Male Idol V4c14

Volume 4 Chapter 14 Shirogane Aqua, Written as ‘Rival’ and Pronounced as ‘Comrade’

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The summer break has finally begun, and the filming for the drama is in full swing. It’s a Monday night drama titled “My Honor Student Big Brother,” where I play the role of Satou Kazuya, the older brother of the protagonist Satou Sayuki. The story revolves around Sayuki aiming to become the successor of the student council president, which is currently held by her brother Kazuya, and competing with her rival, Kasamichi Rina.

 At the beginning, the filming went smoothly thanks to Kohina Yukari-san’s outstanding performance as Sayuki, which led the rest of us. With no one in the cast lacking acting skills, we managed to shoot scenes without retakes, progressing ahead of schedule. However, after a certain day, retakes started increasing.


 In a less crowded area near the filming location, I sat on the ground, leaning against the wall, and let out a deep sigh. After the second retake, the director announced a break. While the director might have thought it was due to exhaustion from the tight schedule, I, as the one performing, understood that it wasn’t the case.

 ”Kohina-san is incredible…”

 Kohina-san’s performance as Sayuki was like a completely different person. Not only did she bring to life the ideal Sayuki that everyone had in mind, but she also displayed an overwhelming presence as the protagonist. Our own performances, Tsukimachi-san’s and mine, were overshadowed on screen due to Kohina-san’s acting prowess.

 At first, I managed to keep up, but with each repetition of the filming, Kohina-san deepened her acting skills, leaving me struggling to catch up. It wasn’t just me who couldn’t keep up with Kohina-san’s acting; Tsukimachi-san, who had many scenes with her, also accumulated retakes as we progressed.

 ”You both are doing great. However… if I ask Kohina-san to lower the quality of her acting a bit, what would you two want?”

 When the director called us, Tsukimachi-san and I immediately responded.

 ”No, please let us do our best!”

 ”I will also work harder to create a better work!”

 I was frustrated and felt pathetic. That’s why I blurted out a determined response, but the continuous retakes afterward… It was embarrassingly awful. Ahhh… I want to disappear. As I buried my face in my hands, someone offered me a bottle of water.

 ”Stay hydrated, it’s no use if you collapse.”

 Tsukimachi-san handed me a cold bottle of water.

 ”Ah, thank you.”

 As I tried to pay for the water, Tsukimachi-san refused, saying that she bought it along with hers. She opened the bottle cap, placed her hand on her waist, and slowly brought the bottle to her lips. The slightly glistening expression on Tsukimachi-san’s face, touched by the sunlight filtering through the leaves, resembled a scene from a refreshing beverage commercial.

 Having seen various girls in this world, I believe that Kanon, Tsukimachi-san, and my little sister Lapis are undoubtedly among the top three beauties in this world with their stunning looks.

 ”…It makes me angry.”


 Taken aback by Tsukimachi-san’s unsettling remark, I unintentionally asked for clarification.

 ”Seeing how I can’t reach the level of acting that the director expects, it frustrates me. I’m frustrated with my own shortcomings compared to Kohina-senpai’s skills. But most of all, I’m angry at myself for venting such self-indulgent weakness to you.”

 Tsukimachi-san is someone with a strong drive for improvement. From the first script reading, I’ve witnessed her constant efforts behind the scenes. I believe it’s because she takes this job seriously that she can’t tolerate actors who perform solely based on their gender.

 In fact, I’ve seen the performances of several male actors, and while a few experienced actors manage to deliver decent performances, the majority of young male actors are simply terrible.

 ”I’m sorry…”

 Tsukimachi-san bowed her head towards me. I was surprised and froze in place.

 ”I saw your acting. Honestly, I hadn’t been paying much attention to male performances, thinking they wouldn’t matter. But your performance as Yuujin was truly amazing. Even without closely watching, I feel ashamed of my own actions, dismissing you from the start just because you were a guy.”

 Tsukimachi-san remained bowing, refusing to straighten her posture. I stood up and asked her to lift her head, accepting her apology.

 ”No, I understand what you’re saying, Tsukimachi-san. I’ve seen the performances of several male actors, and it’s true… some of them were terrible. Especially that guy in the first drama you appeared in…”

 Tsukimachi-san had appeared in some of the dramas I watched, and to be frank, the male co-stars were so terrible that it was pitiful to watch. Unfortunately, Tsukimachi-san seemed to have a streak of bad luck, continuously being paired with actors who were simply awful.

 On the other hand, the quality of the performances by Kohina-san and other main actresses was consistently high.

 ”That’s why I think it’s understandable for Tsukimachi-san to have certain opinions about male actors. Even I felt really frustrated when the director asks us if we want to lower the quality of Kohina-san’s acting so it matches with us… You know, if this kind of thing continues…”

 ”…Even if that’s the case, I also have my own issues for not trying to understand you from the beginning. I’m truly sorry.”

 Once again, Tsukimachi-san lowered her head. Somehow, I had a feeling that she couldn’t forgive herself for her actions. That’s why I decided to propose something to her.

 ”Then, instead of an apology, I have a request for you, Tsukimachi-san… Would that be alright?”

 ”I’m fine with it. I’ll do anything I can.”

 Tsukimachi-san… a beautiful girl like you shouldn’t casually say such reckless things to a guy. I cleared my throat lightly and focused my gaze on Tsukimachi-san once more.

 ”I want you to join me in special training for acting!”

 I knew that things couldn’t continue like this. But instead of struggling alone, I thought that by watching and pointing out each other’s performances in scenes where we have many interactions, both of our acting skills could improve. I tightened my grip on the water bottle in my hand.

 ”I’m frustrated too, you know? When the director suggested asking us so Kohina-san to lower the quality of her acting, to be honest, I was really frustrated. I was even more frustrated with myself for not being able to meet the level of acting that is expected of me. I’m in the same boat as you, Tsukimachi-san.”

 While my main occupation might be as an idol, I didn’t want to compromise and create something mediocre just because I was an idol. I didn’t want to use being an idol as an excuse either.

 Although Kohina-san and I have different levels of acting experience, I don’t want to use that as an excuse either. Honestly, it might be presumptuous for me to aim for the same level of acting as Kohina-san, but if I give up here, I feel like I’ll lose something even more significant.

 That’s why I have to put in all the effort I can. That’s why I proposed this to Tsukimachi-san, who shares a common goal and purpose with me.

 ”Ah, I see. So you feel the same way as me.”

 ”Yeah, I feel frustrated too and get annoyed with myself at times.”

 We can’t let it end like this. Just as I thought, Tsukimachi-san, who carries the same frustration, must also feel the same.

 ”Alright, if you’re okay with it, let’s work hard together, Shirogane-san.”

 ”Thank you, Tsukimachi-san. And… from now on, let’s work together as fellow actors.”

 ”Likewise, nice to work with you.”

 Tsukimachi-san and I exchanged a firm handshake. Then, Tsukimachi-san pulled my hand towards her.

 ”But let me make it clear, I don’t just want to beat Kohina-san.”


 Boldly declaring war, Tsukimachi-san let go of my hand.

 ”I acknowledge your acting. That’s why I won’t lose to you either!”

 ”Got it. I won’t lose to you either, Tsukimachi-san!”

 We redid the scene that required a retake, pointing out each other’s flaws. Thanks to that, the retakes after the break resulted in satisfactory performances.

 ”Cut! Both of you were amazing!!”

 Seeing the excited director, it was evident that our performances had improved. I looked at Tsukimachi-san beside me, and we exchanged satisfied glances and gave each other a fist bump. On that day, Tsukimachi-san and I became rivals who aimed to surpass Kohina-san and became comrades with a shared goal.

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