Male Idol V4c15

Volume 4 Chapter 15 Shirogane Aqua, Hen… shin…!

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 During the summer vacation, I have more than just the Getsuku (Monday 9 PM Drama) to shoot. There’s also the Sunday morning tokusatsu drama, Masked Driver Heaven’s Sword. Today is the filming day for this tokusatsu drama where I play the lead role.

 ”Riding a bike feels so refreshing, doesn’t it?”

 Toa-chan, who is riding behind me on the bike, has a sparkle in her eyes. She’s here to observe the filming of Driver since I’m appearing in it. Besides Toa-chan, there are two others who came to watch the filming today. I confirm the reflection of the bike behind me in the mirror and speak through the intercom attached to the microphone.

 ”Tenga-senpai, take a right at the next intersection.”


 Tenga-senpai is driving the bike, with Mayuzumi riding behind him. Since it’s not possible to have three people on the bike, I was wondering what to do. But Tenga-senpai kindly offered his bike so that the others could visit the site too.

 ”We’re almost there.”

 Riding through the empty streets in the early morning to make it on time for the filming feels great. I heard from Ako-san and the staff that morning shoots can be tough, but I actually enjoy this time, riding through the deserted streets gives me a sense of excitement.

 After a while, we reach a less populated area of the city. It’s the filming location we’re heading to. I park the bike and lead the three of them towards the director.

 ”Good morning!”

 I greet energetically, and the others follow suit.

 ”We’re here to observe…”

 ”Good morning.”

 ”We appreciate your help.”

 When the four of us appear, the staff who were unaware of the situation are slightly surprised, but the director and producer, who were informed in advance, welcome us with a smile.

 ”Hey, good to see you all. Make yourselves at home!”

 Director Hongou Hiroko-san, dressed in a tracksuit and sandals, crosses her arms with a script rolled up in her hand. Her hair is casually tied back with a hairband, and her eyes behind the glasses look bloodshot.

 At first glance, she might seem like a tough person, but that’s not the case. The dark circles under her eyes reveal that she sacrifices sleep for her work, evident to anyone. Director Hongou must be truly passionate about her work. I consider myself fortunate to be able to appear in a project created by such a person.

 ”Shirogane-san, let’s shoot the outdoor scenes first. Is that okay? Can you do it?”

 ”Yes! I can do it right away!”

 After changing into the costume of the protagonist, Kenzaki Souji, in the dressing room, I head towards the filming location.

 ”Are you okay with the script?”

 ”I’m fine, I’ve memorized it.”

 I take a deep breath and transform myself from Shirogane Aqua to the main character, Kenzaki Souji, as ordered by Director Hongou. Once the filming starts, the static scenery in front of me comes to life.


 In front of my eyes, monsters rampage through the city. They are called “Chijou,” the evildoers who disrupt the order of the town.

 ”Man, give me, a mannn!”

 The original goal of the Chijou in the previous Masked Driver series was to abduct the remaining men. In order to protect the men and counter the Chijou, the women established an organization called SYUKUJYO. SYUKUJYO developed the Masked Driver system to fight against the Chijou. In previous works, women with the aptitude for driving would transform into Drivers using the system and battle against the Chijou. But this time it’s different. It’s not women but me, a man, who will transform.

 ”Woman, destroy, womennn!”

 Due to repeated interference from SYUKUJYO, the Chijou have changed their objective to eliminating the women who protect the men. The first episode, which is the premiere, starts with a scene where the Chijou attack a convoy carrying the new Masked Driver equipment.

 ”Damn it… if only we had Drivers now!”

 One of the female SYUKUJYO members resisting the Chijou mutters such words. The squad is in a state of collapse, and the women walking through the city, caught up in the attack, tremble in fear.

 ”At least… at least, just this much…!”

 The fallen female member reaches out her hand towards the attaché case containing the Masked Driver equipment and enters the release key. The attaché case opens, revealing a palm-sized robot in the shape of a stag beetle, which flies into the air. This stag beetle-shaped robot is the item necessary for transforming into a Driver.

 ”Please… I’m begging you!!”

 With a glimmer of hope, the female member extends her hand towards the sky. If she had the aptitude for driving, the stag beetle device would have chosen her. But heartlessly, the stag beetle device brushes past her hand and flies off somewhere.

 ”That’s, enough! Die, untainted maiden!!”

 ”Damn it… at least, before I die, I wanted to hold hands with a man…”

 In a state of despair, at the moment when everyone gives up, the sound of footsteps is heard from the direction where the stag beetle disappeared.

 ”Who, is it!!”

 I walk towards the direction of the Chijou with a calm and dignified demeanor, holding the stag beetle device in my hand.

 ”A, man!?”

 The Chijou panic at the sight of me, while the female SYUKUJYO member shows a desperate expression.

 ”Run away! It’s dangerous here!!”

 She musters her last strength and raises her voice, urging me to escape. However, I continue walking towards the Chijou without stopping.

 ”Capture, him!!”

 Under the instruction of the leader among the Chijou, the others start approaching me. It’s worth mentioning that, except for the leader, all of them are wearing full-body suits, which makes them a little provocative.

 ”My Mom said to me.”

 I pause and raise my fist towards the sky.

 ”Even men have a time when they have to fight.”

 I rotate my hand widely and place the stag beetle device against the belt. By the way, the transformation belt is a memento left by the previous Masked Driver, my grandmother.

 ”Hen… shin!”

 The filming is momentarily paused, and I change into the Driver’s costume. Although I was offered a stunt double, I expressed my desire to perform the action scenes myself to the director.

 At first, I thought it might be difficult, but the director accepted my request, saying she would take responsibility. So, I must live up to those expectations.

 ”A mannn! A mannn!”

 I start taking down the Chijou one by one as they come towards me. The stunt performers inside the Chijou costumes assured me that they are professionals, so I should feel at ease. But I still hesitate a bit when throwing them, wanting to make sure they land safely.

 However, being professionals, they are thrown cleanly and execute impressive breakfalls.

 ”Ughh! Even though, you are, just a man!”

 After defeating all of them, the leader of the Chijou approaches. By the way, this one was wearing a trench coat and is officially called “Ro-Schutz-Marr”.

 ”Look, this is my!”

 Ro-Schutz-Marr opens their coat-like outerwear, and something beam-like shoots out from within. Of course, in reality, no beams are actually flying, but in my fully immersed role, it appears that way. I dodge it and tilt the lever on the stag beetle horn attached to my belt to the opposite side.

 ”Driver… Kick!”

 I run towards the Chijou. Stepping on a pre-placed riser board, I leap into the air and thrust my leg forward, aiming to kick Ro-Schutz-Marr. Of course, I’m not actually kicking anything, so I land on an empty cushion during the filming.


 Ro-Schutz-Marr lets out a dying scream and falls backward on the ground. I approach the vanishing Ro-Schutz-Marr and lift their body, holding their hand.

 ”I… here, in this place…”

 The Chijou were not originally monsters; they were girls who were once human. But due to their bitter experiences with men, they transformed into monsters.

 The Ro-Schutz-Marr standing before me is also one of them. Despite being right in front of me, she became Ro-Schutz-Marr because she was treated as if she didn’t exist, like air, by men who failed to recognize her presence.

 ”Henshin… release…”

 Here, the filming is paused again, and I revert back to my regular Kenzaki appearance. Holding Ro-Schutz-Marr’s hand tightly, I gaze at her.

 ”Aa… I know, I’ll remember that you were here… so…”

 Ro-Schutz-Marr slowly transforms from her monster form back to a human form. In the end, she smiles at me with a radiant expression.

 ”Thank you…”

 In the actual broadcast, she slowly disappears with special effects. But for now, the filming concludes.

 ”That’s it, cut!”

 Director Hongou’s loud voice echoes through the set. As I soak in the reverberations, I slowly transform back from Kenzaki Souji to Shirogane Aqua, savoring the lingering emotions.

 ”Oh my god… It’s a climax right from the beginning…!”

 When I turn around, Director Hongou is standing still, holding the script, with tears streaming down her face.

 ”Thank you.”

 Those were the first words spoken by one of the staff members.

 ”Thank you!”

 ”Thank you so much!”

 ”Thank you!!”

 ”Thank you very much!”

 For some reason, despite it being the filming of the first episode, everyone stood up and applauded as if it was the final episode. I was confused, and three of the onlookers approached me.

 ”Shirogane… I’m moved,” Tenga-senpai said, wiping away tears.

 ”Shirogane, it was really great,” Mayuzumi added, his eyes also welling up.

 ”Aqua-kun, I was deeply moved,” Toa-chan said, tears streaming down her face.

 Everyone was thrilled, but it felt a bit exaggerated. I felt a bit embarrassed. Just as I was feeling bewildered, Director Hongo approached us.

 ”Hey… would you guys be interested in appearing in a tokusatsu drama?”


 The sudden invitation from Director Hongo left Toa-chan, Mayuzumi, and Tenga-senpai frozen in their tracks.

 ”If you don’t want to, that’s fine… but just for a little bit, as extras or something. Come on, just the tip, pleaseeee!”

 Director Hongo even got down on her knees without hesitation. I later heard from other staff members that Director Hongo had arrived three hours before the scheduled time and stayed in that position waiting for me… When I heard that, I told Director Hongo that she should not do that next time because it would make me feel uncomfortable.

 ”Director Hongo, if you do that, it’ll make it harder for everyone to refuse.”

 I tried to offer some help so that the three of them could decline more easily. But…

 ”I see. I’m sorry, all of you!! But my passion is genuine!!”

 Director Hongo’s enthusiasm was intense, and the already hot summer temperature seemed to rise even further. Mayuzumi timidly raised his hand and spoke up.

 ”Director… um, we are all amateurs…”

 ”It’s not a problem at all!! All that matters is whether you have a passionate heart and want to give it a try!”

 Director Hongo thrust her fist forward, her eyes burning with determination. Following Tenga-senpai’s lead, Toa-chan also stepped forward.

 ”I’m willing to help.”


 I was surprised by their unexpected response. Then, Toa-chan also took a step forward.

 ”I… I’m willing to try.”


 Startled by Toa-chan’s positive words, I turned to Mayuzumi, who also followed suit.

 ”If the two of them are willing, maybe I should give it a try too.”

 ”Mayuzumi!? Are you sure all three of you will be okay? You can still decline, you know?”

 I double-checked with them, but all three nodded vigorously.

 ”Shirogane, we may be amateurs, but we’ll do everything we can.”

 ”Yeah, I-I think it could be a turning point for me.”

 ”I… will do my best. Driver, it’s cool.”

 It seemed that the three of them were determined. Honestly, mere feelings wouldn’t be enough for acting. But if someone expresses their desire to challenge something, even if they aren’t a friend, I want to support them and give them a push forward.

 Besides, the director said even extras were needed, so their on-screen appearances would be minimal, and I reassured myself that it would be fine.

 ”Alright! If there’s anything I can do to help, I’ll do it! Let’s do our best together!”

 At that moment, I didn’t know what lay ahead. I never expected that this would be the catalyst for such an incredible turn of events…

 Later on, the filming of the legendary tokusatsu drama began, which would go on to achieve an unprecedented 100% viewer ratings, becoming a monumental event in the history of the country’s television dramas.

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