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Volume 4 Chapter 17 Character Introduction 1

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Affiliated with Beryl Entertainment.
Shirogane Aqua
The protagonist, is 16 years old and a first-year student in Class A at Otomezaki Private Academy, with a height of 178→180cm.
He has black hair and possesses a handsome, oblivious, and emotionally insensitive prince-like demeanor, as if created from the dreams and desires of women.
He belongs to Beryl Entertainment’s Idol Division. Although he is an idol, he also acts and models, basically doing a little bit of everything.
His artistic talents are almost nonexistent, but he can sing, play the piano, and dance.
He has excellent athletic ability and excels in sports in general, although there are some sports that he is not particularly good at…
In reality, he likes cute things and small animals. He is starting to develop a brother complex towards Lapis.
His preferred type is someone who is confident in themselves. In fact, he is also weak against older people and easily influenced by others.
He has an exclusive contract with Corolle and is the image character for Morinaga. He also had a temporary contract with Fuji Department Store.
His beloved vehicle is a red FLAMMA by Kasahara, equipped with automatic driving, navigation, and AI.
He enjoys all kinds of sweets and doesn’t have any particular dislikes, although overly spicy food gives him stomachaches.
His hobbies include biking, various sports, watching movies, and playing games. Due to his previous family environment, he can handle household chores.
Although he is a member of the drama club, tea ceremony club, and home economics enthusiasts club at school, he rarely attends.
His motto is “Beware of breasts,” which was taught to him by Akio-san, his action instructor.
– April: Late-night drama “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom”
Role: Yuuji, guest appearance in the second episode, sang the cover song “Otome-iro no Kokoro (Maiden’s Heart)”
– September: Morning and daytime superhero show “Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword”
Role: Kenzaki Souji, the main character
– October: Monday 9 PM drama “My Honor Student Big Brother”
Role: Satou Kazuya, main cast, protagonist’s older brother
Stage Appearances:
– June: Stars Friendship Commemorative Fashion Show
Made a surprise appearance as the only model on Corolle Homme’s runway
– August: Idol Festival, appeared on the substage
Pre-released debut song, composed by Toa, “beautiful world”
– August: Stars Friendship Commemorative Festival
Aqua Shirogane – Stars boy ft. Trashpunks
– September: Music program “Music Stage” appearance
First performance of the theme song “next round” composed by Tenga for Masked Driver
– September: Music program “Music Stage” appearance
First terrestrial broadcast of “beautiful world” just before the drama started
He is also active as the Vtuber Hoshimiya Shiro, with a height of 165cm.
Hoshimiya Shiro is affiliated with Beryl Entertainment’s Vtuber Division.
His main activities are game streaming, and his singing covers are popular for featuring songs not heard from Shirogane Aqua.
He engages in casual broadcasts and Twitter call projects, creating a closer connection with viewers compared to idol Shirogane Aqua.
Nekoyama Toa
A classmate of the same age. He is 16 years old and a first-year student in Class A at Otomezaki Private Academy, with a height of 154cm.
He has cute cat-like eyes and short hair with a characteristic hairpin, giving him a feminine appearance.
He changed his affiliation from Beryl Entertainment’s Multi-Creator Division to the Multi-Talent Division.
He is one of the composers in Aqua Shirogane’s composition group, BLUE, specializing in EDM and excelling in playing musical instruments.
He is also capable of drawing, video editing, and 3D production.
Although he doesn’t go outside much and lacks physical stamina, his athletic ability is not bad.
Since being initially misunderstood by Aqua, he has been unable to confess that he is actually a boy.
He wears girls’ clothes partly for security reasons and partly because he likes them. His favorite brand is “un la filette.”
His younger sister’s name is Nekoyama Subaru, and he has a good relationship with his sister and mother.
His preferred type is someone who can take the lead.
He has been reclusive since he almost got raped by a close female friend in the past.
He enjoys sweets and snacks and dislikes green bell peppers. His hobbies include baking cakes and online shopping.
He is also scheduled to appear as one of the Drivers in Masked Driver.
He is also active as the Vtuber Oumi Tama, with a height of 158cm.
Oumi Tama is affiliated with Beryl Entertainment’s Vtuber Division.
Contrary to her appearance, she is actually a good singer and mainly focuses on game streaming.
It should be noted that there are suspicions from qualified Ochinchin sommeliers that she may not be male.
Mayuzumi Shintaro
A classmate. He is 16 years old and a first-year student in Class A at Otomezaki Private Academy, with a height of 180cm.
He wears glasses and has a slim and clean appearance, making him quite handsome.
He changed his affiliation from Beryl Entertainment’s Multi-Creator Division to the Multi-Talent Division.
He is the exclusive lyricist for Aqua Shirogane, and he also participates as a member of the composition group BLUE.
Since he learned to play the piano and violin in his childhood, he can play instruments to some extent.
Although his name may sound like he excels at basketball, his athletic ability is disastrous. However, he is good at shooting three-pointers.
His hobby is reading, and he doesn’t particularly stick to a specific genre but enjoys books in general.
His preferred type is someone who is kind and understanding.
He has actually studied abroad at Stars, is fluent in foreign languages, and comes from a prestigious family background.
His favorite food is rolled omelet, grilled fish, simmered fish, and miso soup. He dislikes durian. He can also cook, specializing in Japanese cuisine.
He is also scheduled to appear as one of the Drivers in Masked Driver.
Tenga Akira
A senior. He is 20 years old and a second-year student in the Science Department at the prestigious Akamon University, with a height of 191cm.
He is affiliated with Beryl Entertainment’s Musician Division, simply because it is cool.
He is also a member of the composition group BLUE for Aqua Shirogane, specializing in rock music, simply because it’s cool.
In addition to playing the guitar, he can also play the bass, violin, and cello. He specializes in string instruments, simply because it’s cool.
He is socially awkward and currently a self-proclaimed chuunibyou. However, he is actually intelligent. He wears all-black clothing, simply because it’s cool.
His athletic ability is average, but he has practiced kendo. Simply because it’s cool.
His preferred type is someone who is unique and stands out, simply because it’s cool. In reality, he likes to be pampered.
For some reason, he calls Lapis his mentor from the moment he first laid eyes on her, simply because her appearance is cool.
His beloved vehicle is a Legacy, a gaming mouse-like bike, simply because it’s cool!
His hobby is fishing, and his favorite foods are asparagus and apples. He is actually from a farming family around the Tohoku region and is close to his grandmother.
He is also scheduled to appear as one of the Drivers in Masked Driver.
Atori Ako
The 24-year-old president of Beryl Entertainment, formerly worked at an advertising agency.
Initially, she seemed tired, but now she is an accomplished and capable woman.
She has a medium-length natural bob hairstyle, brown hair, and a well-proportioned D-cup bust. Her clothing style is simple, mostly pants.
Her preferred type is a prince-like person, in other words, Shirogane Aqua.
Her favorite food is omurice, and she dislikes cilantro.
Although she tidied up Aqua-kun’s goods at home, she created a shrine in the closet of her own room.
She keeps her personal and professional life separate. In fact, among the female staff, she has the strongest rationality.
However, on one occasion, she secretly smelled Aqua’s outer garment when he took it off behind the scenes.
She is an old friend of actress Kohina Yukari. She has a past where Kohina helped her deal with bullying.
Soon, she plans to relocate the company’s headquarters to a secure building within a circle of ○? through a contract with the Fujii Group’s real estate division.
Her current concerns are the server enhancement plan for establishing a fan club and the mass production plan for merchandise.
She has become drinking buddies with Touka-san, also known as 92.
Her favorite position is missionary, and her erogenous zone is her neck.
Shirogane Marin
Mother, the head of the tea ceremony and flower arrangement schools, as well as a shareholder of Beryl Corporation.
She is a beautiful woman in traditional Japanese clothing and always wears kimono even on days off. She has glossy black hair like a wet crow and a large G-cup bust.
While she appears composed in front of others, she becomes a bit of a mess in front of Aqua.
She loves both Shitori and Lapis. She never schedules work on her daughter’s birthday.
Lately, she has been busy rejecting numerous marriage proposals that have come for Aqua.
Her favorite food is anything made by Aqua, and she dislikes spicy, bitter, sour, and smelly foods, in other words, she has a childish palate.
Shirogane Lapis
Aqua’s little sister. She is 14 years old and a second-year student at St. Claris Girls’ Junior High School.
According to Aqua, she is a beautiful girl with platinum blonde hair and mismatched green and blue eyes. She has a small A-cup bust.
Until recently, she wore a simple polka dot sports bra, but lately, she has been trying more adult-like underwear with frills.
Her preferred type is her big brother, Shirogane Aqua, and she has recently discovered self-pleasure due to her s*xual awakening.
Her favorite food is strawberry parfait, and she dislikes spicy, bitter, sour, and smelly foods, just like her mother.
Her favorite position is doggy style, and she has a twisted desire to be raped by her brother.
Shirogane Shitori
Aqua’s big sister. She is 20 years old and a second-year student at the Law Department of National Ichimori University, with a height of 165cm.
She is a full-time employee at Beryl Entertainment and is proficient in foreign languages.
She is a beautiful and calm big sister figure, with honey-colored hair and teary black eyes, and a well-endowed G-cup bust.
Despite her gentle and motherly nature, she wears extremely provocative lingerie.
Her preferred type is her little brother, specifically the Aqua from when he was in elementary school.
During her middle school years, she used to steal Aqua’s underwear and masturbate, exploring her own s*xuality.
She was actually Aqua’s first s*xual experience.
She has a previous record of giving Aqua a handjob and making him ejaculate while bathing together, under the pretext of washing his body before their relationship turned sour.
Her favorite fantasy scenarios involve deflowering and teaching intimate activities. Her preferred acts are handjobs and blowjobs.
She enjoys eating meat and ramen, and while she doesn’t dislike sweet things, they are not her favorite.
Main Heroine
Kanon Stars Goshenite
The Princess of Stars and a candidate for the future queen. Her age is 16 years old, with a height of 158cm.
She graduated from the Mary Girls’ Academy Junior High School, and she is currently attending high school.
She has long golden hair, deep blue eyes, a D-cup bust, and a beautiful figure. She dresses age-appropriately on casual occasions but wears high-end brands in public. She prefers cute clothes.
Her preferred type is someone who genuinely loves her, specifically Shirogane Aqua, and she hopes to be in a mutual romantic relationship with him.
She has been involved in investments since elementary school and holds significant stakes in several major companies.
The companies she invested in during her early years have now grown into renowned global corporations.
As a tradition for the Stars’ royal family, at the age of 14, she delivered a message to the nation. During this occasion, Kanon revealed that she had returned all the taxpayer money spent on her upbringing with investment profits and pledged that she would not use any more public funds. This revelation astonished the nation.
She has an exceptionally high approval rating from the citizens, with the current rate at 89.6%, surpassing her mother, the current queen.
Kanon often attributes her success to being favored by destiny and thanks to her talent, but in reality, her personality, which unknowingly influences many people’s hearts, plays a significant role. She may have an unconsciously compatible bond with Aqua.
Her dream is to become the “bride” of her beloved person.
Although she has a high academic aptitude, her romantic aptitude is low, and she tends to become clumsy when interacting with Aqua.
On online forums, she is active as “Shumi,” a member of the Girls’ Hobbies and Verification Team *010meTA473.
As Shumi, Kanon behaves like a typical girl her age.
According to the setting, if Aqua is in Tokyo, Kanon resides in Kanagawa.
Her favorite drink is black tea, and she enjoys lovey-dovey hand-holding and cosplay-related activities.
She likes both giving and receiving kisses. She kisses Aqua’s picture in the morning, at night, and when she leaves or returns home.
Her catchphrase is “Shumi-chan, great victory!” As a matter of fact, an exciting main story is prepared for her great victory, so please look forward to it.
Miyuki Heliodor Yui
Her age is 24 years old, with a height of 165cm. She works in the National Confidentiality Bureau’s Health and Safety Division as the Semen Extraction Officer for Shirogane Aqua.
She has breasts beyond the level of “busty,” with an I-cup size. She considers her large breasts a complex.
She has strawberry blonde hair tied back and blue eyes, and her default expression is emotionless. So, she practices smiling.
Although it may come as a surprise, her father’s genes are actually from the Stars’ nobility, but he left Stars and became the CEO of a major corporation in another country.
At that time, he needed funds and sold his own semen to an underground dealer.
While semen would typically fetch a high price, due to the dealer’s careless management, it ended up being mistakenly delivered to Miyuki’s mother.
Her preferred type is younger boys, specifically Shirogane Aqua.
Her favorite position is cowgirl, and she enjoys providing service. Her erogenous zone is her breasts.
She used to have a complex about being called a “big woman,” but since she realized that Aqua is s*xually aroused by her, the complex has been gradually dissipating. Previously, she used to button her military uniform tightly to conceal her large breasts, but recently, she purchased swimsuits with minimal fabric coverage for Aqua, who loves breasts.
She has both white and black gloves.
Tsukimachi Ayana
A first-year student in Class A at Otomezaki Private Academy, with a height of 160cm. She is the center of the idol group eau de Cologne. She is also a model and actress.
She has long, glossy black hair, a well-proportioned face, a slender figure, and a C-cup bust. She is a classic beauty.
She signed an exclusive contract with un la filette. She prefers simple and slightly feminine clothing.
Due to past experiences, she generally has low expectations of men.
Her preferred type is someone who is hardworking and serious. Initially, she was indifferent towards Aqua, but after realizing that he is serious about his work and makes efforts, she now considers him a colleague fighting on the same battlefield.
Her straightforward personality and lack of pandering to men have made her popular among women. However, since her cross-dressing runway incident, her female fanbase has increased even more.
Her erogenous zone is her nipples, and she is a type of person who can tolerate masturbation though she has a s*xual desire, which is rare in this world.
Kurumi Kokona
She is a first-year student in Class A at Otomezaki Private Academy, with a height of 152cm.
She is a member of the Home Economics Club and is an incredibly cute girl, almost like an idol.
Although she has a B-cup size, she uses volume-up bras, padding, and other techniques to make it appear as if she has a D-cup.
Regarding her, please look forward to the story after the current event.
Washimiya Lisa
She is a first-year student in Class A at Otomezaki Private Academy, with a height of 163cm.
She has golden hair styled in vertical rolls (Drill hair), and her speech pattern is characteristic of a young lady. At first glance, she may seem like a villainess, but she is actually a kind girl.
Contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t have any foreign blood, so she purposely dyes her hair.
The reason her hair becomes straight when wet is because she spends time styling it into vertical rolls every morning.
Although she looks cuter when she doesn’t try too hard, she is unaware of it and is somewhat unfortunate.
She is a member of the Drama Club and is often made to dress as a boy due to her tall height, but she actually wants to play the role of the heroine.
It seems her wish might come true during the school festival.
Kurogami Uruha
She is a first-year student in Class A at Otomezaki Private Academy, with a height of 158cm.
She exudes a mature charm that is unexpected for a classmate. She has an F-cup bust size.
Despite being a first-year student, she serves as the president of the Tea Ceremony Club.
When she wears a kimono, she resembles a club mama in Ginza, but she usually dresses modestly.
When wearing her school uniform, she somewhat gives off the impression of a staff member from a certain type of shop…
Bulletin Board
Morikawa Kaede (Chinposuki)
Her age is 24 years old and her height is 152cm tall. She is a national broadcaster and a cheerful, clumsy character.
She ties her chestnut-colored hair back. Her bust size is C-cup, and she actually has beautiful bare legs.
She likes wearing dresses and skirts, with yellow being her favorite color.
She struggles to take care of her skin during the summer as it easily gets tanned.
Her preferred type is a boy with a big enough p*nis to penetrate her uterus, in other words, Shirogane Aqua.
Her recent favorite fantasy scenario is outdoor s*x with Aqua-kun.
Due to reading doujinshi with a dominant female protagonist, she has a desire to verbally attack boys.
Since that fantasy, she always carries a yellow bag containing condoms.
She holds a professional qualification as an Ochinchin sommelier, and only a few people pass the annual examination.
Her username on the bulletin board is *CHiMPOsuki, belonging to the verification team.
Touka Kotono (9n2-neesan)
Her age is 30 years old and her height is 176cm tall. She is an intimidating woman with sharp eyes and a busty G-cup figure.
Surprisingly, she is taller than Miyuki-san, and when wearing heels, she surpasses Aqua.
She appears to be a sensible person when acting normally. However, nobody has ever glimpsed the depths of her being.
Her preferred type is someone who is kind to everyone without discrimination, in other words, Shirogane Aqua.
Since she likes small and cute things like Aqua, they seem to share common hobbies.
In the past, there was a slight romantic atmosphere between her and a boy who worked at a shop she visited as members of the verification team. However, it turned out that the boy, Kumi-chan, was actually just a tomboyish girl. Thinking that her feelings were toyed with, she blurted out the legendary phrase, “Don’t you dare toy with my virgin feelings! Who the hell is Kumi? Cunnilingus!” and ended up being banned from that shop.
As the story spread to other bulletin boards, the entire anonymous community joined forces to shut down the unethical shop.
She at that time didn’t use a username, but since being admired as “Kunni-neesan” (Cunnilingus Sister), she started using a username.
Her username on the bulletin board is *9n2SARETAi.
She is a widely known person even among residents of other boards on the anonymous bulletin board, and she has many other episodes.
It should be noted that she doesn’t particularly like cunnilingus. Her erogenous zone is her ears.
According to the story, if Aqua is in Tokyo, she would be about the same distance away in Shizuoka.
Recently, she has been considering changing jobs and moving closer to Shumi.
She has become drinking buddies with Miyuki-san and Chinposuki or Morikawa.
Her name, age, and height are all undisclosed.
It is confirmed that she is over 18 years old, but I’m sorry, the rest is still a secret.
Her preferred type is someone with a dazzling smile, in other words, Shirogane Aqua.
Her favorite food is gratin and white stew.
Her recent concern is frequently being stopped and questioned by the police.
Her username on the bulletin board is *07218KADO6.
Although she often make mistakes, she is an amazing woman who gives her all when she does something.
In the Stars arc, she has prepared a really cool scene, so please look forward to it.
Work Colleagues
His real name Kobayashi Daigo. He is a talented music producer known as “Hige Moja” (Bearded Moja).
He is the leader of the music production group “BLUE,” responsible for creating music for idol Shirogane Aqua.
His lifelong dream has been to produce a globally renowned artist, and he has been preparing for that by hoping for someone like Aqua to appear for over a decade.
He is a world-renowned photographer of exceptional skill level.
He has an exclusive contract with idol Shirogane Aqua as his personal photographer.
He is an old friend of Moja’s and shares the same dream with him.
Since recognizing that Toa is a boy at first sight, they have become confidants.
John Slimane
He is a designer at Corolle Homme, a highly successful and innovative figure in the current fashion industry.
He is also responsible for the art direction and costume design in Shirogane Aqua’s music videos.
He explores every possibility to bring Shirogane Aqua to his home country.
Kohina Yukari
She is Atori Ako’s childhood friend. She may look and act like a child, but she is an outstanding actress.
Her motto is not to remember the names of trashy people, even if they are male. However, she likes people who can put effort into things even if they lack talent.
She recognizes herself as a garbage person when it comes to her personality and considers Atori Ako as her only friend.
Hongou Hiroko
The director of Masked Driver, “Heaven’s Sword.”
She falls into the category of people who are considered unsuitable due to her tracksuit, sandals, and messy hair tied with a hairband.
However, she is passionate about her work and is willing to do anything, even prostrating herself, to create a perfect production.
Sugita Mari
A 28-year-old, 170cm tall, no-nonsense short-haired adult woman who serves as the homeroom teacher for Class A, which includes both Shirogane Aqua and Mayuzumi Shintaro.
Due to this assignment, she receives envious looks from other teachers.
Nekoyama Toa is also scheduled to attend the school starting in autumn, which has caused other teachers to collectively slam their desks in the staff room.
Her age and height are undisclosed.
She is Kanon’s exclusive maid, secretly adoring Kanon from the bottom of her heart.
She is one of the few people who can retort to Aqua, always appearing from somewhere with a sign.
In fact, she is currently diligently preparing a room that you can’t leave without having s*x, just in case Aqua comes to Kanon’s mansion.
Her favorite play is voyeurism, and she hopes that if Aqua is not enough for Kanon, she might also get a chance to be with her.

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