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Volume 4 Chapter 13 Miyuki Heliodor Yui, The Summer Insect That Flies into the Fire

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 ”Good work.”

 After finishing work as usual, I call out to my colleagues who are still at the workplace.

 ”Oh, good job!”

 ”Great job.”

 My colleagues at the National Confidentiality Bureau, Health and Safety Division, where I work, are all good people. They always greet me with a smile, even though I can be unfriendly, and they are always ready to help me when I’m in trouble. Moreover, the salary is good, and there is little overtime… Ah, I wonder how lucky I am to have found such a great workplace.

 But there are times, like today, when I have to leave late occasionally. After exchanging greetings with everyone, I step outside the workplace, and the sky is already dark.

 ”Shall I eat somewhere before heading home…”

 In order to be available whenever Aa-sama calls me, I generally live near the workplace. I turn my heels in the opposite direction of my home and start walking towards the bustling downtown, where I can find a place to have a meal.

 I just had a discussion with my boss, but usually when I return home late, it’s to discuss how to handle Aa-sama’s sperm with my boss and Aa-sama. Currently, Aa-sama’s sperm is being stored as premium sperm in the most highly secured location in this country.

 It was happened as soon as Aa-sama appeared in a magazine that my colleagues at the National Confidentiality Bureau immediately took action to protect Aa-sama’s sperm. Fortunately, a group of volunteer politicians led by the Prime Minister acted promptly, and we were able to prevent any incidents…

 However, if the timing had been a little off, I don’t know what would have happened. In fact, some of the politicians are considering using Aa-sama’s sperm as a bargaining chip in negotiations with other countries, so we are also keeping a close eye on that.


 According to the information we have obtained, the Princess of Stars, who is studying abroad in our country, is targeting Aa-sama. Aqua-sama, who escorted the princess during a mutual acquaintance’s engagement ceremony, was said to be a perfect match with her, as they were both extraordinarily good-looking.

 When I heard that, my heart felt heavy. Although polygamy is allowed in this country, I know I will never be able to marry Aa-sama. There are many people with higher status and better looks than me who are vying for Aa-sama’s attention, so I don’t think Aa-sama would choose someone like me. Also, even though Aa-sama feels some kind of s*xual excitement towards me, an expressionless and boring woman, I hesitate to take it a step further.

 Even if I could just have one intimate moment, I should be grateful, but I might be getting greedy as I start to develop stronger feelings for A-sama.

 ”Um… where is this?”

 Oops… Maybe it’s because I was only thinking about Aa-sama. I’ve ended up in a back alley slightly off from where I intended to go. Looking up at the night sky, the moon’s light is hidden behind the clouds, and it looks like it’s about to rain.

 In such a situation, by chance, my gaze falls upon the neon sign of a restaurant with an atmospheric vibe. It might be nice to go to a place like this once in a while. I open the door beneath the sign and descend the stairs into the basement.

 ”Welcome, please choose any seat you like, whether it’s a table or a counter.”

 Inside the restaurant, which has an atmosphere reminiscent of the ’80s, there is an antique piano placed. The interior is moderately crowded, but not too noisy, and I can hear the gentle voices of people engaged in calm conversations. I sit on a stool at the counter and lightly nod in greeting to the person sitting next to me.

 ”Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

 ”No, it’s fine.”

 She had sharp eyes and was a slender and beautiful woman, but when I greeted her, she had a soft and gentle demeanor.

 ”May I take your order?”

 ”Well, let’s see…”

 It’s been a while, so why not have a drink? I order whiskey on the rocks and some food.

 ”Are you coming from work?”

 ”Yes, are you too?”

 ”Yes, I felt like having a drink after a long time.”

 The woman sitting next to me tilts her glass in her hand. So, I raise my glass that has been brought to me, and we toast each other. While waiting for the food to arrive, we engage in conversation while enjoying our drinks.

 ”Oh, Miyuki-san, this is your first time at this restaurant, isn’t it?”

 ”Yes, do you come here often, Touka-san?”

 ”Yeah, occasionally.”

 Touka-san, the sharp-eyed lady sitting next to me, is very easy to talk to.

 ”Here is your order, escargot and sautéed mushrooms and eggplant.”

 I take a bite of the food that has been served and take a sip of whiskey. Although having food with whiskey is sometimes considered improper, I hope they can overlook it since I’m hungry.

 While doing so, a new customer descends the stairs. I freeze for a moment as I see her face. Atori Ako… the president of Beryl Entertainment, the agency Aa-sama belongs to. She doesn’t know who I am, but as a staff member of the National Confidentiality Bureau, I know about her.

 ”Excuse me, is this seat taken?”

 ”Ah… no, it’s not.”

 Surprisingly, she has come alone and sits at the counter seat next to me. Atori-san orders just a drink and directs her gaze towards the table as if listening to the music.

 Is she here to listen to the music at this restaurant? Then, I hear the pleasant sound of a piano in my ears. I shift my gaze towards the source of the sound and see a person with a hoodie covering their head, playing the piano with their back facing the audience.

 I wonder when they appeared, but my question is quickly answered as there is a path leading deeper behind the piano. The initially heavy and profound piano music gradually transitions into a melody that conveys both sadness and gentleness. Everyone in the restaurant is listening intently to the music created by that person. In that moment, as if everyone present is being cautious not to make any noise, even the sounds of forks, spoons, and knives, and even the sound of the master wiping glasses, disappear from the room.

 At this moment, as if the atmospheric pressure had changed, a tingling sensation brushes against my cheeks. Touka-san sitting next to me, as well as almost everyone in the restaurant, has their attention focused on that person. Only Atori-san, who sits on the opposite side of Touka-san, smiles with a slight uplift of her lips.


 As the person playing the piano starts to sing, I widen my eyes in astonishment. Many people show a similar reaction upon hearing the voice, and that’s only natural. It’s because the person playing the piano is a man. But what surprised me is not just that.

 Aa… sama?

 It’s not a cover song from when he sang in the late-night drama “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom.” Moreover, his voice sounds different, and he seems to have changed his singing style, possibly due to the foreign language lyrics. Maybe I’m the only one who noticed it. But for me, it’s unmistakably Aa-sama singing.

 ”Aqua… san?”

 I am surprised by the voice that I hear from the opposite direction of Atori-san. It’s a small voice that only I can hear, sitting next to me. Touka-san, who was just chatting with me earlier, seems to have realized that it’s Aa-sama singing.

 I see… It seems that I wasn’t the only one who noticed. We listen to Aa-sama’s song. A-sama’s seductive singing style is definitely not what I would expect from a high school boy. Although the cover song was good too, this kind of song with a slightly mature atmosphere suits Aa-sama better. The more I listen, the more my heart flutters with excitement as the singer, Aa-sama, causes a pain that feels like my chest is about to burst.

 Whether Aa-sama is aware or not, everyone in the restaurant falls in love with Aa-sama in an instant. With just one song, Aa-sama is such a sinful man who can make women’s hearts flutter like this. But… if we’re going to be captivated by someone, I can’t help but want to be captivated by someone like him. Maybe us women who think that way are even more complex than A-sama.

 It was only about five minutes, I guess. After finishing the song, Aa-sama stands up gracefully and disappears into the depths of the restaurant. The restaurant is filled with thunderous applause. Everyone has a mesmerized expression, their eyes shining like they did back in their school days.

 The lyrics of the song Aa-sama sang were an adult appeal, saying how attractive we are to women. Maybe there were others besides us who noticed Aa-sama, but no one mentioned Aa-sama’s name. It’s impolite to pry into something that the person themselves is hiding.

 By the way, when I turned around in surprise, Atori-san, who was sitting next to me, was no longer there. She probably went to the back and left the restaurant with Aa-sama.

 ”That was… great, wasn’t it?”


 Touka-san and I, who were sitting next to each other, shed tears that fell onto the table. Sounds of sobbing can be heard in the restaurant that was filled with smiles just moments ago. But these tears are not from sadness; they are tears of joy that only those who happened to share this special night can shed.

 Until the end, Touka-san and I, who stayed in the restaurant, exchange contact information. We promise to meet up on our days off and have a drink together.


 As I step outside the restaurant and look up at the sky, I see countless stars twinkling in the night sky that was cloudy just a moment ago. Hehe, it’s probably just a coincidence, but Aa-sama is truly an extraordinary person if he can even change the weather. At this moment, something inside me feels like it has snapped. Even if these feelings are not reciprocated, I strongly feel that I want to support him until the end as A-sama’s liaison officer.

 ”All right, let’s do this!”

 Perhaps it’s because of the alcohol, I raise my fist in the air and gather my determination, acting completely out of character. The next day, I had a headache from drinking too much, but that pain felt so pleasant to me.


 By the way, Aqua is currently practicing live singing at various shops that Moja-san knows, as part of the preparations for the idol festival. In the story, it’s already summer vacation, and the heroines are planning to take action.

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