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Volume 4 Chapter 12 Shirogane Aqua, It seems that I have Fans Too

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The first day of the renovated Fuji Department Store and the morning’s 7-program continuous live appearance went well, I think. I don’t know how much I contributed, but when I greeted people outside earlier, I was surprised to see so many people gathered.

 It’s no wonder they call it the Fuji Department Store. When it comes to a renovation opening, so many people gather. It made me strongly feel that I have to do my best.

 ”Aqua-kun, are you ready?”

 ”Ah, yes!”

 I changed into clothes for the next secret event and energetically opened the curtain of the changing room.

 ”What do you think?”

 ”Well… I still think it looks good.”

 ”Ahh, Aqua-kun, you look wonderful!”

 I dressed in brand clothes related to Corolle and reflected in the mirror. At first glance, it resembled the attire of a butler. It seems that photos taken in this outfit were used in the morning’s advertising flyers, but it feels a bit like cosplay, and I feel a little embarrassed.

 Ako-san and Shitori-onee-chan praised me, but I think someone a bit older than me would be more suitable.

 ”Shirogane-san, are you ready?”

 ”Yes! I’m ready to go!”

 In response to the call from the Fuji Department Store staff, Ako-san, Shitori-onee-chan, and I leave the waiting room. I have a talk show scheduled at this Fuji Department Store on another day, but today I have a separate appearance for the secret event.

 ”Aqua-kun, if something dangerous happens, the security personnel will come in immediately.”

 ”Thank you. But I’m fine.”

 We pass through the backstage area and head to the designated location, the concierge shopping space. Here, customers can consult with a concierge who will suggest products that meet their needs.

 My main role is to guide customers to the counter where specialized concierges are stationed, acting like a butler. Since this is a secret event, it seems that it hasn’t been announced anywhere. But is this really an event? If people who happen to know about me are here, that’s great, but the Corolle runway was only a coincidence, and I don’t think many people watch late-night dramas. Except for Morinaga-san’s commercials, maybe. Still, I wonder how many people will notice just from that…

 ”It’s about time for the store to open, and customers will start coming in. Some people might come here a little later, so please be prepared to assist them.”

 ”Understood, milady.”

 Trying to act cool, I said that and the Fuji Department Store staff member who was assisting me froze. Oh… maybe I’m too pretentious… But the only young butlers I know of look like this. I felt embarrassed, and I felt like I wanted to escape somewhere immediately.

 ”Ah, sorry. My friend seemed busy since this morning, so I’ll take her away.”

 Two other staff members who were nearby grabbed the frozen staff member’s arms and dragged her away as if pulling her somewhere. I’m sorry, for saying strange things when you’re tired…

 By the way, when I came here, I remember seeing the room right behind it set up like a first aid room. Truly befitting the Fuji Department Store. It seems they prepared it in advance for the staff members who have been working tirelessly since morning and for customers who may fall ill. Their consideration is wonderful.

 ”A customer has arrived.”

 After some time had passed since the store opened, a notification came through the earpiece informing me that a customer had arrived. In the concierge shopping space, we first listen to the customer’s request at the entrance and then guide them to the desk that corresponds to their needs. As I waited for a while, another voice came through the earpiece.

 ”Shirogane-sama, please take care of the customer.”

 ”Yes, understood.”

 I, in my butler-like elegance yet swift manner, head towards the space where the customer is waiting.

 ”Welcome. Thank you for choosing Fuji Department Store today. Please come this way.”

 The first person I assist is a woman in her mid-thirties, holding a small baby in her arms. She looks surprised and her mouth is half-open, perhaps taken aback by the sudden appearance of a man like me.

 ”If it’s alright with you, may I take your belongings?”

 ”Ah… yes.”

 I receive the handbag from the woman, and I guide both her and the baby to the back room.

 ”This will be your seat. Please, have a seat.”

 ”Ah, thank you… um, um…”

 The mother seems like she wants to convey something to me, but her mouth moves slightly without any sound coming out.

 ”Take your time.”

 As I say that, she seems to calm down a bit and extends her right hand towards me.

 ”Um… I saw ‘To You, Where the Flowers Bloom’ and I really liked it! Oh, um and… when you played the role of Yuujin, you were very good! Can I shake your hand, please?”

 No way! Are there really people who watched it at such a late hour? It seems the popularity of “To You, Where the Flowers Bloom” is tremendous. I heard there might even be a sequel or something. If it’s that popular, it means there are people who know about me, even though I had a minor role in the drama.

 ”Thank you so much. It makes me really happy that you remember even a minor cast like me. Let me shake your hand as well.”

 I firmly grasp the woman’s hand.

 ”Oh, by the way… if it’s alright, could you hold my baby too?”

 ”Of course, what’s her name?”


 Since I had experience taking care of babies during my time in the orphanage in my previous life, soothing them comes naturally to me. When I hold Satori-chan, she giggles and laughs happily.

 ”Oh, Satori-chan, you’re such a lively child. Good girl, good girl.”

 I lightly hold Satori’s outstretched hand with my fingertips.

 ”Thank you so much!”

 I return Satori to her mother, and we take a commemorative photo together and sign autographs. Wow, I’m really lucky to meet a fan right from the beginning… To think that someone who watched a drama at such a late hour, and moreover, a fan of mine, this kind of coincidence is amazing! After finishing my work, I savor the feeling of being moved. Immediately, another voice calls me, and I head towards the entrance area.

 ”Thank you for visiting Fuji Department Store today. Allow me to guide you to the consultation counter.”

 The next person I guide is a girl in her early twenties, giving off a typical college student vibe. As the young lady sees my face, she freezes just like the Fuji Department Store staff member who was taken to the back first aid room earlier. It seems that a young man like me, dressed like this, stands out too much.

 ”Dear customer?”



 ”Please call me Kouko-ojousama!”

 Ugh, is this some kind of embarrassment play? To mess up earlier and do it again here… But fine, I suppose. I am a butler now, and as a butler, I must obey the young lady’s commands! As a professional who took on this job, I have responsibility and conviction.

 ”Welcome back, Kouko-ojousama. Please come this way if you will.”

 ”Y-Yeshh… Uhi, uhihi”

 Ugghhh, Kouko-san’s mouth corners twitching. She must be holding back laughter. Because of that, Kouko-san’s face looks a bit strange. Well, it’s fine, she can laugh. After all, this kind of thing doesn’t suit me at all.

 Throughout our time together, Kouko-san keeps looking at me and maintains that strange smile. But in the middle of it, a staff member appears and takes her away somewhere. It seems that even though she’s a customer, Fuji Department Store has a strong policy against disrespectful behavior towards their staff. Truly, high-end department stores are different.

 While pondering such things, Kouko-san appears again from the back, wearing an apologetic expression and an air of dejection.

 ”U-Um, I’m sorry about earlier.”

 ”Oh, no, it’s alright. I’m not bothered by it.”

 Well, to be honest, I don’t think Kouko-san did anything wrong. In fact, I think it’s strange if someone doesn’t feel a sense of incongruity with this setup… It’s definitely too much for a high school student to be a butler.

 ”Thank you so much!”

 I shake hands with Kouko-san and finally guide her to the consultation counter. Afterward, I continue to assist several more customers.

 ”Shirogane-sama… The crowd is increasing, so this will be the last one.”

 ”Oh, yes, understood.”

 I reply through the earpiece to the voice I hear. As I try to head towards the entrance, a staff member indicates that the next person is on the opposite side. I move towards that direction and see someone familiar.


 I unintentionally let out a voice. When she turns around, she slowly looks towards me.

 ”Ah… It’s been a while, Aqua-sama.”

 Her dazzling smile when she turns towards me, her elegant aura, and her overwhelmingly good figure. In front of her, any artistic work would pale in comparison. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she is the greatest artistic creation humanity has ever produced. It’s none other than Princess Kanon, the star of the Stars.

 ”It’s been a while. Your Highness.”

 As I say that, she shows a slightly sad expression.

 ”Aqua-sama, this is not a public place, you know? For now, please call me Kanon. After all, we’re friend and high school students, right? So if you act so formal… it makes me a little sad.”

 I surrender to Kanon’s irresistible cuteness. Let me make it clear, it’s not because I’m yielding to the pressure from Pegonia-san, who stands behind Kanon.

 ”Ah… yes, Kanon… It’s been a while.”

 ”Kyaa! I’m so happy!!”

 When I call her by her name, Kanon shows me a radiant smile. To be honest, I’m just a regular high school boy… And deep down, I want a cute girlfriend like Kanon. But Kanon and I are too different in status, and more importantly, due to her position, she probably doesn’t have many friends.

 So I believe that her feelings towards me are not romantic love, but more like friendship. And thanks to Pegonia-san, who instructs me that the room next door is vacant, I can remain calm even if there’s an atmosphere that could be misinterpreted.

 ”That concludes the tour. Please take my hand.”

 ”Yes! Hehe, this is the second time I’ve been escorted like this by you, Aqua-sama. Do you remember the promise we made back then?”

 Come to think of it, there were various things going on at that time, and I’ve been incredibly busy since then, leaving our meeting promise unfulfilled.

 ”Ah, yes, I’m sorry. I’ve been really busy…”

 ”Hehe, it’s alright. But… I was really looking forward to it, you know?”

 Kanon tilts her head and leans against my shoulder.

 Ahhhhh! She’s so cute! And her chest is touching me again!! Your Highness, you’re too defenseless!! I’m a teenage boy, you knowwwww! Honestly, I want Kanon to understand that she’s an unparalleled beauty.

 ”Ah… This is far enough.”

 Kanon releases her arm from mine and goes ahead alone.

 Then, just before reaching the destination room, she stops and turns around to face me.

 ”I’ll be waiting for your contact with great anticipation.”

 Saying that, Kanon goes alone to the concierge space.

 Pegonia-san passes by me, following her. At that moment, Pegonia-san says something outrageous to me, like “Hurry up and push her down.”

 It’s really going too far. If it weren’t me, I might have taken it seriously, so please be careful. But I understand that it’s just a joke.

 ”Good work.”

 ”Ah… Yes! Good work.”

 I was surprised that the last person I guided was Kanon, but somehow I managed to successfully complete the secret event as well.

 On the way back, the staff at Fuji Department Store told me that if I ever find the entertainment industry too demanding, I can come back anytime. They said they’ll keep a position open for me. Everyone is just too kind. Even though all I did was guide people around.

 Anyway, I must have been tired because I ended up dozing off in the car on the way back, with Ako-san driving.


 Author note:

 I felt that Kanon’s appearance was a bit lacking, so I made some last-minute revisions. She wasn’t supposed to appear originally, but I thought it turned out well.

 By the way, the other two characters are left out. Hagetoru is in the middle of a lecture from 92-san.

 Also, Kanon has a distinction between being a fan of Shirogane Aqua as Shumi and just being Kanon who likes Aqua herself. Being a princess, she might understand Aqua the idol the most, which is why she might be Shumi and Kanon at the same time.

 For those who feel the difference between Kanon and Shumi, if you think about it that way, you might understand. Nevertheless, there may be times when Kanon also shows glimpses of Shumi’s extreme otaku side.

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Edited by Kanaa-senpai.
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