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Volume 4 Chapter 16 Shirogane Aqua, Becomes a Vtuber

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 Toa-chan, Mayuzumi, and Tenga-senpai will appear in Masked Driver. Although Toa-chan and Mayuzumi had already signed contracts with Beryl Entertainment for their songwriting and composition work, this time they would be appearing as actors, albeit in an “extra” role, taking their involvement to the next level.

 Additionally, Tenga-senpai would be joining Beryl Entertainment as well. While I belonged to Beryl Entertainment’s Idol Division, Toa-chan and Mayuzumi would be moving from the Multi-Creator Division to the Multi-Talent Division, and Tenga-senpai would be part of the Musician Division. It turns out that Toa-chan had already signed a contract with Beryl Entertainment’s Vtuber Division as Oumi Tama.

 By the way, according to Ako-san, my Vtuber project was also in progress. It was scheduled to officially start around September or October when the drama would be airing, but there were plans to introduce it at an event in early August. The event, known as Comic Bazaar or ComiBa for short, was originally called the Summer Comic Market when held during the summer. It was said to attract a massive number of participants each year, with the summer event being so intense that ambulances were sometimes called.

 Beryl Entertainment had already confirmed its participation in the Summer Comic Market, and we were planning to sell Oumi Tama’s merchandise while also considering an event for the characters played by Tama-chan and me.

 By the way, my merchandise sales and the official launch of my fan club would begin a little later in September. According to Ako-san, there were delays due to server issues and mass production of goods. I didn’t fully understand it, so I left it all to Ako-san.

 ”Well, with that said, this is the character Aqua-kun will be playing.”

 A vibrant boy with turquoise hair appeared on the screen in front of me. I was immediately captivated by his eyes, which resembled a beautiful starry sea.

 ”His name is Hoshimiya Shiro. I thought it would be interesting to have a character with a slightly childish vibe, different from idol Shirogane Aqua. When I watched your streams, Aqua-kun seemed to be more energetic and playful when you were with your classmates. I thought it would be fun to showcase that youthful side.”

 I read through the materials handed to me by Ako-san. The character’s height was 165cm, and he wore shorts, a hoodie, and sneakers, giving him a casual look. Ako-san mentioned that showing bare legs with shorts was quite daring. I didn’t fully understand, but if Ako-san said so, it must be true.

 By the way, that topic alone was discussed for about 10 minutes. I didn’t quite grasp the point about the feet that makes someone want to be stepped on, but perhaps women had a sense of sensitivity that only women could understand.

 ”So, let’s give it a try and make him move. Please raise your hand.”

 As I raised my hand, the Hoshimiya Shiro in front of me also raised his hand.

 ”Wow, that’s amazing!”

 When I moved my body, the Hoshimiya Shiro in front of me moved in the same way. I was touched, to put it simply. I couldn’t find any other words to describe this emotion. I danced and played around, and the Hoshimiya Shiro in front of me followed along, albeit slightly delayed. It was adorable, and I quickly developed an affection for Hoshimiya Shiro.

 ”How about this?”

 I decided to go for it and did a handstand right there. Surprisingly, Hoshimiya Shiro accurately traced my movements. Oh wow, this is amazing!

 ”Please also pay attention to the facial expressions, eye movements, and facial movements.”

 When I looked closely at Hoshimiya Shiro’s face, I noticed that his eyes moved in sync with mine. He blinked when I blinked, and his eyebrows and mouth moved in coordination. As a test, I pulled on my cheek, and his cheek also stretched! I was amazed by the intricate details.

 ”By the way, the character design and 2D animation were done by Nekoyama-san.”

 Wow… Toa-chan also mentioned that she created Oumi Tama, and it was truly impressive. Looking at the design materials, every detail was meticulously illustrated, and even future costumes were depicted.

 ”It looks good. How about we do a live stream before the actual broadcast? We have to make some announcements, after all…”

 ”Yes, that sounds good.”

 Ako-san immediately made an announcement on Beryl Entertainment’s official social media accounts. Excited, I began preparing for the broadcast, trying various things along the way.

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