development, maybe Mayushin-kun has a chance too?]

 [Who? Who?]

 [I always watch Tama-chan’s streams!]

 [Tama-chan, konnya!]

 The atmosphere in the chat is more positive than I expected. Maybe it’s because there were prior rumors about Tama-chan being male. Those rumors might have influenced the current atmosphere. However, anyone who tries to mention it in the comments gets banned even faster than before.

 ”Well, nice to meet you. I’m Oumi Tama, who will be joining as a member of Beryl Entertainment’s first-generation Vtubers. Please take care of me.”

 After finishing her greeting, Tama-chan bows. She’s as cute as ever. I make an effort to leave a supportive comment, “Good luck.”

 [Tama-chan seems nervous, like borrowing the presence of a cat, lol.]

 [She has a bit of a downcast vibe. Maybe she just woke up or she’s nervous?]

 [Now that you mention it, Tama-chan is wearing a black jersey with ‘BERYL ENTERTAINMENT’ written in white letters on top. She pays attention to details.]

 [What? I want that jersey…]

 Those comments catch the attention of both of Tama-chan and Shiro-kun.

 ”Oh, yeah, now that you mention it.”

 ”Shiro-kun has it written on his back too.”

 ”Huh, really?”

 Shiro-kun turns around to show his back to the camera.

 [Oh, it’s true!]

 [It’s cute how he turns around.]

 [He’s wearing a white hoodie with ‘BERYL ENTERTAINMENT’ in black letters.]

 [I want both of them…]


 ”I see, got it. I’ll relay the message to Ako-san.”

 Upon Shiro-kun’s words, everyone in the chat sends words of thanks. Of course, I also join in.

 ”So, with that being said, we went off on a tangent, but Oumi Tama and Hoshimiya Shiro will be active as the first-generation Vtubers of Beryl Entertainment’s Vtuber Division! And at the Summer Comic Market, there will be advance sales of Oumi Tama’s goods and a small event featuring the two of us. Please continue to check our official SNS for updates. Unfortunately, the jerseys are not yet prepared. Also, Hoshimiya Shiro’s goods will be available a bit later, so I’d appreciate your patience.”

 I want to get Tama-chan’s goods, but I wonder if I can go to buy them. It seems impossible, and I’m not sure what to do. Summer Comic Market is harsh even for me. It’s so demanding that I can’t inconvenience others by being taken away in an ambulance. But since there will be an event with Shiro-kun and Aqua-kun, maybe I don’t have a choice but to go.

 ”From now on, I think the number of people belonging to Beryl Entertainment will increase, so I’d be happy if you continue to check over there. Thank you for coming to this spur-of-the-moment test stream today! See you later!”

 ”See you!”

 Shiro-kun waves energetically with his entire arm, while Tama-chan waves her hand lightly. The contrast between the two is adorable.

 [See you later!]

 [Looking forward to the next stream! I’ll be waiting!]

 [I didn’t expect the distance to feel this close! I’ll definitely watch again!]

 [Huh? Later?]

 [Thank you, thank you! Thank you!!]

 [Skipping work was worth it. Thanks!]

 [Mayushin-kun’s crew?]

 [I’m going to Summer Comic Market!]

 [Looking forward to the event!]

 [I hope it’s not all guys!]

 As an enormous amount of comments continue to flood the screen, it goes dark, indicating the end of the stream. I check the time and realize it’s just a little before 4 PM. I unplug my earphones, close my laptop, and return to my desk with a cheerful mood.

 Apparently, my expression at that time frightened someone, as my boss called me in before leaving and demanded to know who I killed. So now I’m seriously considering whether I should quit this company or not. I hope to find a place selling résumés on my way home, holding onto a faint hope, as I leave the office building behind.

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